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Little Sis

GordoJohnson on Incest Stories

This story is in no way true. Don't try this at home.

--Little Sis--
 I sit on the couch staring into the kitchen, enjoying the view of my
little sister's tight ass as she rumgaged through the fridge. Maybe I should describe her for you.
My lovely sister Hannah is about 5'0 and is 13. She has beautiful red hair
and a very cute face. She has extravagent tits, and a nice plump behind.She was wearing tight jeans
and a T-Shirt with some cartoon character on the front.

 "There's nothing to eat" she exlaimed as she walked into the living room and
sat down on the couch beside me. "What's on TV?" she asked, "Nothin" I replied.
"Then I'm going to bed." She got up and walked out of the room. I watched her ass
as she walked, and practically began salivating. She opened the door to my room where
she was sleeping (she lives with my mother and I live with my father), and said good night.
I returned the sentiment and returned to watching tv. A

 After 20 minutes or so of watching crappy late night television shows,
I decided to go into my room and check up on Hannah. I opened the door and saw
her asleep in my bed. She was wearing a nightgown, underneath my comforter. I walked into
the room and immediatly noticed the pair of panties and bra on the floor
beside her pants and shirt. I picked up her panties and began smelling them.
They smelled wonderful, a yellow stain at the crotch, and a faint hint of a streak mark.
I dropped them and walked closer to the bed. I looked at her sleeping peacefully
for a moment, and slowly pulled back the covers. I silently and carefully pulled up her
nightgown and was amazed by her pussy. I rubbed it with my finger and she began to stir.
I pulled back and waited for her to stop. After she did a second later, I move up to her chest.
I lightly lifted the top of her gown up and stared at her tits. I held them and rubbed
her nipples. I couldn't take it any more began to take off my pants.

 I laid down beside her, and pulled my hard cock out of my boxers. I put my legs on both
sides of hers, and posititioned my cock. I breathed in a quick breath, and plunged forward.
Her eyes opened almost immediatly. I put my hand over her mouth and began to pump in and out
of her tight pussy. No hymen, I quickly took note of, maybe she'd been fucked by that stupid
looking skater kid she hung out with. She tried to yell underneath my hand, but quickly
discovered it was useless. The only sound that came out was low and muffled. I quickened
my pace as she began to silently cry. It did not take much more of my quick thrusts into
her tight pussy for me to feel the onset of an orgasm. I quickly pulled out and positioned
myself above her face and began to quickly pump my dick. A stream of cum shot out, and
several more small bursts covered her mouth and left cheek. I leaned down and
passionatly kissed her on the mouth, moving my tounge around hers.I got up, grabbed my pants
and walked out. I could hear her weeping silently and knew that she would never tell anyone.
She cared to much about her reputation, and this would surely ruin it. I smiled and kept

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