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Discovering My Son

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I always knew that my son Chris was well endowed even from a very young age he hid himself since he was embarrassed. I never had the inclination to venture into that area of sexual intrigue until I came to the house one day knowing that no one was there. I had been divorced for a few months and my ex was still trucking and the kids were sometimes home alone but I went to get some things I had left there.

I drove up and my son's car was there and so I went in expecting him there. It was then that I heard sounds from his bedroom, "Damn it, that thing is not going to fit in me, I have tried as much as I can." came a female voice. "Well, at least massage it for me, I got you off," Chris was saying. "Okay, I will jack you off, but that is it." she said again. I went down the hall realy slowly and the door was open some. I peaked in as a yuong very small petite girl was naked in front of my son on his bad and he was laying there with a monster cock half way up his stomach. She had both her hands around the shaft and still there was lots of it showing. I watched as she began massaging it up and down and as Chris laid back enjoying it. "Lick it please" he begged her. "No fucking way, you cum all over he place." She kept massaging it.

I was in the hall and felt my pussy getting wetter and my nipples were hard as rocks. She was massaging his cock and soon it was obvious that he was ready to cum. She went faster as Chris arched his back and sprayed his load all over his chest and the bed. It was as if he was noever going to finish cumming. "Damn, see,, you wanted to put that all in me?!" she said. "Fuck yes" he was moaning and his cock was still hard. It was then that I felt my orgasm coming on and it did soaking my hand that had somehow found my pussy. I moaned out loud on prupose wanting to be seen by them.

"Oh fuck, Mom, shit, what are you doing here?" They weretrying to cover up but I was half undressed myself, my tits out of my blouse and my skirt open. I walked in and Dawn was staring at me. She had maybe 34A cupds and a slinder little bottom. "Don't get up" I said and sat on the bed. "YOu know Dawn, this will fit if you do it right." I was saying looking at the huge cock my son had. I later found out it was about 10 inches and it was really thick. His balls were bigger than golf balls and full still. I stood up and undressed the rest of the way. "Damn Mom, you are so hot" Chris said. "Thanks Dear, I was hoping that you would like me and not think I was fat." "Hell no, you look great." he was saying and they were both staring at my 44EEE chest and the hard dark nipples. I took my tits in my hands and began massaging them and the nipples were in my mouth as I sucked them to make them harder.

Ms. Cain, I have never seen breasts like those, mine are so small." Dawn was staring still. "Touch them if yu like" I told her and her small hands did just that. She was still on her knees and she found them both at the same time. I took her hands and helped her massage them. "Here, suck one dear" I said and fed her one of the nipples. She took it in both hands and her mouth found the right place on the nipple and my pussy responded. "Damn Mom this is so hot." Chris said his cock in his hand. "Lay back dear" I told him, and he did. "Dawn, now we see how to tae a nice big cock, okay?" "But I can't get that in me" she protested. "Sure you can dear, it just takes a little time to get used to it. Watch me." She sat on the edge of the bed as I got on top of my son, my tits in his face and then his hands were on them, massaging them gently. "Mommy likes it a little rough Sweetheart," I told him. "Squuze hard and pinch the nipples, make it hurt a little," I moaned. "Okay Mom, whatever you say," he said and he began doing as I had said.

I moved up and said, "Now Dawn, guide his cock to my pussy." she did just that and it was at the entrance of my pussy spread the lips. "Now watch me dear" I moaned as I began working it into me. I could have rammed it but I wanted to give them the benefit of seeing my pussy swallow it all slowly. I began going up and down and a little at a time it was sinking al the way in and soon I was feeling it deep inside me, the shaft sank in till it was all in me. I lost control and began riding it hard, moaning for my son to fuck me hard. His hands were on my tits and they had lost control, pulling them hard and then nipples were in his mouth. "Bite them hard sweetheart" I told him, "Really hard, bite them, oh fuck yes, yes, that is it." I was almost screaming now. Dawn was laying next to us fingering her tight pussy and watching me ride my son's cock. A wave swept over me as my pussy convulsed around the shaft in it and I went faster to make my son cum as I did. It did, and the force of his orgasm droe me over the top making me squirt all over the bed and his balls.

As my orgasm began to finish I slipped down taking his cock in my mouth and making it hard again "Watch this Dawn" I said slipping it into my throat. "Oh fuck Mom, oh yeh, this is so fucking good, oh damn, suck my cock Mom." he was moaning. It was hard again and Dawn was watching her eyes wide. "This is how yu suck a cock Dear" I told her and swallowed the full length down my thrat. I sped up with the cock going down my thrat making me hotter again and soon my pussy sprayed again as I felt the hard cock going on and out of my mouth. Soon Chris was saying, "Oh damn Mom, I am going to cum again." "Good Sweetheart, Mommy is hungry, fill up my mouth." He was now humping hard and fast and two more orgasms made my pussy soak the bed under me. He arched his back and I grabbed his hips holding my face against his cock and my chin against his balls. It seemed like a gallon of cum went into my throat making me cum again.

