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I caught my mom and sister

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my family was a lively one and both my 36 year old mom and my 13 year old little sister were very hot. we had a big dog called Giant and he was always following my sister around. i once saw Giant licking my sister's pussy in the garden and it turned me on a great deal. i did not report this to mom and dad because i thought it was nothing.

my dad works on weekends and i always go out with my friends so i really didn't know what went on in the house untill one day.  i went out but returned home early. as i opened the door and entered the house, i saw my little sister licking my mom's pussy while Giant rammed his 12" cock in her tight pussy. i was very turned on by the scene and i wanted some pussy real bad. i cleared my throat and my mom, sister, and Giant all looked up at me with surprise. i told them not to stop and continued to sit down and watch. after some time, my cock was so hard i thought it was going to burst. my mom asked me to join the party and i wasted no time joining. i quickly stripped and put my 11" cock in mom's mouth and started fucking her mouth real hard. my mom was an expect at blow job as i came quickly and she swallowed all my cum. i took my cock from her mouth and went down to her beautiful pussy. she spread them wide i slammed into her cunt over and over untill we came together. the feeling was great and we both smiled at each other at the sensation. i swiped partners with Giant and went for my sister. my little sister's rounded ass looked so beautiful hanging in the air and i wanted to fuck her ass so bad but i knew i would hurt her if i tried. my sister took my cock at the moment and slowly put it in her tight ass-hole. i fucked her ass slowly at first but picked up the speed as she began to moan out loud. i looked over at my mom and she was enjoying herself greatly with Giant. i was able to fuck her ass for more than half an hour. by the end of the afternoon, i found out ass-fucking was one of the best in the world. my mom later explained that she had wanted to teach her daughter about sex and make her into a woman. 



A 13 yo that can take a 12" dog cock (yeah right) and you with an 11". Next thing you'll be saying you mom can take a stalions cock in her.

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