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Island romance with my daughter

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15 years ago i owned a successful business, the long hours were begging to take their tole. With having a young family that I loved I was unable to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. After long nights of discussion with my wife we decided that it would be best for me to sell the company... It was the best discussion that we ever made! I was able to get vastly more than we ever expected for the company.


I had always dreamed of owning my own island and living there self sufficiently. It took a lot of convincing but eventually my wife agreed to bring our two young daughters to the island off the Cuban coast. By the time we had brought all the supplies we would need we still had money left.


The Island was beautiful; it was roughly 10 miles square, with several fresh water lakes and rivers. Once or twice a month my wife would need to make the daylong boat ride to the mainland for a few of what she called "essential supplies". I found this irritating and unnecessary, but as I had dragged her out here I could say little.


As the girls grew older we sent them to a boarding house on the mainland so they could get a proper education. I was sad to see them go, almost as sad as they were to leave.


By the time our two girls, Mina and Hollie were 11 and 13 we had lived blissfully on the island for almost 10 years. My wife was still making regular trips to the mainland; these were becoming less frequent after the girls had refused to go to school. After many arguments the Girls won, we were "home schooling" them.


Eventually disaster struck on our 11th year on the island. My wife, while taking a trip to the mainland got caught in a freak summer storm. When news reached us several days later that my Wife had never arrived I was devastated. I brought Mina and Hollie back to the mainland. For many days I did nothing but cry. Eventually my lovely daughters pulled me out of my stupor. They convinced me to take them back to the island; the girls said they wanted to collect a few of their things. Without thinking I agreed and took them and the boat back to the island. I was consumed with self-pity and could not see what was going on behind me as I walked back to the cabin. Mina and Hollie and concocted a plan, they wanted more than anything to stay on the island. They waited for me to disappear into the trees, the moment I gone they emptied the petrol tank into the boat, threw a match inside and shoved it off the beach, into the sea. It was the last we ever saw of the boat, in fact it was the last boat we had and our only way off the island. At the time the girls told me that they must have forgotten to tie the boat up properly. I accepted it with a shrug, telling the Girls that I needed some alone time; I walked to the other side of the island and wallowed in self-pity. I stayed there for several days before coming to my senses and realizing that my little baby girls needed me.



Mina and Hollie had managed on their own, they were happy to see me upon my return however, greeting me with hugs and kisses. For Months we all grieved together, there was little talking between us. After some long discussions with my daughters we decided it would be best to leave our old family home behind and move to another place on the island. It was about now that I began to realize how grown up my little girls were becoming. Mina, our youngest had always had strawberry blond hair, she never liked to have it cut higher than her shoulders. Hollie on the other hand took after me; she had dark drown hair reaching down to her waist, often in one long plait. Both Girls had an athletic build, tight legs, stomachs and arms. They enjoyed nothing more than chasing each other around the island or swimming in the sea. Mina was still developing her womanly curves, but even at this early stage I knew she would make some man very happy one day. Hollie although two years older than her younger sister was at a similar stage in her development, had more of a stick like figure than Mina. Hollie was tall and thin where Mina was shorter with more curves. Despite the differences you could clearly see they were sisters.



Although they were two years apart, they both acted in the same mature yet childish manner. I could talk to the girls about anything; they would nod to me and return intelligent comments, only to push me off my chair and run away giggling the next moment. As life after the next few months began to return to some sort of normalcy we put the finishing touches to our new home. It was not so grand as our last; this one had only one communal living space. The old one had had one for the girls, a separate room for my wife and I and one large room for cooking and eating. The girls and I were happy with our new home, they expressed their gratitude by giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek every now and again saying “thank you Daddy”. Every time one of them would do this I would beam with pride and hug them back affectionately. We had a new daily routine I would work in the fields or try to catch some of the plentiful wildlife for the evening meal, while the girls would tend to the house, help in the fields or study or make new clothing which I could have sworn got sexier and sexier. In the evenings the girls would take turns to cook (both were excellent cooks) then we would all sit down and I would help the girls study. When the sun set we would all start thinking about going to bed, the girls would change behind a thin material screen. As their lithe forms swayed behind the screen, it was all I could stop myself from staring, I would steal glances instead berating myself every time. When they were ready for bed I would tuck them in with a kiss each (they both slept in the same bed) they would each say “night, night Daddy, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I would then climb into my own bed, strip off all my clothes (from the age of 12 I had slept naked) and try to fall asleep.



