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Dads away mom and i play

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The summer I turned 16 my dad was away, working in another state. Mom and I had not seen him in a month. I knew that mom had to be getting horny.


One night I was in bed and could not get to sleep so I was reading a book.  Mom was still up watching a movie, and it sounded like it was a hot romance type. I heard my mom’s belt buckle being undone and her pants unzipping. We lived in a trailer house with thin walls and moms chair was on the same wall as my headboard. I could hear her buckle jingling, hear her moans and the chair creaking. I knew that she was playing with her pussy. My cock was hard as a rock.


I got out of bed and crept down the hall and peeked around the corner. Sure enough mom was deep into her pussy. It was dark in the kitchen and I could see her from 6 feet away, so I stood in the shadows and watched.  Mom had the handle of a brush in her pussy and two fingers strumming her clit. I knew that after she had her orgasm she might hear me in the kitchen so I dashed back to my room just as she was coming down from the big O.


I left my reading lamp on and the door open a few inches as I read this hot fuck book. My hand was busy on my cock and I kept the book in front of my face as I stroked my cock. Mom came down the hall to go to bed and I heard her stop at my door. I’m sure that she thought I had fallen asleep reading and was going to turn off my light. I could tell that she had looked in on me to see if I was asleep.  I was about ready to cum and I arched my back and said OH MOM you have a sexy pussy and I want to fill if with my cum. Then I shot a huge load on my chest.


I turned off my light and heard mom’s bedroom open and close. I knew that she was watching me jack off.  The book I was reading was called All IN The Family. I left the book out where mom could see it when she came in to make my bed.


Mom was modest and we never went around the house without being covered. Mom would wear a heavy housecoat in the mornings. The next morning her housecoat was open in front and she had a baby doll outfit on under it. I kept looking at her tits and she knew I was looking. I went in and took a shower and came out in my silk track shorts with out any underwear on under them. My cock was easy to see. Mom kept looking at my crotch.


I went to work and could not keep my mind off my mom’s body.  I gave up and went home early. Mom was reading my book about incest when I came in. She hid it under the couch and put it back in my room when I went back outside.


The next morning I put on the silk shorts and went into the kitchen where mom was making a pot of coffee. Mom had on a thin robe and nothing under it; my cock was getting thick and heavy. Mom looked my cock over and smiled. When the coffee was ready mom went over to pore us a cup. I walked up behind her and hugged her from behind putting my hands around her waist. My cock brushed her ass as I kissed her on the cheek. I told her that I loved her and thought she was the best mom ever. Then I kissed her neck.  Mom said do you know what you are doing, I said yes I’m hugging you, mom said no do you know what its called, I said no. Mom said its called foreplay, I said oh I thought it was only foreplay if it turned you on and made your pussy wet. Mom said well that is true and its fore play. My cock was now hard and pressed into the crack of her ass. Mom pushed her ass back onto my cock. I told mom that she was so sexy this morning and kissed her neck making her shiver. I ran my hands up her belly and under her tits as I kissed her more. She took my hands and put them on her tits as she tipped her head back. I kissed her on the mouth and we French kissed. Mom said wow where did you learn to kiss like that. I told her Misty taught me how. Mom said your cousin Misty? I said yes. Mom asked what else did she teach you. I said this and I put my hand in moms robe and stroked her pussy. I parted her lips and slipped a finger in her cunt. Mom was wet as hell.


Mom asked if I had watched her finger fuck her self the night before and I said yes. Mom said that she was thinking about my cock and fucking me as she played with her pussy.

I untied moms robe and she turned around. Mom took me in her arms and we kissed a lovers kiss. I bent down and licked her tits and sucked her nipples. I got down on my knees and kissed her pussy parting her lips with my tong. Mom spread her legs and I sucked her clit till she came all over my face.


Mom took my hand and led me to her bedroom. Mom took my shorts off and said holy shit you are a lot bigger than your dad. Mom took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock till I came in her mouth. I put mom on her back and she spread her legs wide for me, she fingered her pussy and I licked her while she did so. Mom was going wild with lust. She said that she thought about me fucking her for a long time. I asked when this started and she said since I was about 13. I told her that was when I started to use a mirror to peek under her door when she got ready for bed. Mom said that she knew about me peeking at her and she liked to show me her body but she tried to not make it known that she knew I watched her.  She would turn out the light and finger herself knowing that I was jacking off.


My cock was hard again as I made mom cum with my mouth. Then I put her knees on my shoulders and rubbed my fat cock head on her pussy lips. I inched my cock into her tight pussy until all 7 inches was in her. Mom said your cock is just like your grandpas short and fat as fuck. I started to fuck mom for all I was worth. It did not take long being in her tight hot pussy to make me cum. We came at the same time. Mom’s cunt milked me cock dry.


Mom and I fucked almost every day and every night for a month.  Mom came in one morning and said that dad was coming home in a few days. We fucked and played all day that day.


We knew that thing would not be the same after that. Dad got home and it was nice to have him home but I missed all the pussy I was getting.  Dad told mom that I had grown up a lot that summer and had become a man.  Mom and I were out in the barn feeding the horses and I kissed her. Mom said lets have a quick fuck and dropped her pants. She was wet and ready to fuck. I pulled out my cock and mom bent over. I pushed my cock into her from behind. Just as we both were coming dad came into the barn. Mom was milking my cock with her pussy. It was to late to stop, we were caught. I was ready to get my ass kicked when I noticed that dad was unzipping his pants. Dad Said well if you are going to fuck each other then get to fucking. Mom and I stood there dumfounded. Dad took down his pants and was stroking his cock. He said I have been watching you too since I got home and I thought you have been playing around, I came out here and watched you fuck from the start.


I jacked off every night thinking about you too fucking when I was gone.  My cock was hard again and ready for round two. I took off mom’s shirt and bra as we kissed. She took her pants all the way off. Mom got on her knees on a hay bale and I took her doggy style. Dad said goddamn kid where did you get that monster fat cock. He came around to where he could see it in mom’s cunt, as he stroked his cock. I asked him if he wanted mom to suck him off, as she took him in her mouth. Mom’s ass looked nice and the thought of her asshole tempted me. I tried to get my cock in her ass but she was to tight. Mom wanted to try it for the first time but I was to fat. Dad said lets switch places. Dad worked his cock into mom’s ass as she licked my cock. Dad filled her ass with cum. Mom was ready for my cock now. I pushed into her ass and she went wild as I stretched her to the max.


Mom told dad that we fucked every day and she loved it. She said that she was happy and wanted to keep fucking me. Dad said that he liked the idea and wanted us to be happy.

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