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Drugged Mother

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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language and incest, DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction about incest! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!


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It was just under two weeks ago, when Tommy walked into the apartment and knew Mom needed some help with her depression, before things got any worse than they already were. It looked like Mom hadn't cleaned the place in months and she wasn't showing any signs of getting better. Tommy's Dad passed away over a year ago and poor Mom didn't take it very well.

"Mom, are you here?" Tommy yelled and started walking through the big apartment and he found her still in bed. "Hey, are you going sleep all day or get up and visit with me?" he asked with a smile, as she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

Paige was a pretty woman, but over the last year, she had really let herself go. She was five-foot seven-inches and weighed about one hundred, twenty-five pounds. Her skin was pale-while, her hair was dark-brown, naturally curly and it went to the middle of her back. But today, it was dirty and looked as if it hadn't been washed in weeks.

"Mom, you look like shit!" Tommy growled at her and he was pissed-off. "When was the last time you had a shower? You really need to stop this shit, Mom!" he said with degust in his voice, knowing that Dad would have slapped her ass for this kind of shit and Tommy was thinking about doing the same thing to her.

"Damn, would you stop yelling at me...I can't help it," she sniffed and started to cry. "I don't have a reason to live anymore. Your Dad is gone left me too," she lightly cried and Tommy quickly sat beside her.

"I know you're hurting Mom, but Dad wouldn't want this. He told us not to be sad for him and to go on with our lives, but you're not and you're getting worse."

"I'm just so lonely and um...I don't have anyone to hold or love me," she said in return and tears of hurt ran down her forty-year-old face.

He held Mom and knew he wasn't going back to Spain or to college. Mom needed him more and it was his duty as a son to help her. "I'm moving back to London so I can help you and we're getting you to a I'm sure that they can give you something to help with this and you'll have me around to slap your ass, if you screw up!" Tommy laughed and Mom snuggled against him.

"You can't just leave school for me and give up your life for me. What would your father say about that?" Paige asked as she looked up to his gorgeous face and her heart skipped a beat.

Tommy was tall, dark curly hair like hers and sexy, bedroom eyes. He was muscular from many hours in the gym and playing rugby for the last ten years. Tommy did not have any problems finding a date or getting laid.

"To tell you the truth...he would kick my ass, for letting you get this way! So, you're going to shower, prettying yourself up and I'm getting you to a doctor. Do you understand?" he said with a firm voice and Tommy knew he was taking over her life.

Paige hung her head and felt so bad. She knew that Tommy was right about this and something did need done. "You're right and I'll do anything to start being 'normal' again. I miss us hanging out together and going for our walks. I really enjoyed being with you and when you left me..." Paige stopped to sniff and gave her eyes a fast wipe. "It felt too!" she cried harder and fell against Tommy, knowing that he could ease her pain and make her better, he always did.

He grabbed Mom and pulled her fragile, sexy body, on his lap and he hugged. "Don't cry Mom, I'm back and I promise never to leave you again." Tommy whispered to his Mom, as he gently rocked her in his arms.

"That would be so nice! I hate being alone." Paige replied as the tears continued to pure from her big, brown eyes and she was feeling better already. "Let me shower and pretty myself up for my 'new' man and we'll go tour the town, ok?" she smiled and leaned to kiss Tommy on the lips.

"That sounds good to me and I want you looking hot as fuck, ok?"

She gave his arm a playful slap and was shocked by her son's words. "You dirty mouth boy! Saying such words to your mother!" she teased and Paige always did love the way he talked and treated her. It was more like she was his woman and not his Mom. "I'll look good and sexy for you handsome, don't worry." Paige said as she kissed him again, but this time, Tommy kissed her back and she liked it. "Mmmm, you're going to um...spoil me," she softly purred and felt one of his big hands, on her butt and it made her very lonely pussy, tingle.

"I'll do anything it takes, Mom." Tommy replied as he carefully wiped a tear from her face, hoping that she could pull herself together and get on with her life. Mom was a babe and this was a waste. "On second thought...find a tight pair of your jeans and after the doctor, we'll go walking." Tommy said as he thought of Mom's cute, size four ass shoved into a pair of skin-tight jeans and how great she looked.

"You still love looking at my ass, do you? You do know that it's not normal for a son to check out his Mom's ass." Paige said with her normal, soft and calming voice, as Tommy continued to rub her butt and her pussy tingled more.

He smiled and kept caressing her tiny ass. "You're not a typical Mom, you're hot lady! But, if you want, I could stop looking."

"Don't you dare! I like it," she smiled at him and Paige felt like she was floating on air.

"Well good, cuz I love looking!" he laughed and moved from Mom's bed. "Come on, get cleaned up and I'll go work on cleaning up the apartment!" Tommy said as he tapped his foot on the floor and he gave her a stern look.

"I'm sorry about the mess, but I didn't feel like doing crap around here." Paige laughed as she slid from the bed and Tommy pulled her into his arms.

She wasn't sure, but Paige could swear that Tommy was sporting a massive boner and if he was, it was for her. Paige knew that it was wrong, but it felt so good against her thigh and it made her feel like a woman again.

He pulled Mom close and Tommy didn't realize that he was hard, until it was too late and that Mom was practically naked. His hands were on her butt, enjoying her delicate panties against his fingers and Mom's warm flesh under them. "Mmmm, you're going to spoil me too! You should know how much I 'love' older women," he moaned and had to get away from Mom. He was already so fucking hard and she was just making it worse.

Paige loved feeling her son's cock on her and against her thigh. "I know all about you and 'most' of my friends getting nasty together!" she laughed, thinking of all the wonderful things that she had heard about her son, Tommy and the pleasures he could give a lonely woman.

"You may be my son, but..." Paige whispered and she had a great idea. But now, she had to pray that Tommy liked it too. "From now on...I'm thinking of you as my 'new' man and it'll my job to keep you happy too," she smiled, pressed her hips closer to his and felt Tommy flex his stiff cock.

Tommy loved what Mom said, but she couldn't spoil him the way he liked. He loved to be spoiled with a sloppy blowjob and a good, long fuck. "And how do you propose to do that?" he laughed, gave Mom a soft kiss on her lips and she softly moaned.

"I guess you'll have to wait and see." Paige said with a smile.

"Ok, I'm going to go clean." Tommy said as he left her room and started towards the front of the apartment.

He walked into the messy living room and Tommy still could not believe Mom let things get this bad. "I'm home now and things are going to be a lot different now," he mumbled and thought of how great it was holding Mom the way he just had. "Damn, she is going to kill me!" he said and started picking up all of the food wrappers and dumping ashtrays.


That was almost two weeks ago and Tommy noticed Mom getting better with each passing day, but there was something very, very different about her. It was as if, Mom was coming on to him and he wasn't sure of what to do about it. "Holy shit, you look fucking awesome, Mom!" he gasped and his cock started growing.

Mom fixed her hair into a ponytail, making her look even younger and her makeup was applied perfectly. She was wearing blue eye shadow; her lips were soft pink and a tiny white tee shirt, covered her C cup breasts. Mom's nipples were dark-brown, hard and they were begging for love. She had on the tightest pair of tight jeans that Tommy had ever seen and Mom looked hot as hell.

"I'm glad that you approve!" she teased as her son's eyes roamed over every, single inch of her body and Paige could easily see a massive hump in the front of Tommy's jeans.

"Oh yes, I approve alright!" Tommy said with a long sigh, wishing that she wasn't his Mom and he saw her looking down to his cock. He would do just about anything to get her into bed and make love to her, but she was the woman who gave him life. "Well, if you were one of my dates...we'd just go up to my room and um..." he said with a wide grin as Mom walked to him and pressed her body to his.

She smiled and Paige had never felt so good in her life, but her feelings and newfound inspiration was because of her handsome son. "Ha, ha, ha, oh really now? I'm sure that we would end up on the six o'clock news, as perverts and we'd end up in jail! Thank you, but I think we'll pass on that!" she laughed and hugged him tight, wishing he could make love to her with his big, long cock and end her loneliness.

