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His Twin Girls - 1

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“Hi, Daddy” they said in unison. The twins were the joy of Bill Delaney’s life, since his wife had disappeared with just a note several years ago, when the twins were just preschoolers.

“I can’t take it any more” said the note. “Motherhood is too tough, and I just have to leave. Please tell the girls for me.” That was it. No further explanation as to why she was leaving. Try explaining that to your beautiful children. Both the twins and he were in tears as he tried to tell them. Mollie and Abbie were too young to understand, yet it seemed that they did on some level.

“Hi, girls” he replied. “How was school?” He was lucky enough to be a writer, and could be home when they got home every day.

“Boring!” said Mollie. She is always the forceful one, not afraid to let you know how she feels. “Everything we’re studying seems to come so easily right now.”

“Ditto” echoed Abbie. “We could probably study at home and get as much out of it as we do cooped up at school.” They came from good stock--both their mother and father had well above average IQs, and passed that natural ability to the girls. A curse and a blessing at the same time.

“Daddy” said Mollie “…can we go swimming? I’m nearly soaked with sweat, and so is Abbie. I promise we’ll come in when you say it’s time for dinner. Can we, please?”

We have a pool in our back yard. It’s just a small pool, but it has clean water in it, and it is out of sight of prying eyes, with a privacy fence around the property.

“I know, the gate” she said. “Mollie, would you do that for me?”

Mollie, wanting to get even for Abbie’s ‘cheating’, said “Do what, Abbie? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Even though her back was turned, their Dad could see Mollie’s grin.

“Gee thanks, sister. I’ll do it myself.” Then Abbie climbed out of the pool, naked as the day she was born, and walked across the yard to the gate. She made sure that it was locked, then turned back to the pool. Both girls were beautiful. Their mother was tall and slender, and they took after her strongly. They were 5’3” tall, with shoulder-length soft red hair, parted in the middle. Deep blue eyes, 32B tits, and long legs that showed that neither had hit her full height yet. Their legs met at sexy asses, and they both had a light cover of light red hair on their pussies. Both had freckles all over their bodies from top to bottom, about the only thing they got from me. They were very fair, which was the reason that Bill insisted on sunscreen when they were out at the pool.

“Thanks, Abbie” their father called out to her. She looked at him and smiled that killer smile that they both possessed.

“You’re welcome.”

“Now don’t forget to put on sunscreen, OK girls?”

In unison, they replied “OK, Daddy.” When Abbie got over to the pool again, with boobs bouncing on each step. Despite being their father, the sight of them nude caused him to begin to get an erection. “Mollie, would you put lotion on me please?”

Mollie decided she’d tortured her sister enough, and got the lotion out. “OK, lie down.” She got a handful of lotion, and began spreading it all over Abbie’s back, starting with her shoulders, and running down to her ass. Mollie seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time there, but there were no complaints from Abbie. Mollie then went down Abbie’s left leg, over to her right, and up her thigh where she began running a finger up and down her pussy. Bill could see Mollie’s forefinger partially disappearing between Abbie’s pussy lips, which caused his cock to get harder. Abbie started to squirm and moan before Mollie suddenly stopped.

“Other side now” Mollie said. Abbie turned over and Mollie started at the shoulders again. When she got to Abbie’s boobs, she spent enough time on her nipples to get them standing up at attention. Both girls had rather long and sensitive nipples, about ½” long. Abbie began moaning again, then Mollie covered her sister’s body, legs, and eventually her pussy with lotion. Once again, she spent time with her finger sliding between Abbie’s pussy lips, and again, Abbie began squirming and moaning, until Mollie abruptly stopped.

