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Dancing With Mom

demy03055 on Incest Stories

My Mother and I became lovers years ago, just before my 17th birthday. To

this day, we continue to love each other and satisfy each other's sexual

needs. I have a mild panty fetish, which is really the catalyst that brought

my Mother and I together in the first place.

First...let me describe the most beautiful, sensual, and sexual woman I

know... Mom. She has shoulder length, chestnut brown hair. Her dark brown

eyes are large and warm, and she still has the face of woman many years

younger than she actually is. Her breasts are not large, but jut out from

her chest with just a hint of sag. They bounce quite provocatively when she

is bra-less. She has a nice trim waist, and nice flaring hips, commonly

referred to as "baby-making-hips". My Mother's most alluring attribute... is

her beautiful behind. Before Mom and I "consummated" our present

relationship, I would fantasize each night before falling asleep about what

my Mom's ass looked like. It was not too large, but it definitely was round

and gave Mom an overall voluptuous figure. Her tummy has just the right

amount of bulge to it that let you know she was all woman.

I used to sneak into my Mother's room when she was not home, and look for

her soiled panties. The essence of her womanhood always lingered in the

crotch of her panties, and occasionally, I would find a stray pubic hair. My

mind would be ablaze with lust at moments like this. To find something that

had actually been a part of my Mom's vagina. Before Mom and I became lovers,

I would take the panties to my room and get totally naked and pleasure

myself, as I sniffed the crotch of her panties. The odor was intoxicating to

me, and I would be delirious with desire. I would be close to orgasm, and

then just before squirting my seed, I'd aim my penis right at the crotch of

her soiled panties and imagine that I was actually ejaculating deep inside

my Mother. There would be copious amounts of semen spilling out of the head

of my penis, and my glazed eyes watched as my ejaculate slowly absorbed into

the cotton fabric.

Mom knows of my panty fetish now and even encourages it. After she had

caught me spying on her and took me as her lover, I told her how horny she

makes me and that I love her used panties. She replied that that she was

glad, and that from now on she was going to keep me supplied with all the

panties I wanted.

One day after Mom and I had awaken, I was feeling particularly horny and

wanted to make love. Mom said that she had a million things to do that

morning but would be happy to oblige later in the afternoon. I said okay

(reluctantly), and got up to make breakfast. I put on a tee-shirt and a pair

of boxers that Mom particularly liked and walked around the kitchen with my

erection poking out, in the hopes Mom might take pity on me and maybe have a

"quicky" before doing her business. No such luck...she did notice though,

and said to stay nice and ready for her when she returned. She told me she

had a very nice place to hold my erection, until it softened (smile).

After Mom departed, I cleaned up the kitchen, and then thought I'd take the

edge off my horniness, by masturbating with Mom's panties. I went into our

room (Mom and I share her bed now), and found a sexy pair that were light

blue satin, and had a slight yellow stain, where I imagined she had, had to

pee, and maybe squirted some out before she got to the toilet. I brought

these to my nose and inhaled deeply of full feminine aroma. It was heavenly,

and extremely erotic. I didn't want to rush it, but I didn't want to empty

everything I had stored in my testicles either. I needed to save some for

Mom when she returned. I was enjoying the feeling of touching myself, and

rubbing the crotch of Mom's panties against my face, when I heard...

"Why don't you smell the crotch of these panties?"

I jumped, and saw Mom standing in the doorway, holding the hem of her skirt

up to her waist with one hand, and massaging her crotch with the other. She

was pushing the panties into the cleft of her vagina, and the scene was as

erotic as any I could have imagined.

"Mom! I didn't know you were here!"

"I know baby, I wanted to surprise you. I knew what you would be doing. I

see you found the pair that I peed into, my but you are a nasty boy aren't


"Mom, you look so hot doing that". She continued to rub her mound as she

spoke to me, which was paramount to throwing gasoline onto burning charcoal.

"Come smell my panties honey, it doesn't get any fresher than this." She

coaxed me toward her and pulled the waist of her panties out, and down so

that I could see her luxuriant growth of pubic hair and the white cotton

crotch of her white lace panties. I gingerly moved toward her and

anticipated the wonderful assault on my olfactory senses.

I hungrily buried my face into her mound, and she spoke so wantonly.

"Oh yes my son, smell Mommy's hot pussy. Does it smell good baby? Does it

make my baby boy want to come in Mommy's panties?"