He caressed her face with his right hand and his left hand found Mom's sexy ass. "As pretty as you are Mom...I'd be willing to take a chance," he said and slowly leaned forward, kissed her dead on the lips and Tommy flexed his hard cock.

"Come on, let's get going and out in the sun! It's a beautiful spring day and I want to go and enjoy it with you," she said with her normal soft voice and hated to move from him, but Paige had to get away from Tommy.

"Ok, but if you change your know where I live!" he laughed and gave Mom's left ass-cheek a playful slap.

She had him and had a good idea that Tommy was not kidding. 'I wish I could love you the way you want, baby, but we could get into so much trouble,' she thought as they looked into each other's eyes and it was taking all of her strength to resist her son.

His big hand slapped her ass and Paige wanted to cum all over him. "Get going or my foot is going up your ass, buster!" Paige said, rubbing her butt and trying to sound mean, but it didn't work. Her voice was soft and very sweet.

"Ok, don't get your panties in a knot!"

"I can't do that right now...I'm not wearing any today!"Paige said with a wide grin and loved the painful look on her son's face.

He heard Mom and Tommy loved the way that she was changing, but it was getting so hard to try and resist his feelings for her. "Thanks for sharing that, lady. Now I get to think about that all freakin' day!" Tommy laughed as they headed for the door and outside. "Ahhh, the sun feels so good!" he moaned and enjoyed the warm sun shining down on him.

"See, I told you that we'd have more fun outside!" Paige smiled and her body was craving Tommy more than ever, but they couldn't and it was killing her. "Let's go down to the river and walk around. We can get a couple of drinks and find a nice place to be alone," she smiled and wanted to slip her hand over Tommy's big cock, but she couldn't, he was her son.

Tommy could sense that something was up with Mom, but he wasn't going to say anything to her and fuck things up. He loved the way she was acting and flirting with him the last week. It was as if, Mom was trying to fuck him and she was keeping him hard day and night.

He slipped his hands around her back and right on Mom's ass. "Cool, can we make out too?" Tommy asked with a lift of his left eyebrow and Mom cracked a little smile.

"Behave or I'll be forced to ground you to your room!" she laughed as they walked the three short blocks to the river front, bought two drinks and Paige followed her son into a large, clump of bushes and they came out at the river's edge. "Oh how nice!" Paige gasped at the view of the river and she couldn't help but wonder how many women her son brought here.

"I know, this is where I came when Dad passed away and you're the only person that knows about it." Tommy said as he turned and saw two tiny tears, running down Mom's face and he quickly pulled her into his arms. "Why are you crying now, lady?" he teased caressing her back and rocking back and forth.

"That is so sweet and I thought this is where you've bagged a few girls!" Paige laughed and sat down on the cool grass, enjoying the warm sun and a handsome man flirting with her.

He laughed and sat down with her. "Nah, that's the next bush over!" Tommy said and they laughed harder, until Mom fell against Tommy and she laid her upper body, over his lap. He looked down at Mom and her nipples looked as if they were going to explode and his cock started growing under her. "If you feel something stabbing you in the back...I'm sorry," he said with a pain-filled face, but Mom just smiled in return.

"I've heard that you're bigger than your Dad was." Paige smiled, thinking of him being inside her and loving her long into the dark night.

Tommy just leaned back on his elbows and Mom turned on her side, placing her breasts, only inches away from his swollen cock. "I'm not sure about that, but two ladies I had the pleasure of being with, said I had him beat by a few inches," he said with pride in his voice and watched Mom take a breath in.

"Mmmm, I bet the ladies just love you to death!" Paige said, as she looked deep into her son's eyes, wishing that he would make a move on her, but maybe he didn't have the same feelings. Maybe she was just a pervert, but then, he reached over and started caressing her hip.

Tommy smiled bigger and replied. "I haven't gotten any complaints yet," he said and patted her on the ass.

"Your father never did and he sure could make them squeal!" Paige said as she thought of all the wonderful times that he had her orgasm for hours and hours. "Me included!" she added with a smile and Paige could see his cock growing in his pants.

"I've had my share of moaning, squealing and screaming."

She smiled and looked straight to his swollen member. "I bet my ass that you've heard lots of that and will the rest of your life." Paige said and her pussy was tingling and burning like crazy, but she felt sad.

"Why the sad look, babe?" he asked and turned to lay next to Mom on the grass, moving as close to her as he could get and Tommy reached his left hand back to Mom's ass.

She loved how quickly Tommy moved to hug her and Paige hoped he would make a move. "I'm just sad that I won't be moaning, squealing or screaming anymore," she laughed, but it was more of a painful laugh.

Tommy wasn't sure of what to say or do for Mom, so he hugged her tighter. "Don't be sad, Mom, you never know, you might get lucky and find a guy," he said and Mom quickly made a sour face.

"What other man could please me, after being with a man that was the size of your father?"

Tommy knew the answer to that, but she was his Mom and even though she had been coming on to him, she was still his Mom and he couldn't do that or could he? Tommy hugged her and looked deep into her pretty eyes, wondering if he could or not. The poor thing needed some love and Tommy could tell that Mom wanted him.

"I know someone that could,"

Paige started chewing her lower lip and her pussy, instantly caught on fire. "Ahhh, you nasty, nasty man, thinking something as...nasty and perverted as that!" she smiled, but loved what her son had just said to her and she leaned to his mouth. "But." Paige moaned and squeezed Tommy. "It does sound so...tempting, doesn't it?" she purred and lightly nibbled her son's lower lip.

He kissed Mom and started rubbing his hands all over her ass. "Yes it does and remember we are over twenty-one." Tommy whispered as they lightly kissed and he enjoyed his mother's sweet lips against his.

"Yes we are, but...that would be something that could really fuck up a person's life and it would require a lot of heavy thought." Paige replied as she ran her fingers through his hair and could feel Tommy's cock on her pussy.

Tommy just caressed her ass and he kissed Mom again, but this time, it was a lover's kiss and it was deep. "I know, but it did sound good and you liked it too."

"Yes, I love the thought of having my baby back inside me, but the world around us thinks that it's wrong and it is one of the dirtiest words there is. Incest is against the law and it could mean going to jail." Paige said, but she thought it was a crock of shit. She wanted him and hoped her son would just take her.

"It's just a dumb law that needs changed. People all over the world know that the bond between a mother and her son is a powerful thing." Tommy said as he grabbed Mom's butt and pulled her completely against him.

"Mmmm, it's that and lot's of love thrown in too." Paige smiled and her hopes of Tommy making a move on her were getting better. "Do you think that you could love me afterwards?" she asked and Paige saw his face drop.

"Yes, how could you ask something so crazy, Mom? I love you as my Mom and...a beautiful woman that I would love to be with and that will 'never' change either!" Tommy said as he nibbled her lips and continued to rub deep into Mom's ass-crack.

"I know you would now, but trust me, you may not afterwards and I couldn't lose my guy. If I ever lost you, baby, I would die and I mean it." Paige said with sadness, as she moved on top of him and made sure that her hips were pressed completely Tommy's, hoping he would feel her heat and take her.

His young, stiff cock felt like a piece of steel and it took her breath away. He was well over ten, long tens and very thick. Paige smiled and gently pushed her hips to him, as if to offer herself.

Tommy could not believe how hot Mom was and he knew that she was his for the taking. "You'll never lose me, Mom. I promise." Tommy said with a low, manly voice and he pulled Mom's mouth to his. He softly kissed her again, while his hands held her size four butt and he smashed her into his swollen cock.

"Tommy, I want you to think very carefully before things go any farther and all that could happen, do you understand me?" she said with a motherly voice and Paige truly hoped that this wasn't going to fuck up their lives forever.

"I understand, Mom and I will."

Paige was slowly and methodically being seduced by her son and she loved it. She thought of the many times she made love with her late husband and not one came close to this. "I'm starting to understand how you so, easily seduced most of my friends and I must say..." Paige moaned as Tommy squeezed her cheeks again and his cock smashed against her pussy. "I'm enjoying it very much," she purred into his mouth and Paige wanted to crawl inside him. She needed to be with him in the worse way, but she wanted this decision to be his and his only.