“Now it’s my turn, Abbie.” Mollie took her place face-down on the deck, and Abbie started the same routine on her twin. Mollie still had her bikini on, so when Abbie got to her strap, she undid it to allow freer access to her sister’s back. Once Abbie finished Mollie’s back, she went to her legs, massaging the lotion into her thighs, paying special attention to her inner thighs, then slowly rubbing her calves, first one, then the other. Then Abbie went back up to Mollie’s bikini bottoms, and peeled them off, allowing her access to her ass and already wet pussy. Abbie began massaging her sister’s ass, allowing the lotion to run between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy. When Abbie touched Mollie’s pussy lips, Mollie stiffened like she had been given an electric shock. Abbie then rolled Mollie over, and began with her legs again, working from the ankles to the thighs, bypassing her pussy and moving up to her shoulders. Abbie then moved to Mollie’s equally sensitive and long nipples, which caused a moan to escape Mollie’s throat. Abbie pulled on Mollie’s nipples until Bill thought they would pop off her boobs, then moved down to her midsection and finally to her pussy again. Once more, she began to moan as Abbie’s finger began to part her pussy lips. Abbie inserted finger from her other hand into her sister’s pussy, and held it there for a moment, allowing Mollie to get used to the feel. Then Abbie began in and out movements with her finger, getting it soaking wet. Mollie began to moan in pleasure as Abbie brought her closer and closer to orgasm with the movements of her finger. Then, with a touch of her thumb on Mollie’s clit, Mollie had a mind-bending orgasm, coming in little spurts on Abbie’s hand.

“My turn to do you now” said Mollie, and quickly they changed positions. Mollie immediately stuck a finger into her sister’s already wet cunt, and began the same in and out movements with a finger that Abbie had just performed on her. Mollie then inserted another finger into her twin’s cunt, and kept the movements going. As Abbie came closer to her own orgasm, she raised her ass off the pool deck and said “OH GOD, MOLLIE. I’M COMING, I’M COMING…”. Then Abbie began spurting herself, soaking Mollie’s hand and arm with her own juices.

Their ministrations had their effect on their dad as well. His eyes were glued to them as they brought each other pleasure, and his cock grew to its fullest 7” length. He began stroking while Mollie stroked Abbie’s pussy, and stroked even faster when Abbie returned the favor. He groaned when he saw each of them have their orgasms, and moaned when each stopped stimulating the other. Bill put his cock back into his pants when each girl dived into the pool to cool off. After both girls climbed out of the water, they laid on their lounges to get some sun, with pussies facing directly toward their daddy. ‘Time to quit peeping at the girls and get back to work’ he decided.

‘I wonder how long they’ve been doing this’ he asked himself. ‘Is this true lesbianism, or just young experimentation? I really need to talk to them about sex and sexuality again’ Bill thought. ‘I have spoken with them on several opportunities before, but maybe it was time for another talk. We all know what each other looks like nude, because we didn’t usually wear swim suits in the pool. And each of us has been caught wandering around the house undressed, though less frequently in the last couple of years, since they began developing boobs and pussy hair. They still sometimes take showers with each other even now; I suppose with identical twins, there are truly no secrets between them. But maybe it’s time again…” he concluded.

Bill got back to work and lost track of time. Both girls reminded him that he was late with dinner by bursting into the study, wrapped in towels, and saying “Daddy, what’s for dinner?” They seemed awfully playful even still, shown by the fact that Mollie grabbed Abbie’s towel and yanked it off right in front of him. Abbie shrieked and feigned embarrassment, then yanked Mollie’s towel off, too. They began wrestling and struggling with each other. Bill broke up the ‘fight,’ grabbing both around the waist, but they continued wrestling, this time against him. He tried to free himself, and ended up with a handful of Abbie’s boobs, and almost immediately the same happened with Mollie. He thought this was about to go too far when one of them tried to fake a punch and hit him right in the crotch. Bill went down on the floor, grabbing himself, and then both girls were on top of him trying to comfort him.

“I’m sorry, Daddy” came the tearful response from Mollie.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I’m not mad. It was an accident and it will be over shortly. Why don’t you two get cleaned up, and I’ll call in an order for Chinese food. Chicken and broccoli sound all right?”

“Thanks, Daddy, that’s great” said Abbie. Then they scampered off to the shower together. Bill heard concerned mumblings at first, then shortly after that, their normal giggling. Once finished, they both exited the shower still nude.

“Can we just do without clothes tonight, Daddy?” said Mollie. “We’re not going anywhere, and we just don’t feel like dressing. Please say it’s OK” she pleaded.

“All right, all right, quit begging. If you don’t want to dress, stay nude. It’s your choice. But you can’t go to school running your big mouths about this--someone will stir up some trouble for sure. OK?”

“OK, Daddy. And thanks” Mollie responded. Abbie echoed Mollie’s sentiments “Yeah, Daddy, thanks.”

