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Daddy My Shorts Are To Tight, Help me?

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 "Daddy My shorts are so uncomfortable... help me?"

   The day was as it usually was, mild, warm, and sunny. The air was nice and stale. Enough to make you stay inside for the day.
The air-conditioner was on full blast. Carolyn was sitting on the creme colored couch her velvet purple eyes fixed on the TV. She was fifteen, her hair was a light brown and touching her chin. She had the soft features of a young woman to be. She was wearing a white tank top, that was loose in the waist area, and a bit of arch in the chest, where her medium B cup breasts were, perched up right in their push up bra. SHe was wearing a pair of short light blue shorts, and a pair of socks, her legs were spread on the couch as she slouched frowning and flipping through the channels, with sheer boredom. She heard the jiggle of the door knob, and glanced over, and to her surprised her daddy came in. He was a tall man, about 6*1, medium build with the same brown hair, only difference was the eyes, which were an amber brown. He was about forty years old. He was wearing a business suit. Carolyn's dad was an insurance sales man. So he shouldn't be home at ten thirty in the morning.

He glanced over at his daughter, to see her sitting on the couch. Tom, gave a grin as he watched her blue eyes move from the screen to his face.

"Hey daddy what are you doing home so early?" Carolyn asked sweetly, as her father approached her, and took a seat next to her on the couch.

 He smiled, "Never mind that... why didn't you go to school today? I though.."

"Mom! Didn't take me! She forgot again." Carolyn exaggerated that again, causing Tom to heave a great sigh as he ran his hands through his hair disgusted. "She's... she's gonna get us sent to court." said Tom in a distressed voice.

Carolyn gazed at her father, watching him, for some reason she felt an odd bubbling sensation rise up in her. A nasty, sensation, a senastion that she was scared to admit to out loud.

 A sigh fell over, Carolyn, "You mad at me daddy?" asked, Carolyn moving closer pressing her head agianst his shoulder. Tom just glanced at his fifteen year old gorgeous daughter.

"Of course not! It's your fuckin mother..." he murmured, shaking his head.

Tom wrapped his arm around his daughter, as he felt her shift in his arms. He grinned, as he watched her. He faintly noticed the hardened nipples through her tank top. Tom watched her and seen that the shorts were getting twisted as she moved herself in a laying position. He faintly seen the shorts ride up into her crack, and felt a flicker inside of him. 

"You comfortable baby?" asked Tom moving and touching her waist, with his hand.

She gave a smile, and glanced up at him from his lap. "I'm very comfy daddy..." she said, as his hand pressed against her thin abdomin. Tom stared straight ahead of him at Cartoon Network that was flickering onto the screen. He watched as his daughter giggled, at something from television.

Carolyn felt his hand on her upper abdomin and wondered what it would be like to feel his hand go further. She didn't dare say these naughty thoughts out loud.... oh no. She had to keep them private. Carolyn wondered why she was such a twisted girl. She had no unearthly idea why. A smile flittered across the girls face, as she giggled, at something that was said. "Mmm... these shorts... so.. uncomfy." Carolyn murmured to herself.

 Tom looked down and could tell they were riding up into her now. He could make out the pussy lips between the fabric. Tom felt his cock errecting, and his eyes widen ever so slightly. He knew she'd feel it seeing as she had her head in his lap.

"Um... here.. let me..." he slid his hand down, causing Carolyn's stomach to reflex, as she watched his hands move between her thighs. He slowly and gently pulled at the blue fabric. He felt the tip of her pussy and his cock twitched again, his hormones started bubbling.

Carolyn tried not to gasp, as she felt his fingers pluck at her, crotch. She felt his fingers ever so gently glide over, trying to remove the shorts from the uncomfortable position. "Is this helping?" asked Tom clearing his throat.

"No..." whimpered Carolyn. She moved up into his lap a bit further. Her back was now against his cock. She felt it, Carolyn, glanced down at his hands, that were trying to seperate the material. "Uh... why don't you try moving under my shorts... by the waist band... daddy." said Carolyn, very gently.

