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Grandma's Hot House

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School was over for tha summer and I was spending the summer with my grandparents to work ay my grandfathers landscaping business.

My grandparents lived deep in the country approximately 100 miles from our home. We arrived fairly late and I was bushed. After chatting with my grandparents for a short time I retired to bed. My mother and father stayed up with granny and gramps shooting the bull. I awoke at about 11:30 having to go to the bathroom. As I made my way down the hall I heard quite a bit of comotion coming from my grandparents bedroom. I walked to the door that was half opened and peeked in.  I was shocked at what I saw. My parents and grandparents were all in bed naked. I started to get excited at the sight. I hurried back to my room crawled out of the window and tip yoed to my grandparents window. The window was wide open and the curtains were pulled all of the way back. I couldn't believe the sight that I was viewing.

My grandmother was laying on her back, legs spreas wide apart. My father was between her legs getting ready to fill her with cock. My mother was straddling her face getting ready to lower her hot box onto her face. My grandfather stood watching as he slowly jacked his hot cock.

My grandfather is a big man standing 6' 4" tall and weighing about 280. He is very hairy everywhere but on his head. His cock is thick but not long. About 5" and cut. My grandmother is a tall woman standing 5' 11" and weighing about 150 lbs. A bit chubby but still beautiful for a 51 year old woman. She has light red hair that she keeps very short. Her breasts are very large and heavy. They hang to just above her navel and fill out her complete front. She has very large light red areolas and very thick nipples. Her pussy is stunningly beautiful with  light red hair that she keeps trimmed very short. Long lips and a huge clit. My father is tall and thin standing 6' 6" and weighing 180. He has light brown hair that is beginning to bald. He has a light covering of hair on his chest and a very beautiful uncut cock. 9 1/2 inches long and very thick. My mother stands 5' 9" tall. She is thin with long blonde hair. She has firm but small breasts that come to points with light brown areolas and very long nipples. Her beautiful pussy is shaved with thick puffy lips and a thick clit.

My father slowly slid his big manhood into my grandmothers begging cunt. She shivered and moaned as the long beauty began to fill her hot hole. My mother lowered herself onto her face positioning her clit over granny's tongue. Grannies tongue immediately began to lick her hot erect clit. Her fingers gripped mothers ass tightly pulling her hard onto her face as she licked the hot clit and probed her hot hole with her tongue. My father began to pump harder and faster. My grandmothers body was shivering with delight. My grandfather started rubbing my fathers asshole with lubricant as he slowly slid his finger into his asshole. My father groaned as the thick finger began fucking his ass. He removed his finger and slowly slid a 9" vibrator into dads hot ass. My father began to moan loudly as he pumped my grandmother's hot sloppy wet hole  harder and faster. Suddenly my mother sarted screaming out "I'm cummmmming, I'm cummmmming!!" She pushed her hot wet cunt hard into grannies face as her body jerked and shivered. Granny gripped her cheeks hard as her tongue sid into mom's hot hole. Mom was fucking her tongue hard as her red hot love juices poured into grannies mouth. Granny began to shiver and jerk hard. She wrapped her legs tightly around dad's waste as her cunt exploded. She had a muffled scream as mom was still fucking her face. Grannies red hot love juices were pouring from her like a spigot. Dad was pumping as hard and fast as he could. You could hear the slushing sound from her soaked pussy as dad pumped her. Gramps was pumping dad's ass hard as he filled his ass with the 9" vibrator. Dad started to quiver as his stomach began to jerk hard. Granny squeezed him tighter with her legs as he exploded into her hot love tunnel. His head jerked back and shook as he screamed out loudly. He shoved his big manhood as far into granny as he could as the thick red hot cum filled her begging hole. Granny exploded again as dad filled her hot pussy. Mom sit up on grannies face and slid her hot running pussy all over her face covering it with her hot cum and love juices. She rolled her hard erect nipples between her fingers as she moaned lightly. Granny was trying to slurp up as mouth hot cum and love juices as she could. Dad's pumping slowed as he delivered the remainder of his hot jizz into her. Dad slowly removed his swelled soaked manhood and rolled onto his back the vibrator still in his ass. Mom slid from grannies face and slipped her mouth over dad's spent cock slurping any remaining cum that was still oozing out. She licked his shaft taking the hot female cum and love juices . Gramps layed onto the bed as granny sat on his face lowering her hole onto his tongue. She worked her pussy muscles as the hot load that had filled her slid into gramps mouth. Her hot juices were pouring all over gramps face as his tongue slid into her hole slurping the red hot thick cum that dad had delivered. Dad slid down to gramps cock and slipped his mouth onto his cock. he began to suck hard as gramps ate his hot jizz. It didn't take long for gramps to deliver his hot cum into dad's mouth. As his stomach jerked he raised his ass into the air pushing his rock hard cock as far as he could into dad's mouth. The hot man juice exploded into dad's throat. Dad swallowed as fast as he could trying not to lose a drop of the delicous cum. After everyone had totally delivered their love juices and satifaction they all layed upon the bed. Grannies hot cunt was still running as her big clit peeked out from her long lips.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I was not only attracted to the women but the men also. I wanted to suck their pussies and cocks. I was jerking my 7" cock as hard as I could. My knees were trembling. Then I exploded. It took everything that I had to keep from screaming out. A huge load shot from my swollen cock. Then another and another. I was shaking feverishly as I cum. I had never cum that hard or delivered such a huge in load in my 15 years on the earth. I slid my fingers over my running hole picking up what cum was left and placed them into my mouth. I loved the taste. I wanted a real load in my mouth. From a man and a woman.

I slipped back into my room and crawled back into bed. I would sleep soundly tonight and I couldn't wait to see what tomorrow would bring. 

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