He squeezed Mom's ass and he loved the look on her pretty face. "I only used them to practice for someone very special, Mom and they did teach me a lot of very nice things." Tommy smiled and his hands started roaming all over Mom's ass, including her deep ass-crack and he softly kissed her.

She smiled as their lips touched and Paige could not believe what his hands were doing to her. She was ready to explode and Tommy had only touched her ass and kissed her. She felt like a puppet in his arms and was ready to do anything for him. Tommy needed to hurry his decision and he needed to do it very soon. Paige was craving him and the craving needed to be satisfied very soon.

"Did you ever get that 'special person' or not? I bet she's dying to be with you," she said with a soft whisper, as Tommy started to gently suck her lower lip and Paige was melting into her son's body.

He just laughed and kissed her more. "Not yet, but I'm taking her advice and thinking about some things, before I go any farther with her." Tommy smiled as he kissed Mom and rubbed her ass with both hands, easing his right one into her jeans and rubbing deep into her ass-crack. Tommy knew he had Mom, but she was right about thinking this over very carefully and making the right choice, so he was.

Paige admired Tommy for thinking about this and knew that she raised him right. His hand slid into her jeans and she had to squeeze her pussy, to keep from cuming. Just a little touch from Tommy, came close to making her explode.

"I'm very proud of you, baby and I want you to take your time," she moaned, sat up on her knees, still over him and hoped Tommy would choose to be with her. "But, I want you to beware of something." Paige whispered with a teasing grin, moving her right hand on Tommy's hard cock and she gently squeezed.

"What's that?" Tommy moaned as she sat up, watching Mom's hand holding his cock and he wanted to cum all over it.

His cock was hard and full of boiling-hot blood and Paige knew what her son needed. "I'm going to step things up a notch and show you how nice it would be," she stopped to squeeze him harder and Paige wanted to eat Tommy alive. "If you choose to be with me, ok," she whispered with lust and continued to caress Tommy's big, swollen cock and Paige knew that she was in for a wonderful time.

"Just don't overdo things, Mom. I'm horny as hell for you, but I'm taking your advice and I'm thinking it over for three days. You can play all you want and I do mean all you want, but not the 'big thing' and I mean it! I'm taking three days and depending on my decision, it won't happen until then."

Paige lightly kissed Tommy on the lips and she knew that he was one of a kind. "That's just fine, baby and I'll respect your wish, but you did say that..." she smiled and slid down his body, Paige slowly started unzipping his pants and looked into his eyes. "I'm free to play all I want, right?" she moaned as the zippers teeth going down, filled her ears and her pussy tingled more.

He just lay there and watched, only smiling as his beautiful Mom reached in his pants, pulled out his cock and held it in her tiny hands. "Oh Mom, will you suck it...please!" he moaned, looking into his Mom's beautiful eyes and he watched as she carefully examined his cock.

She heard Tommy and Paige started convincing him to choose her. "Mmmm, I plan on it me! I'm going to show you why your father always came home to me," she moaned, slightly parted her juicy lips and Paige slowly licked up the underside of him. Tommy's cock was hard, it was hot and it was so damn big.

"Oh God, Mom, yes!" Tommy moaned as Mom slowly licked around his big, purple cock-head and she started nursing the tip of him. "Ahhh, God, Mom, oh Mom!" he moaned loudly and forgot where they were, but Tommy quickly came to his senses and knew that they had to get home and finish there. "We should stop and finish this at home!" Tommy moaned and tried pulling from her, but Mom held him and she wasn't letting go.

Paige nursed the tip of her baby's cock and she slowly swirled her tongue around him. She needed her son to know that she would please his any desire, no matter what it was. "No...I'm finishing and I'm not stopping until you...cum for me!" she smiled, opened her mouth and she went back to licking and nursing the tip of him.

He watched and thought he was in a porn flick. Mom was great and Tommy knew that he was in for a very 'hard' three days. She was lying between his legs, she was propped up on her elbows and he could see everything Mom was doing. "Oh yeah, that's it, Mom, suck it, suck it!" he moaned and lifted his hips, pushing deeper into her mouth, but Mom just smiled around his cock-shaft and she just kept nursing him.

Paige sucked him and quickly sat up, letting his fat cock-head pop from her mouth and slowly licked her lips. "I do hope you love being sucked by a horny woman and drained of your warm cum," she purred and licked up the back of his hard cock, watching his handsome face twisting with pleasure and Paige smiled, letting his fat cock-head pop from her mouth again and slowly licked her lips.

"I'm going to have this gorgeous thing in my and night!" she purred louder and Paige needed him in her body, but she would do as her son asked and wait for three days. "I'm going to end up being your whore and let my darling son, do anything to me." she whispered and let a drip of saliva drip from her mouth, watching it ran down Tommy's cock-shaft.

Tommy smiled and Mom looked great as she licked and teased his swollen cock. "Can I cum on your tits?" he asked and reached to twist each of her swollen nipples.

"Oh yes, most definitely!" Paige smiled as Tommy lifted her small blouse and twisted her aching nipples.

He reached to Mom's face and slipped two of her fingers into her juicy, warm mouth and she sucked them. "Do I get to cum in that sexy mouth, too?" he asked and knew Mom would let him do that.

Paige moaned, sucking his fingers and she was dying to climb on her son and fuck him right there, but he asked her to wait. "Ohhh, yes...all you want and I'll drink my handsome son's seeds!" she moaned and started sucking Tommy's cock-head.

Mom gently sucked him and Tommy knew she was a pro. "Can I cum in your pussy and slap your sexy ass too?" he asked Mom as she slid up his body and kissed him.

She moved up him and gently kissed Tommy. "Baby, I'll let you do 'anything' you want to me and I'll love it all!" Paige said with lust and hoped her young son would give in and fuck her soon.

"Anything, is a lot of stuff and I have a very dirty mind, Mom." Tommy laughed and knew that Mom was going to be so fun to play with.

"How it?" she moaned into his mouth and they kissed deep. "Your father was a nasty, nasty man and I'm betting that you are the same. Am I right, darling?" Paige moaned into his mouth as she gently pushed her hips to his and Paige was on fire for him.

Tommy smiled and thought of the poor guy next door, Jerry, "Let's just say that um...I hope you like it top!" he said and hoped Mom would screw his disabled friend. Ol' Jerry had a bonner for Mom, since the first day, he met her and dreamed of making it with her.

"Mmmm, I love it top and as big as you are, it may come out of my mouth!" Paige smiled, licked her lips and wondered why Tommy was smiling so big. "What are you up to, buster? I know that look and it means that you're up to no good!" she smiled.

Tommy just smiled and laughed at Mom, wondering if she would do 'anything' he told her to. "Let's go home and continue this on the sofa or your room," he moaned and rolled on top on Mom, he scooped her legs under his arms, grabbed her wrist and he smiled. "I hope you like handcuffs and rope too." Tommy said and wondered what kinds of shit Dad did with her.

Paige it loved when Tommy grabbed her and held her down. "Mmmm, oh yes, I adore them and I have quite a few pair, in the back of my closet and a few other things that you may enjoy using on me." Paige said with a low, sexy voice and she couldn't wait to get back home.

"I this is going to be so hot." Tommy whispered, zipped his pants and they quickly went home.


"So." Paige said walking into the kitchen, after her shower and she adored the look on her son's face. She changed into a very scanty, bra and panty set. Paige knew he loved her choice of clothing, because they were see-through and his favorite color. "Why were you smiling so big at the river?" she asked walking by him and Paige loved his dark eyes roaming over her slender body, thinking of all the pleasures he was going to give her and how happy she would be.

He was sitting and waiting for Mom, thinking of what they were about to do with each other and Tommy grew hard, but his mind was replaying the words Mom said, over and over. 'Incest is against the law and it could mean going to jail.' Tommy thought of her words and Mom walked into the room.

"Holy hell, you're going to torture me the entire time!" Tommy said with a big smile, as he looked over Mom's gorgeous body and he grew hard.

