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Incest with my dad-True

jkwon on Incest Stories

This is a true story and I dont regret it lets begin

It started when I was in the 11 grade. I am half asian, mom married a Military man and I have 2 sisters. I was avg but love sex. I was in the 10 grade when I first had sex. My boyfreind was in collage. Well time went on and I wanted to explore in the sex life so one night at his frat house I gave a blow job to his frat buddy while he fuck me. Days went by and I would fuck his room mate and him. I enjoy it but then they both just wanted me and I decide to break it off. My name is Jennifer and I am 5'6  120 with Ccup breast. The story I want to share with you is something that I know is bad but my life is happy for now I am married and have 2 beautiful kids but my dad was the best sex I ever had and till this day we still have sex.

I was sleep one day and for I always sleep in mt panties and t-shirt. I love sex and I been very active in most part. One time my uncle walk in on me while I was peein and caught him looking at my pussy. I use to go over there house just to see if I could catch him lookin at me. As i got up I walk down the hall to my parents room. I walk in and there was my dad naked and looking right at me. I was fix on his cock and it was about 6 inchs(lets be real).We just both look at each other and not a word cameout. Finally my dad ask "Can I help you" with this I just sad "Sorry dad just want to see where evryone was" and left. I was at this guys house down the street he was in collage for I always had sex with collage guys just like to keep my sex life out of high school. Well he was fucking me doggy style and the hole time I was think about my dad. As he pounded my pussy and as he played with my tits I keep think it was my dad. Well weeks went by and one day I woke up to see my dad just in my room looking at me.

I was above the covers and my shirt was up so you could see my black panties. I ask what he was doing? Nothing just was walking by and stop to see if you where awake. As I look at him I could see him looking at my pussy and my legs. His eyes move down and how I saw what would I will never forget.I saw my dad touch his cock. I was fix to his hand on his cock and then we look at each other. I told him to get out but inside I was getting wet. As my dad left. I lay there think what was going on I got up and head to take a shower. I got in and turn the water on and got undress. I got in and let the hot water run down my body. I heard a noise and from the crack in the shower curtain and the mirror there was my dad naked. I was shock and wanted to scream but I was in sex drive and started to look at him. He walk in and grab my panties and started to smell and rub them on his cock. I was so hot inside and looking at this made me want him. I turn off the shower and open the curtain. We just look at each other and he made the move that would change my life. He walk up and kiss me on the check. As a little girl I was scared but sex was something that made me feel good so I went with it. He grab my hands and kiss my neck. No dad stop its wrong I said but no words came out but then he took in his mouth my nipple and this made me feel good.

He let my hands go and grab my ass and caress both cheeks and thats when I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me feelin his man hood against my stomach. He turn me around so I was facing the wall and open my legs. I felt him kiss my neck and then made his way to my back. With one big kiss I felt my ass open and in was my dad face bureid in my ass and lickin my ass hole. I was in heaven and for I was no rookie I bent more forword and grab his hair push him in deeper in my ass. I felt his hands rub that spot bent my legs and below my pussy. I grab his hand to let him know that I did not want him to stop. I place one of my legs on the tub so my pussy was open and with this my dad push his finger in my wet pussy I brace for the feel of his finger deep in my pussy and with 3 push in I let out a squrt and pussy juice ran down my inner legs. I cumming dad dont stop and with this he push in more finger and deeper I was going crazy and was cumming. I bg him to stop for I was week in the legs. As he got out of my pussy and ass I turn around and without one word he pick me up and we went to my room....

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The spelling and grammer looks like you typed it in a hurry before someone came in and caught you on a porn site.

Slow down, proof read, correct the spelling and grammer and then upload it again.


Really, you should start this story all over again instead of following parts. I can see what you have to say but with the poor spelling and grammar and huge disorganization, your story has trouble getting through.

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