We all thre laid there and I was kissing them both gently. After a while I rolled over and told Dawn, Okay dear, now it is yur turn." "But Teresa, that can't go into me." "Yes it can dear, I will help. Now Christ, lay on yur back again dear." He did and Dawn massaged his cock to hard again. The head was swelling nicely. "Oay dear, now get over the head and put it in a little. Face away fromChris towards me." I got between their legs so I could lick her pussy. "Now as I lick you slowly move up and down just a little at a time." She began and I was licking her little clit as she moved on the hard cock of my son. Little by litte she was getting hoter and it was going deeper with each lick. Soon half was in and she was not feeling any pain. I was speeding up my licking of her pussy and she was responding by taking the cock deeper. Soon she was moaning, "Oh my god, I am going to cum, I am going to cum." "Good Dear, cum, cum all you want." I was licking her faster now and when she began her orgasm with over half my son's cock in her I moved my hands and pushed her all the way down on it. Her eyes came open and she let out a loud moan. "Oh my god, oh fucking shit, it is in me, oh damn," she kept one all the time soaking my face with her orgasm. I moved up and sat across my son's legs and was face to face with her and my son was still in her pussy. "Now how was that?" I said kissing her face. "Oh damn, it is still in me isn't it?" "Yes dear, now we are going to have more fun." I began kissing her and feeding her my tits again.

CHris was moving his hips against her with his cock still swelling inside her and I was kissing her and pinching her tiny nipples. "Oh damn Teresa, that is good, oh yes." I got everyone of their sides with Chris behind her and me in front and his cock still in her. "Now son, give her a good fucking, fill her up." He grabbed her hips while I was in front of her kissing and massaging and she had my tits in her hands and the massaging was soon twisting and pulling from her pleasure that she got from the huge cock in her tight pussy. I turned around and her pussy was in my face and mine in hers. "Eat itdear" and she was as I ate her cock filled pussy. "Suddenly her fist was in me and I sprayed her face and hand with an orgasm. "Time to fill her pussy" Chris was almost yelling now. He drove deep into her and his cum shot out from around his cock so much was cumming out. After a while we all laid ther, Chris still in her pussy and my face now next to her's kissing her. "Well, Dawn, will you have any problems fucking my son now?" "I don't think so, but can you come over and be with us more?" "Anytime" I told her. I moved her away and my son's cock came out of her, followed by a load of his cum. I laid down on my back and held his cock in my hand. "Think yu can fuck Mommy one more time?" I said. "Hell yes" he said as I massaged hgis cock.

"Good, get on top this time and fuck me really good." He was between my legs now and on his knees, massaging his cock it came to life and he drove it into me. He really did it hard now and Dawn was grabbing my tits when ever she could, pulling the nipples hard. Chris got a look in his eyes and began saying things to me making me hotter. "So Mommy is really a fucking slut is she?" "She likes getting cock even from her son, she is really a slut." He was making me so hot just from the names he called me all of which I confessed to. He got up so that he was still fucking me and grabbed my tits pulling them hard, the nipples being pinched and pulled away from my body. "She likes her tits tortured doesn't she?" he was saying now. I was in pleasure land and did not respond. "I said she likes her tits tortured," then he slapped my tits as he let them go. I moaned and saw he wanted me to submit to him. He slapped them again and I CRIED OUT. "oh yes, do that, slap them, pinch them harder, make Mommy your slave Son." "Law down Dawn" he told her. She did and he pulled his cock from me. "Oh please, no give it back," i begged him. "Shut up and get on top of Dawn facing down, yur ass in the air." I did and soon he was slapping my ass making me cum as he did soaking Dawn under me. "Fuck she likes it rough" Chris was laughing now. Then he rammed into my ass with no waring. It hurt but then it made me feel hotter.

 "Beg me to fuck yur ass MOm, beg me," he said slapping it. I did over and over again and he soon filled it with his cum. After what seemed like hours we all laid there kissing and fell asleep. I was there with my face between Dawn's legs kissing and licking her and we all got up later and ate supper. The first time is not always the best but it is the most memorable.

Next time.



I would have loved to have my mom teach my such things. Especially with the first girl I was with and my first virgin. Teresa YOU are an Awesome Mom for helping out your son and his g/f. I hope these stories continue Excellent stories!

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