She just smiled and walked to the refrigerator for a cold beer and sat next to him. "Tell me what you were thinking about, you never know, I might like it and we'll try it!" Paige whispered as she reached to hold his long and extremely thick cock, with her right hand and squeezed.

"I'm not sure about it now, but if you really want to know, I'll tell you and you can slap me." Tommy laughed as Mom turned to face him and she smiled.

She smiled and slowly turned to face him. "I'd never hit you and like I said, you never know!"

"I was thinking about Jerry and how much he loves you."

She smiled bigger and gently kissed Tommy. "You wanted me to make love to him?" Paige asked and her heart was filled with a rush of love. "That is so sweet and before your father passed away; I was thinking the same thing!" she said and kissed him again. "I'll do it, after we make love and I want you to watch, as I love him. Ok?" she purred in her son's ear and Paige felt his cock jump.

"Oh shit, I'll go along with anything you want Mom. Jerry is going to shit in his pants!"

"Maybe we'll have him over for dinner and end up in the pool or something like that." Paige said and thought of something better. "Hey, you both can do me at the same time and cum all over me, like in your movies!" she said with a low voice and slid to the floor in front of her son.

Tommy watched Mom slide into the floor and he knew what was coming. "Fuck...and you called me a pervert!" he moaned out as she held him in her soft hands. "Mom, you are going to make Jerry so happy, but I have a feeling that he might not want me there. Plus, what if we start doing each other and he freaks out?" Tommy said and he knew how Jerry felt about her. "Mom, he loves you and I'm not joking around!" Tommy added, grabbed her hair and he shoved his stiff cock, into his Mom's warm, loving mouth.

She loved Tommy's hand pulling her down and Paige opened her mouth for her son. She gently sucked his head, while looking up and into his loving eyes. 'My baby, my man and my new...lover!' Paige moaned to herself, as she sucked and twirled her tongue around his swollen cock-head. She gently sucked and started moving her head up and down his thick shaft, enjoying his young, hot blood, pulsing through it and Paige knew that it was all for her.

She let him 'pop' from her mouth and sat back in her chair. "Well, maybe you can set up a few of your video cameras and film it? I'll lie and tell him that I sat them up." Paige said as she lifted her beer and took a big drink.

"That would be cool." Tommy said as he leaned to kiss her. "But, only after I make up my mind, ok?"

"Don't you worry about that, you're the only one that I want and no one will touch me, but you." Paige said as they kissed, nibbled each other's lips and she started jerking him off. "Mmmm, I cannot wait to get my baby back inside me and make love to you." she moaned into his mouth as they kissed deeper and Paige felt his hands on her breasts.

Tommy kissed her back and his hands moved to Mom's swollen nipples. "God, I love you so much!" he growled and kissed her deeper, as he continued to roll her big nipples between his fingers. "I'm trying so hard to keep my word and wait, but you're killing me, woman!" he laughed and pushed Mom back to her chair.

She just smiled and gently patted his muscular thigh. "Don't worry about it, baby. I'll make sure that nothing happens and we're good, but do beware of this." Paige leaned forward and lightly whispered the last few words into his mouth, as she reached to hold his swollen cock. "I enjoy teasing and tormenting my men, so be ready mister," she moaned again and sat down on her knees.

Tommy watched as Mom slid down and he knew what was coming. Mom was a master at sucking cock and he couldn't wait to give his darling Mother, a warm mouth full. She was so fucking pretty and so good at pleasing a man; Tommy knew that if Mom wanted, he would be at her mercy.

She slowly sat back down on her knees and Paige loved the look on her son's face. "I promise that you won't get between my legs, but I'm going jerk you off." Paige whimpered as she leaned over his cock, licked the head and let a drip of saliva slide from her mouth. She rubbed it on the head and her tiny hands started moving up and down the thick shaft. "I'm going suck you off and," she whispered and leaned to kiss the very tip of it. "If this wouldn't violate your promise, I want you to...take my ass!" Paige moaned and she was dying to fuck him, but she took a breath and sucked her baby boy's cock, into her mouth and half way down her throat.

"Oh Mom! Oh God! Yes, I'd love that so much!" Tommy yelled as Mom devoured his cock and when the head went down her throat, he fought hard not to cum. "You keep this up and I'm...going to cum!" Tommy yelled as Mom sucked and smiled around him. Her mouth was warm and her throat felt like wet silk.

She smiled bigger and let Tommy pop from her mouth. "Please cum for me! You said no lovemaking and that was all. So, cum for!" Paige moaned as she kissed and gently nursed his head. "Cum for...Mommy! Cum for me, baby!" she whimpered and Paige sucked his head, while her eyes stayed on his and she could swear that their souls were joined. Paige let him pop from her mouth again and she smiled. "Mommy wants to taste your cum!" she moaned and quickly went back to pleasing her son.

His balls began to tighten, his cock jumped and Tommy thought that the tip of his cock had just blown off. He started shooting cum into Mom's mouth so fast and so hard, she was gagging on it. "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Mom, oh God!" Tommy yelled out as he stood up and held the back of Mom's head. She said that she wanted to taste him and have him cum, so Tommy was making sure that Mom drank every drop and he wasn't letting her go, until he finished. "How's that for some cum? You said you wanted it, now enjoy it, baby!" he laughed and fell back in his chair.

Tommy's cock jumped and Paige just moaned. She knew it was time to enjoy a young man's cum and that young man, was her son. He came with force and Paige couldn't help but gagging on it. His seeds shot into her mouth so fast and there was so much of it, she couldn't swallow fast enough. She held him and sucked with all of her might.

'That's my boy! Give Mommy all that yummy cum and when you rest...I want more of it!' Paige thought as she nursed his head, enjoying the salty treat that filled her mouth and slithering down her throat. She continued sucking, until Tommy fell back and Paige reached for her beer.

"Wow, I have never seen a guy cum, like you just did!" Paige said as she leaned to kiss him and suck his lips. "I hope you choose to be with me. I want you to cum like that in my pussy and fill it full!" she moaned into his mouth, as they kissed and Paige wondered what it would feel like when his cum shot in her so hard.

Tommy knew that he was no match for Mom and that he was in for the time of his life. "Damn, will things always be that good?" he asked and Mom smiled.

"Baby, I will do my very best and all that I can, ok?" Paige replied and could not wait for the days to pass. She wanted her son in her body and loving her.

"I know you will Mom and I'm so excited that we are doing this together." Tommy said as he looked into his mother's loving eyes and he had a good idea of what he was going to do. He wanted her and Tommy knew Mom felt the same about him, but he was still waiting and making sure.


Later that night, they were laying in their family room on the sofa and watching a movie. Tommy was behind Mom, his cock was hard and it was resting in the crack of her ass. Mom's panties felt so good, as Tommy rubbed his cock against them and they were so soft. "I love it when we snuggle like this and now, it's going to be really nice!" Tommy moaned as he kissed the back of Mom's right shoulder and she moaned with pleasure.

She couldn't help but moan, as Tommy's lips touched her and Paige needed him. "Baby, please love my butt and make me cum! Please, baby!" Paige whimpered, pushing back to her son, offering herself to him, hoping that he would and Tommy hugged her.

Tommy loved Mom's words and he figured, why not. "Anything for you, Mom," he whispered in her ear, pulled her tiny panties over and slipped his cock inside them. "I wish we had some oil or something." Tommy moaned as he reached over her body and slipped his hand on her panty-covered pussy. Mom's panties were so warm and so soft, as they hugged her hot and wet pussy.

Her soft, silky panties felt good against his fingers, but Mom's heat and wetness was the best of all. She was a sexy woman and he was turning her on. His Mom was going crazy and she wanted him, her son, to love her ass.

"Oh God, this sucks! Come on, we're going to my room and we are going to kill each other!" Paige growled and jumped up. "Hurry up! I want you in me, baby and I can't wait much longer!" she said with shaky hands and tears of need were pouring from her eyes.