As the feeling of the loss of my wife faded I stared to have sexual feelings again. With no way of satisfaction I was becoming highly frustrated, at this point it was beginning to keep me awake. At times I would lay and my bed facing Mina and Hollie, my cock standing straight out, a million things running through my head. Chiefly among them was the thought of what it would be like to fuck such young things. This thought however was quickly crushed with the remembrance that these two sexy little things were my daughters. This only got worse as the summer drew on, our little house although cozy was at times, in the summer it got very warm. As the heat inside the house increased, the bedclothes and the clothes the girls were wearing became less and less. To the point where at times if the moon was shining through the open window, I could just about see through the girl’s nightdresses. The first time this happened I was rubbing my shaft before I realized what I was doing. The little voice that said, “this is wrong, that is your daughter” was unable to get through the thundering voice saying, “What would it be like to lick those little nipples and squeeze those budding breasts”. I lay there on my side staring at Hollie, she must have been sweating and the thin material of her long nightdress was sticking to Hollies lithe form. I could clearly make out her coin-sized areolas topped with her pinky red nipples. I was rubbing myself with abandon now my minds eye picturing my hands roughly manipulating Hollies breasts. They must at the time have been a large “A”. It was the pink nipples standing out from her chest that really drove me crazy. As Hollie turned onto her side I got a clearer image of her whole body, the gentle sway from her shoulders up again for her hips, then down again to the tips of her toes. Hollies young breasts still sticking straight out from her body with no sign of sagging. I couldn’t hold back any longer jets and jets of creamy white fluid spurted out the tip of my cock covering my bed sheets. I let out a grunt of pleasure at the release of months and months of pent up sexual frustration. At this grunt I could have sworn that I saw Hollies eyes fly open for a split second, luckily there was no further movement from her so I put it down to me being nervous. As the thumping in my chest began to fade, the realization of what I had pictured in my head started to sink in. I berated myself promising that I would never do anything like that again. I quietly pulled on some shorts, stripped off my bed and went to wash the sheets, careful not to wake the girls.


For the next few months I would keep my sexual feelings under control, I would masturbate away from the girls. Concentrating on old porno magazines or fantasies from when I was young. I had to keep my concentration though, one little slip and I would see myself pushing my dick between Hollies breasts, or fucking her little mouth. Shortly after Hollies 15th birthday reading through one of the girl’s textbooks I came across something unexpected. Hollie would soon have to start “sex education”. I sat there and stared at the book for a while, wondering how I was going to teach this to my little baby daughters, especially after the last few months. They had done a little Sex Ed before with their mother, but this was a lot more detailed and involved.


The day came all to fast and I said to the girls “If you look at the next few chapters in your text books, you will see that we have to start with the topic “Sex Education” are you girls alright with that?” To my surprise I did not get two little red faces staring back and me, hands over mouths stifling a giggle. Instead I they both sat there confidently Hollie saying “its about time Dad, we have been looking forward to this”


After the first few hours of the lessons I knew they would be all right. Hollie and Mina sat there attentively, not smirking or giggling. The problem was not the girls though; it brought my incestuous feelings once more to the fore. That night I masturbated several times picturing not only being sucked off by Hollie, but also fucking both her and Mina. I came twice in rapid succession thinking about fucking Hollies tight little pussy. In my mind it had only a few little dark hairs on top, with nothing surrounding her little pink pussy lips. The “this is wrong part of my brain had totally switched off now, all I could think about was ravaging one of my little daughters pussies.


A week after our first lesson I got a shock when Hollie came wandering up to me just as I was getting out of a pool, had she found me a minute sooner she would have seen me masturbating under the water. As she wandered closer I could see she was tense


“Hi Hollie, everything alright?” I said, as casually as I could.

“Dad I need to ask you a few serious question” said Hollie sounding a bit nervous.

“What’s the problem sweetheart?” I walked her over to a patch of grass and sat her down.

