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Emmy's Foot Massage

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Finally, a REAL story. Not some Bullshit, recycled fairy tale.


I picked up my daughter Emmy (14 at the time) late one day from cheerleading practice. It was the first week, and apparently, they had been working the girls pretty hard. As we drove home, she complained multiple times about her feet and legs hurting from all the jumping and other things they did all day.

Now, I know she wasn't hinting at a foot massage.....she didn't even know yet about my famous foot massages. I told her "before you Mother moved out, she used to always use this foot bath thing, sort of like a massage and whirlpool at the same time. When we get home, we'll fire it up."

"Sounds Great, Dad" she said in her most tired voice.

When we pulled in the driveway, she got out slowly, and sort of limped to the door.

I noticed the beautiful shape her legs had taken since she started maturing, and felt bad that she was in pain and so exhausted.

As we got inside, she said she was going up to change, and I told her I'd find the magic foot machine her mother used to love so much.

But when I found it, I noticed that it looked very old, and had hard water stains all over it. Hardly the place I wanted my daughter to put her pretty little feet.

Suddenly, I had an idea.

I went and got a towel, and some lotion I liked to use when giving a good massage. She slowly came down stairs, and stared at the towel laid out on the couch.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Well", I said. "The foot thing is broken, so I figured I would do it instead."

"OK, what do you want me to do?" she inquired.

"Just lay down....on your stomach"

"You mean I just have to lay here....and you'll do all the work?"


"You're the best, Daddy" she said, as she gave me a nice long hug.

Then she sprawled out on the towel, and left me to my work.

I was in a good mood, she was going to get the best foot massage ever.

I applied the lotion liberally to her feet and toes

"oooh, that's cold" she squealed.

I grabbed her tiny foot, and immediately went to work....kneading, squeezing, massaging with every ounce of skill I had.

"Oooohhhh, mmmmm" she moaned. "That feels soooo goood."

"I'm glad you like it, baby"

"I LOVE IT" she said in a low voice, as she lifted her foot a little to meet my hand.

At that moment, I finally noticed what she had on. The shorts she was wearing were barely shorts at all. Thin, loose, and so tiny, they barely covered her, and only a tank top for a shirt.

When I moved to her other foot, after about 15 minutes, I noticed that with her legs slightly parted, I could (if i wanted to) take a peek at her panties.

At first, I kept my eyes where they belonged, on her foot. But then, a sudden change of heart.

"OOOHHHH, DADDY.....OOHHH" she moaned loudly.

That did it.

I moved my eyes slowly, as if someone was watching, and made my way up her legs. Thay were long, and tanned...very smooth....all muscle. When my eyes finally made it to the bottom of her shorts, I tugged slightly on her leg, and they spread ever so slightly.... even more.

What I was expecting was some white cotton. What I got was the tiniest pair of pink panties I had ever seen.

G-string was an understatement. They ran down her back, dissapeared into her ass-crack, then re-appeared over her crotch.

I stared in amazement as I began to get turned on, wondering about what was under the soft silky material. I must have lost concentration, because suddenly I heard:

"Daddy.....why did you stop?"

"Oh" I stumbled over my words...."here, I'll do your legs, too"

"Ohhh please do, Daddy" she beckoned.

I loaded up my hands with lotion, and began running them up and down her legs. First her calves, then in slow circular motions, I moved further, and further up.

I was in agony, and ecstacy at the same time.

"OOOOHHH, Yeah.....OOOHHH Daddy" she kept saying.

I fianlly noticed that my dick was about to burst out of my pants.

Yes, I had the hugest hard-on I could ever remember, and my hands were just inches away from my daughters tiny pussy. I rubbed my hands up and down, all over every square inch of her beautiful legs. Then I got an idea.

I began very slowly, and methodically, to spread her legs further apart.

First one, then the other, then back to the other. Soon, it was less of a foot massage, and more of a thigh massage.....I would have been worried, except her moans of pleasure let me know that she loved it as much as I did...maybe more.

"Ohhh, god.....Daddy....that feels soooo goood"

I finally got the nerve to go high enough with my hand to touch her shorts, moving them slightly higher, for my viewing pleasure. A few times I touched them, grazing my thumb over the bottom of her butt.

It had been a while since I took a good look, I took a quick glance.....and to my pleasure, I got a nice suprise.

I had moved her legs so far apart, that I now had a clear view of the tiny string that tried to cover her backside. As I passed my thumb over the bottom of her beautiful ass-cheek, I gave it some extra pressure, and pushed fairly hard outward.

