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Grandma's Rose (Part 1)

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Grandma’s Rose


This story is based on a true story, some divergence in time my only deviance from the truth.


It was a Thursday - I had just come home from school and headed to the kitchen for a snack. There I found Mom sitting at the kitchen table on the phone in a housecoat with obvious wet spots from a shower; She was sitting back in the chair with her legs open that revealing her lovely boobies and magnificent hairy patch. She seemed very upset and distracted as I kissed her on the cheek then sitting across from her as my eyes took in mom’s forbidden delights.


Mom is a very pretty lady of 42, packing only a few extra pounds. She’s 5 foot 5, somewhere around 135 lbs with a lovely 38-C bust and stunning dark brown shoulder length hair. I have often seen her in varying stages of undress that never phased her one bit. We have a great Mother/Son relationship since dad left the picture about 26-months ago having come home one Friday afternoon to pack some things and ran off to another city with an old-flame. It was mom’s obligation to tell my sister and I that night.


I had been distracted in thought while still starring at my mother and not realized she had hung up the phone and was sitting there quietly crying. I immediately went to her kneeling between her legs; “What is it mom? Why are you upset?” asking in a compassionate but slightly demanding tone. I had got more demanding just before dad had left so I could be noticed. What do you expect from a 17-year old kid.


“That was grandma’s neighbour. Grandma C. is sick, they think she had a mild stroke from not taking care of herself. I need to get down there but I can’t get away till Sunday because of business (mom was a very good real estate person), your sister has midterms and your aunt Betty is in Brazil for several weeks. I know it’s a lot of responsibility Patrick, but could you drive up and take care of my mom till I can get there mid-afternoon Sunday?” she pleaded and how could a young male teenager say no while kneeling between his own mother’s naked thighs.


“I can easily do that mom, I only have 2 classes tomorrow if you could call, I’m doing very well in those subjects.” I stated.


Standing quickly so that my face was so near her fabulous bush as I inhaled her scent. “Come along then, lets get you packed and on the way.” She blurted out as she brushed past me her robe still open.


By time I caught up with her in my room she had tied the robe belt closing off my chance of further enlightenment of her gifts. She was opening my closet and pulling from the back of it my suitcase throwing it onto the bed. As I opened the zipper, she started handing me clothes. “You’ll have to do some cooking and probably some house work … and you better phone me right after you get there and fill me in on what’s happening … and you’ll need some money …” In the process of much moving about her robe had come untied again and I was smiling while feasting on her womanly treasures.


“What are you grinning at … Ohhhh, sorry”, she said in ruffed voice while re-tying her robe. “…And you better pack several of these to keep you occupied …” she smiled as she handed me several issues of porno magazines from my bottom drawer. “Now come to my room when you get that zipped up …” and off she flew again.


I slipped in my special magazines of mature women and zipped the suitcase shut. I carried it to the hallway and knocked on mom’s open door, her back was to me as she put on a pair of panties, her bra already in place.


“Oh stop starring, you seen enough of your old mom to last you a life time.” She said with absolutely no hint of anger accompanied by a sweet smile. “Here … (reaching into her purse) is $250.00 … gas and whatever other things maybe needed till I get there … ” She stood up and looked me in the eye. “Can you handle all this Patrick … (I nodded yes) … I owe you big time! …”

As we passed through the kitchen she flipped me the keys to her car, “I’ll take the van on Sunday … drive carefully … and remember to phone me!” she insisted and then surprising me gave me a tender hug and kiss on the cheek. As I climbed into her car and just about to shut the door, mom ran up with a single rose “Give this to mom, from me…” she said with a tear flowing down her cheek, then looked wildly about her as the garage door was opening she stood still in her bra and panties and stepped back into the kitchen and blew me a kiss.


- - - - - - - - - -


It was just dusk when I arrived at Grandma C’s house; I rang the doorbell and was greeted by the lady next door. “I’m the grandson of Mrs. C., I’ve come to watch over her till mom gets here.” I announced.

She filled me in on the details she knew and gave me a phone number she’d be at explaining she too had a sick husband and was off.


Entering the house and closing the door I set down my bag going off in search of Grandma. I found her resting in her bed and had to explain who I was and why I was there. “It is nice to have some company … I guess I been sick …” and went on to explain that she hadn’t been eating or drinking much fluids, got weak and filled me in on what the doctor had told her.


I got settled in her spare bedroom and called mom, “… She has slight reduced strength on one side, something called a TIA, some form of mild brain attack affecting her movements, not much appetite and needs to rest a lot …”


Mom had filled in the blanks and stressed that I had to help grandma to the bathroom or any type of movement and not to be surprised if she forgot who I was … and many other details.