“Its about the lessons we have been having, you know, the sex education lessons” she said, a little colour appearing on her cheeks. I lifted a hand up to her cheek, giving it a stoke and said “nothing to be embarrassed about, what’s up?” To her credit she asked her question with remarkable calm

“I know you said it was normal for people to masturbate, but is it normal to” She trailed off for a few moments, I was to astonished to say anything, I’m sure my mouth must have been hanging open. “Is it normal to use things when a girl masturbates?”


Now I was stunned, I had briefly gone over the subject trying not to let my desires known and now here she was creating vivid pictures in my mind. All I could see for several moments was the little thing sitting in front of me stuffing a large dildo in her tight little pussy. The silence must have lasted


“Dad?” she questioned. I gave myself a little mental shake and tried to answer

“Yes, yes it is normal for women to use objects to help them achieve orgasm” I said, trying to be as clinical as I could. Gradually I became aware of a tightening sensation in my groin, as I had only a few minutes before cum it came as a slight shock, I shifted my position to try to hide it. “They’re normally called Dildo’s Hollie, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes normally made from silicone, some even vibrate”


I was struggling to drag my eyes away from my daughter. As I glanced at her my mind seemed to be taking photographs, with little effort I can still bring them to mind to this day. Hollie was sitting on the grass; her knee’s bent with her feet tucked up towards her shapely behind. She was leaning backwards, her arms supporting her weight behind her. The long dark brow hair she has was loose today, gently blowing in the wind. The white top she wore was hugging her stomach tightly and holding her ever growing bosom straight out towards me. The top must have been slightly see-through because I could just about make out the outline of Hollies areoles and could certainly see her pinkish nipples slightly poking through the material. It had been a hot day, while turning to dusk now Hollie was still wearing her tight light blue shorts, I loved this pair and encouraged her to wear them as much as I could, with this pair of shorts as long as she had them pulled up I could clearly make out the outline of her pussy lips. Hollie seemed to drift off into space as I was taking in the sights, after about half a minute she replied


“Is it safe to use things like fruit when a girl masturbates?”


My eyes must have widened at this point I was in total shock. Hollie seemed genuinely embarrassed for the first time, casting her eyes down and the red returning to her cheeks. I physically closed my mouth and tried to make a response


“As long as the object is clean it should not be alright” was all I managed to stammer out.

Still with her eyes downcast she muttered, “So something like a banana is ok?”

Nodding I said, “Yes a banana should be fine”.


It was then I realized that Hollie was not staring at; she was in fact staring straight at the bulge in my trousers! I had no idea what to say but I quickly grabbed my towel and used it to cover my groin.


Ignoring the fact that she must have seen the bulge I asked “is there something else you wanted to talk to me about Hollie?” My mind was hoping to get out of the awkward situation as quickly as possible, yet my legs would not move.


“The thing is Dad, Mina dared me to put a banana inside me it bled and now will not stop hurting” Hollie blurted out, obvious she needed to talk to someone, it must have been very hard for her to come to me about this I realized.


I was stunned but I fought past it and said “its alright sweetheart, you remember what I said about a girls hymen?” She only nodded at me “you must have broken it with the banana, don’t worry it will stop hurting soon”.


I tried to give her a reassuring smile. With tears in her eyes she got up, as she did so I could make out a dark blue patch right in the center of lips. Suddenly she was on top of me giving me a big hug, it took me by surprise and I was bowled over. I fell over on my back, Hollie was on top of me still embracing me, to my horror the towel fell away and I felt my hard cock push its way between Hollie ass cheeks. I was sure she must have felt it, to my surprise she did not quickly roll off and run away screaming. In fact I was almost certain that I felt her bob her hips up and down very slightly. After a few moments Hollie did get off and wiped her eyes. Giving me a peck on the forehead saying, “thank you Daddy”. With that she walked back to the house. I watched her leave with my mouth open, trying to digest everything that has just happened.


As I watched her young ass sway off into the distance I knew one thing for certain. Looking down at my crotch I said to myself “looks like we need another bath”.



Over the next couple of weeks Hollie would come to me with ever more probing questions, obviously feeling a lot more comfortable around me.


She would ask me things like “what do men think about when they masturbate?”

I answered, “mostly about having sex with women, but some men have fantasies that they like to think about”.

Hollie took a few moments to digest this answer then asked, “what sort of fantasies?”


I was sure that my cheeks must have gone red at this point, images of my ultimate fantasy flashing through my head while looking at the girl herself sitting in front of me.


