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Family Fuckers 01

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    Family Fuckers - That 69 Bunch

 Bob Pitziatti walked into the bedroom to discover his latest conquest, Joanne Loosetwat, wreaking havoc on his daughter's shapely ass; a shapely ass he hadn't done in a month of Sundays, or at least since his faithless wife, Madge, had deserted the family for the wild life in Los Angeles. Dona, with only one "n", had driven Bob to distraction ever since Madge had flounced out the door, giving him the finger and cutting off her pussy from his hard dick for the rest of his unnatural life. If Dona hadn't put out some pussy now and then for her dear old father, he might have tossed her out on her gorgeous ass and replaced the two of them with one hot piece of twat with a set of tits bigger than her IQ.

 Unfortunately for Bob his latest business, converting water into wine with the help of some little green pills he bought at a swap meet, wasn't going well enough to support a teenaged fuckbot who had aspirations. He looked at Joanne, a woman in her early forties with a nice set of jugs and some very nice moves in the bedroom. He could have done worse, a lot worse. Currently those jugs were flopping around free of the bra that usually confined them. Except for her panties with the transparent crotch that drove him crazy, she was naked.

 "You mind if I sit a spell and watch you work?" Bob asked, adjusting his robe so his dick had some room to grow. Joanne laid another welt on Dona's prime grade ass and grinned.

 "Just as long as you don't get any foolish ideas about us doing the dirty in front of the girl here."

 As she spoke, another welt appeared on the teen's heart-shaped butt. Dona was securely gagged with a pair of her own white cotton panties, held in place by a strip of duct tape. Bob was impressed that his new fuck partner was able to overpower his rather large daughter, who stood an inch shy of six feet and tipped the scales at nearly 150, stripped, which was the way he liked to have her most of the time. He started thinking back to all the times he had nailed his little girl ever since she turned thirteen, which in his book, made her street legal. He was roused from his reverie by Joanne's voice.

 "What's that trouser snake doing poking out from your robe? Did you forget what I just told you about us doing anything in front of the little girl?"

 Bob hurriedly closed his robe to hide the offending length of salami that had escaped its leash. He sighed and his eyes got a little watery, which was quickly noticed by his new bedmate.

 "A penny for your thoughts, they're probably not worth more than that."

 Her words came across as a joke rather than an insult and seemed to snap Bob out of his funk. He chuckled and cleared his throat, a sign that he was about to reveal a little more of his life prior to meeting, greeting and nailing Ms. Loosetwat, as she called herself before she became his private pussy stock, a great compliment as far as Bob was concerned.

 "I was just thinking about her thirteenth birthday party. She had invited all her little friends like that pervert, Derek, who still lives next door and still peeps her every chance he gets. Then there was that juvenile deliquent, Leonard Lapper, who used to play doctor with my little angel down in the basement of the Foreskins, Derek's parents. Now there are a pair. Fred chases teenagers, and if he catches them and they're boys he kicks them in the ass, and if they're girls he nails them in the ass."

 "Kate on the other hand is a dipso who also dabbles in seducing teens of both sexes. It helps that she's a nurse and has access to the drug cabinet at the hospital. For her age and appearance she sure is popular, especially when she's in her cups, or out of them too, if you get my drift. That woman has major league melons and I've squeezed them on more than one occasion. Finally there was that damned jerk, Psycho Rocksalt, who was always in hot water and fancied himself as the ultimate ladies man. Rumor had it that he not only banged Derek's mom on more than a few occasions, but he also added her daughter,Trixie, to the mix as well. He claims to have done them together in his van one crazy drunken night last summer, but only he believes that one."

 "That was some birthday party, the guys took turns kissing Dona and feeling her up. Even at her tender age she was already filling a B-cup bra to capacity, take my word for it. However the real birthday party started once the guys went home and we escorted out little girl up to the master bedroom and made her a woman. I must have made her a woman at least three times, and then Madge took over with her magic dildo and cornholed my little sweetie until she begged for mercy. I'll say this for her, she took to sex like a duck to water. I did her every night for the next seven months, three weeks, and four days, period or no period. I threw out my back doing her that last night while she was in the reverse cowgirl position and I was in her buttery butthole. It was almost worth the three weeks in traction."

 Bob's little story really got to Joanne who started laying major leather onto Dona's cute bottom and soon had it looking all swollen with so many welts that you couldn't count them all, since they were so close together and so many overlapped, it was just one big mass of smarting flesh. Then she got the bright idea of getting Bob even more involved with disciplining his daughter, who was getting more than just a little bit out of hand. She grabbed Dona by the neck and dug her knuckle into a spot that made the redhead squeal like a stuck pig and flip over onto her back. Bob's eyes widened and he started stammering at the sight of his daughter's denuded bush, revealing her fat cunt lips and prominent clit poking out from its hood.

 "What kind of a tramp have you turned out to be? How dare you shave off your pubic hair like that without my permission? Who put you up to looking like a prostitute? Tell me now, I want to know!"

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