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Making My Hot Mom Mine

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My Hot Mom, Kayleigh Kobus

This is story occurs 12 years after the story “The Student Kayleigh Kobus” This story chronicles the son of Matt and Kayleigh Wyatt and his attempt to turn his mother into his own personal sex slave.  Thought this story will be hot no matter what you do, It Will make more sense if you read the original first.  
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I am David Wyatt, I am 13 years old and I live in Utah with my') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" href="" target="_top">Beautiful Mom Kayleigh and my Dad Matt.  The age difference of my parents is unbelievable.  My Dad is 68 and my Mom is Only 28!  Apparently, my Dad wooed my mom when she was 16 and got her to marry him.  Later that year she got pregnant with me.  My parents were great to me, they loved me a lot.  And unlike the other kids, my parents started letting me watch porn at a very young age.  In fact they encouraged it and would even watch it with me.  The only thing was that porn never really got me excited, this was because compared to my beautiful mother, all porn stars seemed butt ugly.  At a young age I really started noticing how sexy my mom was.  She really was a goddess.  She was the perfect mix between Latina and White (quarter Latina and 3 quarters White), her Latina features were her sharp sexy facial features, silky light brown hair and her magnificent god like ass.  Her white features were her beautiful natural 40E cup breasts, her flawless golden tan skin and her big sexy green eyes.   
I have always wondered how My Dad got my Mom to marry him.  He was not a looker himself and too add on to that, he never even treated her well.  He kept her under a strict set of rules.  He only allowed her to eat 2 meals a day so she wouldn’t gain weight, he never let her go out of the house unless he could track exactly where she was going, he picked out her clothes for her everyday (usually pretty revealing)and he made her workout 3 hours every day doing aerobic exercises to keep her body in impeccable condition.  My Dad’s body on the other hand was getting pretty out of hand.  He never works out and he eats a lot so naturally he is quite obese, he is probably verging on 300 pounds.  Whenever we go out people always think that my mom and I are siblings and that Matt is our Dad and sometimes they even think he is our grand dad.  When he corrects them and tells them that Kayleigh is his') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">Wife they get a repulsive look on their face and quickly walk away.  Nonetheless I love my Dad, he has always cared about me a lot.   
A few days after my thirteenth birthday while my mom was working out he called me into his room.   
“Now son, you have probably noticed by now how sexy your mom is.” 
I didn’t know how to respond to this, but my Parents especially my Dad had always taught me to be very open about my sexual feelings so I responded truthfully “Yeah I have dad, she is absolutely beautiful.” 
“Yes she is and you probably wondered how an old guy like me got a sexy young girl like that to marry me.” 
“Yes I have Dad.”I said truthfully 
My Dad proceeded to telling me his story of rape, humiliation and blackmail which forced Kayleigh to marry him.  (See previous story for details)  I was taken back at first, but I was also intrigued.  The thought of my young sexy mom being raped and forced to marry my Dad turned me on.   
“What did you use to blackmail her Dad?” 
“A sex tape of her, and as a birthday present to you, I am going to let you watch it.” 
We went downstairs to the home theatre and my Dad inserted the tape into the DVD player.   
            The video started with a 16 year old version of my mom naked and on all fours.  She was talking about how she was a slut and wanted to be spanked.  This got my dick raging; I immediately whipped it out and started masturbating to my mom. Then my Dad came into the scene and started spanking her gorgeous ass with a leather belt; making her scream in pain.  Then it showed my dad putting her big tits around his dick and') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fucking them.  Then it went to the glorious scene of her licking the cum off of her big sexy breasts right in front of the camera.  This scene sent me over the edge.  Then it moved into her losing her virginity when he fucked her for the first time and this scene changed flawlessly to my Dad fucking her doggy style, grabbing her breasts for leverage; making her scream.  Then came another hot scene, they were were in 69 position and she was sucking his cock while he was eating her out and licking her ass hole.  Then came the anal scene, again my mom let out terrible but oh so sexy screams.  Then came one of the hottest scenes of the video, My Mom was licking my Dad’s cum off the lens of the camera while talking dirty.  Then 6 other men came into the room and started gang banging my sexy ass Mom.  After a while my Mom collapsed and the men started having sex with her unconscious.  The last scene was when all seven me shot their cum on Kayleigh’s unconscious body.  
After it ended I exploded shooting my cum everywhere.  Then I asked 
“But Dad, that didn’t seem forced at all, Mom looked like she was having') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fun.” 
