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Helping hand

Jim Moore on Incest Stories

I had been on the road and was going home when my wife called and said that my older sisters daughter had a water leak in her bathroom and ask me if I could stop by and see if I could fix it. My neice is 20 been married but divorced and lives alone. She is a little puggy but not bad. Real nice set of tits and good looking. I called her and told her that I was coming over to see if I could help. When  I arrived she answered the door with a t shirt on and very short shorts. I could see her nipples sticking out thru the shirt.

We went into the bathroom and she had a small leak that didn't take but a minute to fix. She ask me if I wanted something to drink and I accepted a glass of tea. I sat down on the sofa while she got me the tea, and when she came back she sat down very close to me and looking at those nipples made my cock twithch.

She started telling me how wonderful I was for comeing by and helping her and didn't know how she could repay me. I assured her that she didn't owe me anything. I drank the tea and said "I better go". but she begged me to stay a while.

"Uncle you know that you have always been my favorite uncle don't you?"

"No I didn't know it but it was very nice to hear it from you".

With that she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then put her arms around me and the next kiss was on the lips and I could feel her tongue proving to get into my mouth. I opened and accepted her tongue. She took my hand and put it under her t shirt on one of her tits. By this time my cock was getting pretty hard. I penched the nipple and rubbed her tits. She pushed them out and was moaning.

She laid down and pulled me over on tip of her and said, "Make love to me Uncle."

"Are you sure Judy this what you want?"

"Oh yes I'm sure, I've wanted it ever since I was a teen ager".

I pulled up her shirt and there was a pair of the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I took one in my mouth and sucked one tit while I rubbed the other one.

"Let's go to the bedroom Uncle." I picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her down.

"If we're going to do this let's take our pants and shorts off". She unbuttoned my pants un zipped them and pulled them off. When she pulled my shorts off my cock was hard as nails and it stood up straight.

"OH what a big beautiful cock". She took it in her hand and started stroking it up and down just looking at it.

"Let's get your shorts off Judy" She almost ripped her t shirt off and pulled her shorts off and lay down beside me. I started sucking her tits again and she moaned and I put my hand on her cunt she sucked her breath in. I was findering her lightly and she spread her legs and pushed up trying to get more of my finger in her wet pussy.

She said "I want to suck it, I want to suck your cock Uncle". With that she got down took my cock in her hand and was licking the head. It was like she was making love to my cock. She took the head in her mouth and licked it.
"Oh Judy that's wonderful....suck my cock rub your hand up and down the shaft and suck me." I was so fucking hot I knew I was going to blow my load in her mouth. "I'm going to cum baby if you don't stop sucking, but that only made her spead up jacking me off while she sucked me. I felt my balls get tight and I warned her, "I'm cummmiiiiinngggg.....Oh OH I'm cumming" as I shot a huge load of cum in her mouth she tried to swollow it but there was to much and some leaked out.

"Oh baby that was wonderful the way you sucked me off".

"I've wanted to suck you for years and I loved every minute if it."

I pushed her over on her back and started kissing her tummy and went down to her cunt. I kissed her pussy lips and sucked in her breath again and let out a "OH Uncle". I started licking her  pussy from top to bottom flicking her clit every time I was at the top. She had her legs spread wide and she grabbed my head to pull it closer to her hot cunt. I tongut fucked her and then  started sucking on her clit.

"Oh that good Uncle your so wonderful your so good....suck my cunt make me cum on your tongue." It didn't take long as she was cumming she pulling my head hard into her pussy screaming"I'm cumming....don't stop....keep sucking....Oh shit I'm cumming." By this time my cock was hard again so I got between her legs and put the head at the enterence of her fuck hole and rubbed it up and down her wet slit. I pushed a little and the head slid right in.

"Fuck me Uncle fuck me with that big hard cock I need it so bad fuck me hard and make me cum" "Your cock is much bigger than Bills and he is the only man to ever fuck me". I pushed and shoved my cock all the way into her up to may balls. She screamed "OH YES". I started pumping long and slow in and out and each time I pushed in she would meet me by raising her ass up trying to get more cock in her.

"Oh uncle fuck me ...fuck me fast...I need to cum....I have never cum on a cock....I want to cum...I need to cum soooo bad." I started pumping her hard and fast and oh was she ever tight and so wet. "Oh Judy baby you have a great pussy to fuck". I was pumping hard and fast banging the shit out of her cunt. "Oh...good....cock.... big....hard...cock" as she tried to talk while I fucked her. "Oh YES YES don't stop....I'm close....fuck me...fuck me." I lowered my head and took one of her tits in my mouth and she started to scream, "I'm almost there...don't stop...faster...faster OH I need to cum sooo bad fuck me uncle."

"I'm about to cum Judy cum with me" " Oh yes uncle cum in my pussy fill me with your cum" " I'm there I'M CUMMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGG" and with that I shoved my cock as deep in her as I could and shot my cum in that tight sweet neice pussy.

I fell over on the bed with my half hard cock leaking cum exhausted. She told me that was the first time she had ever had a climax with a cock, but always had to masterbate to get off. "Thanks Uncle for giving me a helping hand and you can come back any time and there will always be a wet hot pussy waiting for you"

If you liked the story let me know, if you did'nt sorry just don't read it again.

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