Tommy grabbed Mom up and into his arms. "I'm going to fix my girl. Don't worry, baby," he whispered and rushed to Mom's room. He sat Mom on her bed and before he could blink or say anything, she turned on her stomach, her legs were over the side of her bed and she spread them.

'There's some oil in my night stand, hurry baby!" Mom said with need and slipped down her panties. She watched as Tommy grabbed the oil, he opened it and let it drip into her deep, ass-crack and he moved to her. "Oh my God, my baby is going to make love to me!" Paige whimpered as Tommy rubbed the cool oil on her anus and a finger teased her tiny, tiny hole. "Ahhh, yes!" she moaned as Tommy's finger gently and very, very carefully eased inside her butt and Paige flexed her muscles around her son's finger.

He looked down as Mom laid on the side of her bed and he loved her beautiful ass. Tommy gently rubbed around her anus and eased his index finger in her. Mom's muscles grabbed his finger and they were strong. Tommy loved this and he had to get his cock in her.

Tommy leaned to her ear, placed his head-cock at Mom's offering and he kissed her. "I love you so much, Mom and I always will," he whispered, kissed her again and he gently pushed forward. His head pushed at Mom's hole, but she was tight and he had to push harder. She moaned with pain, but there was no backing out now and Tommy wasn't going to stop.

"Oh God, be easy baby!" Paige moaned as Tommy pushed again and she slowly let his big, cock-head in. "Ahhh, shit! Oh Tommy! You're in me! Oh fuck, you're in me, Tommy! You're in me, baby!" she moaned and yelled out, as Tommy's big cock-head filled her most private place.

His cock felt like it was being cut off. Mom's tight anal muscles were squeezing him so hard it hurt. "Oh mother fucker!" he yelled and held Mom's sexy, slender hips and Tommy wanted her pussy. Her butt was too tight to really get what he needed and Tommy needed to fuck. "Oh Mom, this isn't going to work! I need it fast and hard!" he moaned and felt her right hand grab his.

She knew Tommy was right, but Paige needed to feel her son in her body and after she came, he was free to make her do 'anything' to he needed. "Just a minute, baby." Paige whimpered and slipped her left hand between her legs. "I need to cum and I'm so...close!" she moaned loudly and Paige also wished that Tommy was deep in her pussy and not her butt.

"Oh yeah, cum around my cock, Mom! Cum around your son's big cock!" he growled in her ear and grabbed a big handful of Mom's hair. He pulled her head back to his face, Tommy kissed her long, deep, and he gently gave her more of his swollen cock.

She loved Tommy jerking her head back to his and when he pushed deeper; Paige was ready to exploded around him and end her loneliness. "Ahhh, fuck...yeah baby! Give it to me! Fuck Mommy in her ass! Fuck your horny Mom in her ass!" Paige yelled out and she was shocked at her words. She never said such things in her life. Not ever with her late husband and he turned her into a whore. "Go, give me more, baby! Give your horny Mommy more of that big, thick, fuck stick! Push it in and fuck me!" Paige growled and she knew that Tommy would be her last man.

He slapped Mom's right ass-cheek and couldn't believe the way she was talking. "You dirty mouth, bitch! You need your ass slapped and fucked!" he growled as he jerked her hair and gave Mom's other cheek a firm slap.

"Ohhh yeah, slap me, fucker! You have to train me, like your father did and I'll do 'anything' you want! And um...I do mean anything," she moaned in his ear, as Tommy kept pulling her hair and pushing deeper into her 'once' tiny ass-hole.

He kept pulling Mom's hair and easing into her ass. "You want to be my whore and fuck me?" Tommy asked as he slapped Mom's ass again and her ass muscles squeezed his cock. "Ohhh shit...that felt good!" he moaned and slapped her again,

"Ohhh fuck, oh Tommy! Yes, baby! I want to be your whore and I'll do anything for you too! I promise!" Paige cried out as he pushed deeper and his hands abused her ass-cheeks.

He pulled Mom's hair and slapped her left ass-cheek harder. Mom jumped, her anal muscles squeezed him and it was all over. She exploded around him and Tommy started filling her ass with his cum. "Oh fuck!" Tommy yelled as cum shot from the tip of his hard cock and deep into Mom's bowels. "Mom, I love you! I love you so much!" he whimpered in her ear, trying to move his cock in and out of her beautiful ass, but her muscles were holding him tight.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Paige started screaming over and over, as she came around her new lover and he filled her full of his warm seeds. "My baby, my beautiful son is cuming in me! Oh my, God! Yes! Yes!" she squealed as he kept filling her with his cum and Paige could not wait to get it in her pussy. This was fun, but she needed him up her juicy pussy and Paige needed it soon.

Tom lay on her back and softly kissed the back of Mom's neck. "Oh my God, Mom, that was awesome!" Tommy said as he held her trembling body and flexed his cock in Mom's ass.

She felt him move and Paige moaned. "Oh yeah, that was out of this world, baby! Just wait until you enjoy my 'other' hole! I'm betting that you'll like it much more, than you do my butt!" she giggled and thought of her son, slipping his long cock up her pussy and giving it a good, hard fucking.

"I bet I do too and you better best be ready, because I'm going to wear it out!" he growled, jerked Mom's hair again and Tommy noticed something. Her muscles were now relaxed and he slowly moved in and out of Mom's ass. It was just an inch at a time, but it was nice and it felt good too. "Ahhh, fuck! This is nice!" Tommy moaned and he felt Mom trying to move with him.

Paige relaxed and loved the wonderful feeling of her son, screwing her tiny ass and she tried to move with him. "Oh baby, yes, yes!" she yelled as Tommy made love to her most private place and Paige was in heaven. "Go baby, fuck me! Ahhh, God, yes! My baby, my sweet, sweet baby!" Paige yelled again as he sank deeper and he slowly moved in and out of her butt.

Tommy held Mom's lower back, enjoying the sight of his long, hard cock easing in and out of her ass. "Oh Mom, Mom!" Tommy moaned as he kept looking at his cock going in and out of the ass he loved so much. "I'm gunna cum! Oh Mom! Mom!" he grunted and Tommy came again. His cock started shooting up Mom's ass and he couldn't have been any happier if he tried. "I love you so fucking much!" he moaned in her ear and felt Mom's muscles lock around his fat cock.

"Oh yes! Oh my fucking God! Oh Tommy! My baby! My baby!" she screamed out, as she came around her loving son. "Oh God! Oh my God, yes!" Paige screamed again, enjoying his warm gift filling her ass and bowels.

He carefully laid on Mom's back and kissed her neck. "My God, we're going to end up killing each other!" he laughed and stayed deep in Mom's ass. Her ass was out of this world and he wasn't going to move until she made him. Now, Tommy really wanted her pussy, but he was going to wait and enjoy playing with Mom.

"Yeah, but what a way to go!" Paige whispered with a smile and closed her eyes.


Tommy was sleeping and having a wonderful dream of getting a blowjob, by his beautiful and very hot Mom, when something came to mind. She had already sucked him off, let him enjoy her awesome butt and Tommy knew that Mom was his for the taking, so why in the fuck was he dreaming this.

His eyes popped open; he lifted his head and saw Mom nursing on the tip of his cock. She stopped and smiled at him, but Mom quickly went back to work. "Oh hell yeah, what a great way to...wake up!" he moaned, looked down Mom's sexy body and his cock started filling with blood.

Mom was on her stomach, between his legs and propped on her elbows, gently nursing him and her small hands were holding the base of his swelling cock. Her back was long and smooth, but the thing Tommy loved and enjoyed was lower and when he saw Mom's ass, he grew harder.

Paige let him slowly ease from her mouth and she smiled up to her man. "I'm glad that you approve and enjoy it so much. I'm also you're new, alarm clock!" she smiled, winked at Tommy and Paige went back to sucking him.

His cock-head filled her mouth and his warm flesh felt so wonderful against her tongue, but Paige really loved the salty treat that was oozing from the tip and she wanted more of it. She let him pop from her mouth and Paige licked his cum-filled balls. "Mommy wants you to cum in her mouth," she moaned, licking them again and went back to sucking Tommy's cock-head. Paige lifted up and rubbed the tip of him on her left nipple. "Will you cum for...Mommy and give me those yummy, warm seeds?" she moaned, running her mouth up the side of his thick shaft and Paige gently sucked.

