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Making cousin kelly a woman

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Kelly has always been the baby of the family, and ever since i can remember she was always at my side whenever we had family get together, and believe you me, we always found a reason to get the "tribe" together.

Kelly recently moved to the big city, she was starting college soon and moved not more then 5 miles from where i lived. When i found out about that. I told her if she needed any help to just give me a call and I’ll do what i can. My aunt and uncle was pleased that she was close to somebody she knew and I assured them that I would look out for her.

She calls me up the other day needing some help picking up a computer desk she bought and since i have a truck asked if I could help her out. I really didn’t have anything planned that day and figured what the hell. So I head over to her little apartment and when I say little I mean "little" it was more of a closet with one window, and not much furniture in it. I see she has a small bed in the corner with no frame, more of the mattress on the floor and one small love seat.

Kelly was just getting out of the shower from her daily workout at the college and opened the door in a terry cloth robe. And for the first time I start thinking of what she has on underneath or for that matter anything at all under her robe. Kelly tells me to make myself comfortable and that she would be ready in a moment, so I plant myself down on the couch and start watching the TV knowing full well she’s going to be awhile. As I am engulfed in whatever was on, I catch a glimpse of something. With the way the couch is sitting in the room I can look straight into the bathroom, Kelly must have been so focused on getting ready she completely forgot to close the door. I watched intently a she started to disrobe right there in the door way and was shocked and in awe at the sight that was before me. Kelly has what all the guys call a “jock girl body”. She is very toned in all the right places. Her back side has more definition then I see on most guys working out all there lives. Now I’m not saying she’s some type of body builder, but you can tell she does a lot of running. Kelly bends over to get something out of the cabinet and I get a full view of her crotch and ass. OH MY GOD. I can see she keeps herself very well shaven in all the right places. I was starting to get hard now, and fighting it was a battle in itself. As Kelly moved back up she reach behind her and closed the door, I’m thinking to myself “well either she seen me looking or she realized she had the door wide open”

About half an hour later she comes out in a nice little pair of shorts and tank top with no bra on. Her hair, still wet has cascaded down her shirt some and making her nipples stick out just a bit. I guess with younger girls, the areolas seem to be larger then normal. Kelly’s was definitely larger then normal cause the chill was also making that part protrude out as well. I started off by asking her how her classes where going and if she liked campus. “That’s why I moved here instead of campus, way too much partying and I really cant focus on studies with the girls that they put me with. That’s why I need the desk for my graphs and layouts”.

With nothing more to say, we proceeded to the local “depot” to pick up her desk and made some more small talk. I knew Kelly was seeing a guy from high school and asked her if she is still seeing “Kyle”. Kelly rattles off something about him treating her like shit and lying to her all the time, and really not having time for boyfriends. Which I thought was a good thing to focus on the books then boys. But in the back of my mind, I was back on the couch staring at her lovely ass and pussy and oh how it look all cleaned and shaven, and once again here comes the hard-on, “dammit, need to quit that or I’m never gonna live this down if the family finds out I’m driving around town with the cousin and a raging hard-on”Â

Out of no where she asks me “did you like what you seen back there?”

I thought I was going to swallow my own tongue when she blurted that out. “Whatever do you mean?”

“I knew you seen me naked and was wondering what you thought of my body, since you are probably the only guy that has ever seen me naked, besides my dad and that was when I was a baby”

I didn’t know what to say, the only thing I could say was “you are a very beautiful woman”. And with that said I see her crack the biggest smile on her face and she starts to blush.

We finally make it back to the apartment after getting this monstrosity of a desk, and I am trying to figure out where the hell in this place she is going to put it. After much debate and planning we start moving this desk upstairs. Now for a girl her size, Kelly is pretty strong and does pretty well until we get right to her door. I notice she is sweating her little ass off and it is soaking her tank top. Kelly is pulling at her top, trying to get herself to cool off and with each pull exposes her breast more to me. We finally get the desk situated in the room and relax for a bit. She offers me a drink and sits down next to me. I am sweating like a pig and apologize to her for sweating all over her couch. “Like it really matters cuz, this old thing has seen better days”

After the much needed rest, we move onto getting her computer setup. I start pulling out all the gear and Kelly’s reading whatever directions or warranty comes with it. I notice with her sitting on the floor in front of me, I catch a glimpse of her outer vagina lip slowly peeking out of those shorts. “She isn’t wearing underwear” I said to myself. And she is completely bald. Oh wow, twice in one day. What luck, Need to run down to the store and buy a lottery ticket.