I started my rapidly thrust upon temporary career of nursing having made soup, toast and tea that I brought to Grandma, talked while she ate and later helped her to the bathroom where I had nothing but two left hands and all thumbs. I discovered she had several layers of clothing that I had to get through before I could seat her and seeing the bathtub asked her when she had a bath last.  I needed some advice … call MOM! “Mom … Grandma says she’s not had a bath … ” only to be coached by mom over certain details thus I learned ladies needed to wipe and still further how to give a bath … that she loved me and was very proud of me … call anytime if I needed advice.


“Grandma, I need to … you know … mom says I need to wipe you down there and then I’ll give you a bath …” I stammered and stumbled tongue-tied.


All the while grandma nodded and smiled, “I know … I haven’t been able to …”


So, with far too much toilet paper and a violet coloured blush I reached between grandma’s legs as she remained seated, wiped her pussy, ran bath water and slowly almost seductively undressed her while admiring that her breasts were not to her knees as friends said happened to women over 50 and that even at 66 grandma looked pretty hot even with her slightly grey but nicely trimmed beaver. 


As I assisted grandma into the tub in a sitting position, I swallowed my innocence and washed her with a soapy face cloth; I think I lingered lustfully on her breasts because her nipples grew taunt with occasional short gasps of breath, then I hesitated, how do I begin to wash her between the legs?


“Grandma, I need to wash your … well … (I pointed between her legs) …” I shyly said.


She lifted or a better description would be she slid down into the tub some and arched her pelvis “Is this better … now take your time, wash between the folds …” she said as she winked.


Scared and bewildered I looked at her attractive pussy, it had many folds so while holding each (I guess their called lips) I tentatively began to gentle wash in simple strokes. I stopped immediately as Grandma took a sudden intake of air accompanied by a suppressed “Ohh” that progressed to “Umm’s” when I came out of my “responsibility” role and looked at her as a woman who lost her husband at least 7-years or more. Looking at grandma’s face with her eyes closed she had a content smile occasionally softly biting her lower lip as I washed and played along her lips; I searched and found her partially hooded bud brushing the face cloth ever so gently across it, amazed to see that it grew to nearly 1 ½ inches accompanied by far more frequent “Ahhs”. My lingering slowly ceased as I washed her inner thighs to the soles of her feet.


Grandma was smiling at me as she, “that was nice … “


I had some difficulty helping her up safely to stand on the bath mat to towel her down, again slightly lingering in all the right places before I assisted her to sit on the bed. Grandma directed me to the bottom drawer of her dresser for a lovely mid-thigh nightgown that I managed to put on properly the first time. Once I got her laid back on her pillow I asked if she would like to talk to mom for a few minutes, which she did.


“Hi Mom, no everything is ok, someone would like to talk to you.” I handed over the phone and slipped out to go to the bathroom. When I came back several minutes later grandma gave me back the phone and I reassured mom all was ok.”


“I know you had to do some things you were not expecting Patrick, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your efforts and embarrassments your doing on my behalf I won’t ever forget it.”


Grandma was smiling as I told her mom had sent her something special; I slipped out of the room to return with the red rose. I held it to her nose to inhale its fragrance and grandma began to cry. I sat beside her asking her, “Why the tears?”


Grandma whispered through her tears, “It would have been our 45th wedding anniversary on tomorrow and your grandfather always gave me a single red rose in the evening to tease me all night with it…”


I hugged her to me for endless moments and found myself kissing her hair as I whispered meaningless words of endearments as the compassion flowed from me. I asked very quietly for the rose which she handed to me and not knowing if I was doing it right started to lightly touch her cheeks, ears and over her lips at times slipping the rose across her eyebrows and down along her nose lingering for her to inhale the scent. It pleased grandma greatly her eyes closed a marvellous smile lit her face in afterglow.


I quietly got up and turned off the overhead light leaving just the table light to cast a soft glow.


I again sat beside grandma once again running the rose against her skin with ghostly whispery lightness. I smiled as I traced along one side of her neck to cascade in very light rolling motion to the valley of her breasts, there to trace her breast with a thorn edge across the material only to end up circling her nipple drawing it across to slip down the other side just to repeat the process on the other breast, back and forth I floated in whispery touch till grandma was panting with excitement. Now the thorn point slithered down her silken nightgown tracing patterns that ended at her belly button then widen out again slowly converging at her pubic region.


I then peeled the covers gently away from her supine body, beginning the process from her feet up, not one square inch (other than her back) was missed as I slowly alternated from thorn to ghostly feathery pedals touching her skin; My efforts were rewarded as grandma breathing became ragged, her legs opened revealing her exposed womanhood as her hand slide her gown higher.

