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Family Ties Part 1

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Part I I don't really remember when it all started. It could have started when my mother died and left the family alone to find for itself. It was not like we couldn't handle it it was just diffrent for the whole family expecially for my brother Joel he was only four at the time and had never thought that he would not have his mother to be there for him. But sometimes things just happen even when you don't want them to. And that's what happend with our mother she died in a horible car accident on the fourth of July on her way home from buying some fireworks. It was quite possibly the worst day of my all my thirteen years. My parents had named me Michelle after my great-grandfather Michael. The name seemed fittting for some reason and in all my years I have never thought of changing it or anything like that. I have the same dark brown almost black hair that my mother had. Infact in a lot of ways I look a lot like my mother. With my little pert nose that is turned up at the end. My round little girl ass, even at thriteen I still had no sign of ever growning titties. While other girls my age were already developing some even already wearing size aa bras even a few with size b bras. I was not embarrased about it after all I had far more imporatant things to worrry about. My eyes were a dark green, the same color as my fathers. I also had no hips and my pussy still looked very much like a little girl's pussy. The lips had no hair on them at all. A few times at school in the locker room I had seen some of the other girls totally naked and had seen that their pussies were getting hair on them. Some girls the ones with large tits had lots of hair on them. Some of the other girls had barely any hair at all. And then there were girls like me who had no hair at all down there. I was not the only thirteen year old girl that still had a flat chest. But at my school there was like only three of us and none of us were friends with each other. Infact I had no real friends at the school because I was a distant person back at the beginning of my thirteenth year. Sometimes late at night I would slide my hand down my flat chest and over my flat tummy and under my usually white panties and start strocking my little pussy. I had learned how to play with myself from a friend at school. It is quite interesting how I caught her doing it. It was one afternoon I believe two days before I was to turn thirteen. I had left my gym bag in my gym locker and had gone back into the room. I heard some noise from the bathroom intriged by it I went over to where I thought I heard it. I knew it was coming from one of the stalls so I went into the stall next to where the noise was and peaked over the wall. There on the toliet seat with her shirt on the floor and her little titties pointing out was thirteen year old Mary. Her panties and shorts wre also on the floor. Her legs were spread wide. She had her left hand on her pussy and one of her fingers was going in and out of the hole. It was quite stimulating even for a tweleve year old girl like me. Her other hand was stroking her little titties and ever now and then she would give off a moan. That was when I knew that she was enjoying what she was doing. Later that night I felt like maybe I should see if it felt good for me too. My little tweleve year old body was far behind in development for a girl my age. Most of the tweleve year old girls were starting to develop tits and guys at the school were looking at them with intrest. So that night I got into bed and pulled my panties down and spread my legs wide. I slowly started to slide my hand around my pussy. At first I had felt nothing then when I started to rub around the top of my lips I started to feel some pleasure. The more I rubbed the more pleasure that came. Soon I was close to climaxing. That was when I decided to sneak my little finger into my hole. In it when and I felt something gripping at my finger. At first I was scared but then it started to feel really good. I found that if I moved my finger in and out of my pussy that it felt really good. That night I had my first cum and God it was so good I wanted to keep doing it over and over. It was about two months after my mothers death that I learned what a boy's function was. I was bathing my little brother Terry. I had started to clean his cock and to do that I had to stroke it. Usually his father washed him but tonight our dad had to work late. Terry was five years old and could almost bathe himself. But usually unless you bathed him he just sat in the water and splashed. When my father rubbed his little penis Terry never got hard. But I learned from what I Started to do that mom often made Terry hard on purpose. I guess our mother liked little cock. Well I was going to learn in a few days that my father liked little pussy. Anyways when I started to stoke little Terry's cock it started to go from soft to a softie. I saw it get longer in my hand and I dropped the washclothe all together and stared at it in surpise. Then I