As I intently stared at her crotch, I suddenly saw a glimpse of heaven. A patch of Downy light brown pubic hair found it's way out the side of her panties. I kept massaging the same way...pulling her legs and cheeks further apart.

"Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh," her moans got mre methodical.

Soon I could see so much hair that I knew if I went just a little further....just a little futher....

Then it happened.

She closed her legs, and quickly stood up.

Her face was flushed...and so was mine. I stared at her hard nipples under her tank top.

"Oh" I said quickly...."I guess were done?" I said, with a caution in my voice.

"NO WAY" she said firmly. " I just don't want you to get lotion on my shorts"

And with that said, she hooked her shorts with her thumbs, dropped them to the ground, and kicked them a few feet away.

"There, now...GET BACK TO WORK, DAD" she smiled.


She laid back down on her stomach, and spread her legs almost as wide as before, giving me a full view of her perfect under-carriage.

I covered my hands with lotion, and went straight to work on her ass, kneading it with both hands, pulling her ass-cheeks apart in all different directions....mostly outward.

She went straight back to moaning, and lifted up one of her feet. It was right at the level of my mouth, and I reached forward and gav her toes a light kiss.

She giggled at the thought. Then I grabbed her foot with my right hand, keeping my left hand on her rump, kneading.....spreading.

I began kissing her foot heavily.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" she inquired jokingly.

"Just relax, honey, you have beautiful feet, and I'm giving them a kiss." I said firmly.

"Ohhh, it feels awesome."

And with that, I took her toes in my mouth one at a time, and began sucking. Throwing caution to the wind, I continued seducing my littl girl.

Soon, I was sucking on each toe, licking, kissing.

My left hand stayed busy massing back and forth on each of her rock hard cheeks.

"Ahhhh, ahhhhh, oooooh. MMMMM, Daddy"

In the middle of it, I realized that we had come this far, and she must know that I was turned on.

I made a pass with my thumb that slipped under her panties, over her tiny asshole. As it moved downward, she bucked slightly, and made a sharp noise...


Just then, my thumb came in contact for the first time with her pubic hair, and an Extreme amount of wetness. It slid down past, and immediately, I motioned back upward.

"Uuuuunnnngggghh" she groaned in delight as my thumb brushed the outer edge of her VERY virgin pussy. She began rythmically raising and lowering her ass, as my thumb slip up and down her pussy slit.

To be continued...........

Part 2

Soon, I dropped her other foot, and went to work with both hands. I was glad she had been stretching all day, because I started at her knees, and pushed outward, spreading her legs to a ridiculous position. As I stared down, I realized, just a string seperated me from her beautiful, soaking wet pussy. My hands moved into position, and my thumbs ran up both side of her slit.

"AAAAAHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHH, AAAAHHHH" she murmured, as I manipulated her her pussy lips wide open.

"Do you like your foot massage, baby?" I smugly asked.

"MMMmphhhh, HHMMPPPHHH" was all she could manage.

I finally grabbed the back of the panties, and pulled them drastically to one side. The view was amazing. She had the tiniest pussy lips, her ass raised in the air, and her soft pubic hair was drenched with her own wetness. I took my middle finger, starting at her asshole, and ran it directly down the middle of her slit, not inserting it, just slightly parting her lips.

"MMMMAAAAHHHHH" she let out a load yelp.

She couldn't see me, so I raised my finger to my nose, and took a deep breath of her sweet musk. And it was....sweet.

I just had I leaned forward, grabbed her ass-cheeks, spread them wide, and put my face right up to her pussy.

She must have wondered what i was going to do, because she stopped breathing, stopped moaning, and held steady with her ass high in the air.

I did what I had always wanted to do....

I stuck my nose right on her pussy lips, and took a deep breath of her heavenly scent. It was intoxicating!

Another Deeeep breath, and then I planted a kiss right on her lips, to get a taste, but mostly to tease her.

"AAAAARRRRR, MMMMMMM" she groaned, as she pushed her ass backward toward my mouth. I pulled away with another plan in mind.

I kept my mouth close to her slit, breathing hard to let her know I was still there.

Her breathing grew faster while she waited for my next move.

Then as she attempted to heave her ass upward to meet my mouth, I took my hands, and slid them under her tank top.....quickly reaching her tiny breasts.

At first I just lightly touched them with my fingertips, then I began kneading, and lightly pulling on her nipples.

I began planting light kisses all over her tiny pussy, she was starting to squirm out of control. With her ass in the air, she finally lost it when I flicked her tiny clit with my tounge.

