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Grandfather Needs Cynthia (part 2)

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I brought her small body down on top of mine, and kissed her. She was catching on to this tongue teasing game, and was just as eager to dart her tongue into my mouth. My hands cupped her bottom and pressed her against my cock. I began grinding my cock against her pink cotton pantied pussy. It was enough to spring it back to hardness, and I knew I needed more of her tonight. I loved the feel of my hard cock against her clothed pussy, dry humping her, and knowing her pussy was responding, getting wet. She must have liked the way my cock was rubbing against her because she began to grind her pussy against me.


"Honey do you like playing with Grandpa?"

"Yes Grandpa, you make me feel good and I like making you feel good too."

"Do you want to keep making each other feel good, Cynth?"

"Yes Grandpa."

"Cynthia you must promise me that you will never tell anyone about how we make each other feel good because people won't understand and they will take you away from me."

"No Grandpa, I don't want anyone to take me away from you. I promise I will never tell anyone. I love you Grandpa."

"I love you too Cynth."

"Grandpa, can you make me feel good again?"

" Yes honey."


I rolled Cynthia on her back and began suckling her little girl breast. My hand roamed over the top of her panties, and I caressed her pussy. I could feel the heat her pussy was giving off, and I knew she must be wet. Sure enough, as I let my fingers caress further between her legs, I could feel her pussy juices beginning to seep through her cotton panties. I need to touch her pussy, and I needed it now. Slowly, I began sliding her panties off of her, and tossed them to the floor. I was so excited, like a little boy in a candy store, and I was going to savor this treat.


Kissing my way down her young body, I stopped where her pussy began and inhaled the scent of her pure and untouched pussy. The sweet musky scent of her virgin pussy was intoxicating. Spreading her legs slightly, so I could get a better look at my granddaughter's pussy, then my tongue slid over her little girl folds; and I savored the sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted. Tracing her pussy with my tongue, I found the tiny nub of her clit and flicked at it, before sucking it into my mouth. Cynthia was moaning at this new touch she was feeling, and her moans were all pleasure. So, I continued licking at her pussy, finding the entrance to her unspoiled pussy, and darting my tongue deep inside. Her juices were flowing and I was lapping every bit up. She must have been enjoying what I was doing, because her hips began to thrust up at my mouth while her pussy searched out my tongue, all the while she softly moaned.


She was so wet, so, I slid my finger part way into her pussy, while I continued to lick and tease her clit. I inched a little more of my finger into her and stopped when I felt the resistance of her virginal shield. I didn't want to break that just yet, I wanted my cock to take her cherry. I continued to slowly finger fuck my granddaughter, and again, she was lost to her body's pleasures. Her hips began to fuck my finger, and I could feel her pussy tighten around it with every thrust. Her breathing was becoming intense, and I knew she was getting close to cumming, her very first, and I delighted in the thought that I would be the one to experience it with her. This made my cock throb, and I began to grind it against the bed. We were both moaning now, as I fingered and licked her pussy and attempted to find relief for my cock. Then I felt her pussy tighten around my finger and her body began to spasm—she was cumming, my little granddaughter was cumming for her grandpa. I quickly pulled my finger out and replaced it with my hungry tongue. Her juices were streaming out of her pussy and my mouth licked and savored every drop. As her body began to relax again I continued to slowly lick out all the pussy juice I could. Then, I crawled up next to her, and kissed her hard, sharing with her the sweet taste of her pussy, which she eagerly sucked from my lips and tongue.


"Grandpa, you make me feel so good I love you."

"Honey, I love you too, you are beautiful, and I always want to make you feel good. But Grandpa's cock is still hard, and it needs to finish feeling good."

"Grandpa, do you want me to hold it again and then put it in my mouth?"

"No, Sweetie I want to put my cock into your pussy, where my tongue and finger was a few minutes ago."

"Will that make your cock feel good Grandpa?"

"Oh yes honey, but it may not feel good to you at first. It may hurt until your pussy gets use to feeling my cock in it, but once your pussy relaxes around my cock, it will start to feel really good for you, and for me. When I put my cock inside you, it is how we can feel good together."

"Okay Grandpa I want you to feel good."


So, I kneeled between my granddaughter's legs and spread them a little. I took one last look at her innocent pussy, and then guided my cock to the entrance. I slowly pushed the tip of my cock into her, and she was tight. I spent a few minutes dipping the tip in and out of her pussy, getting it wet with her juices, and then slowly inched in a little deeper. Slowly thrusting the little bit of cock I had in her, in and out, I loved how tight she felt around my shaft. Cynthia was squirming a little bit, so, I asked if she was okay, and she told me she was a little nervous, but she was okay. I pushed a little more, but met with resistance, I had reached her cherry, and I was now about to cross the line and fuck my granddaughter. I was too far to think it was wrong anymore, and I liked making her feel good, and she was learning to like making me feel good.


Before I took her cherry, I lowered my mouth over hers and began kissing her, hoping to take her mind off the soon to come pain she would feel, while I devoured any groan of pain that would definitely escape her. Still thrusting the bit of cock I had in her, and kissing her deeply, I pushed my cock in passed her virginal shield quickly, and didn't move. I felt her body tense up from the pain, but kept her attentions on my mouth and the kiss.


Her body relaxed, her pussy relaxed and let go of the clenched grip it had on my cock. I took this as a sign to begin slowly moving my cock in and out, in and out. Her pussy was getting wetter, and she was so tight on my cock; it was a wonderful feeling. With each thrust, I could feel Cynthia begin to respond back by meeting my thrusts with her own. Her hips and pussy rose to grab my cock, afraid that I might totally remove it from its very snug home; but I had no plans on doing that—no, I wanted to fuck her and give her all my cock. Soon, we were thrustings hard against each other, and moaning. I knew my cock was not going to last much longer. "Cynth I'm going to flood your pussy with my cum. Cum with me, and make your pussy milk Grandpa's cock." I began to fuck her harder and she spread her legs instinctively to yield me more room into her tight pussy. She started moaning louder than she had been, and her pussy contracted around my cock. "I'm cumming Grandpa, feel my pussy cum." With that, I thrusted into her hard and exploded my cum deep into her young pussy, which milked my cock for every last drop.


I held her tight against my body for a long while before I said anything.


"Cynthia, you are such a good girl and I love you so much. You make Grandpa feel so special when you let him touch you and make you feel good."

"I love you too Grandpa. Thank you for teaching me how to make you feel good, I always want to make you happy."


That was the first time I had delighted in my granddaughter's young pussy, and now I delight, just as much, in her teen pussy.














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