"Oh yes Mom, I do!.. I do want to come in your panties!"

"Good honey, cause I want you to come in these, the ones I'm wearing right

now. Come stroke your cock for me baby... aim it right at Mommy's pussy."

I stood up, and my penis was as hard and bloated as ever. I had difficulty

in aiming, so mom said, "wait a second sweetie, let me get the step-stool."

She got the little stool and stood up on it and brought her crotch right in

line with my penis. She held onto my shoulder for support and kept her

panties open for my cock and I started stroking.

"Oh Eddie, this makes Mommy so horny, come in my panties and all over my

hairy pussy.. Yesss that's it baby, it looks so hot and red...does it feel

hot honey? Can you smell how wet my pussy is?"

"Oh God... Mom I'm going to squirt... huh... huh... huh..." I watched as the

first rope of sperm jetted out of my penis and splashed against Mom's hairy

mound, the next 4 or 5 contractions were aimed directly into the crotch of

Mom's open panties. She encouraged me to milk it all out and pulled me

closer so that my penis was actually rubbing the lips of her vagina. My cock

was super sensitive right at that moment and I couldn't stand the intense

sensation of it touching anything.

As I was weak kneed and attempting to catch my breath, mom did one of the

most erotic things I ever seen her do. With my come pooled in the crotch of

her panty, she pulled them up, and began mashing the crotch up into her


"Ooh my baby... this feels so good, I love having a sopping wet pussy,

especially when my son's sperm is what's making it nice and wet. When do you

think you'll be ready to squirt some more right into my hole baby? Soon I

hope, I'm all hot and horny now too, and I need your nice strong cock inside

me to take away the ache."

I took my Mother into my arms and began holding her tight and kissing her

lips. I held her close and massaged the small of her back, right where the

crack of her behind began. The beauty of older woman/younger man

relationships, is that both are perfect for each other sexually. Hearing my

Mother speak to me in that manner quickly aroused me. She turned and shut

the door and locked it, which in itself is turn-on for me, and began to

undress me. Not that I had a lot to remove, but it made me feel wanted. She

lifted my tee-shirt over my head, and then took off her blouse, and then her

bra. She slid her fingers into the waist band of my boxers and slowly

stripped them off from me. She then buried her face into my groin and

massaged the cheeks of my ass, pulling me closer. She grasped my cock and

lightly kissed it. Then taking just the head into her mouth and lightly

bathing it with her tongue.

"Oh Mom... (sigh)... that feels so good... (moan)...." I quickly hardened,

and Mom began licking my entire shaft, mumbling something about the smell of

my cock, and how horny it made her. Soon she opened her mouth wide and

engulfed my entire shaft, burying her nose deep into my pubic hair. The

sensation was ecstatic, I knew that if she didn't stop immediately, I would

be pounding my seed into her mouth.

"Mom... I'm.... gonna... cum.... if.... you.... don't... stop." She slowly

let my penis slip out of her mouth, and there was a string of saliva

connecting my cock and her lips. She gazed hotly into my eyes, and slowly

got to her feet. She gently pushed me onto the bed, and stepped back. She

reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, and shimmied out of it, and let

it drop to the floor. Stepping out of it, she then hooked her fingers into

the waist band of her wet panties and began to pull them down. They were

still stuck up into the cleft of her vagina, and had to be slowly peeled

out. Her eyes were glued to mine, and in a moment she was as naked as I.

"It's time to fuck Mommy now baby, I hope you're ready. My pussy is really

hungry, see? See how my pussy's mouth is watering?" She stood in front of

me, and held the lips of her vagina wide open. Her whole vulval area was wet

and slick with my cum and the lubrication from her arousal. She crawled onto

the bed with me and laid down on her back, with her knees bent. Coaxing me

between her thighs, she grasped my penis and then swished her fingers in her


"Momma's gonna make your cock nice and slippery, so you slide into my pussy

nice and easy." With that she pulled on my cock to move it closer to her

opening and then with the hand that she had been massaging her pussy with,

she began wiping the mixture of fluids from her cunt up and down my shaft.

Her pussy smelled so hot and musky and I knew that I needed to mate with her


"Oh Eddie..your cock feels so nice and hot. I can't wait to feel you inside

me. Are you ready to fuck me baby?"