“Some men like to fantasize about having sex with people they work with, some like to think about having sex with other peoples wives” I paused for a moment then continued “some even like to fantasize about having sex with younger women” I licked my lips feeling nervous, wondering if Hollie would read through the lines of answer.


“So its normal to think about other people when you masturbate?” Asked Hollie luckily missing the intent of my previous answer.


I nodded at that point and said “oh very much so Hollie”


Another time she came to me and said, “I know you said that girls enjoy the feeling of having a penis inside her, but how would it compare to the banana?”


Once again images of my daughter stuffing a banana inside her tight little pussy flashed through my mind, before I could think about what I was saying I had asked, “Did you enjoy it?” I almost clapped my hand over my mouth thinking I had gone too far.


Despite my fears Hollie answered her cheeks going a little red, “at first it hurt, it hurt a lot but Mina told me to keep going, after a while I guess it started to feel good I guess”


I tried to smile reassuringly despite the feelings of lust that I was having towards my own daughter. “A mans penis is softer, although still hard” I struggled to find the words. “It is difficult for me to explain, but when a women has sex she enjoys the feeling very much”. It was the answer I could give to her; it felt wholly inadequate at the time. 


The following day while I was sitting dozing in my deck chair close to the beach Hollie came up to me and poked me awake.


“Look what I made for myself” She exclaimed


I opened my eyes and beheld a most fantastic sight, there stood the girl that I had lusted over for months, doing a twirl in a tiny white bikini! I was in awe; there she was in what could only be described as nothing! I could clearly see through the fabric of her top, the dark pink areola that I had caught glimpses of before were now clearly on display. The thin material was barely holding those vibrant pink nipples back. The top itself was tiny being a small triangle just large enough to cover her what now must be “B” sized beasts. There was a thin piece of cord going up behind her neck, another around Hollies back. My eyes scanned down past her flat stomach to the white bikini bottoms. These too were almost completely sheer; there were two triangles of material, one at the front the other covering her tight pert behind. The front and the back where again connected with small pieces of string tied together in bows at either side of her hips. At she twirled I stared straight at her groin there the thin material clearly outlined the most prolific cameltoe I have ever seen. Hollies lips must have been 2 inches thick at least, shooting out from between her legs. As she turned around moving her legs the thin material started to creep up between those lips, I was entranced. I could clearly make out the peachy coloured skin underneath the material; even the small patch of fuzzy brown hair, just above her slit could be seen.


Hollie slowed her twirl and asked. “So Dad what do you think?” She stood there with her hands on her hips awaiting my response.


It was all I could do to slowly lift my gaze from her hypnotizing crotch, past her bouncing breasts to her eyes. After what to me seemed too long I made my reply. “Absolutely astonishing, my little girl has grown into a young women, you look fantastic”.


I almost kicked myself; I had been talking about the body that was clearly visible under the bikini.


Hollie beamed at me “thank you Daddy, you are the best!” she giggled, gave me a kiss on the lips and went to lie down on the beach a few yards away.


I sat there for a few moments with my mouth open then realized, Hollie must have thought I was talking about the Bikini. With her lying down only yards away I could not stop myself. I used the opportunity to pretend to be asleep but stare at her almost naked form. I lasted perhaps 30 minutes before I had to go for a swim and relieve myself of my raging hard on. I had to do this twice before I could get some peace. For the rest of that day I followed Hollie around like a stray dog, unable to keep my eyes off her mesmerizing body. 


As the weeks passed I could have sworn there was a change going through Hollie, she seemed to me to be dressing in sexier and sexier clothing, most seemed figure hugging or with deep cut cleavages. In the beginning I thought it was my lust taking over my rational thought. It was not only her clothing that seemed to change though, the way Hollie was walking talking and just being seemed sexier somehow. Her kisses seemed to last longer, she would sit on my lap and seem to grind her behind into my groin. Many were the time that I got hard while she was sitting there wiggling. I felt lucky that she either seemed not to notice or did not care. It was although she was trying to catch me taking a bath naked in the pools, turning up at inopportune moments I could not put my finger on one instance. There was one thing for sure it was driving me crazy!


