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Horney Cousins

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Kari and I both went into my bedroom and she crawled into my bed. My eyes were glued to her ass that were hugged tightly by her panties and the wat patch inbetween her legs. She sat up against the headboard and spread her legs, The crotch of her panties stuck to her pussy lips which were fairly puffy.

I removed my clothes, just leaving on my boxers and sat down next to her. I pressed play on my dvd remote and it went back to the lesbian threesome I caught Kari masturbating to a little earlier. Kari started to rub herself on the outside of her panties letting out little moans of pleasure. Her other hand carressed my thigh. We turned on our sides to face each other and started making out. I pulled her into me, holding her tightly, feeling her tits against my bare chest, I rubbed them through her tank top. They were firm and filled up my hand. At 14, Kari had a great pair of C-cups tits. As I rubbed them, Kari leaned her head back and I started kissing her neck and down to her chest that wasn't covered up by that tank top.

"Get on your back, Tommy." I obeyed and she stradled me. She began running her hands through my chest hair and pinched my nipples when she can to them. I slid my hand under her shirt and began pinching her hard nipples. The were like pencil erasers. She giggled with pleasure and told me not to stop. She took her tank off and finally revealed those magnificent breasts to me. I pulled her down on top of me and started kissing again, our bare chest mashed together. I moved my hands down her ass, I started caressing it over her panties. I pulled the fabric up her crack and grabbed those fleshy cheeks of hers. Her ass was somewhat big for her size but in no way fat. It was round and stuck out a little but so sexy, I didn't want to let go.

"Let's switch," I pinned her on her back and kissed her all over her chest avoiding her nipples. As I did this her nipples turned a dark pink and she shook her whole body making them jiggle. Still holding her arms down to her sides, I took her right tit into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and gently sucked on it. I ran my tongue in circles around her areola and left it with a firm kiss and moved my way to her left nipple. I copied what did to right nipple except this time, after I kiss it, I bit on it gentley getting some load moans from Kari. I let go of her arms and began massaging each tit as I would move to left and right sucking on each nipple. At this point, Kari reached into my boxers and pulled out my 8 incher. She started stroking it and I knelt above her and she sat up and placed it in her mouth.

"Oh fuck. Where did you learned this? You're only 14." I was in heaven. She bobbed her head up and down, covering my shaft with saliva and would swirl her tongue around the head. I layed back down and she knelt up this time.

"These pantied are in the way. Here take these for me." She slid them down her legs revealing her hairy cunt. She shoved the panties in my mouth and I was able to tasted her yummy juices. He lowered herself onto my cock. She winced in pain. "Ooooo, oooooo, oooooo. Ow, ow , ow. Oh fuck, Tommy, you're so fucking big. Ah, ah, mother fucker. AH FUCK!" That last scream assured her hymen was not broken until now. I took the little sluts virginity.

I gently thust in her while she was on top of me. She set her own pace which was slightly faster than what I was going at. I wanted her pussy to get use to the feel of a cock inside it. She bounced up and down on me and her tits would bounce, he belly and thighs would be jiggling with ripples of flesh. She layed down on top of me and we would kiss some before she would sit back up again and I just admire this beautiful woman that let me fuck her for the first time. In about five minutes she came all over me. She looked a little dazed after and I held onto her so she would get off. I pulled her down and top of me and held her cheeks just inches from my face so she could look me in the eye.

"Do you want me to come inside you?" She smiled seductively when I asked her that.

"Yes. I want your sperm inside me."

I fucked her for a few more minutes. She came again which sent me over the edge. My orgasm was simply amazing. Although it only lasted a few second, it seemed to go on for minutes. I unloaded what felt like a massive amount of semen inside my beautiful cousin. Kari climbed off on me and kissed me, we kissed for several minutes before she said anything.

"I forgot the movie was playing." She told me. "Can I sleep in here tonight? My legs are too weak to walk right now."

She's been sleeping in my room every night since. 

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