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Hiking Vacation-part 1 - By Fantasayweaver

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        It wasn’t my idea to come up here. My mom insisted that the fresh air would be good for the both of us, I recall her saying “ Its good to get away once in awhile and have an adventure”, as we packed the car with coolers, back packs , and what have you. Since dad was also way on a very long business trip...again... my mom thought it would be a great time to take a trip. She was always the nature type despite the fact that we lived near the city in our quite suburb home. My mom always loved to be outdoors swimming, hiking, rock climbing , and “ Be one with nature as she called it.” Which some times makes me wonder why did she marry dad. He was very up tight, tailored suit, fortune 500 kinda guy and how he decided to get hitched with nature girl here I would never know. Me? I preferred to be inside reading or something. But despite me indifference towards the trip her I was sitting in the car half reading a very long book and half day dreaming about, mainly about Christy.
       She was the hottest girl in the school and every guy drooled over her when she walked in the halls. The crowd seemed to part just for her as she strut by with her long wavy fiery red hair bouncing off her shoulders. She had a absolute perfect figure, round ass, big breast, and eyes with the deepest shade of blue ever seen that seemed to shimmer like water just ever so slightly. I knew I had next to no chance of getting her to go out with me, not that I was ugly or skinny, or even fat for that matter, I was just in the gray area. I was just Very smart very shy, two combinations that just didn’t make the girls come running. 
       Just the same I watched this spectacle about every day from the confines of my locker as she walked by. Even guys that I knew didn’t even have a locker near here would some times wait around just to catch a glimpse of her before heading off to class. I slumped a little more in my seat and tilted back on the head rest. I imagined her coming up to me from out of the crowd with feet almost not touching the ground and white glow all around her. She put her hand up on the lockers next to me and come in closer. I would put my hands on her thighs and run my hands slow up her skirt.
       Pushing out her chest giving me a great view and look at  me with those deep blue eyes and saying a sexy velvet voice “ Hey, John whatcha yah reading?”
       ‘What the hell’ I said to my self and snapped back into reality like a I just had a bucket of ice water thrown at me. I sat back up in my chair. Noticing the bulge in my pants that was growing I tilled my left leg up a bit and tried to calmly play it off..
        “ You falling asleep or something on me.” my mom said. All I could manage was a “Huh?” She giggled a little and flicked on the radio turning to some light pop music I didn’t recognized. “Is it any good?” she asked. Still feeling some residual shock I replied “Is what any good?”
        “The book your reading sleepy head” she said jestfuly  “Cant be all that great if its putting you to sleep huh?” Thinking to my self for a second “ Its not that bad, im just tired that’s all. Where are we any way?” I hadn’t noticed all this time that we where off the high way and driving on a more rural road. “ Where like forty minutes away from the lodges. Why don’t you take your nose out that book though for now and enjoy the ride. I mean look at this view isn’t it gorgeous?” Even I had to it admit rather nice out here, it was very sunny but cool and very sweet smell hung in the air. Taking in the air with a deep breath as I looked around at all the passing trees and small clearings of grass darting in and out of view.
       My eyes drifted across to my left looking out over the hill side and taking in the panorama view of the valley below. Still drifting along my eyes came to my mom. I always did admired her for her nature beauty and im not sure if was something in the air or just the wonderful area we where but something seemed different.
       I traced her with my eyes I suddenly began to see her in a some what different light, not just as the regular nature loving house wife and mother but....some what...erotic. I tried to shake the thought of it from my mind. She reached up and hit the moon roof button, breathing in deep and smiling as she just looked on ahead. My eyes brought me back to her , soft slivers of light from the trees over head danced over he soft fair skin. It illuminated her long curly blond hair and made her green eyes shimmer in the light. Working my way down I noticed really for the first time how big and full her breast where, true works of art, round and with nipples that came out just a little. Try all I might her figure captivated me and her tight white tank top only made me want to reach out and feel them.
