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Hypnotizing my sister

Anthony Dennis on Incest Stories

My younger sister Beth had developed, with my help, a fetish for getting fucked while pretending to be asleep.  I had stripped her, fucked her,exposed her to strangers, arranged for other guys to fuck her,  all while she pretended to be asleep.  One Friday night we found a way to increase the fun and the danger.

It started when my buddy came over and asked to spend the night.  My folks said ok and I could tell from the look on Beths face that she was ready for some games.  Later that night my buddy and I were downstairs in the recroom watching TV.  Beth came down wearing her babydoll nightie.  As you might recall she had really modified it nicely.  She had rehemmed the top so it didn't quite come down to the top of the low cut bikini style panties.  She had worked on the panties too.  She had very carefully cut out the liner and then took sandpaper and rubbed the top and bottoms both very nearly sheer.  You could easily see the sparse black pussy hair that was just starting to grow on her slit.  You could also easily see her nipples.  As the nightie was actually a size or two too small the bikiini bottoms were forever sliding to one side or the other.  Half of her pussy and one ass cheek were always visible.  I loved it.

Beth was carrying a blanket and a pillow with her which she dropped in front of the TV and began arranging.  She was on all fours facing away from us so we got a great look at her ass and the part of her pussy that was peeking out. She told us that she had asked our mom if she could watch the movie with us and mom said if we didn't mind, she could.  I grumbled just a little bit, only because it was expected.  I wanted to see her pussy just as much as my buddy did.  Beth laid on the blanket facing away from us on her stomach with her feet in the air.  Her legs  were spread and as she moved around a little more of her pussy was made visible.  I know for a fact that she used to practice the moves that would most easily shift her panties around. 

We watched the movie for awhile but it became boring so I started channel surfing.  We came upon this cable show that was a hypnotist doing his thing on some people.  But it was "R" rated stuff.  We hadn't watched it very long and I got a great idea. 
I asked Beth if I could try to hypnotize her.  She knew immediately where this might lead and so agreed instantly. I could tell my buddy was also very interested in this idea.  She and I sat on the blanket and I repeated some of the words I had heard the guy use.  It didn't seem to work the first time with her so we tried again.  It seemed as though this time I was successful.  I made her do some stupid things and then my buddy said that he didn't believe she was hypnotized.  I assured him that she was and told him to just watch.

I had her lay down on the blanket and then told her she was getting very hot.  So hot that she would need to cool down by taking off her clothes.  Immediately she stripped off her top.  Her small firm breasts showed off their aroused pink nipples.  I could tell by how erect they were that she was very very aroused.  She then promptly slid her panties down and off.  She left her legs slightly parted.  You could see her pink inner lips peeking out.  The few dark black hairs that dusted her slit just made the sight even more erotic.  I heard my buddy take in a sharp breath.

I continued on....I told her she was thirsty and to go upstairs and get some water for her and us both.  My buddy looked at me with a shocked expression.  I knew that our folks had gone to bed and that the danger of being totally naked upstairs where she might get caught would really arouse Beth.  Very shortly she came back down stairs with our water.  We ignored ours and watched her drink hers.  

I had been thinking about what to do next while she was gone and had an idea that seemed great.  I directed Beth to go back upstairs and get a t-shirt and some shorts on and to come back downstairs.   My buddy thought I was killing the fun but he had no idea of what was to come.

She came downstairs wearing her t-shirt and a pair of very short terry cloth shorts that showed a goodly part of both ass cheeks.  Very hot. 

I told them both that they were to follow me.  I walked outside and they followed.  We lived in small town so every house had an alleyway behind them.  We took the closest one.  I then directed Beth to take off her clothes.  She stopped, took them off and handed them to me.  We proceeded to walk 6 more blocks.  She was doing great, acting like she didn't know she was naked, even when we crossed the street and glow from the corner street light illuminated us fairly well.  No chance to miss the fact that she was naked, if you saw her.  We could see, when we were in the light that some of her pussy juice had escaped and leaked down the inside of one of her thighs.  My buddy and I were both sporting some very stout wood. 

