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How i got fucked by my mom and sister

gidisu3 on Incest Stories

i am 17 years old and i always walk around in the house with only boxer shorts. unknown to me, my movements around the house attracts the attention of my mom and my little sister. my dad is always on business trips so i always find myself alone with my mom and sister. one saturday afternoon, with my dad away, i was so tired after the night before because of a party, i went to sleep. my mom came to my room and because i was a deep sleeper, was able to take off my boxers without me knowing it. she proceded to tie me up. after i was tied up, she woke me up and started to tell me about the fantasies she had about me. she told me that everytime i was in the house with only my boxers on, she got so turn on from seeing the outlines of my ass and dick that she had to slip either into her bedroom or the kitchen and masturbate. at first when she woke me up, i was outraged but when she started to talk about her fantasies, my anger evaporated. unexpectedly, she took my dick in her hands and started stroking it. i was getting hard by the minute. everytime i tried to speak, she slapped me and told me to be quiet. she stroked my dick until i was stonehard before she took me in her mouth. after she sucked for some time with her expertise, i started moaning and telling her to suck it harder. she left my dick, undressed, and came to sit on my face. she told me suck and about time, i wanted her so much, i sucked without complaining. while sucking my mom's pussy, i felt someone touching my dick. i thought it was my mom, so i said nothing. after a while, i felt my dick being sucked hard. now i knew it was not my mom but because i was enjoying myself so much, i did not think much about who it might be. my mom turned around and shouted "what the fuck are you doing, Rosana?" i realized that my little sister was sucking my dick. i wanted to shout but my mom's cunt was in my mouth. my sister had come home from her friends and on her way to her room, saw my mom sucking my dick. this turned her on so much that she started masturbating right at the opened door. she told herself she was not going to let mom get all the fuck while she, who alway fantasize about my dick raming her tight pussy, only masturbated. so she waited till my mom sat her cunt on her face before making her move. this story turn my mom and myself on so much that we allowed my thirteen year old sister to join the afternoon party. my mom came on my face and i also came all over my sister's face. after a while, my mom untied me. she got on her fours and i ramed into her while she licked my sister to orgasm. after that, i lay on my back and my sister put her tight pussy on my stonehard dick and my mom on my face. I fuckedand sucked for hours and still we fucked. after this threesome, we fucked everytime we got the chance.


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