Tom just stared at his daughter, "Right sweetheart..." and his hands moved from her pussy lips. She was sitting up now leaning into him, as his fingers, pulled at the elastic waist band, and his hand moved between the skin and cloth. He touched her abdomin and felt her panties. They were soft and cotton.

Carolyn's eyes closed, as she felt her daddy's fingers touch the outer part of her pussy. She quickly reflexed in the pussy causing her lip in her pussy to swell. Her father was making NO attempt to remove the uncomfortable cloth from her pussy. He was running his fingers over the fabric of her panties. Tom felt his cock get hard, as he fingered the outside of her little girl twat. He winced, as his index finger grazed the cotton, when he heard a soft, "Mmmn.." escape from his little daughters mouth. He moved closer into his daughter, and pressed his lips against hers.

Carolyn felt her daddy's lips, as his hands moved through touching her her panties. She whimpered and squirmed slightly, only causing her daddy to sink his lips further into hers, causing their tongues to meet. Spit and saliva were exchanged, as he grabbed a hold of the top of her shorts, and slid them off tossing them to the floor. HE realized she had pink cotton panties with a Wednesday embroider on it. He kissed her harder as he started rubbing the outside of her panties. He felt her legs spread, as he kissed her. "Mmmmmmn...." she said into his kiss. Without warning he pulled back, and reached over nearly towering her, but still sitting. He had both arms around her, and his mouth was next to her neck, his fingers slid her panties aside, and he groaned again seeing her forbidden little muff. It was shaved and pink to perfection. She was wet. Her fifteen year old pussy lips, screamed at him, as his fingers ran over it. He was staring at her pussy, as his fingers touched the clit. She squealed, and squirmed, legs spread like a little daughter whore. "Like that sweetheart? Like your daddy fingering your clit?" he hissed in her, ear causing her to only squeal more, and squirm on his hand. "Yes.... finger me daddy..." she begged, her lips barely moving. "Look at me." said her father. Her eyes opened, and she stared at him as he fingered her pussy. "Like that huh? Like your daddy fondling your pussy?" he hissed, causing her to nod, and a.. "Eh...uhn..." escaped her mouth as she barely parted her lips. her head thrusted back, as she felt his fingers.

"Turn around..." he told Carolyn, who was only to eager and wet. Hormones raging, and horny as hell she moved around her head at the other end of the couch. Carolyn could see her daddy's errection, as he advanced on her, he came down, on top of her his mouth connecting with his as his hands moved hertank top away revealing her push up bra. Carolyn's daddy grabbed at her bra making it come off,springing his daughters titties to life. "Ooh such precious little girl nipples." his tongue glided over the tan errect nipple causing an arch from his little girl, , and a, "Uhnnnmm.." noise. "That a girl... daddy's little girl huh! Getting her nipples licked..." he moved to her other nipple, cock about to bust out of these good armoni clothes. He moved his hands, and stared at her body, at the beautiful little girl laying on the couch. Cartoon Network playing in the background. He grinned, as his fingers curled around her panties, and yanked them down, causing Carolyn to breath softly, as he pushed her legs aside, revealing her smooth little muff. "Shave often?" he asked his daughter, his fingers carressing the top of her pussy. "Mmm. yes...."

"Aw.... I see..." his mouth moved down,and Carolyn hadn't expected that. "Ooh daddy! Oh yeah...." she shrieked, with pleasure as his mouth pressed against her fifteen year old cunny. She whimpered, and held her legs up as her father grabbed them pinning them aside and ate her out perfusely. She whimpered, moved her ass in the up and down mode trying to get more of her daddy's tongue up inside of her. The juices ran out and into her daddy's mouth, tasting the sweet peachness of his young daughter. His cock was so hard, he felt as if it would bust out of his pants.

Carolyn felt a tidal wave wash over her body... she squealed, and whimpered, as she moved furiously, twitching. "That a girl... orgasm... mmm... let me taste it sweetheart..." his mouth covered her puss, as the juices ran down, near her tight cute little ass.

