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Incest - My Brother-In-Law

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Chapter 1

My life is change now and my sex life is very mess up. I keep this from my family and I feel that I will always be in the dark with this for it will shock my family and destroy this small town I live in. I am 22 now and finally need to let this out. I have change names but the story is true. I am from a small town in North Dakota pop about 30,000. I lost something to someone I trust and now it wont stop.

My name is Billy I am the youngest in a family of 3 of girls. My oldest sister is 28 married and lives in Wyoming with 2 kids. My second sister 26 lives here still and will marry this summer.I guess you can say we are country family for the town is small and the place that everybody hangs out at is Wal-Mart or Taco Bell.I just trun 19 and was going to collage about 50 miles from here but it was just a jr collage. Mark was going to marry my second sister. He was really cool and was great looking but was a real country boy.Peggy my second sister was very quit andskinny she was about 100 pounds but Mark was her first and in this small town you just get married and have kids and work at the local mill or on your familys farm but if youare luvky you get out like my oldest sister. Lets Begin..........

I was home one day just watchin TV. Dad was at work and my mom and sisters where out getting ready for this weekend wedding. I was enjoy the summer break before I started school again. I took about a year off when I graduated so I could help out at the house because my dad was ill.Later in the day Mark stop by andwe talk. He was really a nice guy always ask me if I need anything or we talk about my future. I remember I was just in shorts and a t-shirt. We joke about my love life and I got mad and we startedwrestling. for a few mintues it was in the living room but he pick me up and took me to my room. Once there he slam me on the bed but I never thought nothing about this for we in school never really got into sex ed or rape or anything about sex.He was behide me and had his legs wrap around me and was hold my hands above my head with one hand and the other was tickling me. I was just having fun when I felt him go up my shirt and grab my breast. We stop and not one word came out. He lean to me and told me if i like what he was doing. He was rubing my tits and make my nipple get hard. I could not answer just laid there and let this guy who was going to marry my sister feel me up.

He role me on my stomach and got on top of me. I was so scared for I never thought about sex for I was still a virgin and only had one boyfriend for 2 years. He started to push against my ass and I could feel his cock. One hand was up my shirt and still rubin my tits and the otherhand made its way down to my ass. He started to feel my ass and rub on it from the outside of my shorts.He kept telling me that this would be our secret and it will feel good and I would like it. He grab one on my hands and pull it to his cock. Unbotton my pants and put your hand inside. I did what he said for I trust him. Once in his pants I felthis cock. Not my first time for my boyfriend would ask me to jerk him off and we would trade jerk off and him finger me but I want to save myself for my husband in the future.His cock was bigger then my boyfriends and he knew what to do to make my body tingle. I started to feel hot inside and without think started to jerk him off. He pull down my shorts and place his cock right betweenmy legs under my pussy and started to pump. I felt is cock rub against my pussy and I knew he could feel me getting wet. I laid there think that this was wrong but I love Mark as a brother and I was scared to stop.

He reach under me and with his finger was going inside my pants. I told him No and please dont but he just told me to trust him so I did. I felt his finger push in and I let out a sound of relief to let him know that it felt good. A few seconds later I felt 3 fingers in me and I started to feel the pain and pleasure. My panties where so wet and I was daze in plaesure and my mind wanted him to stop but my body wanted more. We heard a door open andvoice of my mom and sisters wher in the house. Mark jump up and quickly ran to the bathroom. I fix myself and went out to see them. I was so speech list that whenmy mom ask a question I could not focus. Mark came out and gave me sister a hug and kiss. Well the wedding came and went and Mark move in with us so they could save up and get thereown place.

About 1 month later I had not really thought about what happen and was just trying to get ready to start school. I wasasleep one morning and was awoke by someone touching me. I open my eyes to see Mark there standing in front of me with just his boxers on. Everyone is outside in the back he sad and pull the covers down. I was just ina long shirt and panties. I just look at him and he pull up my shirt to see my panties. He started to rub my ass and rub his cock. I told him please Mark I love you so much and I knew this was wrong.This will be our secret and you know you want it. I felt his hand make its way to the front of my pussy. I told him to stop or I was going to tell. He said he would lie and denie it. I was so scared and could not belive this was happen to me. I grab his hand as it felt my hair and pussy and try to stop him...........

Chapter 2

I close my eyes to see if this was just a dream. I felt his other hand reach up my shirt. Strange but I started to open my legs and hold my his hand in my panties and let him explore my pussy again. I lean up a little so he could get a better feel of me tits. He push his fingers in my pussy and again it hurted with him and now I was push his hand with my. A few mintues later he just stop and look at me and smile and walk out. I laid there so confussed and wonder what was going on. I went to school and my sister and Mark finally move to there own place. My sister had a party to let the family know she was pregnet. Everyone was there from both sides of the family. As later it got people started to leave and once it was just me and my mom and my sister and mark. My sister ask if I would help her clean up and stay the night. I agreed not remembering about Mark. As we finish my sister went to take a shower.