We stopped behind a house that had every window in the basement lit up.  I handed Beth her clothes back and told my buddy that we were going to crash a party.  A guy a grade or two older than us was having a party.  I knew there would probably even be some high school guys there.  We walked in the back door and a brother to another friend of mine was right there which kind of saved us.  Mostly it was Beth and her tight t-shirt and very short shorts that saved us.  We went downstairs.  

There were some guys and girls down there, some were making out. Most were drinking beer.  I found the guy who was having the party and spoke quietly with him.  I explained, with Beth right there with me, that I had hypnotized her.  He snorted out that he very much doubted that.  I told him I thought I could prove it and how.  

He went over and turned down the stereo.  Then he announced to everyone what I had just told him.  I had everyone's attention.  I then turned to Beth and instructed her that she was home alone, in her bedroom and was to dance to some very sexy music.  The music got turned up a little bit and sure enough, Beth started swaying.  She danced in an incredibly erotic fashion, swaying her young hips, running her hands over her hips and her breasts.  I then told her that she was getting very hot.  Really hot.  That she would have to take off her clothes or get burned up.  Sure enough, stripped off her top and stepped out of her shorts.  You could have heard a pin drop.

Beth started dancing again which gave her reason to make her legs spread.  You could clearly see her juice leaking onto the inside of her thighs.  I told her that her pussy was real itchy and that she should scratch it.  She started masturbating!  It was fantastic!  She first rubbed from just the front but then reached around from behind with one hand and slid two fingers into her pussy and slid them in and out while rubbing her little clit.  It didn't take long and you could see her orgasming on her fingers.  She slid them out very slowly, they were covered with her juice.  

I told Beth to go into the bedroom that was off of the recroom.  She went in and I left the door open.  I told the guy who's house it was that I could get her to suck his cock.  He was immediately ready for that.  I told Beth, in a loud voice that most everyone could hear, that she was still hot and I was going to give her a popsicle to suck.  He took his cock out and sure enough Beth was on her knees and had his cock in her mouth.  As the door was open everyone could see his cock sliding in and out of her pretty little mouth.  Quickly he was coming.  Beth couldn't handle it all and some escaped and dribbled down her chin.  Another guy immediately took his place and stuffed his cock into her mouth.  A couple of other guys gathered around and started jacking off.  All three came about the same time and her face and hair was shot with jets of white creamy cum.  She licked all three cocks clean of their spunk. 

I could tell that this was going to get out of hand quickly so I pulled her up and said we had to get going.  I hustled her out the back door, still naked and then into the alley.  It appeared that her clothes had been left there.  Oh well, home we went with Beth buck naked, with come on her face and in her hair.  

When we got to the house we went right back downstairs where I told her she was getting cold and had her put her nightie back on.  Then I pretended to wake her up.  I went upstairs to shower and to give my buddy a chance to fuck Beth.  Which he did.  When I came down from my shower Beth suggested that since we were all so tired that maybe I could just get another blanket and we could all sleep right where we were.   Which was a great idea.  I waited until my buddy was asleep and then began to touch Beth.  She was incredibly wet.  I slid her panties off and got on top of her.  My cock slid right to the hilt inside of her velvety smooth tight little pussy.  I didn't worry about waking up my buddy I just fucked her as hard as I could.  She never opened her eyes.  After I shot my load onto her tummy I put my pj's back on and went to sleep.  When my mom woke us up the next morning she never said a word or had any questions about why Beth was laying in between her brother and his friend with just her top on, which had slid way up under her breasts her little pussy totally exposed, looking a little red from all the cockwork it had taken.  I knew that my buddy had woken to fuck her yet again after I did.  I could see the dried come on her face and in her hair but mom never said a word.  I wonder if she had any idea of what her horny young daughter had done that night.....


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