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My younger sister Beth was incredibly horny.  She liked to fuck if she could pretend to be asleep.  She'd let me strip her naked for anyone to see if she was "sleeping" too.  I got to do all sorts of things with her while she pretended to be asleep.

My family would go on vacation every year and travel in my dad's motorhome.  One of the favorite things we would do was in the afternoon when we were traveling we would pretend that we were tired and needed a nap.  We'd go into the very back of the motor home which was where our parents bed was.  We would close the door and lay on the bed.  

I'd wait awhile for my sister to pretend that she fell asleep and then I'd slowly start undressing her.  Which was, I know, real stupid with our folks up there, but Dad was driving and he always told our Mom to make sure she stayed up there talking to him so he wouldn't get sleepy.  Beth at fourteen was rather on the small side but very cute.  She was very slim, and a little late in maturing.  Her pussy had the starting of some hair but not much.  It was black and really stood out against her smooth white skin.  She would lay so her feet were pointing towards the fastlane.  The motorhome was underpowered so everyone passed us.

She lay there for awhile and then gave a big sigh which was my cue.  That told me I could do as I pleased.  I started by pulling the window shades open in the very back window and the side window, too.  Leaning down I gently removed her shoes.  She had on these cute little bobby socks so I left them alone.  I reached up to her jeans and very slowly and carefully unsnapped them and really really slowly unzipped them.  She and I both really played the game of her being asleep to the hilt.  It seemed that I took forever to get her jeans down.  First a little on one side and then a little on the other.  Every now and then someone would be passing us slowly and I would act like I didn't know they were there and watching.  I'd just keep stripping my sister.  When her jeans were off I then rolled her panties down.  There.  She was totally naked from the waist down.  

While I was getting a small blanket I saw that she moved her legs open.  Way open.  If you were passing and cared to look you would easily see her hot wet little cunt.  She moved her arm over her eyes to make it look even more like she was really asleep.  I loved this game.  Getting back up on the bed with the light blanket I laid it over her feet.  If Mom would come back here Beth would have something I could pull over her.  

Sitting on the bed with my stiff cock straining for release from my jeans I unbuttoned her blouse.  Her breasts weren't all that large so she would often go without a bra.  I soon had her top off and she lay there totally naked.  I started masturbating her.  Gosh she was wet.  The danger and excitement of being seen was very powerful on her pussy.  It made her unbelievably wet.  She would make this white cream when she was really aroused and it turned me on to watch her pussy ooze it out.  I was watching out of the corner of my eye a truck that was pulling past us.  There were two guys in it and I could see the passenger turning excitedly to the driver.  They slowed down and watched me finger fuck my sister.  

I slid two fingers into her really tight pussy and when I'd slid  them back out her cream would be on them.  I couldn't help it.  Even though those guys where watching I leaned over and put my tongue on her clit.  I sucked it into my mouth and moved it through my lips like I was sucking a tiny cock. Beth came almost immediately.  She opened her legs as wide as they'd go and bucked her hips up and down a few times.  I took my mouth off her and let her lay like that with her cunt wide open, juices sliding down to coat her her little butthole and continue down to the sheet she was laying on.  I laid down besided her and closed my eyes.  The truck that was beside us stayed there for another mile or so until I reached down and covered Beth up.  She still acted like  she was sleeping.  

I was getting ready to try and fuck her but felt the motorhome slow down.  I left Beth laying there naked under the blanket and went up front to see what we were doing.  I was informed that we were just going to be fueling up.  I told them that Beth was out like a light, I was going to go get my shoes and I'd be going inside the gas station to see what was around.  In those days fueling stations all had attendants.  They woud fuel your vehicle and wash the windshield.  I went back into the bedroom and put on my shoes.  I told Beth very quietly, whispering, that perhaps she might enjoy things if she just kept napping.  Then I reached over and pulled the blanket off of her.  She was naked once again.  I could see the residue of her juice still on her thighs and slicking the cheeks of her tight tiny ass. 

When we stopped at the fuel pumps I went around to the attendant.  I had a couple of bucks in my pocket and giving them to him I asked if he would check the oil and clean the side windows too.  My folks didn't see me do this and remarked on how incredibly thorough the guy was.  He took forever to get those back windows cleaned.  My dad handed him a couple more dollars when he was done for doing such a good job.  That was really funny to me. When I got back into the bedroom when we were back on the highway Beth told me that she had given the attendant a masturbation show.  She was sure that he'd have to go jack off himself after watching this young teen flog her clit and finger fuck herself.  