Then the doorbell rang, and the food was there. They ate in the living room, watching TV at the same time. After the news, a movie was on that Bill had been wanting to see. He don’t usually let them watch X-rated movies, but he made an exception tonight.

With the combination of both girls nude in the living room with their dad, plus the racy scenes in the movie, his cock was responding in the typical fashion, growing like it was trying to poke a hole in his gym shorts (he had no undies under them). The girls responses were pretty typical, too, with nipples growing erect. When he unconsciously reached down to stroke his cock, he noticed both girls begin to rub their pussies, and soon their fingers began to get a bit wet also. Abbie, the freer of the two, soon was dipping her fingertip just inside her cunt, and the squishing noises were soon heard. Mollie drew her legs up on the couch, spreading her pussy lips wide open, and began giving herself the same treatment as her sister was giving herself. As another sexy scene began on the TV, he noticed that both girls’ fingers were going slightly further into their cunts, and now both pussies were making the squishing noises that could be heard from Abbie moments ago.

Bill’s cock had grown to its fullest, and the head was poking above the waistband of my shorts. By this time, he couldn’t have cared less what was seen, since both girls were already naked, so he slid his shorts down a little for comfort. This got the rapt attention of both girls, and while they moved in and out of their pussies, he began the up and down stroking of his cock. He noticed that their fingers were further inside their pussies than before, and both were alternating between looking at each other and looking at their daddy. Abbie was the first to begin moaning, followed closely by her twin, and both began to cum at almost the same time. When Bill realized what had just occurred before him, his cock began spewing cum harder than he could ever recall before. The girls were seemingly amazed by this, watching him very closely, then they pivoted around on their asses so that their pussies were right in front of him. They began stroking their finger in and out of their pussies again, and both came for him, spraying their pussy juice out of their holes like it was a completely normal event. They all took a couple of minutes to come down from their experience, then after they caught their breath, Bill figured they needed to talk.

“Girls, I’m sorry I let you watch a movie like this. It probably wasn’t the best judgment I’ve used. And I’m sorry we all masturbated in the open for all to see. That definitely wasn’t the best judgment, no sir. So, I’m sorry for all that…”

Then Abbie jumped in. “No, Daddy, we have wanted to have a naked day with you. And we both have wondered what an X-rated movie was like. And both Mollie and I have loved being naked with each other and with you, too! I can’t tell you how good that makes us both feel, right Mollie?”

Mollie responded “She’s right, Daddy. Since we’ve all seen each other naked, in the house and in the pool, what’s there to hide? I say we keep on doing it. Besides, who’s going to know? And what harm is being done to anyone?”

Bill’s head was spinning. On the one hand, he was just masturbating in front of his daughters (and they in front of him), while watching an adult movie with them. On the other hand, they seem to have no problem with what they just did. So maybe Mollie is right--what harm is being done?

“OK, I give up. If we don’t want to wear clothes around the house and pool, so be it. But you can’t talk about our nudity with each other to anyone else, understand?”

“Understand” they said in unison.

“Now, it is getting late, so I’m going to go to bed. I think you two need to get there also.”

Then the three of them went unashamedly naked down the hall to their bedrooms. Both girls’ boobs were bouncing and swaying with each step, as were their asses. Bill could feel himself getting horny again, and he could feel his cock begin to respond accordingly. Fortunately, his bedroom was the first door, so he could give them quick kisses and head into his room, pending erection unnoticed.

Bill climbed into his bed and lay down to all the contending thoughts concerning this evening’s events. He quickly fell asleep, though, and those thoughts were banished until morning.

Later, Bill was aroused from his sleep by a sound. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard “SSSSHHH”, so he just lay there as though he was still asleep. Hearing nothing else, Bill started to fall asleep again, when a squeaky floorboard made a sound, indicating someone was walking (creeping?) across my floor. He just lay still again, to see what was going to happen. He wasn’t scared, since he was pretty certain who was in the room (the twins, no doubt), so he just wanted to see what they were going to do. He lay on his side, facing them, and soon could feel somebody’s little hand reaching out to touch his cock. With the touch of her hand, his cock began its ‘growth spurt’, eliciting a giggle from one (‘Mollie, I believe‘), and a quick ‘ssshhh’ from Abbie. With continued stimulation, his cock continued growing until it became as hard as it could get.

