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Daughter Daughter Mom and Me

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It was the first time I was to see Britt take plessure in a womans pussy, her mothers pussy. The place where she had emerged and taken her first breath not so many years ago. Britt sunk her mouth on Tammy and a long slow MMMMMMMMM came from her as she tasted Tammy for the first time. She kissed and nibbled Tammys lips and clit, ran her tongue up and down Tammy blood enlarged pussy lips then opening her mouth as much as it would go, covered her vulva almost completely and began to suck hard tryng to draw my sperm from Tammy like a vacum.

Tammy was bucking her hips forward into Britts mouth.

" OHHH god yes Mistress take your pussy for the first time "

Britt removed her mouth after a few minutes of sucking her mothers pussy hard and I saw her throat movement as she was swallowed my come.

Britt looked up at her Mother " You two taste great together slave. Miranda you have to taste them together my love "

And Britt moved to allow Miranda to take her place. I saw Tammys pussy for just a second and white come was flowing out of her. My balls had not gone on strike I guess. Miranda quickly move between her mothers legs and did just as Britt had done surrounding Tammy's pussy with her mouth and began to suck Tammy's vulva hard.

Britt's mouth was on my cock in seconds after she left Tammy. I was still hard after coming, it was watching Britt eating her mother, it turned on for me alot. Yes a male fantasy but it did keep my cock rock hard.

Britt drew me in her mouth right to my base and slowly started to remove my cock with a slow agonizing hard sucking. Britt cheeks where indented as she sucked my cock, inch by inch my cock began to appear from her great mouth.

Britt stopped just at the raised tip of my cockhead, the back of her front teeth began moving up and down on this sensitive part of my cock.

Still sucking me hard and using her tongue to circle around the rest of my head. Every once in awhile Britt would stick the tip of her tongue into my meatus, the opening at the end of my cock. God I was close again to blowing another load in Britt's mouth.

Britt heard me moan loudly with the way she was sucking me, she looked up and slowly removed the rest of my cock from her mouth. " My love as much as I want you to give my mouth your wonderful come, I never got to feel you shoot deep in my ass yet, you know how I want to feel that."

Britt smiled at me, got on her hands and knees turned around and lowered her upper body, resting herself on her elbows so her ass was higher and her cheeks opened to expose her anus to me. Her bung hole was wet with her juice's and Miranda's saliva. I move between Britts legs but as I was moving Miranda finished drinking my come from Tammy's pussy and said.

" Wait Bill " both Tammy and Miranda move to us.

Tammy slid beside Britt with her head near Britts thighs, Britt quickly lift her leg and arm to allow Tammy to slid under her in a 69 position. Miranda got on her knees and her hand reach over the side of the bed and came up with that stap on dildo I had heard so much about. Miranda looked at it, decided it was not the one she wanted and then reach over the side again and came up with another large penis shaped dildo.

Miranda then shuffled to Britt side then slide the dildo down and push it inside Britt's waiting pussy as Tammy for the first time started licking and sucking Britts clit and pussy. Britt was just about to start eating Tammy when she felt the dildo enter her cunt, she raised her head and moaned as the dildo went deep.

I did not know if this was Britt's first double penatration but it was going to be mine. I moved closer to Britts ass and as I did Miranda grabed my cock with one hand as the other hand pumped the dildo in and out of Britt's pussy, then she lowered her mouth to Britt's bung hole and started to lick around and in Britt's puckered asshole, making sure there was plenty of liguid to lube my cock.

Britt went off as soon as Miranda;s tongue entered her ass and with Tammy rapidly flicking her tongue over Britt's clit and the dildo in her pussy, a deep gutteral moan came from her.

Britt in a low low soft voice moaned " OHHHHH GOD YES! "

It was all she managed to say as her hole body started to shake with her orgasm.

Miranda lifted her head put my cock in her mouth and covered it with her saliva then guide me into Britt's vibrating asshole. Britt's bung hole opened and swallowed my cock head as I started to slowly enter her ass. I wanted to go slow to give Britt the maximum amount of plessure, inch by inch my cock dissapeared inside her tight ass and as I did Miranda started to massage my ball with one of her hands and move the dildo in and out of Britt's pussy with the other hand.

I also could feel Tammy's nose tickle the bottom of my balls with her nose as I finally was in Britt's ass as far as I could go.

Britt was still in one long orgasmic world. Her eyes closed, her head moving back and forth, moaning, breathing hard in short quick breaths and shivers bolting threw her body. Britt's ass was much tighter than earlier as the dildo in her pussy filled her. I could feel the dildo slide back and forth on the bottom of my cock threw the thin membrane of skin that seperates her vaginal and anal canal.

