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Hearing Mom

trinitykiller on Incest Stories

    I was stressed out from the weeks events so I decided I would just chill in my recliner for a few hours and sleep it off. I was stretched back almost asleep when I heard something. It was the door to my mothers room shutting. I started to fall back to sleep when I heard a soft moan. I couldn't figure out what it was until I heard it a little bit louder.

    I am a pervert and I cannot say I never thought about my mother but I never really did. If i did I would just turn it away. Lately I have not had any good pussy and have been really horny. I jerk off constantly to all sorts of porn. But in an instant things changed. I started to hear something move and it was the creek of her bed. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran near the wall. I pulled my shorts down just incase this was indeed what i thought it was.

    I slowly put my ear to the wall and positioned comfortably so I can hear. The only thing I was able to hear was my own heartbeat racing like a mother fucker. I sat and calmed down and took deep breaths to slow my heart down. It took a lot of deep breaths but eventually I was steady.

    It was not so much the fact that she was my mother, but I am a voyeur and I love to spy on and hear people. I like to listen and use my own visuals just in case it is not all that looking at it. I heard her moan and breath deep and when she exhaled she let out that little moan I first heard. I grabbed my already hard cock and started to jerk off and I almost came in an instant. I let it go just as it was starting to throb. I imagined my mother under the covers with her legs spread touching her breasts. Rubbing them and pinching the nipples. Her hands then were tracing her stomach down to her panties. I also wondered if she like to be teased. She puts her legs up and lightly stroked her inner thighs all the way up and down. She lightly brushes her thumb against her swollen clit and jolts with pleasure and lets out a high pitch moan.

    As I am listening just playing with my balls because if i touch it my heart will race and again I will only hear my heart pounding. I hear the bed start to creek faster and I hear her starting to moan with it in rhythm. She was now starting to really rub her pussy hard and I started to let out a moan but instead I softly said to myself " yeah rub that pussy for me". After I said that everything stopped. Did she hear me? I don't care if I got caught hearing her I just wanted to hear her cum.

    I started to then think if I can hear her she can hear me. So when it was quiet I spit on my hand and started to furiously stroke my cock. It was loud, messy and fucking intense. I let go and just started to moan more than I normally would just in the hopes she can hear me. I started to say "yeah" over and over again. What started out as soft whispers turned into a full out moan. I made a uh huh sound and then I heard the same thing back. I stopped and listened harder to what was going on. I now heard the wet noised of her playing with her pussy. She was seriously fucking herself now. She had to know I was listening because it was now very clear that she was definably doing this. I was thinking maybe I was imagining it but now, it was a perv fetish come true.

    As she fingerfucked herself we traded off moans as I just rubbed the head of my cock. "Yeah"...."yeah"...."uhhhh"...."ahhhhhh"......" yeah"....."yeah". This was so fucking hot listening to her. She started to let go and I heard the bed creaking and it sounded like it could break any minute. For a second I got scared because I heard a knock through the wall. It was a pattern, a 3 count knock. As soon as I heard it things got wild. Her moans and squeals became fasted and fasted and she started to cum. Her moans sounded beautiful and it sounded like she felt great. I of course was so horny i just took my ear away from the wall and started to finish what i started. I was pumping away when I heard a soft moan saying "no"..."no"....." not yet".

    I stopped out of frustration and put my ear up to the wall. I now could not believe what the fuck I was hearing. It was the distinct sound of a vibrator being pressed against a pussy. I could tell because she worked that motor hard. As she did that I did not want to fantasize any more, I wanted to see what was going on. But how could I? I would never want to blow my cover and have her not do it anymore. At this point in my life, I need to hear her cum, and if I can see it, even better. I started to think that the knocking I heard was a signal that she was about to cum. I was surprised that my own mother knew how to fuck herself so good. The bed was not moving anymore but i still heard the vibrator slamming in and out of her sopping pussy. As she lay there on her back with her legs bent and up, she had one hand on the vibrator and the other working her clit. I heard two different noised and figured that's what it was. I then heard that same knock and got my dick out to cum with her.

    I had to reposition myself against the wall because my neck was sore from stretching it. Plus I found a much better spot where i heard it better and clearer. She was starting to cum and she acted like no one else was in the house. The thought and sounds of my mother pounding her own pussy was just too much for me to handle. She started it moan louder and her rhythm and squeals built up. The she was swearing and saying things like " Cum on my pussy baby, shoot that load all over your mothers pussy". Now hold on. Was she referring to me? Holy shit this was amazing. My mother was thinking of me when she said that. She wants me to squirt my hot cum all over her pussy so she can rub it in. "Ahhhh suck you mothers wet pussy baby, please mommy needs it. Yeah like that, Ohhh.....Ahhhhhh.....yeah baby". I then said loudly "yeah mom pump that pussy for me." I thought oh fuck again because she stopped. I was so turned on I started to just slap my cock against the wall to let her know I was doing the same. I was talking to myself but I knew she was able to hear me. "I imagined myself jerking off in front of her spread legs, us watching each other. I was rising onto my knees getting ready to cum ahen I started asking her things like "Where does mommy want my cum? Where am I going to spray my load. Oh fuck yeah...Im cummin' ....Im cummin' " and then I heard her moan "On my pussy baby, all over my hairy pussy" I let go and came all over the wall and came hard. I moaned load and jerked it faster when my cum was all over it so mom could hear me jacking my hard meat for her. At that point she lost it and went wild. She came hard and loud and was moaning and screaming.

    I heard her breathing slow down and she had a few slight moans of relaxation and pleasure.
The phone rrang and we both jumped up to get it at the same time. We opened our doors together and she had a shit eating grin on her face. She looked down and saw my dick still semi hard in my shorts and smile. For a monent, between the rings of the phone, it felt like an eternity. On the next ring she slid past me and as she did her ass pressed into my cock and it jumped. After the phone call we walked past each other and knew that this was not over with.

to be continued

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