 HE moved up andtasted her breasts. Carolyn whimpered, and couldn't believe what was happening. she couldn't help it. Her hormones just... guided her.

 Carolyn's daddy stood up with a grin, and his hands moved to his pants. Carolyn watched her daddy, unbuckle his black belt, sliding it off, and tossing it aside.
 "Want to suck daddy's cock? Only right to return the favor..." He said, in a hoarse voice.

 Carolyn just nodded, still twitching from the orgasm she endured, when his cock was pulled out she wrapped her little hand around it, with her fingers, the creamy flesh was thick, and the vanes were seen through out his long shaft. Carolyn placed her mouth around it and down she went. A long groan escaped Tom's mouth. "Fuck..." He hissed, as he felt her tongue, and the inside of her mouth massage his dick. He grabbed her head pushing her down onto his dick causing her to gag, and come up slobber was hanging on his dead. "That a girl, suck daddy's dick! Your better than mommy." He murmured, as Carolyn continued going down on him, making surping noises.
 Tom just watched his daughter suck him off with high anticipation. HE groaned, and watched as her young little mouth went to town, till her mouth was exhausted. "Good girl... now bend over..." he told his daughter.

Carolyn stood, and her daddy bent her over pushing her head against the back of the couch. She felt her daddy move her legs. "Yeah spread them for daddy...! Nice..." His fingers fondled her pussy from behind, wiggling and sliding a finger in causing his daughters pussy to reflex, and tighten, on his fingers. She was so fuckin tight. Virgin obviously. He grinned with high anticipation... He slid two fingers in getting a gasp from Carolyn. "Yeah.. feel my fingers up your puss!" He grinned, as he felt his cock twitching up and down slightly just waiting to feel her virgin cunt lips around his thick daddy dick.

  After a few moments of that, getting her worked up again he stood, and moved behind her, he grabbed her ass, with a groaned, as he grabbed the shaft of his cock, and pressed it against the opening causing a gasp, and a twitch from Carolyn. "Good girl... you'll like this..." He responded to her, as he slid his dick into the tight virgin daughter hole. SHe let out a painful scream, feeling the large shaft penetrate her young folds. "At a girl.. stay like that...!" He slid his cock up in her causing himself to groan, he couldnt' remember when he fucked pussy this tight. He groaned thrusting hsi head back and shook it before turning his eyes back down onto the wet mass of pussy juice on his cock. He heard his daughters moans and screams, and it just made him want her pussy more. Being horny has its fuckin consequences. Soon he started going faster grabbing her ass pulling her into him. It took Carolyn awhile to get use to it, and start enjoying it.

 "Ooh daddy... yeah...! Don't stop.." she begged, as he grinned, "Daddy keep on baby!" he said, grabbing her ass. "You're so tight." He grabbed her and pulled her up to him, dick still in her twat. He grabbed her titties and slammed her, as he tasted her neck, and hissed in her ear. SHe whimpered in her young innocent voice. "Aww... yeah... oh gosh.... mmnmmh.." she purred. Her juices were runnign down her own leg now, from the wetness. He jiggled her tits, and groaned, as he bit his lip harshly, hearing her moan, 'Daddy' Over and over again. He didn't know how much longer he could take being inside his daughter. It was too hot...! "SHIT! Get your mouth down here..." he said forcefully, yanking his pussy sodden cock, he pushed her head down, and she fell to her knees, weakly. SHe had a few tears stinging her eyes from the painful penetration, mingled with the anticpiating desire for more. She watched her father jack his dick, with his hand,and it only took two strokes for white hot cum to shoot out, onto the girls innocent face. He groaned, and jerked. Carolyn felt the hot sticky, cum on her face... he grinned and looked down at her... as she looked up sheepishly, her face covered in cum... "Hows your first time?" he whispered, in a hoarse voice... just as the door jiggled, causing both eyes to widen... the door opened...

  ~The END~ 

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