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Exploring Mexico

JohnnyJunior67 on Incest Stories

     Mexico. Some people say, "what happens there, stays there". All I know is what happens there, or should I say happened there, is amazing. 

     I was 18 and headed down to Mexico with my family and many relatives. I've been there a few times before and it's a non stop drunken festival. Tequila, Beer, and Rum are the main drinks consumed. It was one of the last days of our vacation and my Uncle Pat had to get home early for an important conference at work. He bought his ticket early and we needed to drive him to the airport. I drive everyone everywhere, so my Aunt Beth and I took the Mexican Beater (a POS jeep) out and brought him to his plane at about 6:30 in the morning. After dropping him off we wished him good luck and drove away.
     Both my Aunt and I were feeling some beer urges, so we drove to the beach and sat at one of the bars. We ordered the cerveza and enjoyed. Aunt Beth, at about 45, has brown shorter hair, yet a bit bleached from the sun, a great body standing about 5'8" and weighin about 120lbs. She has amazing legs which are more defined while she was wearing her high heels. Her breasts are a well endowed C cup and she was wearing a low cut top that was encouraging them to pop out. Well her being a woman and so small I think the one beer had her buzzing. I got up and got us some Long Island Ice Tea drinks and we sat for about 5 minutes before we finished. I can tolerate alot so I was not buzzed one bit. On the other hand, Aunt Beth was on the border of being drunk. So I thought why not get her a couple more and see what she ends up telling me. I went up and got some Hurricanes and again we drank them quickly. Now this is the point where I'm buzzing and Aunt Beth is hammered. We sat and talked for a while... Well I talked, she slurred, and had another beer. Auntie told me how good of time she has been having in Mexico and something slipped out of her that I would never imagine would be a conversation between us. Turns out, Pat has been having problems getting it up and she hasn't had sex the whole trip. My eyes opened and I looked shocked. She glared and me and said, "What, you're 18, I'm sure you're mature enough to discuss these things." I shrugged and agreed and she continued. She was explaining to me how horny she was and again I looked shocked. "I'm a human and I get urges, quit acting surprised." She said. "Fine, tell me more" I exclaimed. A few more minutes of that conversation and we began discussing what there is to do around there. I told her there is a trail along the coastline where there are no roads and wonderful beaches. She freaked out and said we had to go. I paid and we headed to the jeep.
     We started driving and I could tell she was looking at me. I turned to her and she turned away looking at the ocean. I made it to the end of the road and we took the jeep on to the trail. It was a bit bumpy but it seemed Aunt Beth was having the time of her life, flailing her arms around in drunken chaos. We turned around a big rock and found a perfect secluded beach. We stopped and walked around for a bit. We waded in the water and I think the ocean enticed her to swim. She told me we should go swimming. "We don't have our suits, we were just dropping off Pat." I told her. "That can't stop us can it?" She said looking at me with a smile. She began taking off her clothes and her breasts fell out. They were amazing and I couldn't stop staring. She rubbed them because I was looking and then walked over to me and took my shirt off for me. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and threw them to the ground. All I had on, standing directly in front of my Aunt were my boxers. All she had on was a thong, and I thought isn't she a little old to be into the scene of thongs. I disregarded my thought and pulled down my boxers exposing my growing dick. She smiled and gave me a standing ovation. She then pulled off her thong showing me her nicely trimmed vagina. I stared again and she laughed, "What are you waiting for cutie, lets go swimming!" So we proceeded into the water and swam out a bit. No one was around so I could tell Aunt Beth was showing herself off. After a little water fight she came and gave me a hug. Her breasts touched my chest and I could feel my dick grow fast. It touched her and she laughed. "A little excited I see." She said. A little embarassed I nodded my head. She told me it was alright and we went back to the beach. 
     We hadn't brought any towels so we decided to air dry. We stood around for a bit and then sat on the sand. Aunt Beth scooted her beautiful butt towards me and put her head on my shoulder. She looked up and kissed my cheek. I looked at her directly and she kissed me on the lips. She didn't stop and it escalated into a tounge war. She told me I am an excellent kisser and then looked at my dick. It was hard and standing it's 7 1/2 inches. She smiled and grabbed my shaft. Stroking a few times she lowered her head and put my dick in her mouth. I was in pure ectasy. She was perfect at sucking dick and I couldn't hold out very long. I told her I was about to cum and she hummed some words with my dick in her mouth and that about set me off when all of sudden she took her mouth off and licked my balls. "Aunt Beth, I think I need to show you something." I told her. I laid her on her back and placed my head between her thighs. I started licking her lips and sucking on her clit. I stuck my tounge as far as I could into her vagina and she quivered. I placed two fingers in and began massaging her insides. She looked down at me and said, "You know what to do." So I got on my knees and pressed my dick inbetween her lips. I pushed into her slowly but surely and she got tense. I started going faster and my thrusts got harder and harder. She was about to orgasm and so was I. We both got tense and with a few more pounded thrusts and we met in passion. She was squirting and I was coming spurt after spurt inside her. Muscle spasms erupted and took over her body. She couldn't handle it and screamed at the top of her lungs. I put my tounge in her mouth and silenced her. She met my tounge and we were intertwined in eachothers passion. We  settled down and hugged. I told her that was amazing and she tried to tell me something but she couldn't talk. We got dressed and jumped in the jeep. She then regained her composer and told me that was the best sex she has ever had in her whole life. I kissed her and drove off. Once we were on the road she began rubbing my dick. I had a feeling that when we got back to the hotel, we were going to have a bit of fun in her room.

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