      ‘What the hell am I thinking’ I said to my self trying to bring my bring my self back. This is my mom im the woman to raised me and nurtured me. There has to be something wrong with me. Ok well just one more look cant hurt. Can it? My eyes returned to there it left off and continued to drift down. There was a small area of skin where her tank to stopped and her short tan hiking pants began. Her back curved down to form the perfect ass, it was smooth and round and tightly fit into her pants. It perfectly complimented her long silky smooth legs. Starting with her thick but tone thighs, I traced down her legs to her perfectly delicate feet daintily garnished with light blue sandals. ‘I wonder why I never really noticed her figure before’ I thought as I retraced my way back up her body, stopping at me favorite spots of course. Answering my own question I thought in my head ‘Cause I gone crazy prolly that’s why’ I laughed inwardly ‘...but still she was very attractive.’
       Finally we turned to another side road and in a few minutes we pulled up to the park center that also catered to skiers in the winter. “ I’ll be right back” she said as she hopped out the car.
       Looking around I noticed only a few cars fact not too many on the road up too. I guessed it must be the off season. A few minutes later my mom emerged from the building with that I assumed to be the key to the cabin. As she briskly walked back to the car I noticed her breast bob up and down entrancing me for a moment again.
       She jumped back into the car and we drove up a short trail to the cabin. The cabin was nestled far back from the main path and surrounded by tall trees. From the outside the log cabin looked relatively new. We pulled up to the front and got out take out our stuff from the back, I just stared up at the tall trees and flowers that were probably the source of the wonderful smell. I took in a deep breath when my mom interrupted me trance.
        “Come on you, yah going to stand there or help with the bags” She smiled as she tossed a nap sack that kinda caught me off garde. Upon entering the cabin laden with bags I noticed it was a rather large cabin. It had a big bed that was bare though, a small kitchenette, rather up scale for a hiking lodge I thought. We unpacked, fixed the bed, prepared quick dinner, and then headed out on one of the shorter trails since there wasn’t that much day light left. All the time I tried to keep my mom ahead of me so I could enjoy some other views.
       When we came back it was rather late and we where both kinda tired. We took turns in the bathroom and slipped into some night close. I opened the window to let in some air, and let in the sweet smell from the bushes outside. The curtains danced on the cool breeze and I climbed into bed. Since the only blankets on it where the ones we brought with us I only had a thin layered blanket to cover up with. My mom came out the bath room and was busy was pinning up her hair to notice me looking at her. She wore a pink nighty that only went down to her upper thigh and I also noticed was some what ill suited for the size of my mom’s large breast. Looking up the smile at me she blushed a little and glide across the room she bent over to the night stand and took something with a glass of water. All I could think about is why couldn’t that nighty be a little shorter so I could get the full view of perfectly shaped ass and maybe a little more
       She Climbed into bed, laying down with back to facing me and laying some what diagonally on the bed on the bed. Softly resting her head on the pillow she drifted off, and so I faced the window so I wouldn’t stay up all night admiring her perfect curves.
       I began to drift off, half way to dreaming a rather chill breeze came in across the room and I instinctively turned to my mom to get some warmth. I was adjusting the blanket when my hand came up and brushed up against my mom’s nighty. Now fully awake I dawned on me that she wasn’t wearing any panties! Could I? No...well...just maybe a little feel.
       My hand drifted back down to her hip and slowly pulled up her nighty a few inches and gently put my hand under it feeling the warmth of her skin. She didn’t stir. I caressed it a little more now slowly going up and down. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment and while I went up and down around and along her groove. Her legs where pulled up a bit and so I could feel the full curve of her soft full ass. My hand traveled down the full length of her groove but then my hand brush up against something else. I pulled up her nighty a little more to find that I had the perfect angle on her pussy!
