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Grandpa loves to make me cream

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It all started when I was 14.  I had a test and pretended I was sick at school so I would not have to take it as I never studied. My dad came to pick me up.  He had an appointment but told me I could stay with my Grandpa until he got back.

I was a little nervous to be alone with my Grandpa because for years he had been sticking his tongue in my mouth and feeling me up. I knew it was wrong but it always made my little cunny so wet. I secretly wished that he would do something more to me but he never went any further then that.

I had changed into some shorts and a tank top and I fell asleep on the couch. Somehow as I was sleeping my grandpa got my shirt pulled up. I awoke to him licking my nipples and he was running his finger along my panties over my clit.  With the shorts that I had on he had easy access. I did not open my eyes to let him know I was awake yet as I did not want him to stop. 

 I peeked a little when he took his mouth off from my breast and I felt his breath on my panties.  He lightly licked over them and I heard him moan. I then realized he had his cock out stroking it.  I was surprised at how big and hard it was for his age as he was around 65. His breathing was getting a little labored. 

I felt him pull my panties aside.  Oh god please let him lick me.  Oh I wanted that tongue in my pussy I was so hot at this point. Then all of a sudden he did stick his tongue on my clit.  I think I squirted right then.  All over his face.  He the sucked my clit in between his lips and moved his head from side to side.  At that point he knew that I was not sleeping as I was screaming oh grandpa I am cumming.  I am going to cum so hard all over your face. Yes please keep sucking it. Please don't stop. I got off so hard I swear I almost passed out.  Well grandpa let me have a break til I caught me breath.  He then started rubbing his cock on my clit asking me if I liked it. Oh did that feel awesome. 

I told Grandpa I wanted to feel him inside my pussy.  He told me he did not want to get me pregnant so for now we would just do it without penetration.  He picked me and sat me on him with my clit over his cock.  He then started to rock back and forth so that my clit was rubbing over his cock. Oh god the friction was driving me nuts.  I started squirting all over his cock just as he started spewing his cum.  It shot clear up into our faces that is how hard he shot.  We shared it on our tongues. 

He then had me go into the bathroom.  He wanted to wash me up.  Oh he soaped me everywhere good.  After he rinsed me he carried me in on his bed.  He had me roll over and put my ass up in the air.  He started licking my ass.  He ran his tongue all over my ass and then would lick clear up to my sloppy wet pussy hole. 

I asked him if he would eat my pussy again.  He said that he would but first he wanted to teach me to suck his cock.  He promised when he was finished teaching me I would be the best cock sucker in the world. He had me run my tongue up and down his shaft.  He taught me how to gently suck his balls and rub my hand over his cock so it felt the best. He showed me with a dildo that he produced from a drawer beside his bed how to deep throat his cock.  At first I chocked a little but before long he had a hold of my head fucking my mouth and his cock was going down my throat.  He shot his load and I swallowed it all. 

He was just getting ready to eat me again when we heard my dad pull in.  It was late.  Grandpa told me if I pretended to be asleep he would talk my dad into just leaving me for the night. 

About 15 minutes later my dad was on his way home without me.  Grandpa came back to the bedroom with some ice, some fruit, and some whipped cream.  He told me we were going to have a little fun.

He took and ice cube and ran it all over my clit until it was so cold.  God I was begging him to stop.  He then took his hot mouth and latched onto my clit.  Oh god was that amazing.  I was about to cum when he started sticking fruit up my hole.  He told me he was going to eat it out of me.  The fruit was really cold.  I think that it may have been the frozen kind.  He then sprayed whipped cream all over my clit and told me he was going to lick and eat me until I was begging him to stop.  Oh that tongue.  He first licked all the whipped cream of from my clit then he started ramming his tongue up my hole as he retrieved the fruit.  This was so much better then masturbation.  OH GOD GRANDPA I AM CUMMING LICK MY PUSSY.  OH LICK IT HARDER PLEASE....OH PLEASE LICK ALL THAT CUM!!!OH GOD!!......OH GOD PLEASE STOP NOW I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!! PLEASE STOP OH UGHHHHH. PUT YOUR COCK IN  ME NOW be continued   



Fucking loved it. never new anything about this till my ex got smashed one night at a party, and started telling me about her and her family's boxer dog, and what she did to it! i was actually a little doubtful at the time, i just thought it was a really

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