Tommy couldn't move or do a fucking thing. Mom was going off the fucking chain and he was about to give her what she wanted. "Holy God, this is so good! Oh Mom! Yeah, oh fuck!" he yelled out, lifted his hips and Mom took more, as she sucked him harder and her hands were going up and down his shaft.

"Oh baby, that's it! Oh yeah, cum for me!" Paige smiled and she stroked him faster. "Cum for me baby...cum for Momma, please! I need you to cum for me, baby! Mommy needs you to be a big boy and help her now," she moaned against his cock and knew her hot breath had to have felt so good. "Will you help, Mommy? Oh please, Tommy! Help Mommy!" Paige moaned as she sucked the head of his cock, while he lifted up a few times and she felt him jerk.

He was watching and loved the way Mom was sucking him. It was as if she was making love to it with her mouth and now, she was begging him for more cum. "I'll help you, Mom! Oh Mom, oh Mom!" Tommy moaned and started lifting his hips up and down, but it only took three times and Mom got what she wanted.

Cum started shooting from the tip and Tommy pushed like he was finishing a long piss. "Oh yeah!" he growled, grabbed Mom's head and pushed her down; until he hit the back of her mouth and his cock-head, hit her throat. "Suck it, Mom! Suck it, harder!" he moaned and lifted for one final squirt.

Paige loved Tommy filling her mouth and the forceful way he was using her. She loved the times when his father would use her hard and put her away wet. Paige wanted Tommy to be the same way with her. "Oh my, one of us had a lot of cum in him and likes to get rough with his mother!" Paige smiled, licked her lips and she slid up his young body.

"Yes I did and as far as getting rough, I think the mother liked it, just as much as I did!" Tommy laughed and he hugged Mom. "This is so nice and I'm glad we're doing it," he whispered to her and Tommy flexed his cock. "How many days are left?" he asked with a painful moan and thought of being in his beautiful Mom.

"Every girl likes things rough, from time to time and I'm glad we're doing this too." Paige replied as she gently kissed his lips and spread her legs for him. "You have two more days of waiting and I'm making sure you stick to it!" she said and really wished she had not. Paige loved the playing and all, but she needed Tommy to make love to her pussy. The place he came from.

He smiled and kissed her back. "Let's go out tonight and act like you're my hot, M.I.L.F date!"

She smiled in return and knew that wasn't something they should do. "No way! I'll do anything you want here at home, but that isn't a good idea and we shouldn't." Paige said and kissed him again. "The next trip we take and leave London, we will," she kissed him and got up. "Come on, let's get dressed and go out. We have another splendid day and I'd like to go enjoy it with my new man." Paige added as she motioned for him to follow her.

"Darn it, I think it would be fun!" he mumbled and got up to follow her to the kitchen. "Oh how nice!" Mom made breakfast and it looked very nice too. She made eggs, bacon and fresh, buttered rolls. "Thank you once again," he said with a smile, kissed Mom and he held her chair.

"Thank you, as well!" Paige replied, giving her lips a lick and she winked. "You're the one that has gotten me feeling so alive and full of zest!" she said as they began eating.

"I'm glad you're giving this a try and you will not be sorry. I'm going to make you the happiest woman in the world!"

"You already have, my darling!"


"Oh Tommy, this is not a good idea and I cannot believe that you talked me into it." Paige said as they made their way into the small and very dark nightclub. "What if someone sees us? We could get into so much trouble!" she growled in his ear, but Paige could see that he didn't care and Tommy forged on.

"Relax, Paige! Nobody will know us in here, trust me," he smiled as they walked in and they sat in a booth. "See, nobody we know would ever come in here and if anyone did, they would never see us back here," he added and gently kissed her, while running his hand up her smooth, silky stockings and Tommy felt Mom starting to relax.

"I just don't want any trouble. We've stumbled on to something nice and very special. I don't want anything to interfere with it, is all. I would hate to lose you or have this come to an end." Paige said as she returned his kiss and she loved the feel of his big hand caressing up her leg.

He smiled and moved closer to her. "Nothing will fuck us up, Mom and I'm glad you came out with me. It sucks having suck a hot lady like you and I can't show you off." Tommy said with a frown, thinking of all the guys he knew and how she turned them on, but now, Mom was his and he could not tell anybody about it.

"I'm sorry, baby, but this is how it has to be." Paige frowned and slid her hand on his lap. "When we go on trips or out of town, you can tell everyone we meet that I'm all yours, ok?" she added with a smile and Paige could not believe that she was stroking Tommy off, through his pants.

"Mmmm, you can pull him out and nobody will see." Tommy said with a grin and felt his zipper going down. "Oh Mom, that's a girl!" he moaned again as she pulled his growing cock out and started stroking and pulling on it.

"I am sooo ready to have this thing in me and I'm about to die!" Paige moaned to her son as she pulled on his long, stiff cock and she wanted him in her. "If you wanted, we could forget the other two days, because I'm ready, able and more than willing to make love with my man," she said with a long, lustful purr and Paige started stroking him.

He was in heaven and could tell that poor Mom was going crazy for his long cock, but she would have to wait. "I don't know, Mom, I really wanted to keep my promise and wait." Tommy replied and he could see that she was hurting.

"I'm on fire and nothing we've done is helping me. My insides are hurting for you, baby." Paige said with a soft and helpless voice, hoping that she could change his mind and talk him into making love to her.

He just caressed her long, smooth leg, thinking of being in his Mom and making love to her. "You told me to be sure of this and think it over, Mom and we still have two days." Tommy said, but he could see that Mom didn't care.

She loved Tommy for what he promised, but she needed him to love her and Paige was going crazy for his cock. "If you want me, I'm ready baby and you do not have to wait. I'm yours for the taking," she whispered in his ear, gently stroking him under the table and Paige wished he would reconsider.

"I'll think it over, ok?" Tommy replied and kissed Mom again.

"Please do that baby. I really need my man in me and I need him soon." Paige whispered with need as her tiny hand slipped up and down her son's thick cock-shaft.

Tommy wanted Mom just as badly and wasn't sure if he could wait or not. She was driving him crazy and Mom's pussy was all he could think of. He wanted back inside her body, but this time, he would be her lover and not her son.

He reached around Mom and his hand covered her right breast. "If you would just calm down and relax, you'd feel lots better, Mom. You're making this harder than it should be and you need to stop it!" Tommy said with a firm voice as he grabbed a giant, handful of Mom's hair with his other hand and he jerked it hard.

"Ahhh, yeah!" she moaned and turned to face him. "Please take me home and love me, baby! I need you so freaking bad, I'm hurting!" Paige whimpered into his mouth, as she kissed and nibbled his lips.

He moaned and returned her wet, juicy kisses and Tommy was losing control. "Oh my God, my Mom is trying to kill me!" he moaned again and he slid his hand from her breast and between her legs. "I'll make a deal with you. If you suck me off on the way home, I'll let you rub and grin your pussy against it, for as long as you want." Tommy said with a wide grin and loved the shocked look on Mom's face.

"You want me to suck you off in a taxi?" she asked and caressed the side of his face, thinking of his offer and Paige knew she would do anything for her son.

"Why not? I think it would be hot as hell!" Tommy smiled as he gently rubbed Mom's swollen clit and he enjoyed her wetness on his fingers.

She smiled and shook her head. "Let's walk over to the park and take a long carriage ride. That will be a little more romantic, than a smelly taxi and I can take my time with you." Paige smiled, licked her lips and she couldn't wait to get him.

"Wow, Mom gets ten points for thinking of that and a long, warm tongue up your pussy! How does that sound to you?" Tommy asked and Mom rested her head against him and moaned.

"I'll suck you off, but that's all!" she moaned in his mouth and they kissed deeper. "You can do me at home," she added as the kissing went on and Paige was ready to leave. "Let's go! I want to suck off my...son!" Paige into his mouth and she was ready to eat him alive.