" Fuck me please My Love " Britt managed to tell me but it was not a scream, she was not begging, it was a sexual hunger, a lust that was being awakened in her as she was being DPed. She was one constant orgasming body and she needed more stimulation to go higher and higher.

I started to fuck her ass, slowly at first but in a few minutes I was pounding her hard, Tammy was still giving her clit a rapid assault, Miranda had moved and had cuped Britts tits and started to pull on Britt's super hard nipples like a man milks a cows utters.

Brit's moans of plessure stopped but her body was constantly shaking, shivering all over. She was now in a different place where the plessure that her body was experiencing over loaded her brain. I think she passed out for a second as the orgasms she was now experiencing one right after another consumed her. Her ass tighten so hard on my cock that I hurt to move but her canal was spasming around me and I shot my come with such force that Britt could not fail to feel me come deep inside her ass. I felt like it was the first orgasm I had that day I came so hard and long.

I gave her ass as much come as the first time I filled Britt's pussy this afternoon. Miranda saw me come and moved her head down to Britts ass.

" I want to taste you my love. "

I pulled out of Britts ass and into Miranda's mouth, Miranda seems to like the manky taste of cock straight out of her or someones elses ass and I will never complain that she does.

Britt collapsed on Tammy but she still continued her assault on Britts pussy. Miranda cleaned me off and as I collasped on the bed, to tired to do anything but lie there.

Miranda started to lick my come out of Britts ass then I notice Miranda had put on the stap on.

She lick Britt's ass for awhile then move to replace me behind Britt. Miranda pulled Britt's limp body up, removed the dildo in her pussy and then replaced it with her stap on.

As Miranda started to fuck her, Britt moned again and then dived into Tammy's neglected pussy. Tammy moan as she felt Britt start to eat her and then slide her hand to Miranda's pussy and slipped two finger in her. Tammy finger fuck Miranda then move her finger out of her pussy and into Miranda's ass, back and forth I watched Tammy's fingers explore Miranda's two holes.

Then I really stared at Miranda fucking Britt, watching how Miranda's body moved and how Britt moved while she was being fucked. I wanted Britt to be fucking a guy, I want to watch her and Miranda and Tammy to take another mans cock and have him fuck them all. It was the first time I had ever really wanted to watch any one fuck but I wanted to watch them being taken by another man. I wanted to watch another mans cock enter and fuck and come in my wives pussies WOW!. I wanted to watch but the one I wanted to watch the most with another man was Britt. I don't why it turned me on so much but I was hard again.

I moved to the side and started to run my hands over Tammy's leg and the inside of her thigh where Britt's mouth was enjoying Tammy's pussy. Britt lifted her head and looked at me and smiled as her body was moving to meet Miranda's thrusting.

I love watching you getting fucked my love.

" MMM you can watch me be fucked by our wives anytime. I love it too."

I move to Britts ear and whispered.

I want to watch you Britt. I want to watch you fuck another man with me.

Britt said " you do? "

Yes don't say anything just think about it my love. I moved between Tammy's legs. Britt hooked Tammy's knees under her arm and pulled Tammy's legs forward to open Tammy to me. When Tammy's pussy and asshole where fully exposed I guide my hard cock into Tammy's ass and went deep in one hard stroke. Tammy's canal clamped down on my cock and she moan the same muffled moan as Miranda did, she still was eating Britt with a passion.

Britt watched me fuck Tammy's ass and she moved harder against Miranda's assault on her pussy. Britt looked in my eyes and said softly.

" You sure my love? "

I looked deep in her eyes and said Yes I am.

Britt closed her eyes and then said " Yes I want. " Britt paused again " Yes I want you to watch me fuck another rman."

I softly said Yes and I shot my load in Tammy;s ass. Britt had opened her eyes and knew it was just not Tammy's ass that made me shoot it was her saying yes to being taken by another man that made me come.

" I guess you do want me to do that my love." she whispered.

Yes I do as soon as we can my love.

" MMMMM yes soon "

I pulled out of Tammy and Britt lowered her head and ate my come out of her ass. I was exhausted now and I just lied down again and rested my head on a pillow as my wives made love to each other. A half hour past as I just watched my wives make love then after all of them came almost at once they also joined me and we all went to sleep in each others arms. I woke up and looked at the clock on the night stand, it said 4:07am.