"EEEEEAAAA" she squealed, and dropped to her stomach. She immediately rolled over, and stared deep into my eyes as I leaned over her...then it occured to me....she had no idea where to go from here. So I started....

I gently leaned down and kissed her stomach. Her tank top had ridden pretty high up her abdomen, and I knew where this was headed. I kissed back and forth over her tight, untouched body, moving slowly upwards.

When my hands again came to her breasts, they gently hooked her shirt and pushed it up toward her neck. I was going to stop there, but she raised her arms above her head, and sat up slightly. As she did, i could see the full shape of her tiny breasts, a little smaller than tennis balls, and her tiny dime sized pink nipples.

I laid her back down, and immediately took her left nipple in my mouth.

Her fingers ran through my hair as I sucked and licked at it, and it got soft, then hard again.

Her feet came up and she began running them up and down my back, slightly lifting my shirt....the skin to skin contact was unreal, and I shook with excitement.

As I continued suckling at her nipples, my hand reached down...she must have thought I was going for her pussy, but I just had to get my shorts down. I had a hard-on for the last 45 minutes, and it needed to come out for some air!

As she felt me reach down, her hips bucked upward, and her pussy came just inches from my dick. Her feet found my shorts, and pushed them down by my knees, and I instinctively moved upward.

For the first time, we were face to face, just an inch apart. I was about to lean forward, when she beat me to it. She gave me a small kiss on the lips, then another, and another.

Then began getting longer, and more passionate, and slowly, I lowered myself down onto her tiny body. I could feel the bottom of my balls as they lowered down onto the front of her panties. and I let them slide ever so slowly down her crotch. I could feel the burning heat through her wet panties, and my hard dick soon found the same path.

I held myself with one hand as we continued kissing and sucking at each other's tounges. My other hand went down to guide my dick. Slowly rocking my hips, I gently slid her panties aside . I found the top of her slit, and slowly rubbed my head in her wetness. She began breathing hard into my mouth as we kissed, as I teasingly made circles on her tiny clit with my dick.

I slid it all the way up, over her soft sparse mound of pubic hair, then back down, all the way to her asshole, parting her lips along the way. I was picking up an incredible amount of moisture, and was growing more slick by the second.

I finally reached down

and found her hot, wet opening with my middle finger. It was so wet, I nearly slipped past it. I applied a small amount of pressure, and my finger sunk down to the second knuckle. She responded with a small yelp, and the muscles in the walls of her pussy clamped around my finger like a baby's mouth.

"aaaahhhh, aaaahhhh" she moaned, as i began pulling it out, and pusing it back in slowly. The heat was intense. Her pussy felt twice as hot as the rest of her body, and my finger began to slip in further.

She must have thought it was my dick, because she started to wrap her legs around me, and pull me closer....boy was she in for a suprise! My dick had at least twice the length, and probably 3 times the girth of my finger.

I kept rythmically pushing in, and pulling out of her tight pussy...meanwhile going back to kissing her. She could barely concentrate long enough to kiss me, her hips moved back and forth with the motion of my finger. Every once in a while, i'd push it all the way in, and move it in circles, hoping to find a tiny g-spot.

"Aaaarrrrggg, mmmmmppphhh, ooooohhhh" she could barely make a word, just sounds, and mostly involuntary.

I could hear a slight sloshing sound, as my finger penetrated her, again, and again, and again.

My dick was harder than a rock, and resting somewhere under her ass and legs, covered in the residual moisture from my finger-fucking.

That was it.

I sat up quick, and pulled my finger out of her juicy little hole. She satrted to say something...

"Daddy, don't st....." but I took my middle finger, and stuck it in her mouth.

Her lips clamped around it, and her eyes closed as she began sucking, hard. Seeing my baby suck her own pussy juice off my finger was very fact, this whole thing was becoming very intense.

"Take off your panties" I said firmly, as I saw her eyes spring open.

"ok.....what are we going to do, daddy?" she questioned

"shhh" i whispered, as I removed my finger from her hot mouth.

She reached down and found the elastic of her panties, and put her feet in the air as she slid them up her legs. I met her half way, and grabbed them from her. I pulled them over her feet, and tossed them to the side. Her legs went back down and spread wide open. I sat for a second, and stared at my gorgeous daughter.

13 years old. Nipples hard. Clit swollen. A puddle of her wetness collected beneath her ass. Her panties lay on the floor beside us.

Here I finally was. I would ahve done this 3 years ago if I knew how to instigate it, and here we finally were, and her pussy was ready for whatever I had planned for it. She stared quietly at my long, thick cock, gazing at it's size and hardness.

