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Hot Summer Day: Cousin's Seduction

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After Jen was blindsided by the demand that her mom made we just kind of sat there for a minute.  Then Jen looked down at my cock-which was now beginning to engorge itself with blood-I smiled at her and took her hand and placed it on my cock.

"I'm not sure I should be doing this." Jen said.

"It's ok Jen. You're doing fine.  Just grab his hard cock and move your hand up and down." Aunt Cindy requested.

I leaned over and gave her a deep kiss on the lips to make her a little more comfortable.  She resisted only a little and then she gave into the lust.

"Jen you have always been incredibly hot! I've wanted you since you were 13." I said to her.

Then she started to get more and more comfortable. Aunt Cindy started to rub her clit watching Jen stroke my hard cock while we kissed. Then Aunt Cindy took Jen's shirt and pulled it over her head and threw it on the ground.  Then she unclasped her bra to let those beautiful tan,perky, 16 year old tits hand lose.  I then started to use a free hand and pinch my cousin Jen's nipples and then I used my other hand, slid it underneath her skirt, and played with her clit through her underwear.

"ohhhh!" She cooed into my mouth.

"Mommy is going to fuck that young virgin pussy too." Aunt Cindy implied.

Jen stood up slid her skirt and underwear off to reveal a juicy, puffy, wet pussy.  As she got on her knees-not once letting go of my cock-aunt Cindy laid down face up and Jen sat on her face so her mom could her pussy while she sucked my cock.

"mmmmmm" Jen hummed on my cock.

"Your so fucking good!" I groaned

Her mom just slurped away at her daughter's cunt.  Jen took her mouth of my cock while feverishly stroking it and screaming....

"Oh mom! Yes! fuck yes! Lick my virgin cunt! Yes mommy yes!"

Cum began flowing from her cunt to her mother's mouth.  Then they both stood up and aunt Cindy came over to me.

"Ok hunny. I know his cock is really big and it might hurt a little.  You might not be able to take all in your pussy, but mommy is going to show you how she fucks your cousin's 13 inch hard cock!", Aunt Cindy said.

Aunt Cindy stood over me and I grabbed her ass and slid her down on my hungry cock.  She was so wet my entire cock slid inside her.  She grabbed Jen and made her get on her knees.

"While he fucks your mother's pussy you will be on your knees and I want you to not only play with my clit but also take your tongue and run it all over his cock when it comes out of my cunt. You need to lick all my juices off his cock!" Aunt Cindy demanded.

With that my aunt began to bounce up and down on my cock. I reached around and grabbed my aunt's tits, pinched them, and squeezed them. All while Cindy played with her clit, licked her mom's clit and licked her mom's juices off my cock.

"oooooooohhhhhh!" I grunted

"Fuck me harder Zack! Fuck your auntie! Bite my clit Cindy! Bite it hard Jen!" Aunt Cindy yelled.

"I'm cummmmmmmmming! Oh god yes! yesssssss!" Both Jen and Aunt Cindy simultaneously began to cum.

Aunt Cindy got off my cock and she had me get up, had Jen bend over the couch, place her hands on the top edge of the couch and I of course stood behind that glorious ass and pussy. Then Aunt Cindy moved Jen's hands again and she sat on the top edge of the couch against the wall with her legs spread. I didnt fuck my cousin just yet.  She was a little worried about the size of my cock so I got on my knees and while she slurped and ate her mom's wet pussy I licked her cunt from her clit all the way to her virgin asshole.  I nibbled her juicy ass cheeks while both her and her mother loudly moaned. Then I took my tongue and began fuck her tight asshole and with another hand pinched her clit and fingered her cunt.

"Yes Zack! Fuck your cousin's ass.  Fuck it hard!" Aunt Cindy yelled.

"Fuck me harder Zack! Please fuck my virgin asshole!" My cousin pleaded.

I licked, sucked, and nibbled harder and harder.  Then I placed two fingers inside her asshole and feverishly fucked her ass.


"DON'T STOP! Mommy is cumming baby! Mommy is cumming too!" Aunt Cindy yelled

They both began to cum again but this time it was a lot harder than before.  Aunt Cindy began to squirt uncontrollably all over her daughter's face and couch while Jen let Niagara Falls flow onto the ground.

"ok,,,ok. It's time for you to fuck your cousin's hard cock!" Aunt Cindy said out of breath.

Out breath and sweaty Jen laid down on the coffee table and I stood over her. Slowly sliding my hard thick cock inside her extremely tight 16 year old, virgin pussy.

"It hurts! Slower please" Jen pleaded.

"Quit being a baby! It will only hurt for a minute!" Aunt Cindy said. Then suddenly aunt Cindy stood behind me and pushed my ass hard enough to impale through my cousin's cherry. Yelling, tears in her eyes, and with a little blood coming out, my cock slid all the way into Jen's cunt with just 3 inches still out. Determined to get my entire cock into her daughter's cunt my aunt pinched and played with Jen's clit until her cunt got wetter and wetter and my cock was able to push through another barrier.

"OOOOOHHH!" Jen cried

"See it wasn't so bad! His cock feels so good doesn't it!" Aunt Cindy said

Then she stood back, sat on the couch, and played with her clit and her tits while I took my cousin's virginity.

"Fuck me Zack! fuck me harder! Please fuck my cunt as hard as you can! I want to feel every inch of you inside me!I want you to cum inside my wet tight cunt! Jen screamed.

"Fuck her harder! HARDER!" Aunt Cindy exclaimed while she was kept playing harder and harder with her own cunt.

"yessssssssssss! GOOOOOODDDDDD. I'm cummmmmmmminngggg. You fucking cock is so juicy! Its soo gooooooood!" Jen yelled as she exploded all over my cock

"uuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggghhhhh!" I grunted

"He's going to cum Jen. He can't cum inside you! You can't get pregnant!" Aunt Cindy exclaimed

All of the sudden Aunt Cindy grabbed my cock, got on all fours hovering her cunt over Jen and I quickly shoved my cock into my aunt's cunt once more and fuck it for a few more seconds while Jen played with her clit....

"I'm cummmmmmmmmmmingggggg! Oh Aunt Cindy! oh GGGGGOOOOOOD! Oh Jen drink my fucking cummmmmm! Yessssssss!" I roared as I began to cum into my aunt's cunt but with such fury that it came gushing out and Jen began to drank it with her mouth wide open.  Once I stopped cumming I grabbed Jen and licked her tits, nibbled on her nipples and fingered her cunt to another orgasm.  I was in such a trance I didnt care that some of my cum had dribbled down over her tits.

My cock was now softening.  We all couldn't make it to the couch so Jen rolled over off the coffee table and I had her collapse on top of me on the floor.  My aunt collapsed next to us and she laid on my left leg so she could lick the head of my soft cock.

"That was great!"Jen said

"I wish I didn't have to go back home!" I sighed

"Well you're 18 so you technically don't have to." Aunt Cindy devilishly said.

I ended up moving in with them for a while. We fucked each other, Aunt CIndy and Jen fucked each other, or we just fucked each other one-on-one. After 2 years of living there I decided to move and get my own place due to a demanding job, however, these days when we all get together for a family gathering all three of us manage to always sneak off together and go somewhere and have some family fun.

I am now 27, my Aunt is now 47 and more gorgeous than ever, and my cousin is now 25 married with two beautiful girls, and she said they might join us sometime when they get a little older. I will keep everyone posted.

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