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Cuz comes to visit

Mike25 on Incest Stories

I was staying at my cousins house for summer. We always talked about things. I was 15 he was 14. We were in his room in bunk beds. I was on top looking down at him while we were talking. As we talked he was curious about my cock since he started puberty not to long ago. He wanted to see it, to see was another one looked like. I climbed down and dropped my pants. He looked at it in amazment. I have a 7 and a half cut cock, with a patch of pubic hair. I said alright now u have to show me urs. He pulled down his pants showing me his 4 in cut. I tryed to make him feel better saying that itll grow but i was also pretty impressed with mine. We continued to talk and i got an idea. Neither of us had ever gotten handjobs before. I went up to him with my cock swinging in his face, "hey u wanna rub it, I rub yours" He tryed to play it cool and act like he didnt want to put said yes. I laid on the floor and he started to rub I couldnt believe just a simple HJ could feel so good. My turn was over and rub his cock. I could do it with three fingers but i used my whole hand to be nice. We did cycles for about 2 times. My turn to rub came again. I started to rub and thought, maybe if i give him a BJ hell return the favor. I put his hard cock in my mouth, tasting his pre cum. He jurked and asked wat i was doing. I said just sit back and enjoy it. I sucked him until he almost came. My turn again and he did return the favor. I almost creamed his face right there put i held it in. We stopped and thought of other things to do. I suggested licking asshole. He put his face on the floor and stuck his butt in the air. I spread his cheeks and ran my tounge down his crack. I tried tounge fucking him and he moaned. Then i went down and stuck both his balls in my mouth. He did the same to me. Then we did BJs again but this time i sat on him and forced my cock in his mouth. Then we did fucking positions. First i gave him doggie style. fucking him hard. He was moaning. I didnt let him fuck me, he was now my bitch. Then i layed down and he got ontop of my cock, I shoved him into my cock and wouldnt let him off no matter how much he squirmed. My cock was so far up his ass, the whole thing from tip to pubes. It was getting late so i told him to finish me he gave me an HJ, I blew all over him, he went to wipe himself off. We went to sleep. I got up early the next morning. I tied him up and blind folded him. We was asking wat was happening, as soon as he opened his mouth I shoved my cock into his mouth and made him deepthroat my 7 incher. I pulled it out and in I sat ontop of him so that he couldnt squirm. ( I, skinny, the only reason I could sit on him was cuz he was smaller than me I was 5 11 he was 5 6'. I kept thrusting untill i blew right in the back of his throat. I untied him and unblind folded him. I smack him in the ass and said see u at breakfast. He came down and I was already done. His parent had gone to the grocery store. Before he got in the kitchen I snuck under the table. He knew his parents were gone and came with a shirt but no boxers. He got some cearel and sat down. I went in between his legs and sucked him off while he ate. He moaned load as hell and he came in my mouth... i had a week left at his house and we did the same thing almost every day. When we ordered pizza I came on it and made him eat it

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