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Grandma Bonnie's Ride

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As it turned out only Brian would be taking his mother-in-law to the airport. The rest of the family stayed home. He didn’t mind since they had been getting along so well.  They had about an hour drive, but traffic was light this early in the morning, so it was an easy drive.

As they talked he couldn’t help glancing over noticing her breasts straining against her white blouse. They say if you look at your wife’s mother, you will know what your wife will look like in twenty years. He certainly hoped that were true, but Jenny just didn’t have the equipment her mother had, and never would.

He could see the outline of her low cut bra, and just enough cleavage to be tantalizing but modest. He didn’t want to be caught staring, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of them, imagining they were fully exposed, as he cupped them in his hands, and ran the ball of his thumb over the nipple. His mouth watered and he licked his lips as he imagined how a ripe nipple would feel on his tongue. 

Bonnie noticed that he seemed to be intent on something, so asked “Were you going to say something?”.
He stammered around a few seconds then just blurted out “I couldn’t help notice how you have a better shape than Jenny.”

His comment caught both of them off guard. He never meant to say something like that, it just came out. There was dead silence for a full minute before Bonnie broke the tension.
“I’m afraid an old woman like me has lost most of her shape.”, she joked. But she noticed that Brian was staring at her bosoms and she was flattered.

Brian was quick to reply “You sure look good to me. I’m sure you were a knockout when you were Jenny’s age, but you still have all of the curves in the right places.” Unconsciously his hand repositioned his prick which was getting chubby. Bonnie noticed this and asked “Are you getting excited, down there? Do you really find me attractive in that way?”

Brian nodded his head, but couldn’t think of anything to say. He watched as his well stacked mother-in-law unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse, and opened up her cleavage. She was feeling naughty, and it was showing. “Do you want me to show them to you?” she asked with a smile.

Brian noticed they were approaching a rest stop, so he put his blinker on and got on the exit ramp.

As he pulled the car into the parking spot, he watched as Bonnie scooped her ripe melons out of her bra and let them spill over the front of her blouse. Her nipples were in plain sight. Without waiting to be invited he reached up with one hand and lightly squeezed one tit.

“Man, you’ve got the biggest tits I’ve ever held.” He said bluntly. He played with her nipple as it got hard. He wanted to taste it in his mouth, but he didn’t want to push his luck. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t been slapped in the face already. To his surprise Bonnie reached her hand around his head and drew his mouth right to her nipple.  He took it, and as much of her tit as he could get in his mouth. She left him suck on it a few minutes, then pulled it out of his mouth. “We’d better be going.”, She whispered. She knew what they were doing wasn’t right, but she was getting excited. As she spoke, her hand went to his crotch and rubbed his male member. She knew her grandson had a large penis for his age, and wondered if he took after his father. As her fingers rubbed the outline of the chubby shaft she realized that daddy did indeed have a big one.

Brian was feeling like his good luck was just starting.  He would have been satisfied with a peep and a little tit sucking. Now it looked like he might get more.  He wanted to thank his wife’s mother for being so nice, so he leaned over and kissed her full on the lips. She responded, and kissed him back. As they kissed, using tongues to explore, he played with her tits, and she continued to rub his crotch. She was starting to feel like a teenager again, necking in the car. Then she realized who she was with. This was her daughter’s husband, not her boyfriend. It was Jenny’s place to give Brian sexual satisfaction, not hers. She knew she would have to be the one to stop them from going too far. She whispered in his ear “You need to let Jenny help with this when you get home”, and she gave his prick a little squeeze before releasing it.

“I won’t have time.” He replied.
“Oh, you can get her to give you a quick one. You know, a little oral loving.”

“Jenny doesn’t go for that.” Brian responded, with obvious disappointment. “I’ll have to jack off on the way home from the airport.” He said.

 Bonnie realized she wanted to do more for her son-in-law that they had done. Now it seemed she really wouldn’t be taking Jenny’s place. Brian was going to satisfy himself, without Jenny, that was for sure. The only question was if he would be by himself, or she would be with him.  She decided if Jenny wouldn’t be there, at least she could, it was the motherly thing to do. So she asked “Do you want me to help you with it? I could do that for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Would that be okay?” she asked. At this point she really didn’t know how Brian would react. She didn’t know if he would think it was “too strange” to have your mother-in-law help you have sexual satisfaction. She suspected he would enjoy her motherly touch on his private parts, and she hoped she was right.