"Damn baby, take it easy! You'll get that big thing and I'll cum in your pretty mouth again. How does that sound to you?" he asked with a smile and Tommy was ready.

"Ohhh yeah, I can't wait!" Paige moaned and it felt like she was floating on air. Tommy had her feeling like she was a teenager again, but Paige loved it and hoped that it would never end.

He stood up and pulled Mom into his arms. He looked into her eyes and he saw nothing but love. Mom was a hot woman and her dreams of her son being inside her, were close to coming true. Tommy wasn't going to wait. He wanted his mother tonight and he was claiming her as his woman.

Tommy grabbed her arm and he pulled. "Come on!" he growled and quickly walked from the bar. "I need my woman!" he said as he shoved her against the side of the building, smashing her between his body and the cool bricks. "I was thinking about saying the hell with it and raping your ass right here! What do you think of that?" he asked and started kissing Mom like a madman. "Oh fuck!" he moaned and started humping her.

"I wan t you too, but not my...bed!" Paige moaned between kisses and humping his cock into her pussy.

"Nah, it's here or nothing!" Tommy laughed and started walking towards the park, pulling Mom along like she was his pet.

"Come on, Tommy. I know you want me just as bad. You should give in and fuck me!" Paige said as they neared the park and the carriages. "Get one of the big ones! I'll do this for you, but I don't want anyone seeing me doing it," she smiled and could feel her face turning red.

Tommy just smiled and walked up the one of the big, new ones. He paid the guy an extra two hundred dollars and told him that they did not want to be bothered in any way, shape or form.

Paige was snuggled against Tommy's side and it felt so good to be held be a man, even if that man was her son. She knew that he would always love, care and protect her, no matter what and it was her job to please him.

She slid to the floor of the carriage and unzipped his pants. "This is so romantic and I'll remember it as long as I live." Paige said as she pulled out his long cock and started sucking the tip of it. "Ohhh fuck, I need you inside me, Tommy!" she moaned and took more of him, sucking harder and she looked into his eyes.

"Oh God, you are the best Mom there is!" Tommy moaned out and ran his fingers through her soft hair. "I'm going to fuck your mouth...and cum in it too! I have to keep my girl happy and horny for me!" he grunted and lifted his hips, pushing his cock in deeper and Tommy heard Mom gag. "I thought you could suck cock, Mom? I've had virgins that could take more than this!" he laughed and quickly stopped, when Mom's teeth sank lightly into his shaft.

She heard him and bit down. Paige looked up, Tommy was sitting still, not moving a single muscle and she thought the poor kid was going to piss in his pants. She lifted up and smiled. "Mister, I can take anything you can dish out!" she said with confidence and Paige sat on her heels. "You're father loved getting rough with my mouth and even though it's been awhile...I can suck you better than some damn virgin!" she smiled again and knew that she could have him cuming down her throat, in just five minutes. "I can make you cum within...five minutes!" Paige added with a cool look and she ran a fingernail up the back of his pulsing cock-shaft.

"Oh really, now and um...would you care to make a small wager on that, Madam?" Tommy said with a deep and manly English accent, as he leaned forward and kissed her dead on the mouth.

She laughed at him and wondered what he had in mind. "And, what do you have in mind, kind sir?" Paige said trying to imitate the accent, but she sucked and they laughed together.

"Five minutes is all? Mom I can last an hour...sometimes two!"

She just smiled again and started pulling down his pants. "Is that the watch with the timer?" Paige asked and made sure not to comment on what he just said. She knew she could have him cuming within a few minutes and there was nothing to say.

"Yes it is. Shall I set it for five minutes and we can um...get started." Tommy said as he took off his watched, pushed a few buttons and he reached to show her. "Oh and we never bet anything either," he added and shafted his hips.

"If I can suck you off before the timer goes off, I get you tonight and no more waiting." Paige said with a low voice, hoping that she could do this and make him cum. She needed him really bad.

"And if you don't, I'm adding two more days on to your wait and I mean it!" Tommy said and he laughed at the look on Mom's face. She looked like a little girl that had just been told that Santa wasn't real.

"Wait a second! That isn't right!" Paige said and moved between his legs. "Why would you add to that? We're both dying to make it with each other," she asked with shock.

"You want to knock off two days if you win, so if you lose...I'm adding two days and that sounds fair to me." Tommy said and tried not to laugh at Mom. She was dying to jump him and this was her way, but Tommy could see a little hint of doubt in her pretty eyes and he wasn't sure if she was going to go through with it or not.

She made a frown and sat back on her ass. "You suck!" Paige teased him and wasn't sure if he was just playing or what.

"You want me to skip two days if you win and if you lose, we should add two." Tommy laughed as he started to zip his pants, but Mom grabbed him and held his hands.

She heard Tommy and saw him starting to zip up and Paige grabbed him. "I'm dying to get you in me, but I'm not willing to chance two more days of waiting," she replied with a little frown and sat with Tommy. "I'll finish that when we get back home." Paige whispered as she snuggled against him, trying to shield herself from the cool night air and thinking of when Tommy would take her.

"I was hoping that you would and if you don't mind...I want to sleep with you tonight." Tommy said and Mom's head lifted. "Not to make out, but just to lay and snuggle with you, like when I was a kid and I would fall asleep against your body," he said as he brushed a strand of hair from Mom's eye and gently kissed her.

She wanted to cry and hold him right there. "Ahhh, I think that would be very nice. I would love holding my 'little man' like I used to." Paige smiled and so many memories of Tommy flooded her mind.

"Oh God, why did you call me that? I haven't been 'little' since I was ten!" Tommy laughed as her hand slid over his cock and Mom held it.

She giggled and gently squeezed him. "Trust me, I know all about it! Remember, I used to wake you for school and he gets up about thirty minutes before you do!" Paige smiled as she thought of all the times that his cock would be standing straight up and hard as a rock.

"Oh, I need to confess something." Tommy laughed and gave her a kiss. "Many of the times that I was 'really' hard, I did it to see what you did or said about it," he said as they hugged and she slapped his leg.

"You little, shit! Do you know what this thing did to me? I loved your father to death, but you looked so good and I knew that you could stay hard for hours!"

"Shit, you should have slipped in bed with me and given it a test ride!"

"Yeah and afterwards, look your Dad in the face, no! I would have never cheated on him," she said and gave Tommy a motherly look.

Tommy looked at Mom and she had to have known about Dad and his fooling around. "Mom, you did know that Dad um..." he said, but she cut him off.

"Yes, I know he did, but I told him to. There was no way in hell that I could have taken him a dozen times a week, most likely more. So, I told him to do what he needed, but that I did not want to hear a single word of it and if I did, I would take everything from him and leave. Also, he was to use protection, I did not want any diseases! The same rules will also apply to you, buster! If you go dipping in town, I best not hear of it or catch anything from you," she smiled, held up her first two fingers and pretended she had a pair of scissors."

"I knew when I looked in the trunk of his car and I saw five boxes of condoms! I thought I used a lot back then, but he had me beat and then some!" Tom laughed and wondered how he fucked so much.

"Oh yes, that man had to have a woman two or three times a day and I couldn't take that. I love a good, hard cock, but that was crazy and I told him to go out looking."

Tom hugged her and gently kissed her lips. "If I ever did that, I'd be thinking of you, Mom and would be the only way I could cum," he said and hugged her more.

"Are you trying to butter me up, cuz if you's working." Paige said and she wanted Tommy in her aching body so bad, she could practically taste him.

"I have to keep you happy and smiling," he said and pulled her on his lap. "I'm in the mood for white. Do you have any sexy nighties that might indulge me and my perverted mind?" he asked with a smile and caressed the side of Mom's pretty face.

She thought for a second and Paige had something that Tommy was going to love. Well, she hoped he would. "Yes I do and I hope you like it," she smiled and her pussy started burning and it was burning real bad.

"What does it look like?" Tommy asked as his right hand caressed up her leg and towards Mom's wet pussy.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

"Oh come on, tell me!" he pleaded, but Mom wasn't saying anything. "How about a hint or a clue?"

