It was a weekend and me and dad were at his house. I was 14 and I was at his  house for a visit. mom and him had been divorced for years and I had been staying with him on the weekends. well this weekend was going to be diffrent but I did not know how diffrent.

 Dad had just lost his lady friend and was home drinking. I was in the liveing room watching a movie and went to fix him dinner. well when I was out of the room i g uess daddy put in a porn movie which I had put in earler and watched a few min of. when I walked back in the room daddy asked me why the movie had not been where he had put it. So I had to tell him that I wanted to see wha it was all about.

 well daddy told me to set down and watch it if I wanted to. well me being 14 and had been allready thinking of watching more of it set down. I was in shorts and  short T shirt with no bra on. at that time I had small brest but had played with them a few t imes and the nipples would get hard. well as I watched the movie I noticed that my nipples were getting hard and I was getting wet i did not know why.

 Daddy ask me if i would get him a beer so I  got up to get him one. When i  got back to the room he had taken his pants off and had his cock in his hand. he asked me if i wanted to touch it and I said sure if it was ok. I had seen pic of that b4 and had wanted to see the real cock. well daddy told me I could touch his cock if i would tell no one. SO I said fine. he had me set next to him close i reached over and took his cock in my hand. it felt nice. daddy said if i liked i could take my shirt off and he would tast my nipples. so I did as i was told. it was very hot to have my dayyd lick and suck on my nipples.after that daddy told me to take my shorts off and underpants. I did as I was told. by now his cock was very very hard. he had me lay down on the floor and he was next to me. he asked me if i would like  to see how it was to be a woman and i said yes. I told him i had never done sex b4 and he said he would take it easy and if he  hurt me in any way he would stop.

 So there I was naked on the floor with my daddy next to me. he  had a big cock i never thought i would be able to take it in my life. well he started by touching me with one of his fingers on my pussy which was  getting wet. he would slide in a few inches and out a few times then go in me more. I was likeing this alot and I guess daddy could tell. he turned to where he was faceing my pussy and his cock was next to my face. he stoped and asked if i woudl like a tast of his cock so I opened up and he put it in my mouth. it sure did tast good and was very thick and hard. daddy must of been liking what I was doing because he had me stop because he said he was going to shoot it in my mouth. so I stoped, he had worked up to two finges in my pussy. I was very very wet. I asked daddy if his nice had cock would hurt me and he said only at first.

 he took me by the hands  and we went to his chair and he set to where his cock was upright and had me lean over to where I was allmost on top of  it. he took my brest in his hands and gided my body back on to his hard cock. First the head went in  it kind of hurt but i was wet so he took it in and out a few times tell it was ok then he went in me more and it hurt alot i  could fell a pop and the pain hurt bad but i was so in to it i told him not to stop. he eased his cock in me deeper and I could fell the cum as it went in and out of me. I was getting very wet. Daddy asked me if i liked what he was doing to me and I said yes it was very hot and good. daddy had me all wet and was working on me fast and hard all of a sudden i felt a big gush in my wet pussy. DADDY HAD LET GO IN ME. he took his hard cock out of me and asked me if i wanted to tast his cum so I did. what a night that was. we set and watched  the movie the rest of the night and we had sex one more time that night b4 I went to bed with my daddy.

 I never did go home to mom any more. Daddy had asked me to stay with him and have sex with him and my uncle.

more about that later and the baby that I had was it daddys or my uncles????????????

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[#5571] KittenKitsune ( 1646 days ago )
KittenKitsune avatar Im sorry Kiddo, but this was really bad... I'm not going to be harsh to try and hurt you. But I will be asking a few questions and have quite harsh comments. First You stated that the head of the cock went in first.. O.o; What another part of the cocks su
[#5571] aurora ( 1646 days ago )
aurora avatar This is the first story I have read on here that totally turned me off. Talk about a mood killer! Please, do us all a favor and don't write the sequel. Totally unreal, horrible spelling, are you even old enough to be on this site little girl?
[#5571] abooey ( 1646 days ago )
abooey avatar ya know, there is such a thing as spell check and grammar check. Just dreadful.
[#5571] Celtic Wizard ( 1646 days ago )
Celtic Wizard avatar Extremely and utterly pointless.
[#5571] jhosmer ( 1646 days ago )
jhosmer avatar YAWN!! POORLY WRITTEN!!
[#5571] breastgirl34c ( 1646 days ago )
breastgirl34c avatar no... please no.
[#6] goofy ( 1646 days ago )
goofy avatar yeah the grammar sucked, i can understand not capitalizing after a sentence, cuz i dont do that alot, but not spacing after the sentence and the grammar...

the sentences were extrememly choppy. when you said b4 i was shittin myself...

it was like
[#5571] readerboy ( 1646 days ago )
readerboy avatar not even worth a rating... learn to spell and write sentences before you submit a story for public viewing...
[#5571] Bengalsfan ( 1646 days ago )
Bengalsfan avatar Um... I'll pass, thanks.
[#5571] walkindude ( 1646 days ago )
walkindude avatar poorly written, went for big type because it was so short. Not realistic. I'm gonna say this once: when you say daddy in a story, it doesnt make it instantly erotic.
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