decided to start stroking it like I had seen in one of my dad's porno magazines. It felt weird in my hand soft and hard at the same time. Little Terry started to smile and I continued to stroke it. His little cock got so hard. I could no longer contain myself. I knew what a little cock was for now. It was to go inside a pussy. I picked Terry up and carried him to my room. When we reached my room I layed him down on my bed. My thirteen year old pussy was already wet from this idea. I took my shorts and panties off. Then I laid down next to Terry. I brought him on top of me and spread my legs as wide as they would go. I took his hard little cock in my hand and directed it towards my pussy. I slid it inside and Terry smiled widely. I started to move like I did with my hand and when I started to move so did Terry. You probably already gussed what I only relized after I had had my cum. My mother used to fuck little Terry all the time. When I did come so did Terry. Well he had his orgasm. Terry t hen laid there next to me on the bed where I put him. He was sound asleep in a few minutes. It had felt so good having that little cock in me that I had not stopped to see my father standing in the door way. End Part 1 Part II It wasn't till I rolled over on the bed and looked towards my still open door that I saw my father standing there looking at me. He was a handsome man had always been from the day he was born or so that's what my grandmother always said. He stood about six feet tall with dark sandy brown hair and green eyes just like mine. He was quite handsome with a straight nose and a strong face. He was also thin very thin. But not too thin oh there were mucles on him but they were not really big. He was a very handsome and caring man. He had always been that way towards me and still today he is a caring towards me. Infact sometimes he is too caring, but that hardly matters at this point. At first I thought he was going to yell at me and tell me to follow him to his bedroom for a stern lecture on what I had done. My father did neither he just kept looking at me, and every now and then he would look over at little Terry. I began to get worried that maybe he had flipped out or that he was going crazy because of what he had just seen. Luckily that day my father was wearing boxer shorts. So that when I looked down his body I saw a huge bulging hardon in his pants. And that was when I knew that my father was not in shock or anything like that, but that he was sexually aroused by his thirteen year old daughter fucking his five year old son. When I saw that my father was turned on I felt something I would never have expected to feel for my fahter. I was wet! In between my legs was a growing desire to have my fathers huge cock in my little pussy. Oh his cock was nowhere as big as you would think, but to a thirteen year old girl who had only seen her little brothers cock, her fathers was huge. I didn't know what to do or how to approach him. Should I just walk up there naked? Or just sit on the bed till he walks over to where I am? I decided to do the former in favor of the latter because it did not look like he was going to do anything execpt stand there in shock. I slowly stood up from the bed and walked over to where my father was standing in the doorway. When I got there I thought it might be good to relieve some of the tension in my fathers body. I thought I would suck him off. I had never done this before only heard some of the girls in the locker room talking about how much their boyfriends liked it when a girl did it. When I got to my father he looked down at me. I was only 5 feet tall and he was six feet. I slowly got down on my knees and pulled his boxker shorts down. My fathers cock came bounding out of them and almost hit me in the face because I was so close to it. His cock stuck straight up in the air going towards his belly button. All around it was coverd in hair and his balls were just below also covered in hair. Not that I minded in fact sometimes I wished that I had hair down their because then that would mean that I was growing up. I slowly took his cock in my hand first and started to stroke it like I had done to my brother Terry. My father immediatly let out a moan as I started to stroke his hard cock. A little bit of pre-cum appeared on the end of his cock. I stopped jacking him off and slowly brought my little girl tounge to the head of his cock. I touched the pre-cum with my tounge and it tasted good kinda sour-sweet but it still tasted good. My father moaned at the touch of my little tounge on his huge memeber. I slowly opend my mouth and drew his cock into my hot little mouth. My father moaned somemore and I knew he was about to cum. I wanted him to remember this always. So when I had the head of his cock in my mouth, which was just about all I could fit, after all I was tiny even for a thirteen year old. I started to rub my tounge aginst the head. And when he moaned again I knew he was going to cum. So I started sucking really hard on his cock. It must have drriven my father mad because he thrust his cock a little furhter back in my mouth and put one of