One day mid summer I gave up trying to hide it, I had had enough Hollie would just have to see what she was doing to me! I sat there in my deck chair in the blazing sun. I stripped my shorts off and threw them to one side sitting there naked catching the sun, trying to doze off. I had made my mind up, the next time she wandered up to me she would be able to see exactly what effect her little body was having on me. I thought to myself, “Well what can she do, its not like she can get off the island”. I was sitting there dozing the afternoon away when the inevitable happened.


“Hi Daddy” shouted Hollie a few feet away, waving as she wandered up to me with a grin on her face.


I looked up at her and smiled waiting nervously to see what she would do when she realized I was only in my birthday suit. Hollie was wearing her summer dress, one that she had recently made some modifications to. My daughter had cut off the bottom of the dress about 10 inches above her knee making hr legs look long and snakelike. Hollie had also modified the collar, it now plunged down till about midway between her breasts. It was an old dress, yet it seemed to hug her in all the right places making her belly look flat. To top the effect she was walking on tip-toes through the sand. As Hollie swayed towards me she did not stop and stare open mouthed as I had expected. My daughter barely faltered in her stride as she came up and sat straight on my lap facing the sea!


She looked back at me and said, “going for the natural look today huh Dad?” She turned back with a grin, leant back against my chest and wiggled her behind into my crotch.


It was not what I was expecting, but she seemed comfortable enough “Hi Hollie, everything all right?” I said, trying my hardest to stop my manhood from rising to her greeting.


“Uh huh, just left a little lonely I wanted some Daddy time” She sat up at that with her hands on my knees and continued to wiggle her backside into my groin.


I sat back, my hands gripping the armrests tightly. “Comfortable?” I asked, unable to hold it any longer my cock began to swell slightly.


I thought to myself, “Well its now or never, she has to know what she is doing to me”


“Well I was getting there but something has started poking me in the leg” Said Hollie her voice rising slightly betraying her nervousness.


“Its your own fault Hollie” I Said, “if you keep wiggling its going to get a lot more uncomfortable!” I could not keep my voice from breaking either, my palms where sweaty and my heartbeat began to race.


Once again Hollie settled back, using my chest as a backrest. Still she did not relent, continuing to grind her arse into my crotch. The thoughts that were racing through my head at this moment were amazing; if I had not had such a tight hold on the chair I was sure my hands would be shaking. Chiefly among my thoughts were “why has she not gotten off?”


“So Dad” she said with a sigh, “when do you think a women is old enough to have sex for the first time”


Hollie was a whole lot more relaxed that I was, she seemed to be talking as if there was nothing unusual about this situation.


“Err, whenever the girl feels she is ready, although legally it would not be till she is 16” I managed to stammer out. My cock was like a drawbridge at this point, getting ever harder and higher.


“I feel like I am ready now though Dad, is that unusual?” Hollie asked leaning forward and looking back, her hands once again on my knees.


As she was asking the question she stood up quickly, enough for her to pull her skirt up over her hips. I stared down at her newly exposed legs and realized something that took my breath away. There was no material where her panties should be!


“No, not at all” I said, my voice almost a whisper at this point.


Never ceasing grinding her hips she asked, “You know when you said that some men fantasize about having sex with younger girls” She paused thoughtfully “have you ever fantasized about fucking girls?”


My mouth fell open as she spoke these words, my cock jumping with excitement pushing hard against her leg. I did not answer her for a few moments unable to move. I was about to it, before I could without looking at me Hollie put her hands on top of mine, lifted her legs over mine so that hers were on the outside. She replaced her hands on my knees as my rock hard cock tasted fresh air. I could feel the heat coming from between Hollies legs. My brain shouted, “stop this” I tried to open my mouth but my body was still paralyzed. Then it was too late! Hollie moved her hips forwards; her delicate lips brushed my rock solid cock. Lust took over me at this point; I still knew that she was my daughter but now that only made what we were doing more erotic. My daughter looked back at me at that moment giving me the most lust filled stare I have ever experienced. She began moving backwards forwards with her hips, I could feel the lips of her tiny pussy split either side if my manhood


“Well?” She asked looking at me straight with those lust filled eyes.


I nodded my head and closed my eyes. My Hips began thrusting in time with Hollies. This was the most erotic moment of my life. The wetness from her pussy trickling onto my manhood making squelching noises as my cock slid up and down between her soft outer lips.


“Oh my god, this feels so good Daddy” Hollie exclaimed arching her back with her eyes closed looking towards the blue sky.