"Nope, you have to wait and see." Paige smiled and rested her head on his shoulder, thinking of the gorgeous, young man up her lonely pussy and loving her all night long.


Tommy was in Mom's watching an old Bruce Lee movie, when she strolled in and his eyes came close to popping out of his head. "Holy hell, Mom, that is hot!" he said, shaking his head and his eyes roamed over her body. Mom was wearing snow-white negligee, that looked like a wedding gown and Tommy's cock grew hard in a split second.

A sheer veil covered her beautiful face, but Tommy could see Mom smiling at him and it was so good to see again. The sheer gown hung lightly over her body and as Tommy looked down, Mom's nipples seemed to be twice their normal size and he couldn't wait to suck them. He looked lower, over her toned stomach and down between Mom's legs. She had on a pair of matching white panties and Tommy could see that the front of them was soaked with Mom's juices.

She just stood in front of him, enjoying her son's young eyes on her and the wonderful sight of his long cock growing hard, knowing it was all for her. "I'm glad you like it, but you still have two very long days before you can enjoy it or me." Paige said with a little frown and she wanted to burst out laughing at Tommy. He looked like a kid that wasn't getting anything for Christmas and about to cry.

He heard Mom and wanted to cry. "Oh please, Mom! You can't show me something this nice and then make me wait." Tommy replied, but Mom wasn't giving in and he had an idea. "Let's get on your bed and make out, Mom," he said as he stood and pressed his body to hers, hoping that Mom's needs would take control and she would give in to him. "We can snuggle and kiss each other, the way you like," he added and took Mom's hand, placing it on his throbbing cock and he kissed the side of her neck.

"No gotta wait!" Paige moaned when the tip of his hard cock, found its way between her legs and Tommy slowly ran it down her center. "Oh fuck, that's not...fair!" she whimpered when Tommy started moving back and forth, teasing her 'already' excited pussy more and Paige was close to exploding.

"All is fair in love and war," he whispered into Mom's ear as he kissed it and moved to suck the side of her neck, while his right hand caressed Mom's ass and his other, gently fondled her breasts and Tommy felt Mom relaxing.

Paige was losing the battle, but little did Tommy know, he was about to lose the war and she smiled. "No Tommy, you wanted to wait and think things over," she moaned as his skilled hands tormented her body and Paige stroked his throbbing cock, hoping he would just take her. "No baby, we can't and you have to wait," she moaned with an evil smile and knew her baby was ready now.

"Please Mom, I need you so bad!" he moaned squeezing her butt and Tommy leaned to suck Mom's beautiful breasts. "Come on, we're laying down!" Tommy said with a commanding voice as he pulled her to the bed and pushed Mom on her back. He looked over her body and his cock was hurting for her. "Damn Mom, I could cum just looking at you, but I know someplace I'd rather cum and I think that you're going to be very, very happy," he whispered and laid over her, with his cock resting on her pussy.

Paige felt bad for doing this and breaking her promise to him, but she needed her son to love her. "Mmmm, I hope it's where I think," she moaned and slowly spread her legs for her son, enjoying his stiff cock at the place he came from, but Paige did not care. He was a man, she was a woman and they needed each other.

"I'm going to push my big, long cock, up your pussy and make love to you, Mom!" Tommy said as he reached between them, Mom whimpered and her dream was coming true. "That's want you wanted, right? Oh Mom, Mom!" he moaned when his cock-head eased into Mom's pussy and her insides hugged him.

"Oh yeah, I need my baby in me!" Paige whimpered as his thick head started spreading her 'once' tiny hole and it sank into her. "Oh fuck, oh fuck! Yes, oh God, yes!" she squealed as his massive cock-head sank deeper and deeper, leading them down a road of forbidden love and there was no turning back now.

He held Mom's hips as he slowly lowered himself to her body and Tommy loved the pleasured look on her face. "Oh Mom, you are amazing and I'm so glad this is happening," he said with a smile and he gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

"Oh God, my baby is in me again and I love it! Oh my God, I love it!" Paige moaned out as her loving son filled her body with his long, hard shaft and she smiled. "I'm sorry for breaking my promise to you, but I needed you inside me, baby." Paige moaned as Tommy kissed her again and he kept easing deep into her warm, loving body and to the place, he once lived.

He smiled as slipped his arms around Mom's neck and Tommy hugged. "I knew you were up to something and I didn't care. I was going to do anything you wanted. I couldn't stand to see my new 'bride' upset on our wedding night." Tommy said and he watched little tears filling Mom's eyes.

"If I'm your 'bride' and this is our wedding night...that makes you my husband now, doesn't it?" Paige asked with a soft, lustful whisper and she started pushing her hips to him.

Tommy looked down between her legs, grabbed his hard cock and Tommy guided it to Mom. "Yes it does and I plan on making love to you...until my balls fall off." Tommy replied as pulled Mom's soft panties to the side, her wetness quickly covered his shaft and he gently eased forward.

"Make love to me and never, ever stop." Paige whispered as the tears of love rolled down the sides of her face and her husband did as told. His cock-head slowly eased in, spreading her tiny hole wide and her grabbed muscles him. "Oh fuck! Yes, oh my fuckin' God! Fuck me, fuck me, baby! Oh fuck!" she cried out as her new husband and her son, slipped deep into her lonely pussy and he started loving her with long, full strokes.

"Oh Mom, oh God! Oh shit!" Tommy moaned when Mom's tight pussy grabbed him and it felt as if there was a hand inside her, jerking him off. "Oh God, you're fuckin' unreal, Mom! Oh shit!" he cried as his hard cock slipped in and out of the beautiful and very sexy woman under him. He moved in and out of her, watching Mom's large breasts sloshing about and her juices were making a wonderful sound.

Paige looked up to her new husband and she was so happy that Tommy came home to claim her. "Yes, my baby! Oh God, Tommy! Love me, baby! Make me feel good baby!" Paige cried as his long, hard cock took her pussy and she knew that after this night of love, she was his, heart and soul.

"Oh yes! I love you so fuckin' much!" he grunted as he drove deep into her tight and very, very wet pussy. She was his now and Tommy planned on making her the happiest woman alive. "Yeah, I'm going to wear you the fuck...out!" he growled and lifted her feet up to his shoulders.

"Yes baby, wear out your new wife and cum in me!" Paige moaned into his mouth as they kissed and he loved her.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them on his shoulders. "Now I can fuck my girl really good and deep!" Tommy growled again as he shoved his stiffened cock to Mom's core and wished that she was still capable of having kids. "You want my cum in your pussy, Mom? Can I cum up your sexy pussy?" he asked, panting into her mouth as their skin slapped together and her juices made a wonderful sound. "Can I cum in your pussy, Mom? Please, Mom!" Tommy moaned into her mouth and started to cum in his Mom and new wife.

She wrapped her legs around Tommy's hips and Paige knew she wasn't going to last very much longer. "Oh Tommy, yes...cum in me! I love you! Oh god, I love you!" Paige screamed as the orgasm rushed over and dug her fingernails deep into her son's back. "Oh god, Tommy! My baby, my baby!" she screamed again as his warm cum shot deep into her, filling her pussy full and in a small way, Paige wished she could reward Tommy with a child, but those days were gone.

He smiled down to Mom and loved the pleasure on her gorgeous face. "Damn, I should have come home a lot sooner." Tommy smiled as they kissed and his pace slowed.

"That would have been nice, but we are together now and that's all that really matters." Paige said as she caressed his face, enjoying the fact that Tommy was still very hard and still deep inside her body. "Tommy, about Jerry...I'm not sure that I can do something like that and..." she was going to say more, but Tommy quickly cut her off and he kissed her lips.

"Mom, I could never let anyone else touch you after tonight."

She let out a small sigh of relief and kissed him. "Thank god, I was worried sick. I hated the thought of someone other than you, inside me." Paige whispered as she gently kissed Tommy.

"I'll be the only one that will be making love to your sweet ass, so don't worry, Mom," he said with a soft voice, turned out the light and more sounds of two people making love, filled the dark room.



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