“That’s how we made it seem by editing it, but she actually was in agony the whole time, it was very sexy.” 
“I can imagine.  Then what did you do Dad?” 
“Oh then we showed it at an assembly to her whole school and I sent a copy to her parents.  She was so embarrassed that she accepted my proposal for marriage and she moved with me to Utah.  Here is our wedding video” He popped it into the DVD player. 
It started with my Mom wearing nothing but a white veil, walking down the aisle of a greasy dark chapel.  She looked stunning.  The stands were full of drunken and horny men who were grabbing her ass and breasts as she walked down.  Then the minister did his thing and it ended with my Mom giving my Dad a blowjob, much to the cheers of the crowd.  It was incredibly sexy.  
“Wow that’s great Dad, good work.” Whereas most people would have regarded my Dad a creep for doing this I had gained a whole new respect for him.   
My Mom came out of our home gym and asked  
“What’s going on guys?” I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even wanna talk to my Mom anymore, after watching that movie all I wanted to do was') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">fuck the shit out of her.  Although she was incredibly sexy in the movie, she was twice as hot now.  Her breasts had grown a bit bigger and fuller, her facial features had matured and gotten even hotter, her ass had grown even bigger and meatier, and she had grown a couple of inches making her curves look more proportionate. 
My Dad quickly answered “Oh we were just checking out the new Jenna Jameson porno.”  
“Oh cool how is it?” she asked 
“Pretty hot, it makes me wanna  fuck the living shit  out of you” he said. 
He got up, picked her up, went to his room and started fucking her.   
“Lucky Bastard” I said to myself, then I replayed the video and started masturbating to my mother again. 


Over the next year it seemed like my lust for my Mom was increasing every day.  I talked about it with my Dad frequently.  He tried to subdue my lust by giving me her sweaty bras and thongs to sniff, giving me new tapes of him fucking her, and he got her to dress more revealing around the house (usually in a small bra and thong.) But this only made me want to fuck her more.  I asked one day if he would let me fuck her.  He said 
“Son I am sorry, but when you were born your mother made me promise her that I would not let you fuck her when you grew up, she is against incest more than anything in the world, don’t worry though Davey, say the word and I’ll get you a beautiful young women to fuck whenever you want.” 
I was consoled little by these words, I only wanted one woman and that was my mother, I knew that no other woman in the world is as sexy as my Mom.   
“But hey” he said “I got you another video of us fucking, this was just a couple days ago, enjoy bud.” 
He left and I popped in the video and started jacking off to my Mom getting fucked.  These videos were how I got by over the next year, but this all changed a few days after I turned thirteen.   
My Dad suffered a massive heart attack due to his obesity, and was rushed to the hospital.  He died shortly after.  We did not have a funeral service for him; my Mom and I just went to the cemetery and had him buried.  My Mom was trying to act sad in front of me but I could tell that she didn’t love him, she still hadn’t forgiven him, and how could she?  He ruined her life.  Even though my Dad had just died, all I could think about was now that he is gone and I was the man of the house, maybe my mother would let me fuck her.  I felt guilty for having these thoughts but the thought of fucking my hot mom were just way too strong for anything to distract them, even my Dad’s death couldn’t get my mind off my Mom.  I turned to the sexy goddess and said 
“Don’t worry Mom, you don’t have to act sad, I know what he did to you and I understand that you can’t possibly love him.”  
“Oh honey he told you.” 
“Yes.  I thought it was terrible.” I lied “I secretly started hating him too for what he did to you, I think we should change our name back to Kobus and forget that he ever existed.” 
“Alright sweetie.” 
The next day my Mother went to the offices and legally changed our name back to Kobus.  She was crying tears of joy, she was finally free.  Little did she know that I was planning on snatching her freedom right back from her. 
That night I went up into my room and orchestrated a plan to make her mine.  I could have forced her into marrying me right away by threatening to show all of our neighbors her tape.  But first I wanted to assert myself by raping her.  There was one thing that stood in my way.  Due to her constant exercising, she was in incredible shape.  So I would not be able to overpower her.  I decided that I would need') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">help.  So I invited Chris over (one of the neighbor boys) and showed him my Mom’s sex tape. 