She and I got to playing some quiet "truth or dare".  I of course almost alway did the truth and Beth almost always took the dare.  The most daring thing she did was when I told her she had to put her pussy up against the window for three miles.  A couple, with a daughter in the backseat was trying to pass us when Beth put her pussy up against the glass.  The driver couldn't see Beth because of the car roof and his wife was looking at her husband while he drove.  But the girl wouldn't take her eyes off of Beth's naked cunt.  I could look down into the car very  easily and I could see that she had slid her hand between her legs.  She didn't spread her legs she just wedged her hand inbetween her thighs.  This turned me on so much that I took my cock out.  I was looking at Beth's juice sliding around on the glass from her being so aroused and seeing the young girl in the car rub herself I couldn't help it.  I jacked off very quickly. It didnt' take me long to come with that girl watching me pump my cock in and out of my fist.  I shot my come on to Beth's ass with some of the spurt going on the window.  

Beth lay face down on the bed and I carefully and quietly fucked her.  She came on my cock after I had stroked in and out of her only a few times.  She had gotten herself very aroused.  I came again myself and left the load on her butt.  I got my clothes back on and  left Beth laying there naked and I could tell that she really was alseep this time.   As we had to share a bunk when we camped I knew I'd get the chance to fuck her again.  I was planning on stealing Beth's clothes and towel when we got to the campground showers so she'd have to walk to our camper naked.  I  knew it would excite her to have everyone, including her father see her naked pussy.  The best thing for her would be the fact that it wouldn't be her fault.  We had camped and showered here before and I knew that she would have a lot of people see her naked before she could get back to our motorhome.

Later that day we pulled in to the campground.  Just as I had hoped, we were quite a ways away from the showers.  I helped get us set up, the campfire started and our bikes out.  As soon as we had eaten dinner I asked if we could get our showers taken.  I said that I was all sticky from working.  Beth butted in and demanded that she be able to shower too.  Of course Mom said yes.  She also told me to make sure that I took Beth with me.  

Off we went to the showers.  I told Beth what my plans were and of course she agreed.  I waited outside of the window to the womens shower and pretty soon Beth's towel and clothes dropped out onto the ground.  I took them over the trash can and put them inside.  I went to the men's shower and scrubbed up.  Following our plan I went over to the door to the women's shower and hollered for Beth.  She answered out that someone had stolen her clothes!  

I told her that she'd have to come out, I'd give her my towel.  I had purposely taken the smallest towel we had.  Beth came out acting all embareassed.  I noticed that she held her hands to hide her tits but left her pussy totally exposed.  There were a few folks watching by now and I knew we'd better get moving before some do-gooder helped us out.  I had another stroke of genius and took my towel around the corner and threw it on the roof.  I'd claim someone stole mine but not my clothes.  We started walking through the campground.  You could see Beth's pussy plain as day, the few black hairs made it stand out even more.  Some guys on their bicycles started following us.  A couple of brave one's came up to get a good close look and to talk to her.  She told them that someone had stolen her towel and clothes so she had to walk home naked this way.  

She must have found the one kid attractive or she just wanted to give him a better look but anyways, she stopped and talked to him for little bit.  She stood with one leg out so he could see her pussy better. There were a couple of less brave boys behind us and she gave them an even better show.  She leaned over from the waist and scratched her ankle. Her legs being somewhat spread her pussy and tight little brown hole was on total display.  You could see where her juice was leaking and making theinside of her thighs wet.  We started walking again when all of a sudden she grabbed onto my arm and held it for a minute.  "Oh my god" she exclaimed, "I just came, right here, and I never even touched myself."

I looked down and sure enough, there was a fair amount of her come juice going down the inside of her thigh.

We walked up to the motorhome and I went over to my mom and told her what had happened as Beth again, covered up her tits but not her pussy.  She walked right past mom and dad and went into the camper.  Mom followed her in and I could hear them talking.  Basically she just told mom the story we had worked out earlier.  

Beth came out of the camper wearing her legendary babydoll nightie.  She had shortened the top so it's hem was about an inch or so above the tops of the panties.  The panties she had cut the liner out of and she had used sandpaper on them both to make them more sheer.  And they were quite sheer.  You could see her erect nipples and her sparsely haired pussy slit.  I was getting a boner so I said I needed to get to bed.  I waited for her to show up with my cock poking out of the fly.  I was so erect it hurt but I knew I'd be fucking her shortly.  

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