"Ohhh Mom....You know I am, I want to bury my penis deep inside you and let

it soak inside you"

"Okay baby, then do it...push your penis inside me and keep it there for the

rest of the day." With that, Mom released her grasp on my cock, and brought

her knees up to her chest, then reached underneath her thighs and opened her

vagina, exposing her hot, wet hole. I aimed my cock with one hand, and

braced myself with the other. As I entered her vagina, the sensation of

smooth, slippery heat overwhelmed my senses. I slid into her with one

thrust, and buried my cock up to my balls inside my Mother's clutching

vagina. I didn't want to move yet, as the feeling was what could only be

described as 'delicious'

"Oh Eddie... keep your cock deep inside me okay?" She held me tight and

began kissing my cheek and lips, and shoulders. She undulated ever so

slightly beneath me, and begged me to smother her with my body. I reached

under her and held the smooth supple globes of her ass, and attempted to

pull myself even deeper inside. She began contracting her vaginal muscles,

and said that it was so comforting to have a live, hot cock to squeeze

inside of her instead of the fake, rubber one that I had seen her using. We

gazed into each others eyes, as we each flexed our sex muscles. We began

kissing, lightly at first, and then gradually hotter, and hotter. I started

grinding my pelvis against her as she pushed up at me. I withdrew my shaft,

and looked at the point we were connected, and it appeared to be dripping

with her lubricant.

Mom then reached between her legs and played with her pussy, and then pulled

me back down on top of her. She rubbed her fingers in my face, and said it

was time to really fuck her.

"Here baby, smell what you've done to my pussy. I need to come now honey...

make Mommy's pussy come all over her baby boy's cock." When she started

talking like that, I began fucking her harder. Since I had already come

once, I knew I could last long enough to make her come.

"Oh yeah baby... that's it!... fuck me.... harder.... harder. Wait for me to

come before you feed my hungry pussy okay baby?"

"Oh yes Mom, I'm gonna make you come on my hard cock before I empty my balls

inside you."

"Yesss Eddie...I love when you talk to me about emptying your balls inside

me...and that's just what I want you to do, cream my pussy...ohhh yesss....

fuck... me... fuck... me.... fuck... me... I'm.... gon... na... come...

all... ov... er... your... cock... AIIEEEEEEEE.... ooohhhh!!" I felt her

starting to come and then I pushed my cock into her as deep as I could and

just held it there for her pussy to spasm around. I held her close, and

touched her asshole with the tip of my finger, and felt the spasms she was

having. I could feel her heart pounding against my chest as she pressed her

bosom against me. She purred and cooed about how happy I was making her.

"Oh my darling son, I love you so very much. feel so good in

my pussy. Now, do you have a nice creamy present for my pussy? I think it's

time you fed my hungry pussy,...don't you?"

Mom looked deep into my eyes when she asked me that, and my balls were drawn

up tight against me, all ready to release their potent load. Her eyes

shimmered in the late morning light. She then pulled the covers up over us

with her feet, and finished pulling them around our coupled bodies with her

hands. We were in our own little cocoon, and she kissed me gently on the

lips and said,

"The door is locked and it's just you and me sharing our bodies, now my

darling son please fuck me with all that is left inside you. I want every

ounce of your come squirted deep into my hungry pussy. Look into my eyes

when you come baby, I want to see the pleasure I'm giving you."

"Mom you are driving me out of my mind talking like that, I'm going to give

you every drop of come that's in my balls. She then pulled the covers even

closer around us and started kissing my lips and sucking on my tongue as my

cock began to drive in and out of her sopping pussy. I knew it wouldn't take

long and she kept panting, "look at me when you come baby, look at me when

you come!"

"Mom... I'm going crazy... I love you Mom."

"Yes my baby, go crazy, feed my hungry pussy baby... mmmmm. give it to me."

"I'm coming Mommy... I'm coming inside your pussy Mommy... OOOOHHHH GOD!...

At that very moment, I gazed steadily into my Mother's big, brown eyes as I

emptied my balls deep into her clutching vagina. Her pussy spasmed once

again as she came with me, her pussy muscles sucking and contracting around

my shaft, milking every last drop of semen deep into her hole. She held me

tight and then our lips met, in what had to be the most soulful kiss that a

man and a woman can share. I can honestly say that I couldn't love anyone,

more than I love my Mother.

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