I had no idea how long we all had been sleeping but after the day we all had I am sure my wives where just as exhausted as I was. I need to pee so I slowly got myself untanged from Miranda, Britt and Tammy's arms and legs that where over each other and me in a mass cuddle. I managed I thought not to wake any of my sleeping beauties and as I went in to the onsuite bathroom to releave myself I felt a hand on my back." Britt I thought you where still asleep my love I really tried not to wake you." Britt's hair looked like she had been threw a wind storm, she looked gorgeous.

" My Love I was but I heard you get up and I really would like to talk to you alone."

Ok I assume its about what I asked you earlier.

" Yes my love. Are you sure you want to watch me fuck another man? "

Yes really I do.

" I never thought before today I wanted another cock in me but yours and then earlier today when I was fantasizing about our future son fucking me. Well that fantasy was wonderful you know that. I really am confused right now my love. When you asked me to fuck another man I got extremly aroused thinking about a DP with two real cocks. I thought about you and my future son both fucking me. When I had you in my ass and the dildo in my pussy I was " Britt looked at me " I don't know where I was but it was not on earth if you know what I mean. I was someplace I had never been. I was so turned on I did not even feel you shoot in my ass my love and you gave me alot of come, I am still leaking." Britt smiled " I was thinking it was our son in my pussy and you in my ass. I was one big orgasm, my hole body was over loaded with plessure and it has awkened a lust for two cocks I never thought I had. If we do this my love I have two conditions."

What do you need you now I will give you anything you need.

" First I have to be pregnant before I fuck another man. Not just think I am pregnant but have the test from the doctor that says I am pregnant. Second it has to be someone we know is clean and free of any STD,s or I won't let him fuck me OK."

Ok my love only if those two condition are meet I promise. I smiled at Britt and she hugged me. You know Babe I know why your confused.

" Why?"

Because you are a very sexual woman and you have always focused that sexuality mostly on me. I open things in you. Like desires, lust for sexual adventure beyond what you have fantasized about for most of your life. You love me and you trust me thats why your opening up to desires and feelings you never thought you had. I never thought I had that lust for sexual adventure either till we became lovers today. You bring that out in me as well. I always thought of myself as a open minded guy but you bring things out in me no one has or will, like golden showers, you fucking a dog, watching you get pregnant with my sons baby, you fucking another man, everything you want I want even without thinking. I want to experience all these thing with you and more. I knew you wanted another cock to fuck you, I felt it and it turned me on. If you asked me why it does I can not give you an answer but it does. Your right my love we are connected to each other, when we make love we instinctively move and pleasure each other. We know how to tease each other, we know what each other is thinking and feeling. If you where born to be with me I was born to be with you My Love. Sounds stupid since I am your father but its true. I love Tammy and Miranda the same as I love you. I would like to see them with another man someday but its you I want to see the most because it will turn me on the most. Babe I know you want this and remember we are fucking for fun not love with another guy but I will admit it is also a turn on if I know there a chance you can get pregnant.

" No I won't fuck him if I can get pregnant. I won't do that to you or us My Love, the only man I want to have a bady with is you "

I understand Babe but will you answer a couple of questions honestly?

Britt said hesitantly " Yes and I will never lie to you ever "

Babe does it turn you on when you are making love to me and your fertile?

" Yes it does you know that."

Is it possible the fact you could get pregnant is a turn on for you no matter if it was my cock or another mans cock coming in you?

" I honestly don't know My Love but yes it is possible I am turned on by the fact I could get pregnant. " Britt grew silent and looked in my eyes trying to see if her saying it did not matter who made her pregnant was really alright with me. " Yes it is possible I would be just as turned on if it was another man making me pregnant "

Britt was scared but excitted too. " My Love what would happen if I got pregnant and you did not know or you where not the father? It might ruin everything we have together. I can't take that chance no matter how turned on fucking another man is for me knowing I might get pregnant. The risk is too great I might lose you forever, I can't risk that ever! "

I would love our baby you know that.

" It might not be yours!"

I will love our baby and never question anything about our child. It will be our child no matter what My Love I promise. Britt still was scared I could see it.

My Love what would happen if I got our future fuck friend Carol pregnant? You want me to fuck her bare don't you so you can taste me and her together well if we meet her later this week she might be just as fertile as you and what if she is not on any birth control? Would you want to leave me because she got pregnant with my baby?

" NO! Of course not I would never leave you over her getting pregnant and having your baby."

Then what is the difference if another man made you pregnant why would you think I would leave you.

Britt hugged me tight " No difference. Can I tell you later this morning what I decide to do? "

You don't need to give me an answer my love all I want you to know is it will be our child as far as I am concerned. All the children we have will be our children.

Britt lifted her head and our lips met and we shared a passionate kiss, our bodies as tight as we could get them.