The rose never stopped its taunting pleasure, slipping inside her thighs slowly working its way to her triangle. Her legs opened wide in a magnificent spread with her good leg bent at the knee, her foot firmly planted on the bed, hips thrusting to meet her tormentor. Her treasure was open to my devilment. Teasingly just as I reached and lightly brushed the rose up her slit she had her first orgasm that pleased and shocked me at the same time, I never dreamt that a woman of her age could have sexual feelings –

to me, I though life ended at fifty. Her pleasure now meant more to me than anything as I repeated the entire performance from head to foot again targeting her triangle.


On the third time, I worked her now seeping pussy, her juices glistening and wetting the bed below her thrusting hips as she softly begged for pleasure. With her wondrous spread I could easily assess her now swollen pussy lips, tracing each edge again with thorn and pedals – always centring on her clit well out of its hood. The soft pedals caressed one side of her clit to roll over and have the torn offer a different feeling along the other side then reverse the feelings. Her creamy nectar flowed from her now pulsating vagina opening, Her moans, ahhh’s and ohh’s followed quickly with suppressed but audible “Cumming” as her whole body shook.


After her 4th or 5th orgasm, I substituted my hot breath and tongue along her inner thighs again working towards her clit, she screamed softly with intense pleasure as I licked and suckled her pussy lips, tasting for my first time a woman’s sacred nectar. Its honey taste beckoned to me and I feasted at her offered table lay before me. Tonguing her clit and sucking it into my mouth brought forth several more body raking orgasms till I became aware of her pleading voice, “I can’t take anymore, please enter me … ohhhh please now …”


I had not even thought of “fucking” grandma but to say my swollen penis needed relief was beyond words having had several raging erections since I had got home from school seeing mom, stripping grandma and bathing not to mention the torture I had been inflicting on grandma; glancing at her bedside clock showed minutes after midnight, I hungered to slip into mom’s birth place. Slowly as not to wreck her mood I edged my clothes off while I continued suckling her triangle alternating between cold and hot breaths; I straddled grandmas open legs taking my place before her offered opening of desire.


My swollen cock touched her slick creamy opening; I stretched her opening to allow my size to enter without hurting her. To my utter amazement several inches slipped in to be welcomed by a sizzling gush of her nectar as she exploded on my entry. Thrusting down with virgin ineptness I shoved in several more inches and held – enjoying the incredible heat of her marvellous tunnel, her one hand gripped my butt cheeks pushing me in as she thrust up thereby allowing me to sink to my total length. We lay coupled like that for a while as my cock did little flips inside her creamy depths, I peeked down between us seeing my cock buried in my grandmother and encouraged by her thrusts into me, began thrusting to meet her, before long I was fucking grandma with abandon … long slow thrusts, rapid jerking thrusts, full length insertions as my experience grew. Grandma withered and shook beneath me as she had orgasm after orgasm. I was in heaven more to the point I was where mom had come from and I long dreamt of having sex with mom.


My need to release was building as my inexperience showed; driven by grandma’s multiple orgasms, thoughts of this beautiful lady beneath me and visions of my mother pushed me over the top, I let lose with a flurry of savage thrusts that erupted my backlogged sperm with blasts into Grandma that coated her vaginal walls, who in return released her fiery gusher coating my cock as the last “Ahhhhhh” was escaping my lips. I collapsed slightly onto her and partly resting on the bed still locked in her sloppy pussy.


Many hours later, I awoke to a rhythmic pulsating on my still buried cock, grandma’s pussy muscles were tightening and loosening as my youthful horniness produced another raging woollen cock. I slowly brought myself above grandma thrusting into her with gentleness. Her bad arm slowly and awkwardly slide up my side to eventually rest on my shoulder as she brought her other good arm up to hug me. “Thank you my angel … your so gentle, loving and compassionate, your grandfather would have been proud…”, as I continued looking into her eyes I fucked her with all the compassion that was in me; she drew me down so I was resting on her breasts allowing me the freedom of my hands which cupped, squeezed and teased her nipples as I continued this slow and I might say very deep fuck into her recesses of her pussy. My reward was again multiple shuddering orgasms beneath my quivering teenage body. Being very considerate I took my weight off her from time to time just to be drawn down onto her by her weaker arm. I know we made love for over 40 minutes as my need grew and grew, only wanting to please this incredible lady beneath me. Her left leg began awkward movements to rest on the back of my leg. I looked at her smiling radiant perspiring face speaking softly down to her right ear, “Grandma, I can’t hold it any longer …”


“Let go … you can have more later …” she whispered as she hugged me tighter.