“Now what?” Definitely Abbie.

“Susan told me that you’re supposed to take his thing into your mouth and suck on it. Then after a few minutes, his thing shoots some stuff all over you, like we saw when we were watching that movie with Daddy.”

‘Who is Susan, and what in the world have they been talking about’ Bill wondered.

“That was HOT tonight, wasn’t it?” whispered Abbie.

“Yeah, especially when the man shoots his stuff into the girl’s mouth. I want to try that with Daddy” replied Mollie.

“Really, Mollie? I thought doing it with your own Daddy would mean you have weird babies or something.” Abbie has always been a little naive.

“What are you talking about?” said Mollie incredulously. “You’ve heard too much crap from our friends.” Then Bill’s cock was inserted into a mouth. It felt heavenly, even though it couldn’t go in very far. He guessed he was relieved that they weren’t experienced. The opposite would have been far worse.

“How do you like it Mollie?” asked Abbie.

“I can taste something other than his skin. I think his thing is leaking something into my mouth.”

“Is it gross?”

“No, just different. I’m going to keep going and see what happens” replied Mollie. She returned to the job at hand, and soon, Bill could feel his cum start to rise as she gave him head and stroked his shaft. He decided to keep quiet and see what their reaction would be when he started to cum. Just then, his cock erupted, though not real strongly, since Mollie was still inexperienced at stimulating him. She immediately pulled back, and cum shot all over his belly and bed, and Mollie’s face.

“What does it taste like, Mollie?” asked an incredulous Abbie.

“I can’t really describe it. Maybe a little salty. You try it, Abbie” said Mollie.

“OK, if you’re sure it’s all right.” Then Abbie licked a little off the end of his cock, and paused for a moment. “It’s not bad. Kind of strange, but not bad. I think I’ll have some more.”

Then the two girls began licking cum off their dad’s belly and cock, keeping him erect the entire time. After he was cleaned up, Abbie said “Let’s go back to our room now, before we get caught. Besides, I need you to lick my bottom for me.”

“Same here” said Mollie. “Let’s go.”

And they were off to their room. He could quickly hear them pile onto one bed. His only thought was “Are my girls eating each other out? Did I hear them correctly?” To answer those questions, Bill sneaked down the hall. Their room door was still wide open, and a bed lamp was still on, giving him an excellent view of the twin girls in a 69. He stood in the shadows of the hallway, so he wouldn’t be seen. Mollie was on top of Abbie, and Mollie’s pussy was pointed straight toward him. Both were still hot from the events in their dad’s room, and were moaning into each other’s pussy. Abbie stuck her first finger into Mollie’s pussy and Mollie quickly arched her back. Bill saw her pussy spray her juices in pulses when she came. Mollie soon repaid her sister by clamping down on her clit, and he saw Abbie lift her ass off the bed as she had her own orgasm. Abbie also seemed to be having a spraying cum, soaking Mollie’s face as she did.

Needless to say, Bill’s cock had already hardened at the sight of the twins sex session. He began stroking his cock while he watched them, and soon was coming again himself. He shot cum all over his hand, and what he couldn’t control went on the twins’ door. He wiped his hand on his body, and when he looked up again, saw that Abbie and Mollie had changed positions, and were now face to face, sharing a passionate kiss and licking juices off their faces. They each had a hand on each other pussies, with the other hand stimulating boobs and nipples. They were stroking in and out of each other‘s pussy, bringing each other closer and closer to orgasm. Abbie was first this time, and with her legs spread wide, again shot her cum in pulses. When she had recovered, she put a second finger into Mollie’s pussy and used her thumb to put pressure on her clit. This brought Mollie to a shuddering orgasm, pulsing her juices all over Abbie’s hand. Both girls fed each other their pussy juices on her sister’s hand.

When they were finally tired, they began hugging, sexily mashing their boobs against each other. Each was playing with the other’s ass, and Bill couldn’t have imagined a sexier scene. Mollie finally reached over and turned off the light, and Bill sneaked down the hall to retire to his room. He could still hear them talking to each other in the next room, broken by an occasional giggle. Bill finally fell asleep, dreaming of the scene he had just witnessed, and wondering what was yet to come.


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