his hands on my little head as he started to cum in my mouth. I felt each spurt as they hit first the back of my mouth then my tounge, and I swollowed almost all of it. I had just had my first cum in my mouth. And it had felt so great. God how I had loved it. After he had totally finished cumming I kept sucking on his cock till it went totally limp and spent. Then I dried it off with my panties. My fahter left the room a few minutes later still panting a little bit. After I put my panties in the dirty clothes hamper in my room and tucked my little brother in bed I followed my father into his room. He was sitting on his bed with his boxers back on. I slowly sat down on his lap and looked into his eyes. He lightly kissed me on the forhead. I knew then that something was wrong. "Whats wrong Daddy?" I asked him carefully not wanting to tread on dangerous grounds. "Nothing much is wrong Michelle it's just that we really should'nt had done that, no matter how much we wanted to. It's wrong for a father to play with his little girl, and its wrong for you to play with your little brother. I should'nt have let you do what you did to me it was wrong you are way to young to do that. Also daddy's are not suppose to mess around with their own daughters. It's all just wrong." "But it felt so good daddy. Here touch my pussy, feel it! It's wet for you daddy for you!" I said to him after he finished his speach. I grabed his hand and slide it down to my still naked pussy. Letting him feel the wet naked lips. I removed my hand from his and even though his hand cupped my little pussy for a little bit he pulled away fast. "It's not right for a daddy to touch his little girl down their or want her." I tried to balance what he was saying aginst what he was making me feel and what I knew by his hard on that was starting to point upwards against the side of my butt. "Even if I am attracted towards you Michelle it does not mean that its right for me to do that to d you. I should'nt have let you suck me off and I should have stopped you when you started playing with your little brother." "Whats so wrong with it Daddy? I love you and you love me, thats all that should matter. Who cares if you are my daddy that doesn't mean that we can't love this way too." My father was a weird man sometimes. I knew even back then that if I was willing that it was not wrong for him to touch me or be with me. My father knew this also and he knew that I was willing. The question was would he dare to go further with me or would he stop and forget it all? I hopped for the whole way. I wanted my fathers cock in me even back then. I wanted to feel the hugness of it inside my little hole. I wanted it so badly. And when I want somethiung I would always go for it with my teeth and I would not stop till I got it. It was still growing aginst my leg and I knew that soon my father would not be able to contain it in his shorts much longer. He whispered in my ear then, "oh how I have always wanted to feel and touch you my little Michelle, but I never had the courage that your mother did." I looked at him for one second and then slowly took his hand and placed it back over my small mound, "Now you do Daddy now you are ready and now I am ready too." My father I knew was going to burst and give in then. He wanted me so much more than I would ever understand a man could want a child. More than I would ever expect. Even back then I never considered how much of an impact it would all have on me in the future today I still don't look back and think on all of this and what it caused in my life. I will never consider what was wrong with fucking and playing with my Daddy because he was my Daddy and I will always love him for everything that happend to us. Part III. It was then that my father exploded. I knew that he was not going to after that night be able to keep his hands away from my small little body. After a little bit of just looking over my head and thinking one of his fingers on the hand that was already cupping my little pussy began to sneak around the mound and to find my clit. My father knew a little girls atonomy pretty well because he found my clitoris fast. His finger slowly started to trace a circle around the clit and I felt that feeling returning to my body. Soon I was getting really hot and could hardly contain myself anymore. That was when my fahter laid me down on the bed so that my legs could be spread even wider than they alread were. God I loved the feeling of his hand as it explored my little thirteen year old body. While one of his fingers explored around my clit another finger started to sneak into my little pussy hole. I felt the finger sliding into the whole and it started to give me so much pleasure that I moaned out loud for the first time. I could see my fathers cock pointing up in his pants and I wanted so bad to suck on it and give him the same pleasure he was giving me but I had no energy to do so. I felt like I could cum at any moment and I loved it so much. While one of his hands continued to explore my little mound my fahters mouth moved over my belly and up to my two small nipples. He slowly started