       I drew back a little to see if she would stir. Nothing. My hand went back down and felt the soft warm pussy , it was smooth and shaven. The outer rim was so soft and gently folded I was transfixed on the silky feel of it. With to fingers I traced the edges of her pussy, one finger on each side going back and forth. It felt like electricity going up my hand up my arm and down my spine. In the back of my mind the thought of this being my mother just made the feeling stronger. I rubbed her pussy deeper making small circles, opening and closing her lips. She was getting very hot and wet, I held my breath a little as I slipped my middle finger into her pussy a little bit. She still didn’t move, so I got a little braver and delved in deeper. The feeling was incredible, I couldn’t believe how wet she was, her pussy was smoother then I could have imagined and it pulled back on my finger when I pulled it in and out. By now my cock was rock hard and ached to fell inside of  her. But could I go all the way? To commit such a sin against god? Im mean this was my mother and her I was rubbing her pussy, making her wet, and getting ready to put my cock in her. Dispelling the thoughts I thought ‘Well maybe just a little bit to feel it but that’s it and go back to bed.’ Slowly I pulled out my hand and reach into my pants. I shifted my body closer , lined my self up, and pulled my 8 inch dick out.
       I tested the waters by pressing my dick up into he ass to see is she would react. Nothing. I pushed in a little more to feel her soft ass against my dick. I though to my self ‘ maybe I can do that later’. I pulled out and shifted down more till I was lined up with the warm wet pussy I so deeply desired. I pressed my cock up against her pussy and rubbed the full length of her pussy with my shaft. Her pussy lips parting to sink my dick in a little more. Judging by her lack of reaction besides her increase warm and wetness, I think I was safe enough to enter her now. I pulled my cock back a bit then slowly guided my dick into her now hot pussy and gasped as I pushed in..
        The feeling of my dick inside my moms pussy overwhelmed me so much, a shock running up my dick and into me almost made me push into her pussy a little more then I wanted to. I had to brace my self by putting my hand on her ass cheek. She stirred a little and I froze. I waited a few minutes then nothing else. Part of me wanted to quit while I was ahead. But the rest of me wanted to dive in more. Just so long as that doesn’t happen again I should be ok. Keeping my hand on her hip I pulled my cock out a inch or two then slowly pushed in again. She was so tight but I could still easily slide in. Her pussy engorge my cock and I could feel her pussy opening more to fit me in. At the same time I reach up her nighty to those big beautiful breast I caressed and rubbed the outside of her nighty. They where even bigger then I thought. I just had to feel one uncovered! So I pulled down the front end of her nighty to expose her huge soft breast. Rubbing my moms tits and having my dick in her pussy felt like pure ecstacy. I continued to push in and out of her, taking in every ounce of the feeling, the warm radiating off us now was incredible. She was getting wetter and wetter as I slide my cock in and out. But  by mistake I came completely out and while was I was going back in I brushed up against her clit with my head on the way back in. She stirred and even more so then last time. I froze with my head thought spinning in my head, ‘ Oh my god she going to wake up with her own son dick half buried inside her cunt. Oh my god she’s going to hate me and disown me for taking advantage of her like this. She is going to think im sick and send me away...can she get pregnant? I cant have a child with my mother...shit her eyes are opening.”
       Completely Frozen I watched her eyes slowly open half way. ‘ That’s it im dead’ I though to my self. Her hand reached downed between her legs and touched her pussy and my dick that was in it. Afraid of what she might do I laid still while she slowly followed my dick to my balls with her hand  then run it back up to her pussy again. But to my surprise a smile same across her face, she closed her eyes and did something even more amazing. She adjusted her self and pushed back into me, I looked down to I watch as the rest of cock disappear into my mom’s pussy! This was like a dream, not only was I fucking my mom she was letting me! With my dick fully inside my mom’s pussy she twisted a little and turned her face towards me and said the best words I ever heard in my life
       “Please fuck me some more baby” I was shocked and so turned on at what she just said. “But mom I don’t ....I don’t have a condom on.”
       “Don’t worry bout that hun” she said in a sexy half dazed voiced “lets just enjoy ourselves with this special moment” She reached up and kissed me during which I noticed what was on the night stand, it was a small round case and then realized what it was. I focused back on to kissing my mom, then pulled out my dick from her pussy till it was almost to the end. This caused her to break off the kiss and gasp a little, and as I pushed all the way back into that hot wet pussy of her’s and  she let out a soft moan. She put her head back on the pillow and pulled down the rest of her nighty giving me full access to both her breast. Putting my arm around her waist I repositioned her, arching her back more and giving me the perfect angle. Then I started up just like before pushing in and out of her this time fucking her cunt with my full length. I rubbed and sucked on her breast that made  her to moan again and again. Taking her breast in my mouth my tongue danced around her nipple, pulling and sucking it and my hand rubbed her other breast. They were so supple and firm I loved to play with them. Sucking on her breast and sliding my cock in and out of her warm pussy put us both in a heavenly state.