Brian knew his mother -in-law was sexy, but she was really surprising him today. He unzipped his pants, as an invitation to her. Her hand slid inside, and sought out his warm chubby shaft. “You can play with my breasts while I do it.” She suggested. She fished his cock out of his trousers, so it stuck out for both to see. She used her fingers to caress and arouse it.  By this time it was very erect. She ran her fingers over it like it were part of a marble statue.  At the same time Brian enjoyed the feel of her ripe nipple as he rubbed it across the palm of his hand. He lightly squeezed each ample breast. He held his wife’s breasts like this on a regular basis, but because of the difference in shape this was much more exciting. And the fact that it was a woman as old as his mother made it somehow more exciting than if it were a woman his own age. He looked at her face in the soft morning light, and imagined what she must have looked like when she was in her 20’s. He liked what he saw. And he liked what he was feeling.

Then a thought occurred to Bonnie.

“I guess we’ll have a mess when we are done” she pointed out.

“There’s a box of tissue in the back seat. Do you want me to get it?” He suggested.

It was then that she realized she didn’t want him to get the tissues. She was thinking of something much more pleasurable for both of them. Helping Brian jack off was one thing, but now she was considering giving him oral sex. She realized that’s what she had been thinking about for the last few minutes.  From the moment he told her Jenny did not give him oral satisfaction, she had been thinking about how much fun her daughter was missing. She imagined the feel of Brian’s hard, young cock in her mouth. These were his best years of his sexual nature, and Jenny was missing half of the fun. She imagined herself demonstrating to Jenny the fine art of cock sucking, although in mixed company she always referred to it as the oral arts. She knew that if she showed Jenny how much Brian appreciated shooting his load into a wanting mouth, Jenny would get as much pleasure as she did. Of course it was more than the moment of ejaculation that gave pleasure. The feel of a hard man-muscle in her mouth gave Bonnie goose bumps, it felt so good. It made her pussy tingle.

Bonnie put her lips to his ear and whispered “I have a better idea.  We won’t have any mess if you cum in my mouth.” Even as she said the words, she could hardly believe she had spoken them.


The thought of this gave Brian’s erection a twitch. He brought his lips to her mouth and gave her another long kiss. She understood that this meant he liked the idea.  Her lips went straight from his mouth to the head of his cock, which she kissed just as lovingly as she had kissed the cheek of her grandson a few hours before. She used her lips and tongue to cover the outside of Brian’s private muscle with caresses. Before she put it in her mouth she raised her head and kissed him lightly on the mouth. Brian released the catch on his seat and left it recline backward. This time as her head returned to his crotch he could watch as her lips nibbled on the head of his cock. He was anxious to feel himself in her mouth.  He used a free hand to hold his cock and stroke it. He guided it toward her mouth, and his other hand pushed her head toward it. She didn’t really resist, but she left him think he was controlling her.  She knew men liked to feel in control. As he pushed his cockhead against her lips she kept them closed, as if she had changed her mind. She also knew men liked a little teasing. She allowed his cock to rub against her lips and cheeks, but blocked entry to getting inside of her.  
“Oh grandma Bonnie, Suck on it.” Brian whispered, and waited for her to respond. But she just continued to tease him.
“Put it in your mouth and suck it.” He insisted. But Bonnie ignored his request. She put her hand on top of his cock holding hand, and left him known by her touch that she would gladly do the stroking for him. He relinquished his pride and joy to her loving touch.

Finally she turned her mouth towards him, rubbing his shaft on her cheek, and asked in a baby voice “Does Brian want Mummy to suck him off? Does Brian want to put his willy in Mummy’s mouth?” That sweet baby voice coming from the mouth of his mother-in law was better than any fantasy he could have.

“Oh god yes mummy, suck on my dick.”

