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I found my young brother wanking

davidj on Incest Stories

I came home early from school and when I went up to my room I saw my brothers door open and him lying on his bed in the nude. He is 13.
I stopped to look – I hadn’t seen him like that for a couple of years since we both went through puberty and we grew hair and my breasts began to show.
When I looked harder I could see cum on his stomach. He was asleep and he didn’t know I was there. It was obvious to me he had been masturbating and had gone to sleep after he ejaculated onto himself.
I crept closer as I wanted to see the semen – it was something I had never ever seen before, except when I had seen a man cumming on the porn sites, and that was only a video of him doing it.  His cock was all soft and there was a bit of cum dribbling out of the eye of it. He must have finished cumming only a few minutes earlier.
As I got closer he work up and got a shock when he saw me looking down at his cum.
I got a shock too at him finding me there looking at him naked.
He jumped up and went to cover himself and got his hand all covered in cum when he grabbed himself. He sang out Yuk.
I started to laugh – it was so funny at the time seeing him trying to cover himself and how he reacted. His pride was really dented – having been found, not only nude but with cum all over him.
I said look don’t worry – I wont tell anybody, I was curious. I hadn’t seen him nude for a couple of years nor had I ever seen cum before.  I said I masturbate like every body else – there is no shame in that.
He said it was being caught that had upset him – he had enjoyed a great orgasm and had rested after he had cum and must have slipped into a light snooze.
I said don’t worry about it – I shouldn’t have looked at him.
He quietened down and then he said how often do you masturbate.
I said about two or three times a week.
He asked did I have orgasms.
I said what is the purpose of doing it if you don’t – that’s the best part.
He said how do girls do it – you don’t have a penis.
I said we have something similar but its very much smaller and its called a clitoris.
He said well what is a cunt.
I said look sit down and I will show you. I then removed my pants and lifted my skirt up and showed him my vagina – I trim and shape my hair there and he said why does it look like that – the girls I have seen all have a big patch of it there.
I said look come to my room and we can have a show and tell and we can look at each other and I cane explain, why you and I are different.
He went to the bathroom and washed the cum off himself and then followed me to my room where I had undressed, and the both of us were naked together.
Shit Sis he said – you have beaut tits and everything.
 I said well I am 16 and I am a girl – what did you expect.
He said the girls I have seen don’t have much tit but they all have hair.
I said the hair comes with puberty and the tits take time. Your cock is not full size till you are about 18 or 20 and we are almost the same.
He said do you have periods and I said of course – you have heard mum ask me about monthlies. Well they are periods.
He said do you bleed.
I said you have a lot to learn. Lets start with what we look like.
I went through what I have and showed him my vagina – labia and clitoris, and explained why I shave myself down there.
He said do you fuck.
I said yes – with Tony.
How come you don’t get a baby.
I take a pill to stop it, but there are other ways like condoms etc.
How do you masturbate he asked.
I said that’s pretty private.
He said I will if you do and we can do it together.
I wasn’t really sure about it but I was getting a bit horny – being in the nude with him and having shown him my pubic area and used my fingers to open cunt and feel my clit etc – I was getting a bit excited.
I said will just this once – (I would have masturbated any how after he left).
You have got to do it too and show me how you spurt.
He said havnt you seen Mike spurt.
I said no – we just fuck. (I had really seen him and given him both a hand job and sucked him off as he had done for me. I didn’t want to tell him that though).
He began to masturbate and get his cock hard again. I started o rub myself and he showed great interest in my action and the fact I had slipped a finger into myself as I rubbed my clit.
Why do you do that he asked.
I like having a finger inside me and rubbing my sensitive bits and in order to have an orgasm I have to rub or play with my clitoris – it’s the same as you wanking.
By now the both of us were in full swing and masturbating ourselves quite vigorously.
Then he asked – can I have a go on you. You can do it to me if you want.
I said ok and took his cock in my hand and began to stroke it for him. He wasn’t as big as Mike but I could feel him and quite enjoyed the sensation – as he was.
He said – golly Sis you do it well.
I said I am glad you like it – little did he know I had done it to Mike many many times.  
After a few minutes he said can I have a go on you.
I couldn’t refuse him and I showed him how to do it to me and he soon learned, and I only had to guide him a couple of times.
I was enjoying it – as he was doing it the way I like it. Mike sometimes has his own way of trying to get me off.
He then felt my tits and rubbed his other hand over them and played with my now hard nipples.
I was laying there let him have his way with me and I was enjoying it.
Between the two of us we were having a really good hand time together – rubbing fingering and stroking each other. He loved slipping his finger up my cunt and I showed him how to excite my G spot. He was going to give some girl a good work out the next time he got a girlfriends pants down. I hope he doesn’t tell her where he got his expertise from.
The two of really were enjoying ourselves and it took us both a while to get close to our climax.
I was closer and told him I would finish myself off and he could watch.
I started to rub and finger myself and as I did his pace go faster wanking his cock.
It didn’t take me long and I was ready to cum. I said watch me – I am going to cum.
I worked myself up and rubbed my clit and was really enjoying having my orgasm, I had never let anybody see me do it before and it was quite sensual – even though it was my 13yo brother.
He stood there wide eyed and stroking himself as he watched me hit my orgasm and moan and squirm about as my clit sent wonderful signals to every nerve in my body – I was having quite a physical experience even though he was watching.
God Sis he said – that’s amazing – you really got worked up – was it as good as it looked. Gee I loved the way our tits bounced when you came too – they were great.
I said even better – but you have to promise you will never tell anybody that you and I did this together.
He said that’s cool with me – now I will do it myself.
I said would you like me to do it for you.
He said would I ever - and he sat on the edge of the bed. I put my hand around his cock and stroked it like I had done it to Mike. His cock was much smaller than Mikes so I used my fingers more than my hand to stroke it.   I spat on my hand to make it slippery and he loved that even more. I played with it for about four or five minutes and ever now and again he would moan softly letting me know I was giving him really good pleasure, and that it was feeling good. After a while he started to go all stiff and move his legs and stuff then he sang out – watch out its cumming – I held his cock harder and pumped it faster and then a long spurt of cum flew out the eye of his cock and landed about a metre away. It was a great spurt. Then two or three followed but they didn’t go as far as the first one. He was really pleased at the fact he came and spurted well. He said that was one of his longest spurts – I really did it well for him. I have never seen how far Mike can spurt as he usually spurts it into my mouth and on my face. He loved the fact somebody else had wanked him off.
God he said that was awesome. How was yours.
I replied one of my best – I felt it was awesome too.
He said one day you and I should have a fuck. I would love to fuck you.
I said maybe – just maybe, we will one day.
He said how about Wednesday – its sports day and I come home early and we could do it then.
I said I would think about it. I didn’t want to appear really keen but I was. I could never have imagined I could enjoy sex with my brother and a 13yo as well.  I would be waiting for him and make sure we got it all together on Wednesday for sure.
I went back to my room and I fingered myself off again – thinking about what it would be like for him to fuck me. Now I was going to have someone to compare Mike to. Even though he was my brother and had a small cock. Mike would never know I was getting fucked by somebody else particularly my own brother – This was going to be awesome.
Keep watching the incest pages, because we had the fuck of a lifetime for him.  My bro was so inexperienced and I had to explain a lot to him – but that was part of the fun and the experimentation. He and I still fuck every Wednesday now and when ever we can on other days as well – and I still have Mike as well.

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