to suck in the nipples. It was setting me on fire I could hardly believe what my father was doing to me. He was going to make me cum harder than I had ever cum before and I could not stand it. I was already sweatting when I started to pant and moan more often. I was being brought to my first climax ever by my own father, and more than that, I was being brought to my first climax from a man that knew exactly what he was doing. After a few seconds of his finger slidding in and out of my pussy and the gripping of my little hole, and his other finger playing with my little clit, and the sucking on my little pink nipples. I could no longer take it I came and I came so hard that it almost floored my father. I just stated bucking aginst his fingers and his mouth. I was screaming almost. God did I have a cum or what. When I finally slowed down enough to relize where I was I looked into the caring eyes of my father. He softly kissed my sweaty forhead. A few minutes later I said to him, "Daddy that felt so good. Now its your turn. Take your shorts off Daddy and lay down on the bed." He looked at me for a second not thinking that his little girl could have such a commanding heart. But then again you should have seen my mother when it came to sex. After my father was laying on the bed with his cock sticking staight up towards his belly button. I slowly brought my mouth down over the cock. At first I laid a few teasing kisses on the end of the cock which drove him litterally towards maddness. Then I slowly licked it from the base, where it met the balls, up to the tip then back down again. I could feel the preasure building in his cock and I knew that if I kept this up he would come and it would be to soon to be any good. So I laid down next to him and brought my mouth to his. I lightly kissed him and then laid down next to him. My staring at the cock and him must have drove him wild. But soon my fathers hard-on started to lose its hardness and I slide back down and grabbed it in my mouth. Instant hardon again. I started to suck it. I wanted to feel his cum in my mouth again. Pretty soon my father was bucking against my movement of in and out and sucking. I knew then that he was about to come. "I'm gonna cum Michelle!" He almost screamed. And that was when he let it all go. My fathers cock came with such force in my mout more force than the first time. And I swollowed as much as I could. When he finished cumming I looked up at him and he smiled. We kissed on the lips our tounges meeting. Then I laid down curled in his arms. We slept peacfully. I was daddys little girl and always would be. Part IV. My fahter and I would have many more nights like that, but I want to move forward now towards another sexual experinece of mine. It was a saturday and my father was going to be gone for the whole weekend. I didn't want him to go away for three whole days but I had no choice. My little brother was going to stay with our Aunt, and since my father and aunt both thought that I would have more fun at Rachel's thats where I went. Not that they were wrong. They were right, but I would have had even more fun with my daddy. Rachel was my best friend. In fact even today she is still one of the best friends I have. She had long red hair that went down to about the middle of her back. Beautiful blue eyes that were the color of the sky. She had no freckles at all on her w hole body which was weird for a red head, but not unheard of. She had two small little titties that were not even out of a training bra yet, but she had more than I did. Rachel also had a very firm and round little ass. I had seen many boys looking at it, but never did I think that I would look at it that way. It was late at night and everyone in the house was asleep that friday night except for me and Rachel. She was laying on the floor on her stomach. I was on the couch laying on my side. Rachel was wearing these tight strech pants that showed off the curve of her bottom so well. She was also wearing a short night shir that when she would streach standing up it would show off her belly button and a little above it. Maybe that shirt opened my sexual desire for Rachel but then again it was probably her that opened the door. I was wearing a a long shirt that went all the way down to my knees, and a pair of pink panties that were made of lace. Oh we were both dressed sexually, my father would have flipped out to see us both in the clothing we were in. But that's another story for another time. We were watching a show on HBO it was called: "The Goddess of Sex" or some other thing like that. It was one of those shows HBO only shows late at night when kids our age are suppose to be asleep. Well not this night. After the show was over we decided to go to Rachels room and sleep. She only had one bed so we decided we would sleep togther on it. Nothing wrong with that, we were both just normal girls and unlike boys we didn't care how many slept together in the same bed. Well if I had known back then what I know now I don't think I would have changed anything, but I would not have been as innocent as I was at that moment. We were laying there