       “Oh god.... like that baby.....oh god yessss fuck me like that...”
“please be a good boy and fuck your mommy like fucking your mom huh?...oh god im going to cum.. You like having you hard cock inside your mom’s tight cunt....oh god im going  to cum all over you cock....”
       I increased my speed with every word she said and brought her to her first orgasm. Her body tensed up as the wave of pleasure washed over her. Her pussy pulled on my cock so much I almost came. After the orgasm passed she said “ Oh god that was wonderful please don’t stop.” I then pulled completely out of her and laid her on her back.
       I crawled to the foot of the bed then taking one knee in each hand I spread her legs before me. I marveled at the site of my mom spread open for me, her hands where up under her pillow supporting her head and I had a full view of both her breastnow. And finally I got to see that perfect pussy that I been fucking all this time, the beautiful pussy my mom has open up for me and welcomed her on sun to fill with his cock.  Her pussy was so warm and so wet. My mom’s pussy juices and my pre cum flowed freely from her cunt. It was absolutely perfect. I lowered my self on to her and for the second time I witnessed my cock part and slide past those warm soft lips to disappear into her soft cunt, once when it was all the way in I lowered my self on her breast. The sensation of both are bodies pressed up against each other was incredible, and the feeling of having my entire cock in my mom’s vagina pressed up against her cervix was divine. It was hard to believe that all these sensation where coming from my own mothers warm pussy. As the heat passed between us we just stared into each other eyes then embraced each others. With my hand on ether side of her and her hand around my back I lifted my self up. I could feel her legs tighten a little around my waist then relax when I was in position. Then while still looking into those dark green eyes started to slowly pull my cock out of my mom’s tight warm pussy and then feel it go back in, taking in the smooth silk feeling of her soft pussy. Then she said the words to set me off again “Fuck me”.
 Now harder then before I pushed in and out her, her warm velvet pussy sliding my cock in and out of her. As she started to meet my thrust she began to moan more and more. The heat was building up and her cunt was nearly gushing her pussy juices out now. She moaned in delight as a orgasm hit her , then another, the waves keep flowing over her and she pushed up into me at full force and I pushed back. I was about to cum and couldn’t hold it any longer.” Oh god mom im going to cum”
        “Cum baby cum in your momma’s hot pussy.....ohhhh yesss....I need your cock to fill me.....ooohhh godddd.... fill my cunt with your hot cum.....fill your mother please ....OOOHHHHH GOODD!!.”
         It was then that the final wave hit us both, her pussy held tight I thrust one list time into her going deeper then before. I slid clear past her cervix and unloaded my cum into her. Our body remained tense as what seem for every as I spilled load after load of my cum directly into her. Finally I clasped and out of breath on her, too tired to even pull out my cock.
 Only my mom had enough energy to speak “ God that was wonderful.” She held me close to her “I can still feel all your hot loving cum deep inside me and you cock still inside my cunt, you’ve completely filled me up.” I managed to muster the strength but still breathing heavily to reply “That was better then.... I could have possible dreamed of....your pussy feel so good mom.”
        “I love having your cock inside me I cant get enough, I guess im your bitch now huh” she said beaming smile followed by a giggle. I grinned as she kissed my fore head “ Well form now on when ever you want your mom, even when you come home form school just call me and ill come up lay on your bed, spread open waiting for you to fuck me. Maybe you can even come in to the kitchen...bend me over the counter... so you can put your cock in my pussy and fuck me right there” she ended with a yawn and we both drifted to sleep still embracing each other.

Part 2 to cum later ...tell me what you think. This is my first story so please point out any thing i can improve on or spelling errors for the next part.



Yah the next version has been extended and i gone over it multiple times trying to find spelling and grammatical errors. Lol, its kinda hard since i cant exactly hand this off to some one else to proof read. But thanks for all your comments and Im sure yo

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