Then she reached forward, and grabbed it with her tiny hand.

"I want you inside me, daddy" she whispered, as she ran her pretty red fingernails up and down the shaft lightly, almost tickling me.

"are you sure that's what you want?"I asked.

Instead of answering, she moved her hand beneath my dick, and ran the tips of her fingernails over my balls...up and down. Heaven.

I grabbed her hand before she made me shoot all over her, then grabbed her other hand. I leaned forward and pushed her arms above her head.

I felt my dick once again contact her wetness, this time with no panties in the way.

I wanted to jam it inside her , but I was gentle.

I held onto her hands with one hand, and with the other, guided my dick toward her tiny hole. Her knees came up slightly, giving me full access, and I finally parted her pussy lips all the way. The head of my dick moved like a snake, and pushed an inch or so inside.I looked down at her as I entered, and watched as her eyes got wider and wider. I applied gentle pressure, and backed it out. Then with a stronger forward stroke, I pushed it almost half way in. It tightened around my cock.

"Oooww, aaahhh, keep going, daddy" she said quietly.

I leaned down, and our mouths found each other as I gently probed deeper and deeper. She turned her head to the side and moaned in a semi-painful pleasure. I finally got a chance to kiss her tiny ears and neck. She must have enjoyed that, because she suddenly relaxed, and moaned again.

"AAAAAhhhhhh, MMMMMmmmmm" she wailed, as I sunk deeper into her. My cock was stretching her pussy way beyond where it had ever been, and she loved it. I fucked about 6 inches in and out of her now with little resistance...just the tightness of a virgin (not any more) pussy. She now moaned only when I pushed it inside her, and was getting her rythm down nicely. I raised up my head, and we gazed into each others eyes, not saying a word. I just watched her mouth open and moan as I slid inside her walls. when I knew she was ready, I grabbed her legs, and pushed her knees up to her ears, keeping my rythm. Her moans got higher and higher...

"Ah, ah,ah,eh,eh,eh" she squawed, and I knew she was about to come.

I pushed...harder than I had yet, and sunk all the way in....finally.

"Yaaaahhhh, ohhhhhh yaaaaaaaa" she wailed.

As i slid in, I felt my balls finally touch her ass. I was now balls deep in my own daughter, and realizing that, i began to lose it. I reached down to kiss her neck, but kind of sucked and bit it instead.

"aaaahhh, aaahhh,ahhh, oooohh" we both chanted, almost at the same time.

I pulled my dick almost all the way out, and pushed it to the bottom as hard as I could. The head of my dick hit bottom, my balls squeezed against her asshole, and as I held it there, i felt her pussy start to spasm around it. It clenched my cock, hard. And she let out what was almost a scream, as I backed my dick out a few inches, and again, rammed it to the very end of her tunnell.

"I'm....I'm....aaaaaaarrrggghhhh" I yelped, as my dick spewed giant loads of hot cum inside her. Her pussy milked my dick, as she went into her own orgasm. I laid all my weight on top of her, sending sperm as deep as possible inside her.

Her tiny legs shook hard, and her eyes rolled back in her head like she was passing out. My dick shot the last of it inside her, but her orgasm went on for a good 15-20 seconds longer. She bit her lip, and arched her back as she felt the hot semen hitting the back of her uterus, and she shook in orgasmic delight.


She finally relaxed, and her eyes closed, then open again, looking square at me.

Sweat ran down her face and mine, and we kissed slowly and passionately while my dick stayed inside her, finally growing soft again. When I finally got up to pull it out, her pussy clenched around it. It was practically stuck inside her. I watched as he head came out, and her hole closed up tight again.

I grabbed her foot and kissed across her toes, as she lay there, completely relaxed.....just fucked. I looked down and saw my cum seeping out of her slit, running down her asscrack. I stood up smiling, grabbing my shorts.

"You better hit the shower, sweetie" I laughed.

"Daddy" she said sweetly.

"yes, baby?' I answered.

"If my feet hurt tomorrow, will..." I stopped her in mid sentence...

"Yes, I'll rub your feet baby. Any time you want" I grinned.

"Awesome." she said as she stood up, her perfect body gleaming in the afternoon sun. Then she turned and walked upstairs.

I watched as her perfect ass bounced, one side, then the other.

That's where I'll go next, I thought.



I'm going to try to hunt for more of your stories, but I wanted to comment that your story was one of the rare very good ones that seem to pop up here once in a blue moon. Congrats from an author who has posted over 100 stories at various sites.

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