Throwing all caution to the wind I said “Hollie you are the most beautiful thing on this earth”


My heart skipped as the tip of my cock brushed lightly against the inside of her pussy then carried on, Hollie grinding hard at the tip passed her cliterous. “I have wanted you forever” I whispered into her ear.


“I know” she said, “I have known since I saw you cum all over your bed while staring at me, that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen” She paused for a moment as the tip of my cock pushed once more against her pussy entrance. “I have been trying to get your attention for months” she exclaimed, now leaning forward and pushing down with her hips, moving ever faster back and forth rubbing her clit over my cock.


I realized my daughter was referring to the one and only night I had masturbated in the house at the start of the summer. This explained a lot of her actions over the last few months. The realization that I could have been in this position months earlier came as a slap. I was not going to waste another moment.


With that thought I lifted my daughter by the hips positioning the tip of my 8-inch rock hard manhood against the entrance to my 15-year-old daughters pussy. I held her there for a few moments, perhaps giving her one last chance to stop this. There was no way in hell I was going to!


“Oh-my-god, oh-my-god oh-my-god!” was all I got out of Hollie. Her little chest moving rapidly up and down as I held her. I took this as a yes and let her body weight fall, impaling my little daughter’s barely used, tight pussy on my big fat cock.


I let out a savage grunt as Hollies arse slapped on my legs stopped my dick from going any further into her pussy. Hollie on the other hand has another reaction.


“FUUUUUUCK!” She screamed “It hurts Daddy, take it out! Take it out”


I was not listening; I was lost in the moment, feeling her pussy contract and expand, trying to get used to my size.


“You are ripping me apart Daddy” Exclaimed Hollie, with less urgency this time.


“Relax sweetheart it will be alright I promise” I answered soothingly, I had no intention of pulling out now


Despite my desire to bounce her up and down on my cock I wanted her to enjoy herself. I stopped myself from plunging my cock deeper into her ungodly tight pussy. Even her mothers had not felt this tight the fist time I had split her pussy lips. I slowly moved my hands up Hollies stomach, feeling her abs twitch as I did so. I began kissing her on the back of the neck while she continued to whisper, “you are too big, please take it out, please daddy”. There was no weight behind these whimpers so I ignored them. I moved my hands up and for the first time cupped her budding breasts. Even through the material of her dress I could feel that there was no sag in them. Hollies beasts pointed straight out from her chest, almost like two small cones. As I squeezed them my thumb and forefinger made contact with her tiny nipples. With that my daughter let out a little gasp and turned her head slightly towards me. I shifted position slightly bring my head closer to my daughters. As I massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples Hollies mouth dropped open and she started breathing shallowly once again. Or lips drew ever closer, the last few inches being a blur as we both rushed to kiss one another.


This was no Father daughter kiss however; this was a kiss of pure animal lust. Our lips parted, both moaning in pleasure. There was urgency about the kiss; it was something that had been denied for too long. My tongue flicked into her mouth finding hers, Hollie responded pushing back with her mouth. Groans escaped the sides of our lips as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. My hands on Hollies breasts became less gentle kneading them and pinching her nipples between my fingers.


Hollie broke our kiss and said, “Fuck me daddy” Her voice was full of lust, her earlier trepidation forgotten.


I kissed my daughter hard, my tongue searching out hers once again. This time I moved my hips back gently, my cock sliding back slowly out from Hollies tight hole. It had moved perhaps an inch before I slowly pushed it back with a soft squelch.   


“Oh my god Hollie your pussy is so tight!” I exclaimed, my eyes closing savoring the pleasure as my cock was being massaged inside my daughter’s pussy.


A small groan escaped my daughter’s lips “Don’t stop Daddy”


I had no intention of stopping, not until I had unloaded myself. I pulled my cock out a little further this time pushing it into her tight hole once again.


“Fuck me Daddy, that feels so good” Hollie gasped as my cock slid into her once again.


My lips found Hollies again our lust mounting as the tempo of our fucking increased. My hands moved to Hollies shoulders, peeling the straps of her top down. I pushed the material of her dress off her shoulders letting it pool with the rest at her hips. I broke out the kiss once again leaned my head over her shoulder and finally I could see. Those budding beasts were there standing straight out from her chest, Hollies nipples perhaps protruded a further inch.