Britt's lips left mine and she whispered in my ear " I can tell you now Darling. I want my first child to be yours with no doudt in ours minds. I admit it is a turn on for me to have another man fill me with his come but not now. When we invite another man in to our bed the first time I will be pregnant of I have already had your child thats what I have decided. The second condition still stands My Love for either case we have to know he has no STD's."

Britt looked at me a little unsure of how I might take this. She was going to admit that yes she was going let another man make her pregnant.

" Yes I would like to be with another man when I am fertile after I have our first baby but if I get pregnant with his child he must never know I am having his baby ever. I don't want him being in our lives as a father when he makes me pregnant. I want you to be the father of the baby I will have.

Bill you KNOW not THINK you can handle that because I will not have an abortion EVER, even if it is another mans child!

Bill PLEASE tell me now if you CAN"T or if you have any reservations, even change your mind about not being the father ever before I take him inside me or even when he is inside and before he comes in me!

It can remain a fantasy for both of us and we can still have a male fuck friend and take precautions so I will not get pregnant, like using spermicide or I could use an IUD or even condoms You are right you know me so well and I love that you do but I need to know anytime from now on if you have changed your mind or right now this minute that you KNOW you can't be a father to a child that will not be yours!"

Britt was more relaxed now that she had told me what I already knew.

Yes I know I can handle our child not being mine. I swear to you if I have a change of heart I will tell you even if he is deep inside you.

Britt said. " Ok your sure. Really REALLY sure this is what you want "

Yes and are you sure its what you want?

" If you had asked me yesterday if I would like to take another man in my fertile pussy and have him make me pregnant I would have kick you in the balls My Love " Britt gave out a littlle laugh " But yes I think I want to. I may change my mind I don't know but right now, Yes I would let him knock me up. "

And what about Carol?

" We will still do what we planned and I will ask her if she is on birth control."

And if she is not what then?

" If she is not I will tell her that I perfer you to not wear a comdom so I can taste both of you together and she can make the chioce to meet us or not. I don't want to use spermicide because after she uses it once it kind of ruins her taste for a long time and thats not fun just fucking her once or twice for a day or two that we might be with her. She can decide what she wants to do. "

You have no problem at all if she is not on any form of birth control and she has no problem with me not wearing condoms or using spermicide?

" No I don't my love. Yes if Carol or anyone of our future female lovers gets pregnant it is not going to make things easier. And we are going to have problems if that happens but lets face facts there are only two ways to be 100% sure you do not get one of our lovers pregnant. One is you have a vasectomy which I will not let you get ever or not fuck our girlfriends and we both know that will not happen"

Britt took a look at my cock and smiled.

" My Love we both want to have threesomes, maybe a foursomes with other people outside of Miranda and Mom. I might get pregnant someday with another mans baby but I know that will not be a problem for us. We don't have to tell Miranda and Mom that might happen, they will both think it is your baby but you getting our girlfriend pregnant is something we need to discuse with them soon. They need to know that we both want to have sex with other girls besides them and you might get a girl pregnant. If they do not want us to have sex with other girls then we can't and I promise I will not do a threesome with another man it would not be fair to you. It will just remain a wonderful fantasy for both of us."

OK but one more thing if Miranda and Tammy have no problem with all this, how do we know Carol does not have an STD?

Britt thought for a second then " When I talk to her about you not wearing a condom and if she has no problem with it. I will ask her very politely if there is any reason she knows of for you to wear a condom other than birth control. If she says no them I hope she tells the truth which I think she will and if she say yes there is a reason for you to wear a condom them we don't become her lover and I will make an excuse to back out of any plans I have made with her. For now it is the only way we can do this for next weekend. I don't think she could get a test done that fast but from now on any person who joins us must be tested and we will get tested too so they know we are free of STD's. Even if its going to be a one night stand with a man or woman its the way it has to be, I know its a pain in the ass. Maybe we should just forget the hole thing ? "

Do you want to forget the hole thing because I don't.

" I don't either Darling "

Ok Tommorow or the next day but for sure before you call Carol we sit down with Miranda and Tammy and tell them everything we have talked about us being with other women. I agree we don't have to say anything about another man making you pregnant, they don't need to know that. If they agree with you and me having a female lover and know I might make another woman pregnant and they both still agree then we go forward and if not all we have talked about doing will remain a wonderful fantasy we both share but never do.

Britt wrapped her arms around me and we shared another wonderful passionate kiss, we kissed and fondles each other for a long time. I slipped my lips from hers and said I Love you you know.

Britt smiled and said " I kinda know you do and you know I love you very much too "   End of Part Nine

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