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Fun Night with Sis

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   My name is Gordon and about two nights ago I had an interesting night with my sister. Normaly the idea of something as we did would never have reached my mind. But I wont say I didn't enjoy it, and it happened and theres nothing I can do now but move on.

   It was a simple friday night, the greatest nights of the week. At least for me. My only day off from work, and this week my parents were going down to visit the grandmother who just had surgery. My sister and I were home alone, which is not something unexpected since we are 17 (me) and 19 (sis) years old. I have the largest collection of movie anyone has ever seen. I even have more  than the local blockbuster and movie gallery stores contain. So every Friday I enjoy watching a movie and showing it to my sister. Theres nothing more fun then watching another persons reactions or learning their thoughts on a new movie.... or at least I thought. We were sitting on the couch watching Equilibrium which is basicly a movie that is about haveing no emotions. I won't go into detail about the  movie because that's not what this story is about. But my sister and I were sitting in our night clothes. I had on only my boxers and she was wearing a bathrobe over her bra and undies. I lay at one end of the couch while she lay at the other end.

   I looked down the couch at my sister who was watching the movie and got the sudden urge to play around. So I poked my leg down towards her and started tickleing her behind her knee with my toe. She giggled and said "Don't!" while trying to move her leg away. I continued to tickle her with my toes by probing her joints until finaly she let out a loud laugh and pushed back with her foot. She stopped as soon as her foot came in contact and her face took on a look of shock. I tilted my head and frowned, then looked down to see why. My eye's went wide at the sight of my pants bulging out with her foot against my ever hardening cock which was attempting to get out. Unsure what to do I just stared. After several odd minutes of silence her foot began to move in a back and fourth motion on my lap. I couldn't believe it! Was my sister trying to rub me off with her foot? Suddenly she leaned forward and both hands settled on my lap as she tucked her feet under herself. I looked up and my eyes stopped on her breast. She had taken off her robe and was sitting in her bra and undies. Her hands entered the slit of my boxers and I felt her hands take hold of my cock. She pulled it out through the slit and began rubbing it up near the shaft. Every few seconds my cock would pulsate. She leaned forward and as if reading her  mind I leaned back. As my back settled on the arm of the couch, she took my whole 7 inches into her mouth. Here I was, balls deep in my own sisters mouth, and enjoying it! After several minutes she leaned back and began taking off her under garments. I pulled my boxers down over my shaft and straightened my feet out to slid under her. With one hand on my chest and the  other on the top of the couch, she raised herself over my stomach and after a few seconds of rubbing herself, reached down and took hold of my cock. I reached out and spread her lips with two fingers as she lowered down fully onto my hard dick. She leaned forward and paused for a minute, our lips brushing one another. Then she began her steady motion: up and down, up and down, back and fourth. Her lips pressed to mine andher tongue filled my mouth as my hand found her tit and the other her ass. I sucked as much of her spit out of her mouth as I could before needinga breath. She leaned back, arching her back, placing one hand over mine on her left tit while the other settled on my stomach. Her head rolled back and I had a perfect shot of her stomach glistening with sweet sweat. I sat up so I could like her neck and chest while she bounced on my lap. After a minute or two longer of this I couldn't hold back anymore as I lay back with the work "shit" escaping my mouth. I burst load after load deep within my own sisters cunt as my toes curled up. Moans and a few words escaped her mouth between gasps for air.

"Oh god, yes!"

I grunted as the last of my cum filled her, and expected her to settle and unmount me. Butshe simply leaned forward and kissed me before speaking.

"Mom and Dad are not gonna be back untill sunday. So I got you untill then and I expect we wont be doing anything but this untill then."

With that her lips pressed back against mine as my arms folded around her. Wihtout lifting her off my lap I stood holding her around the waist and under the ass with her legs around me, and carried her (still on my cock) into the bedroom. She pushed the door closed behind us I went in and I layed her down on the bed, her legs still around me as her hands cupped my face and kissed me again.

As for the rest of the night..... well that part of the story I will tell another time. =)


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