“Those are the nicest breasts I have ever lied eyes upon” I whispered in my daughter’s ear. Fucking my own daughter with an ever-increasing tempo.


Hollie did not seem to notice she was quietly shouting, “Fuck my pussy, oh-my-god it feels so good”


I could not resist I grabbed my daughter by the hips pushed her forwards slightly, pulled my daughter’s tight vacuum of a pussy up right to the head of my cock, pulling her back down and pushing with my hips at the same time. The view from behind was amazing; watching my dick disappear into her cunt was like nothing I had experienced before.


“OH FUCK” Hollie screamed.


This only spurred me on as once again I lifted her hips, giving myself a great view before slamming my cock home once more.


“Fuck your daughters tight little pussy, fuck me daddy, OHHH I can really feel you deep inside me” Exclaimed Hollie,


I had no idea she would use language like this. All it did was spur me on further. This time I lifted her hips high enough so my cock slipped out from her pussy, doing so with an audible “plop” I watched her juices dripping from her pussy onto the top of my shaft. I once again let her fall, my cock head meeting momentary resistance as it passed through her lips, only to come to a halt as Hollies arse once again landed on my legs.


“OOOOOHHHH” shouted Hollie, her eyes going wide. “That’s it, fuck my tight little twat, push your big fat cock deep inside me Daddy, GOD it feels good”


I grunted “Oh you like that do you? Well try some more of this!”


I pulled my cock out several more times, Hollies shouts getting louder with every thumping return.


“Fuck me daddy, oh your big dick feels so good in my tight little hole” Hollie was really getting into both the fucking I was giving her and her dirty talk.


I began moving her hips back and forwards along my legs, without lifting her.


“Oh-god-oh-god-oh-god” Hollie exclaimed “faster Daddy, faster”


I did as I was told and started moving her faster, every time I did so there was a loud squelch coming from my daughter’s groin.


Hollie squeezed her eyes together and shouted, “YES! YES! YES!”


I began lifting Hollie and pushing her backwards and forwards at the same time, this must have done the trick. I felt Hollies tight pussy muscles contract further; it really felt now as though her pussy was sucking on my cock


Hollies eyes flew open with a cry she said “OH yeah Daddy! Right there! God that feel good” I pulled back and pushed in to her wonderful pussy once again. “Yes, that’s it, fuck my pussy”


Every time I thrust my cock in there came another astonished cry from my daughter. With every thrust I could feel the muscles inside her pussy relax and contract, the suction pulling at my cock.

Hollie was moving on her own now; my hands were no longer needed on her hips. I moved them up past her stomach, once again grabbing hold of her cone like breasts. At his point my brain said to me “oh my god, you are really fucking your own daughter!” The realization of exactly what I was doing finally started to sink in. There was no way in hell I was going to stop it, the realization only made what was happening even more erotic.


“Fuck my pussy Daddy, GOD, Fuck my pussy, Harder Daddy, Harder” Shouted Hollie, even though she was the one doing the fucking.


Hollies pussy contracted further, I hadn’t thought it possible, now my cock was barely able to move. The feeling was becoming too much, I could feel my balls begin to tighten, getting ready to unleash their load of hot sticky fluid.


“Fuck, me, Daddy, fuck, me, hard, push, your, rock, hard, cock, in, your, daughters, tight, pussy” With every word Hollie paused as she impaled her little pussy on my throbbing cock.


“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” She exclaimed her tempo ever increasing. “I think, UH, I’m going, UH, to CUUUUUUUMMM” She screamed the last word for perhaps 30 seconds, till her breath ran out.


With that her pussy contracted so much that my cock was trapped unable to move! I could feel the muscles in my little girls pussy working over time, trying to milk my cock. I glanced over her shoulder and was greeted with something I never thought I would see. A small jet of clear fluid spurted out from Hollies groin, stretching out for almost a foot. Her pussy relaxed for a moment the grabbed my cock again, this time perhaps even tighter than the last. Again she ejaculated, this one not so long as the last but still a wonder to behold. I felt proud of myself for making my little girl cum. Now my balls were telling me it was my turn. Hollie pussy continued to contract, not as violently now though, I was able to move my cock. I did so now, with utter disregard for Hollies little pussy, or the fact that she was still Cumming. I grabbed her hips hard and lifted her clean off my cock, her womanly fluids trickling down the sides of my cock. I let her fall, meeting her with a thrust of my hips, impaling her once again on my rock hard cock. 