I was in the kitchen finishin up when Mark came in and gave me a hug. He kiss my neck and rub on my ass. I push him away and went to the livingroom. He push me against the couch and lean me over the arm rest. I told him no but he had this look that made me scared and I thought he was going to kill me. I just kept tellin him no and and he just kept trying to pull my pants down. He let go and I got up. We just look at each other and then he pull his cock out. I saw him just start to stroke it and look at me. Icould not stop lookin at it and watch. He told me to pull my pants down and let him see my pussy. I dont know what came over me but I did. I pull then down and my panties too. I watch as he got closer to me and touch me. Now I started to think about him in a different way and was getting turn on. He reach out to grab my hand and bring it to his cock. I went rightto it with no fight and begin to jerk him off. I went faster as he went deeper in my pussy with his fingers. He shoot his load all over the place and I just watch. It was alot and I was so wet. He told me thathe would tell my sister to go over his folks house tomorrow morning and get some stuff. I just nod my head.We clean up and went to sleep. I stay awake all night . About 10 am my sistercan in and I pertened to be a sleep. She ask me if I wanted to go with her to Marks parents house. This was my chance to stop this and with this I could tell her everything but before I thought what to say the words NO, IM STILL SLEEPY came out.She told me Mark wouldmake breakfest and to get up for she would be back in about 2 hours.

As she walk out I was shock to know how I have become with this and knew it was wrong butwanted it to go on. I laid there and could hear Mark tell my sister to get this and that and make a run to the store before return. I heard her leave and got scared. My heart was pump fast like a train nonstop but as I reach down to touch my pussy it was hot and wet. Mark open the door and came in. I look at him and he pull the covers off me and told me to follow him..............

Chapter 3

As we got to his room he started to get undress and when he pull his boxers off for the first time I saw him naked and his big cock. He walk me over to the bed and pull my shirt off and my shorts off. I try to cover myself for not even My Ex boyfriend saw me naked. He had me sit on the bed and his cock was right in front of me. Suck my cock he said. I look up at him dont worry I know its your first time you will learn. I was so turn on now I just ask WHAT DO I DO FIRST? Suck it like a loly pop. I took it in one hand and begin. I felt him lean down and rub my pussy and suck my tits. I was so turn on now that I open my legs so he could get a better feel. He grab the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth. Just relax and hold my ass as I did I felt his cock hit the back of my mouth and I gaged alot. We stop and he told me to get up and sit on his face. As he laid down I cold feel my pussy juices run down my leg and feel and think about nothing but just want him to fuck me.

He position me with my pussy on his face and told me to suck his cock. I did and when he started to eat me out I was going crazy.I felt his toug go up to my ass and this was so good when he lick it.I keep mounin and talkin about how good it felt. I felt this sensation in my body like I had to pee but when I release it it was like nothing from this world I have ever felt. I was breath hard and Mark was eat me fast and harder I was now yellin and want more. I got up and turn around and told him that felt so good and the first time we kiss. He roll me over and got between my legs and started to rub his cock on my pussy. I know you are still a virgin but once I fuck you this will be our secret. I just was so ready and want to feel him fucking me with his cock I just told him yes.

I felt his cock push in and it hurt but my pussy was so numb from him eating me out that it went right in and I felt a pop in my pussy and held him tight and whisperd in his ear dont stop. Mark started to pump and I could feel my pussy getting strached and my pussy getting fited for his cock. My legs wrap around him and I was yellin loud now with pleasure I told him dont stop. I grab my ankles and held on for my first fuckin. Mark was really pumpin me and I was lost out of my mind with lust and pleasure. I release again and this time it was better then the last one. I was going crazy and he was still pump me faster and harder and now I could hear him fuckin me from the wet pussy sound to the yellin I was doing and the slap from his balls against my ass hole. I going to come open your mouth I did and he pull out and force me to suck it and I felt his cum in my mouth and I try to swallow but just could not keep out with the loads that was comein out.

Chapter 4

We laid there and just wanted to catch our breath for I just had the best fuck and the first of my life. I fell in love with Mark that day and want him to fuck me all the time. We kept fuckin and it got better and more hotter then ever. Mark would call me and we would have phone sex. I would learn how to fuck and everthing he wanted me to do with him. He video tape him fuckin my sister when she was 4 months pregent. We watch as he fuck me and I suck his cock. Mark told me about his pass and the sex with his sister. I was shocked and told me that they still fuck. I seen his sister in a different way now and when I would stop by my sisters house she would tell me that he was over his sister house to help her with something. I know what they where doing.I thoght about him night night and about his sex life and what he was doing to me. One day we where fuckin and he called me his sister and that really shocked me. Then it got different I came over one day and he made me wear his sisters bra and panties. I did and he fuck me so good that I must have cum about 3 time.

I watch his video with his sister and him fuckin and his sister would call him daddy.That got me think so I ask Mark if his dad had sex with his sister and he just said it was not my buissness. My sister had the baby and it was a girl. Mark still fucks me I got a boyfriend now but the sex sucks but I think about mark when we have sex. I dont know why I still fuck him and think that he still fucks me and my sister and his sister. Is there anything else that in his family that he is hiden. I want to stop but Mark wont let me go and there is times he gets real brave and has me suck his cock when my sister around or my parents. My life is gone and I need to get out of this but the lust has taken over and when Mark makes the first move I just want to fuck him.

The End

This story was originally written by "Billy."


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