in the bed talking a little bit sometimes about Bobby Myers who was the "cutest" boy in the whole school. It was around the time that I was starting to drift away that I felt a hand on my leg. I thought that Rachel was already asleep and that her hand had just landed their on accident. So I started to go back to sleep not caring if a hand was on my leg. That was when her hand started to move up my leg. She was feeling my leg slowly. I kept my eyes shut wondering how far she was going to carry this. She was doing what the "Goddess of Sex" had done to a girl in the movie. Her hand continued to slide up my leg until it reached my panties. My night shirt was pulled up around my waist from the tossing I had done earlier to get comftrable. Her hand slid over my panties. For some strange reason when her hand slid over my pussy lips though the panites I felt a tingle in my body somewhere. As if I wanted her to touch me. I had never felt a girl do this before. I wanted to see how far Rachel would take it and if it would make me feel good or not. Her hand reached the top of my panties and she slowly slid it down the panties till she reached my pussy lips. While she had been monuvering her hand up my leg I had left the other leg open so that she could feel my half way spread pussy lips. When she started to slide one of her fingers across the lips I let out a sound of one that somoene wuld make if they were sleeping. In fact the sound was one of pleasure disguised because I did not want her to know I was awake yet. And then I slowly started to move. And when I started to move to open my legs more she quickly started to move her hand out of my panties. That was when I knew that this would not continue unless I made it continue. So when she started to pull away I grabbed her hand and held it where it was. Rachel almost screamed out in surpise. "Don't stop." I whispered to her. Rachel's blue eyes looked into mine and I saw passion in her eyes, just as I am sure she saw my passion. "It feels good don't stop." Rachel looked down at where our hands were under the covers and she slowly placed her hand back on my now wet mound. "Holy shit, your wet Michelle, just like me." I smiled. "Conitnue what you were doing please Rachel I want to cum from your hand." My friend smiled a little bit and started to move one of her fingers over my now spread pussy lips and rubbing around my little clit. I felt it building up just like I always did with my father. Rachel was going to make me cum. God damn was I fucking hot or what. While she explored my pussy I found that I could not keep my hands off of her body. I had wanted to touch another girls titties for so long and feel what it must feel like to have them. I slowly slid my hand up her body from the side of her flat belly up under the night shirt she was wearing. When I reached one of the small mounds I slowly slid my hand over it and felt it. When I felt the smooth roundness of Rachels tit I was almost in heaven. Touching a girl was just as good as touching a guy in some ways touching a girl was better. I slowly slid my hand over the tit till I found her nipple. When I found her nipple Rachels finger entered into my hot little pussy hole. I lightly pinched her nipple and we both moaned lightly with pleasure. I wanted my mouth on Rachels tit right then and there. I slowly undid the buttons on her shirt and pulled it back till her tits were revealed. They were so beautiful. So smooth and round. So white with a little pink nipple on the end of each. I brought my mouth down to her left tit and started to suck in the nipple. I lightly bit it as she brought her finger in and out of my pussy faster and faster. It felt so good I was about t cum and I could tell by Rachels breath that she was too. As I sucked and played with her breasts she continued to move her fingers around on my pussy. We both reached a huge climax and I knew that I was about to go over the edge. I brought my mouth away from her tittie and I slowly bought my lips up to hers. We kissed deeply our tounges thrusting into each others mouths. It felt so good kissing another grirl. Our small lips meeting. Our eyes stayed open and we stared at each other the whole time. We came as we kissed. It felt so good. One of my hands was on her tit and hers was on my pussy. After we had come we laid on the bed togehter tangled in each others arms. We were lovers after all. That was when Rachel asked me what I knew and how I learned it. I told her everything I knew about guys and girls. When she asked who the guy was I told her I couldn't tell, she told me that I could and that she would never tell. So I told her it was my father and for a second I thought she would flip but she just smiled and told me that her older sister taugh her all about sex. We laid toghter for awhile before we started to drift off to sleep. our two bodies intertwined. Our pussies touhing though the thin cloth of her night pants and my panties. "I love you Michelle." And I found it strange that now I loved to people the same way, "I love you too Rachel." End of Parts I-IV


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