My trusts quickened driving deeply into her sloping wet hot cunt. Within a few simple strokes my release of sperm splashed in waves against the depths of her maternal pussy, the need to keep thrusting over-powered my caution as her sizzling hot cunt splashed with her own creamy release that again caused me to cum again in my own grandmother. We parted breathing heavily as her much filled pussy flowed freely with our pent-up cum.


Later I helped grandma to the bathroom, she and her gown were covered in sticky gooey cum; I resorted to a juvenile whim as she sat on the toilet – I reached between her legs to finger her well-used cunt still dripping from my efforts.


Bath, breakfast and fresh gown soon found grandma dozing in her chair in the living room. The smile pasted on her face told me she was happy and content. I fell asleep on the couch. Much later I awoke with an incredible case of “blue-balls” that I had several times before from heavy masturbation. I looked finding grandma still sleeping in her chair and devilment overcame common sense. I crept over to grandma, undid her house coat spread her legs ever so gently while slipping her down further into the chair; there to my pleasure lay mom’s birth place and I began to lick her still creamy slit.


I feasted for some time listening to grandma’s moaning and only then became aware that both her hands were holding me in place before her nectar fountain. Her encouragement released my pent up “mother fetish” and I ate her with abandonment reward by again multiple orgasms that shook her tired body. When we were done grandma using her weak arm caressed my face saying in an exhausted voice, “You sure can please a woman Patrick!” I was ecstatic, she remembered my name.


With that buzzing in my mind and a wet face I picked up the ringing phone. “Mrs. C’s residence”

I answered. “Mom … How are you? … We’re all fine!” I answered guiltily to her inquiry. “You’ll be here about 7 … what tonight … ok, can’t wait to see you, I’ll have dinner ready for you … bye.”


Grandma was looking at me with a slightly saddened face, “Not much time left Patrick (as her clock struck out 1 PM) …” I knew instinctively what she meant.


“We have the rest of our lives grandma, you rest and I’ll straighten things up.” I said compassionately leaning to kiss her cheek. Her weaker arm came up to squeeze my hand resting on her breast.


Only minutes after 3 PM, I was carrying grandma in my arms to her bedroom, she was kissing me on the cheek; after sitting her on the bed I undressed her with tenderness, kissing each part of her body then together we snuggled into bed. My loving administration of oral foreplay lasted forever as I again drank from her yielding fountain of pussy cream. Her pleasured thrashing calmed only briefly as I mounted her again; easily slipping into her welcoming burning cunt. We made love twice, each time rewarded with passion untold as she fucked into me as if it was her last time. My splashing cum hitting the extreme depths of her womanhood as I had drawn her legs in my arms bending her open. She kissed me passionately, tongue slithering in my mouth as I gave her a quick shower and dressed her in a lovely dress and following her instructions actually applied lipstick.


While I rushed feverishly about preparing dinner with frequent stops beside grandma to grope her excited breasts and soaked pussy all was ready for mom. At 6:35 PM, the doorbell range and as I went to open the door grandma smiled with a knowing wink.


“Mom … I hugged her passionately to me … I’m so happy to see you …” and meant every word as she stood before me in a short tailored grey suit, nylons and showed off all her best parts.


Mom hugged and visited her mother, complimenting her on her radiance. “I owe it all to Patrick, he feed me good and spoiled me rotten.” She gave me another smile and wink. With dinner all done,  I did the dishes and they talked leaving me to contently doze in the corner of the couch as I followed the conversation from time to time.


I awoke with a start! Mom’s voice was calling to me but I was at Grandma’s … I struggled awake as my mother sat down beside me as I threw my legs to the floor. She leaned in hugging me and showering me with kisses on the cheek, “I’m so proud of you Patrick, so responsible and mom can’t praise you enough (she started to weep happily) … she showed me she can move her arm some, saying you exercised her (sniffling) …” My head swivelled as my eyes searched wildly for grandma in her chair. “Its ok my boy, I’ve tucked her into bed some time ago.” We sat there quietly with mom still hugging me before she quietly said, “I cannot leave mom her by herself … would you object if she moved in with us?” she questioned.


“That’s good, cause it was mom’s idea; she is really taken with you … ” she said excitedly, “And now young man, we better tuck you into bed you had several long days…” she stood tugging me upright. We walked down the hallway, mom’s arm around my waist till we came to the spare bedroom, she slid her hand down taking mine leading me in and softly closing the door she whispered, “Grandma says I should be very proud of you … she also says you have some pretty unique talents for such a young man and I do owe you big time for taking care of mom …”, with that she clicked off the room light.

Would you like parting 2 of Grandma’s rose, emailing me your encouragement and your stories ladies.


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