“Ugh, you are so tight” I exclaimed, bouncing her up and down on my shaft.


“Ugh, such a tight and wet pussy” I grunted again. My balls were ready to cum but I wanted to hold this back as long as I could.


I lasted perhaps another 30 seconds, my cock never leaving the bouncing, milking machine that was my daughter’s pussy.


“UGGGHHH FUUUUCK” I shouted, my balls emptying themselves. Buried up to the hilt in my daughter’s pussy


Thick strands of white-hot, creamy coloured gel flew out the tip of my manhood coating the inside of my daughter’s barely used pussy. Jet after jet flew out, my balls completely emptying themselves in Hollies love cannel.


“Jesus Daddy, I can feel it” Said Hollie, as she turned her head towards me her eyes wide “I can feel your big dick Cumming inside my tiny pussy!”


My cock must have spurted at least 10 times into her slit, Hollies pussy milking my fat dick as I did so. I kept bouncing my daughter on my cock well after I had given her all I had to give, savoring the feeling of my little girls tight pussy, wrapped around my cock. Even after I stopped I stayed in her, Hollies pussy seemed to be milking my cock even now. We sat there for some time with Hollie impaled on my dick, me rubbing her cone shaped breasts and tweaking her little nipples.


Eventually Hollie broke the silence saying, “Do you think I could be pregnant Daddy?” Looking at me with those big round innocent eyes.


I sat there in shock for a moment unsure what to think “I don’t know honey” was all I managed to get out, my head swirling with thoughts.


Hollie smiled at me and turned back to the sea. I had not thought about it in the heat of the moment, I was so used to my wife being on the pill. I had never worried about protection, the entire time I had been with my wife she had either been on the pill or we had been trying for children. Now here I was, my unprotected cock deep in my daughter’s pussy, my own cum leaking out passed her soft pink lips and dribbling onto the floor. There was no way she could have been on the pill I knew that for a fact! One side of my brain was saying “You idiot you have gotten your own daughter pregnant!” The other was saying “Look at the cum leaking out of her pussy, you might have gotten your own daughter pregnant! Now lets keep doing it and make sure!” For some time the two sides of my brain seemed to be at war, one shamed and degraded at what I had done, the other wanting to do it again and again and again. I didn’t make a conscious decision my body made it for me. My Cock had not even gone slightly soft, still buried in my daughter’s red and used pussy gave a few flicks. My hips responded, moving back and forth slightly, gliding my Cock very delicately in and out of Hollies pussy.


“MMMMM, Fuck me Daddy” whispered my daughter as she closed her eyes and lifted her head “Fuck my tight little pussy and make me pregnant with your Daddy cum”


I said nothing as I lifted her lithe form from off my manhood, I watched for a moment as cum dribbling out my daughters and down her leg. Hollie saw what I was looking at, without a word she scraped my cum off her leg with a finger she stuffed it straight back into her pussy. My eyes went wide and I gulped reaching under the chair I unfolded a blanket, laying it on the floor in front of me.


I pointed at the blanket and said to Hollie, “lie on the blanket with your legs up in the air”


Hollie did as she was told; lying on her back put her legs straight in the air, holding on to them at the knees.


“Like this Daddy?” She asked with an innocent air.


I stood there over my daughter for a moment savoring the view. There was my 15-year-old daughter with her legs in the air, her dress ruffled up at her waist. I looked at her lust filled face, pleading me to fuck her without uttering a word. My gaze drifted down to her “B” sized, cone shaped breasts standing straight out from her chest. Past her flat stomach my eyes drifted to her groin. There framed perfectly between her legs where the most exquisite set of lips I had ever seen, Slightly red now but still standing about 2 inches out from her body. Between those lips was the slit I had just fucked slowly oozing my milky cream. Could I have gotten her pregnant? With the amount of cum that was up there I was almost certain.






it was spoilt by a couple of exagerated descriptions. Perhaps you don't know how big an inch is, but inch long nipples on b-cup breasts would look deformed, not nice. And if she had 2 inch wide labia, she'd have to walk like a cowboy.

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