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Me and my Aunt

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My name is Aaron and I'm 17yrs old, last summer my cousin called me and asked me to come over to help him paint
the backyard fence among other things. So I get there and we spend the first day doing nothing. The next day
the supplies were ready and we were ready to paint. We didn't want to ruin our clothes so we found some old crappy
stuff to put on.. it was hot as hell and me and my cousin weren't even done halfway at the end of the day..

I've always had a thing for my aunt. Shes around 45 years old and something about her turns me on more than anything.

anyway, so we go to sleep that night and next morning I wake up at around 9AM. My cousin his at summer school
and his dad is at work. I can't find my aunt either. I get in the bathroom take off my shirt when my aunt passes by.
"taking a shower?" she asks
"yeah" I reply
"oh, just leave the door open so I can bring you a towel later" she adds

About 2 minutes later she comes in. "I got your towel"

I slide the door halfway and stick my head and arm out the cover and grab it saying thanks.

"ooh naked!" she says in a naughty way.
"hahah duh!" I reply.
"how big has it gotten?"
"your little penis, last time I saw it, you were 2 years old!"
"heh well its pretty big now!"
"let me see it!"
"umm what? no!"
"come one! don't be a wuss" she says.

"oh, alright" I slide the door open and stand there.

"ooooh, nice!" she says.
"what lucky lady has had her way with that?"
"umm none hehe" yes I was a virgin at the time.

she just smiles and I slide the door back. When she says "Do you want me to wash your back?"

"its ok, I got it"
"no you didn't! how long as it been since you actually washed it?"
"umm well haha ok"

"I'm just going to take off my shirt so I dont get it with"
She takes it off revealing a very see thru bra and it gets my heart pumping so fast.

She stands outside the tub and I turn around and she grabs soap and starts spreading it all over my back. getting
closer to my butt. As she rubs my back I get so horney. My dick is as hard as a rock. She continues to wash it and
gets closer and closer to my sides and then moves on and moves her hands around and goes over my cock. my heart rate goes
through the roofs and she just grabs it and starts going up and down on it.

"you like this?"

"oh yes"

she turns me around gets on her knees and opens her mouth and starts sucking my cock.

"wooaa, fuck, it feels so good" I say.

She gets up and says "Its going to get better" and puts her mouth against mine and starts sucking on my tongue.
We kiss for about a full minute she takes off her bra reavealing her beautiful breasts and orders me to suck on them.
And i do. They taste so good I'm all over them. She steps in the tub and I suck on her tits and mouth for a long time
as she rubs my cock with her hands.

She then starts to unbotton her pants and takes them off. She then lays down on the bath tub floor and spreads are legs.
She is wearing a black panty. "Take them off" I go down and pull on it revealing her pussy. "suck on it baby"
I go down on her and start licking her pussy like a starved dog. It tastes so good. She moans and groans and it makes me

"Oh yeah baby, Suck it. Suck it hard! suck on your aunty's pussy!"

she then pulls me to her. "Let me taste my pussy off your mouth"
She then puts her tonge in my mouth and starts sucking it.

"FUck me baby, i want you to fuck me"

'Holy shit' I'm thinking to myself. as I slowly enter her pussy with my 7inch cock.

"Harder! harder!" she yells

And I start pumping as hard as I can.

"oh yeah, fuck me baby. fuck my so hard" she moans

"i'm a dirty little whore. fuck your aunty as hard as you can baby"

"I'm gonna cum!" I yell.

"Oh baby pull out! I can't have you get my pregnant!"

I pull out and she starts sucking my cock so hard. I explode all over her face and mouth.
She swallows it all with a grin in her face.

"Oh baby, are you sure you were a virgin?"

I smile and we just lie there for a while and then help wash each other. Slowly my dick starts to get hard again
while I'm washing her tits. we both dry each other up and get out the bathroom. seeing my dick hard as rock again she
takes me into her room on her bed and she offers me her pussy again and i fuck there for 20 minutes or so and I was in

It was time for my cousin to get back home so we started getting dressed.

"We are going to have soooo much fun together!" she said.

at that moment we heard the front door open so I headed back into the living room and turn on the tv and my cousin
came in. After that I had so much fun. whenever she could she sneaked into the room I was sleeping in at night and
gave me a blowjob and i would eat her out for a while before going to sleep. It was great.

It's been about 2 years now since the first time and I've lost count to how many times we have fucked.

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