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Daddy's baby girl

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I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. It was painful at first but it eventually got better. My boyfriend was twenty years old and his penis was 7 inches long but it was thin. I had never seen a penis before so I thought this was basically how all penises looked. I lived with my dad. He was very protective of me. He thought his angel was so innocent. One night as I was going to bed, I passed by my dad’s room. The door was slightly open and there was noise coming form in there. I quietly crept up to the crack and peeped in. My dad was looking at a porn film and masturbating. He was stroking himself and moaning. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself. I was starting to feel horny and touched my pussy. My father started stroking himself faster and his moans increased. His breathing became faster and faster and all of a sudden he shot out the biggest load I had ever seen. I quietly crept to my room and lay on my bed. I reenacted everything I just saw in my mind. I was fingering myself while I thought about what I just saw. I feel asleep with my finger in my pussy.

The next day I woke up with the same horny feeling. I decided to stay at home so I could view my father’s porn tapes and get my freak on. I told my father that I wasn’t feeling to well and I would stay at home and rest. He agreed and left for work. He promised to call me to see how I was doing. As my father left, I called my boyfriend and told him to come over. He reached over in ten minutes. I opened the door wearing a black thongs and a black lace bra. I led in him and immediately started to kiss him. I could feel his excitement rising in his pants and I was getting real horny. He ran his hand all over my body and kissed the top of my breast. I led him to my room and lay down on my bed. He removed my bra and started sucking my breast. My nipples were hard and he nibbled on them .We didn’t hear the front door open, nor my bedroom door, but standing there looking at us was my father. He had gone to the drugstore to get me some vitamins and came back. I thought he went to work. My father’s anger was tremendous. He grabbed my boyfriend off of me and threw him on the ground. My boyfriend got up to run and my father started to run after him. I got up and stood between them so that my boyfriend had time to escape. My father grabbed me and started to shake me. He asked me what the hell I thought I was doing having sex at my age. I was terrified of him. He threw me on the bed and stood over me. He told me that he was going to give me a licking. He turned me over on my stomach and slapped my ass. I screamed out loud and he hit me again. 

He hit me a third time but it wasn’t as hard as the first two. This was more of a caress. He touched my ass again but he rubbed it. I asked my daddy what he was doing but he didn’t answer, he just continued to rub my ass. My father got up and started to remove his clothes. I asked him what he was doing. He said since you want to be fucked so badly then I will give to you. He had a scary look in his eyes and I became afraid. I got up from the bed and he grabbed me and threw me back on the bed. He used his clothes to tie my arms to the bed post. He stood over me looking at my body. He penis started to grew and he began stroking it in front of me. He was huge. It was really thick and long and I could tell that his penis would really open up my vagina.

My father bent over me and started to suck my breast. He softly bit my nipples and sucked it real hard. It was feeling so good but I didn’t want him to know that so I kept telling him to stop. He moved from my breast and started kissing me down my body. He caressed my body with his rough hands and kissed me all the way down. He removed my thongs and spread my legs open. He bent his face over me and started sucking my vagina. I was trying to twist out of his reach but my daddy was strong. He sucked me hard and I kept telling him to stop. His tongue went into my vagina and he was licking it. I was in heaven. My hips started to move up to reach his face. My protesting grew weaker and weaker. My father looked up at me and grinned. He climbed on the bed and knelt over me. He took his penis in his hand and put the head in the opening of my vagina. Slowly he pushed it in. I started to scream softly. His penis was to big to go in easily. I said daddy stop please stop, you’re hurting me. He continued to push it in. There was a lot of pain when it went all the way it but it was immediately followed by pleasure. Daddy started to go in and out slowly, his penis going all the way in and coming back out. I kept protesting but only half heartedly. Daddy’s motion started increasing in speed and intensity. It was feeling so good that I couldn’t control myself any longer. I started moaning and writhing under him. I rose my hips to meet his thrust and told him not to stop. Daddy was pounding into me hard and rough. His powerful body drove mines into the bed with each thrust. He started to moan saying yes baby, yes, give your daddy that sweet pussy of yours. He said oh yes baby I’m cumming baby I’m cumming. My daddy pulled out of me and exploded his semen on my chest. The warm liquid ran over my breast as daddy continued to squirt it out. He came over my face and placed his penis into my mouth. He started face fucking me. His penis so big that I couldn’t take all of it into my mouth. I sucked on his huge penis greedily. He held my head and fucked me hard. My father came in my mouth and his semen ran down my throat. Daddy untied me and told me that he never wants me fucking around again. I agreed on one condition, if every night I could come into his room and have some more of his dick.

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