“Wow dude that’s fucking hot” Chris said 
“How would you like to help me rape her?” I asked 
“Man I know your Mom is a') repeat-x 50% bottom; margin-bottom: -2px; padding-bottom: 2px; cursor: pointer; color: #006600; text-decoration: none" target="_top">babe but fucking your own mom is wrong.” 
“Alright, then I guess I will have to get someone else to help me pin her down, caress her supple breasts and ass, and fuck her in each and every one of her holes.” 
“NO no no man, I was just kidding, I’ll help you.” He said “When do you wanna do this.” 
“Tonight, let me make one thing clear though, you are not to touch any of her parts, and you are not allowed to fuck her, you will help me pin her down and tie her hands, and then you will video tape the rape.” 
“Alright cool man, I just wanna see her get fucked in person” 
So that night we snuck into my mom’s bedroom and took off her blanket to reveal her sleeping in her bra and thong.  She looked so peaceful; she was clearly relieved that her monster of a husband was dead.  This peaceful look made her look even more unbelievable.  I got on top of her and took her bra off, this was the first time I had seen her breasts in person.  I was in awe, I started rubbing them, my dream was coming true.  Chris walked over 
“Fuck this man I have to touch them.” Said Chris as he started mauling my beautiful mom’s boobs. 
“NO!!!!!!” I screamed as I shoved him away, I didn’t want to share her with anybody; unfortunately this scream woke my Mom up.  
“No get off, not you too” she screamed, she was horrified.  She wrestled me off of her.  This is where Chris came in and slowed her down while I got back up.  He grabbed her big tits and started squeezing them, this made my Mom freeze.  I then tackled her back on the bed.  We worked together and got my Mom’s body turned around, where we then tied her arms behind her back.   
“Go start filming now.” I ordered Chris.  Then I turned to my Mom who was weeping.  “Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck you mother, ever since I saw that slutty video of you getting gangbanged.  I can’t get you off my mind Kayleigh, I must have you, and after this long rape, we are gonna get married, if you thought being married to Dad was hard, wait till our relationship starts.” 
I then moved down to her wonderful ass and slipped her thong off.  Whereas my Dad was a breast man I was an ass man.  And my Mom definitely had an ASS!!   
“Stay still and cooperate, and I won’t hurt you.” 
“Alright sweetie, you know I have always loved, I raised you all by myself, I would do anything for you.”  She said sweetly.  I know what she was doing; she was trying to remind me that she was my Mom and not just some sex object.  But unfortunately for her, this turned me on more.   
I started massaging her glorious Latina ass.  It was so big and soft, but as I squeezed harder it stood its ground.  It was muscular as well as soft.   It was a work of art.  After massaging it I started licking every square inch of it.  I spent a long long time on her ass.  After licking the exterior, I split her beautiful golden ass cheeks and started licking the inside of her ass.  I tried finding bits of poop and licking them out of her asshole.  I loved everything about my Mom’s ass.  I split her ass cheeks as far as I could and I took a long whiff of her asshole.  It was the greatest smell that I have ever sniffed.  Then I forced my tongue as deep as it could go down her asshole.  This made her wince.  I had had enough of the foreplay, I whipped out my penis and started fucking her doggy style just like my Dad had done in the video.  Amazingly, even after the years of fucking my father’s 10 inch penis, her pussy was still incredibly tight.   I grabbed her breasts for leverage just like my Father used to.  I squeezed the hell out of them as I went faster and faster.   .  This made my Mom moan.  I exploded inside my mother’s pussy.  I didn’t wait one second before I got in 69 position and stuck my Dick in my Mom’s mouth and told her to suck it while I ate out her pussy.  Her pussy was very wet, even though my Mom hated this, her pussy loved it.  I stuck my tongue in her pussy and went to work.  Soon I exploded again, this time in my Mom’s mouth.  I quickly turned her around and went back to licking her tasty ass.  I licked it all over; every square inch of her ass had probably been licked about 10 times.  Then I told her to get on her knees and stick her ass out while I fucked her asshole.  I started pumping my Mom’s anal hard.  She screamed.  I went harder and harder and harder.  Right before I cummed I pulled out and cummed on the floor.  I told her to lick it off the floor while I fucked her anally again.  She did this as I ripped apart her asshole.  She would lick the cum then scream occasionally due to the pain.  This time before I cummed I stuck my dick in her pussy and unleashed.  I looked over at Chris and decided I would let him in on this.  I told him he could fuck my Mom’s pussy as I got head from her.  He came running over; clearly excited.  He started pumping my Mom’s pussy as she started to suck my cock.  We both cummed at the same time, I filled my Mom’s mouth and he filled her pussy.  We switched positions and started fucking her again.  We alternated about 5 times, this was surely bringing back painful memories for my Mom.  Chris was more of a boob man, so he started to tittie fuck my Mom while I went back to her anal.  This was more enjoyable than our previous positions so we did these 10 times each.  As we pretty much had no cum left to fill my Mom with, I sent Chris home and decided it was time to complete my plan. 