Bonnie took it in her mouth and sucked on it very slowly and lovingly. Brian watched, and realized she wasn’t sucking him off because she felt an obligation. She wasn’t doing it in a hurry, just to make him cum, like Jenny would do. She was doing it because she really wanted to. He could tell she enjoyed the taste of his manhood. Brian knew there were women like that, that liked sucking, but he had never dated one. Now he knew that his wife’s mother was one of those women who liked the taste of cock. And best of all, she liked the taste of his cock. He imagined she liked to have her pussy licked too. Oh how he’d like to play with her tits while he licked her wet pussy. He closed his eyes and imagined his face buried in her furry bush. The sucking stopped and he opened his eyes. Bonnie was rubbing his cockhead, wet with her saliva, over her nipples.
His precum was mixing with her saliva, and it glistened in the morning light.
The morning light was kind to his cock sucking mother-in–law. She looked younger than he had ever seen her.  She used her tongue to lap up some precum, and it reminded him of a teenager licking an ice cream cone. She didn’t suck cock the way the porn stars did. She sucked cock the way your mother would, soft, gentle and loving. She took it in her mouth again, took it all, right down to the base.  Brian could feel his cockhead bumping the back of her throat. He could tell she was almost ready to gag. Her eyes were closed in concentration   but she was smiling. He could tell she had experience in doing this, in giving her partner as much pleasure as she got herself. He couldn’t help notice she was leaving a lipstick ring around the base of his cock. His wife would be sure to recognize that shade of red if she saw it.  He’d have to remember to wash it off before he got home.

He knew that they had to finish up, but he wanted one more gander at those ripe melons.

“Show me your tits again”, Brian requested.

Bonnie sat up, and left her tits hang out for him to see.  He would replay this scene many times in the weeks to come. Sometimes when he was jacking off, sometimes when he was screwing his wife.

“Does Jenny let you titty fuck her?” she asked.  She was playing with one breast and nipple, and Brian had the other in his hand. He shook his head in a negative response. She leaned over to whisper in his ear “If you keep it a secret about what we’re doing, the next time I come to Florida I will let you do it to me.  Brian needs to be a good boy and keep our secret. Next time he can cum in mummy’s face.” She nibbled on his earlobe. “Mummy would like that.” She whispered. “Give mummy a kiss, then she will make you cum”.

Their lips met, and their tongues met. They kissed as lovers kiss.





Brian couldn’t help wondering if his own mother was as good as his wife’s mother, in the oral arts. He knew she wouldn’t be as easy. Not that Bonnie was a slut, but getting your own mother to suck your cock would have to be harder than getting your mother-in law to do it. His own mother had much smaller tits. He got a glimpse of them a few months ago, and had spent some time thinking about sucking on them. The were about the same size as Jenny’s, and if he closed his eyes when he was sucking them, he imagined it was his mothers tits he was sucking. Once when he had just turned 21  they shared a bottle of wine together and his mother fell asleep on the couch next to him. He felt her tits while she was sleeping. He told himself it was because he was drunk, but he had intentionally not had much to drink. He wasn’t drunk, just horny. Horny enough to play with his mothers breasts.  He wanted to suck on them, but was afraid she would wake up. He managed to get his finger in her twat, but she was dry. He could barely taste her when he licked his finger. He was determined to taste her pussy juice, and was working on a plan. He now wanted a plan that included her sucking on his pecker. He was developing a taste for older women, even if they were related to him.

His mother-in-law was certainly a passionate kisser, but it was her cock sucking that he wanted more of. He pushed her face towards his shaft and she eagerly complied. Her face bobbed up and down and she let out little moans of pleasure.
As Brian watched, he forgot all about his own mother, and enjoyed the attention of his wife’s mother.
Her face was bobbing up and down in a regular rhythm that soon had Brian shooting his load into the eager mouth. As she backed off the slimy shaft she swallowed a little cum. With each slow pump she cleaned him a little more, until one final slurp and she sat up with a huge smile on her face.

“Oh Brian, I’m so glad we got to know each other this way. I wish we had more time together.” As she was  talking she was buttoning up her blouse. Brian followed her cue and put his now limp cock back in his trousers and zipped up.

Bonnie was squirming in her seat and seemed to be repositioning her skirt. When she was done she stuffed something in Brian’s pocket. She whispered in his ear “A little souvenir to help you to remember our time together.”

Brian put his hand in his pocket to feel her wet panties. He pulled them out and put them against his mouth and nose to smell the pungent odor of Bonnie’s pussy. What a sexy mother-in law, he thought to himself. Family visits were going to be a lot more fun from now on.


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