Kelly continues to read on as I’m setting up the monitor and asked her for her surge protector. She runs up into the kitchen and dives right under the desk, once again giving me another view of her lips sticking out of her shorts. She has to realize that or that she just doesn’t care anymore, anyway I see it I’m enjoying the view. I come around back of her and I am right behind her trying to get this monitor hooked up, when out of no where Kelly reaches up and grabs my semi hard cock. I must of stammered back. I didn’t know what to think or say. I just stood there trying to figure out if that was an accident or what.

“What’s wrong cuz, didn’t you like that?” “Didn’t you like the views I was giving you?” I told her yea, what man wouldn’t like what he seen. And with that said,  she crawls over to me on her hands and knees and grabs my cock again in her hands. Reaching under my shorts and slowly stroking it with one hand and trying with the other, trying to take my shorts off of me. “I wanna see it” She tells me. “I wanna taste it in my mouth”

“For the longest time I can not remember when I didn’t have crush on you cuz, You have been my only real love and have always wanted to feel you inside me” I was lost for words and the animal in me took over. Fuck guilt, this girl wants dick and I am here to help her out as I promised to her parents.

Kelly finally gets my shorts down to my ankles and engulfs my cock with her warm, wet lips. Sucking feverishly like there is no tomorrow. I watch as she is stroking my cock as well and trying so hard to take it all the way into her mouth. Her gage reflex’s kick in, and I tell her to slow down. She does as I tell her. Her sucking intensifies and I can feel my balls twitch as I feel it Cumming. I grab her up, not wanting to cum just yet. I take her by the hand and lead her over to the bed. Now it’s my turn” grabbing her sweat soak shorts off. I get the full view of her tight young pussy. Kelly isn’t completely bald. She has a “soul patch” just above the clit and its trimmed down real nice. I start working on the inside of her legs with small kisses and move myself closer to her sweet smelling pussy. I take her clit in my mouth and suck on it like a jolly rancher. Feeling her hips move closer to my head. Kelly takes her hands and force the back of my head deeper in to her crotch. I slowly work my finger into her sweet opening, telling fully she is wet and ready for cock. After what seems to be about twenty minutes or so. I ask her if she has ever had sex before. “No, I have always wanted you to be my first”. So with that, I tell her to tell me if I start hurting her, and that she will feel a little pain. I move her legs above my head so I can get a good position entering her. I work my cock up and down her wet slit, working her juices and my saliva in the opening. I move my cock to the opening and slowly push toward her. I hear her breathe in as the pressure builds up in her and I move closer and closer till I am all the way inside her. Kelly has her eyes closed and is breathing very heavy now. I begin working my hips back out and in. “Oh my god cuz, I never knew it was like this. Are all men this big?” I smile and tell her I’m really not that big, that since this is your first time its going to feel big. I continue to work my hard cock in and out of her tight pussy, working my hips faster and faster. Kelly wraps her legs around my hips working with me in rhythm. I can feel her pulsate around my dick and can tell she is having orgasm after orgasm. I don’t want to cum just yet, so I pull out telling her to get on all fours. Kelly moves with a quickness into position and raises her ass exposing herself for me to take complete control.

I ram my cock into her with full force and she yells out a shrill of delight and ecstasy. “Oh yes cuz, fuck me hard, fuck my tight pussy” I hammer away at her with such animal ferociousness I can’t think anymore then to just blow my load all over her. As I feel my balls get tighter and tighter I pull out of her and tell her I am cummin’. She moves quickly to take my cock in her mouth as I blow my spunk deep in her mouth and she swallows ever last drop. Kelly keeps pumping my cock wanting more of my baby batter, but I am drained completely.

We fall on the bed exhausted from it all. And she starts giggling out loud. I ask her what’s so funny?

“Well you did tell my parents you would look after me, and cuz you sure do one helluva job” I start chuckling as well, thinking oh god, what have I done. I just fucked my baby cousin

Kelly looks over at me and says “don’t worry cuz, it’s our little secret”




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