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Knocking up sis

one2bob on Incest Stories

   It's hard to describe my sister's  new friends. They live down the block from us so that's why they are friends, but they are significantly older than my sister. My sister, Sara, is only 13. Her friends, Lauren and Kayla, are 18 and 17 respectively.  Lauren is pretty cute, but just doesn't seem interested in me at all, so fuck her. Kayla, isn't too bad looking, a little chubby, but still a fine piece, and again, she doesn't seem interested in me either. Sara, though, got the good genes from my family. She's a cute little red head weighing only 90lbs standing at 4'5. Small fry. I myself, am 22. Still living at home, being a general loser. I'm not bad looking either. I kinda look like Sara, except I'm taller and weigh more and I'm a guy. I stand about 6'0 weighing 200lbs even.

   Lately, I've been noticing sara acting a little different. She seems a  little sluttier than she used to act. She's been walking around the house in tight shorts and shirts or just panties, and always joking with me about how her ass is nice, which it is. Can't lie. Well, one night lauren and kayla were over visiting sara and they were up in her room. Myself, I just decided to drink a few beers and relax in front of the TV. In my pjs. Pjs for me being a t-shirt and boxers. I fell eventually fell asleep in front of that TV. I woke up though to whispering voices. Female voices. What I heard before I opened my eyes kinda scared me.

"Yeah, he's way drunk and passed out. You should be alright," lauren said, further from the truth. Then i felt a hand go to the hole in my boxers. It reached in and pulled out my slowly erecting dick.

"Look, he's gettin hard!" i heard kayla whisper. It must have been her. So, she wanted to play, huh? I thought, might as well let her. So I just laid there. Feeling her finger gently scratch the head of my dick.

"OK. Wrap your hand around it and move the skin up and down in a pumping motion" i heard lauren say. Kayla must have been inexperienced to need a coach, or perhaps that just what got Lauren off. I felt the hand wrap around my cock and gently start to jerk me off. It felt great.

"cool. ok, now stick your tongue out and lick the tip." lauren whispered. This I had to see, so I opened my eyes an unnoticable crack to peer down at Kayla's soft, wet tongue as she licked the head of my dick. However, it wasn't Kayla's hand jerking me off, or her tongue licking the head of my cock. It was my little 13 year old sister, Sara. I immediately shot up and stopped her. She was just looking at me with those beautiful eyes of fright. Lauren and Kayla were sitting beside her, and Sara sat between her. I noticed she had no panties on.

"What are you doing?" I demanded. No answer, they just took off to Sara's room. I didn't see them for the rest of the night. The next day barely saw them until the evening. When our mom finally went off to work. I didn't know what to say to Sara so I didn't say anything when I heard her come down, but it wasn't her that came downstairs, it was Lauren.

"I'm sorry about last night." She said, "Its just that Sara told us she was curious about what know.... looked like. So we told her we'd help her to see. I told her to do those things as a joke, I didn't think she would...." she trailed off. "its just I was hoping I could do that to you, and I was gonna stop her I swear! I was only just tryin to help her see it" she was rambling now.

"That was just sick. I mean she's my sister" I said

"I know i know. I didn't mean for her to do it. I just said those things, but I really hope you can forgive me cuz I really like you"

"You do?"

"Yes, and it was really me that wanted to do those things." With that she just dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock out of my pants. She must really have wanted forgiveness. She got up on the couch beside me and started stroking my cock. I was instantly hard for her, and forgetting all about my sister. She was stroking me gently but powerfully and was teasing the head of my cock with her tongue.

  Then I heard two sets of footsteps coming down the stairs. Had to be Kayla and Sara. I tried to stop Lauren from jacking me off, but she just squeezed tighter and went faster. I saw them walk into the room

"Look who's here" Lauren giggled. It was Sara in the tightest shorts and almost spandex tank top.

"Look at your sister," lauren said. "Isn't she so fucking hot? Doesn't looking at her make you wanna cum for her? Look how tight her ass is." Sara turned around and bent over playfully to show me her ass, when Kayla grabbed Sara's shorts and pulled them down, revealing her perfect bare ass. My cock throbbed at seeing this and a big gob of precum oozed from the head. Lauren quickly licked it up/

"Thats it," she said, "get turned on by her. Sara, look at your big brothers hard cock, don't you just want to fuck it?" Sara nodded " Well come here," lauren said. With that Kayla led Sara over to me. Lauren's hand was making me feel so good, I couldn't object. I wanted it. I think maybe I wanted it last night too. I thought if my cock touched my little sisters pussy once it would explode.

   Sara came right up to me, and sat down on my legs and slid forward to get her pussy closer to my cock. Kayla reached down and spread my sisters little hairless lips slightly while lauren aimed my cock at it and started to rub the head up and down her slit. Sara's pussy was glistening wet. There was silence except for the sounds of Lauren sliding my cock against my Sara's pussy. I was about to let lauren shove my cock into my sister, I couldn't believe it. Then it happened. Sara lifted up a little, and Lauren slid the head of my cock into my sisters young hole. I felt Kayla sit on my lap behind sara and saw her put her hands down on the inside of Sara's thighs to help hold her up.

"Just hold still" Lauren told me. Sara started to hump on me but Kayla stopped her, why I have no idea.

"Just hold still," Kayla told Sara , "let Lauren do the work"

Lauren took hold of my shaft that was still outside Sara and began to furiously jerk me off. The sound of Laurens hand hitting Sara's pussy everytime it went up was indescribable. Feeling Sara's pussy muscles squeeze my head inside her and Laurens furious hand job was giving me that old familiar feeling . I didn't want to come inside my sister. I know she had gotten her period last year, I didn't want to make her pregnant

"I'm gonna cum. Let me pull it out" Isaid

Sara for the first time spoke " Don't let him cum inside me! I don't want to get pregnant!"

But Lauren just went faster. I tried to get up but Lauren quickly sat on my chest to hold me down for just enough time while Kayla pushed Sara down even further on my cock. That was it I couldn't take it, my cock started unloading load after load of incest cum inside my sister.Her unprotected pussy was getting all my load. Lauren let out an almost orgasmic "yeah" when she felt my cock spasming cum into my sister.

"Its so warm," I heard Sara say, but then she started to cry. Lauren and Kayla got up. "I said i didn't want him doing that in me!" She said, then my little sister leaned on my chest and started crying some more. All i could do was just sit there, barely able to contemplate the fact that my baby could be growing inside my 13 year old sister right now.

"How's it feel to knock up your baby sister?" Kayla said to us , the willing victims. Lauren and Kayla started laughing and went to leave. I sat there holding my baby sister, while she cried for god knows how long.


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