I tied a leash around my exhausted Mom and pulled her to the cemetery where my Dad was buried.  I invited a sleazy, corrupt minister to come there and marry us on my Father’s grave.  I took the leash off my Mom and put on her the same veil that my Dad married her in.  My Mom looked beautiful, cum was still dripping from her pussy.  The minister smiled sickly, he had a boner too from looking at my beautiful naked Mom.  I gave my Mom the rights that I wrote for her to read.  She knew she would have to do this, she knew that she would have to marry her 13 year old son.  She was sickened as she began to read her rights. 
“I Kayleigh Kobus promise you, my Son Dave Kobus to sexually please you in any way you like, any time you like, I promise that I will become a nudist and never wear any clothes, I promise that I will address you as Master.  I promise you that I will not only be your wife, but your sex slave.” She stopped, gulped and continued.  “I promise you that I will keep my body in impeccable condition understanding that the minute you find me unattractive, you will kill me.” Tears were rolling down my mother’s cheeks she stopped, the minister smiled sickly and told her to go on.  “I promise I will bear you a son and when he grows up, I will sexually please him as well.” 
“Very good.” Said the minister as he continued the ceremony “Do you Dave Kobus; take you Mother Kayleigh Kobus to be your lawfully wedded wife and sex slave.”  
“I DO!” I said enthusiastically.  
“And do you Kayleigh Kobus take your son Dave Kobus to be your lawfully wedded husband and master.” 
“I do” she sniffled 
“Very good.  Dave Kobus you may now fuck Kayleigh Kobus; your Bride and Mother and Sex Slave.” 
I laid my Mom down on my father’s grave and started slowly fucking her.  The horny Minister was loving it.  I started passionately kissing my Mom while fucking her.   
“Tell me what you want me to do with you Bride.” I whispered 
“I want you to fuck me harder Master.” 
I started fucking harder and her until I exploded in her pussy again.  Then I turned her around and started fucking her pussy from behind.  I told her to grab my Father’s gravestone for support.  Oh my Father would have been so proud of me right now, taking what was mine, and continuing his legacy of sexually tormenting Kayleigh Kobus.  When I was about to climax I pulled out and cummed on the gravestone.  I told her to lick off my cum from my Father’s as one last tribute to my Dad.  As I watched my beautiful Mom lick my cum off my Dad’s gravestone I realized the incredible symbolism of the event.  It symbolized the passing of my Mom from my Dad to me.  
Once she licked it clean I got her up and we walked home.  We walked into our house and I took her into our room.  I hopped in bed and my beautiful Bride and Sex Slave followed me.   
“Expose your ass to me, I want to sniff the ass of my new Bride.” 
“Yes Master.” She softly said as she bent over in front of me, took her hands and ripped her big golden tan Latina ass cheeks apart.  I took a deep intoxicating whiff of her ass hole.  It smelled even better than before.  It was not only the smell of my sexy mom’s ass; it was the smell of success.  My plan had worked and my Mother Kayleigh Kobus was now my wife and sex slave.   
“That’s enough” I said “Now sit on my dick and fuck me slave.” 
“Yes Master.”  She placed her pussy on my dick and started hopping up and down on it.  What a sight it was, my beautiful mother on my dick hopping up and down, causing her big sexy tits to flop all over the place.  Once I climaxed I told her to lie down beside me.  She was softly crying, the thing she feared most was now a reality, the son she had loved and cared for since birth was now her master, and she was his sex slave.   
 “I am gonna treat you a lot worse than Dad did, I am not even gonna regard you as a person, just a sexual object.  But look on the bright side” I said slyly “At least this time you will get to keep your last name.  After all Kayleigh Kobus is a much sexier name than Kayleigh Wyatt, so goodnight Kayleigh Kobus.  




Please comment on what you think of this story, I am open to positive criticism, I want to keep getting better as a writer so both praise and criticism are welcome. 

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