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Mike and his mother visit DC

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A mother and son find forbidden love on a trip to Washington Dc.
Some non-consenual, watersports, incest

   This is my first story so please be patient with me and I would love to hear your comments / criticism. This is a story of fantasy that I wish had happened. It begins when I was 13 or 14 and reached puberty, arousing my interest in the opposite sex. We were your typical family, my mother Jenna was 32 and my father was 2 years older than her. My name is Mike, and I had a sister Megan who is two years younger than myself. My mother was about 5'5, blond hair, with a beautiful body and large breats. She regularly went to the gym to keep in shape, and it showed.

   When I was 14 I discovered a pair of my moms panties in the clothes basket. This pair of lacy red thongs was clean, but just touching them made me hard. I went to my room that night and jerked off while looking at a Victoria's Secret catalog, picturing my mother in all the different types of panties.

   A week later I was lucky enough to find bra and panties that she had taken off before a shower and forgot to remove from the bathroom. These were black and silky matching bra and panties. I felt the smoothness of the panties and smelled them, the smell was something like sweat and sex. My dick became hard as I smelled her freshly used panties, and i lowered my pants and began to rub them against my rigid cock. The silky panties felt so good against my dick, and I could feel a trickle of pre-cum that I rubbed into her underwear. I once again returned to my room and jerked off thinking of my sexy, young mother.

   My growing lust for my mother led me to hanging around outside the bathroom while she was showering. I hoped to catch a glimpse of anything as she left the bathroom to get dressed in my their room. I was only able to see her clad in a towel wrapped tightly around her body, so I could only make out the bottoms of her legs dripping with water. These brief sights only caused my want for her to grow.

   My mother worked in the jewelry industry, so occasionally she went to conferences to buy new merchandise. A convention was coming up in Washington DC so she asked if I would like to come and see the city while she was doing business. I quickly agreed as I had never been there and thought it could be a fun trip, little did I know how fun.

   We left early one Friday morning, packing light as it would only be a 2 night stay. It took us about two hours to reach the Mariott in Washington. It was a very impressive hotel, and we were both pretty excited about our stay here. We checked in and found our room had one king size bed, which my mother said would'nt be a problem since it was only two nights.

   My mother immediately changed into a nicer outfit for the conference. She wore a red skirt with a tight black top, flesh colored panty hose and red high heels. I must say when she came out of the bathroom I was floored with how good she looked. My mother had to check in and do conference stuff all day, so I was left to roam the city alone. I visited the Air & Space museum and just walked around admiring the city. I returned to the hotel around dinner time and found a note saying that my mother was going to the conference dinner and wouldn't be back till 10. I ordered some room service and laid on the bed watching television.

   I must have dosed off because I was awakened in the dark by my mother fumbling with the room key. It was one of those swipe things, but the thing was pretty picky about how you slid the card. I got out of bed and oppended the door.

   "Hi, thanks for opening the door hun, this door card always gives me trouble." my mother said as she entered the room. I could smell alcohol on her and she sligltly slurred her words so I knew she had been drinking. She rarely drinks so a few glasses of wine and she is past buzzed.

   "No problem mom, did you have a good night?"

   "I had a great time, I saw a lot of jewelry I'm really excited to get into our store. The dinner was great, I wish you could have been there. I couldn't wait to get back up here and sit down and relax. So how was your day"

   "Not bad, I went to a museum, ordered room service and then watched some tv" I said as I laid back down on the bed again. The room was dark except for the flickering light of the television. My mother laid down on the bed next to me, still wearing her outfit of a short red skirt and sexy heels. The tightness of the shirt perfectly outlined her breasts, and I could make out the bra underneath. It made me hard just wondering which of her Victoria's Secret bras she was wearing tonight.

   "My feet are killing me, these shoes are so uncomfortable but I love them. I need to wear something different tommorow since I will be on my feet all day again."

   "Do you want a foot massage?" I innocently asked her, as I had done it for her years ago. Now I had a new interest in getting close to her beautiful stockinged feet.

   "Awww, that would be great sweetheart."

   I crawled to the foot of the bed and removed my mothers red heels. Her feet felt so good through the stockings she wore. I begin to slowly rub and massage her feet, concentrating on all the areas I knew were sore. I started out softly, but increased my pressure. My mother reacted by sighing, and I could see her eyes were now closed. I worked my way up her legs slowly, stopping midway between the knee and ankle. I softly massaged her lower legs and feet, as she became more relaxed she slid down on the bed a little and her legs parted slightly. If I got down low I could almost see all the way up her skirt.

   I got braver and crawled up next to her body, still rubbing her lower legs. I slowly began moving farther up her leg till I was rubbing the middle of her thigh. I was now so close to her crotch that I could smell what I had smelled on her panties. By now my dick was rock hard as I continued to rub her inner thigh gently, as I didnt want to alarm her. Occasionally I would look up at her shapely breasts that were moving with her breathing, fighting against the tightness of her shirt. The look on my mothers face was pure relaxation, her lips slighlty parted, eyes closed.

   While rubbing her inner thigh I began to put a small amount of pressure on her inner thigh, pushing her legs a little bit more open. Her body unconsciously complied, and her skirt rode up a little bit and now I could see the tops of the panty hose and just a little bit of her panties. Her panty hose was flesh colored thigh high, connected to a garter belt. Her panties were small white and lacy. I kept rubbing her thigh gently, massaging the muscles. I ran my hand over the tops of the thigh highs, and felt the small area of skin between them and her panties. I didn't go very high right now as I was honestly scared out of my mind. I was waiting for her to any second jump up and call my father. I couldn't stop though, I had gone too far, and my cock was just too hard to quit.

   My rubbing of her inner thigh intensified, as I slid my hand higher my knuckles brushed against her panties. I kept brushing against her lacy panties, very slightly at first, then applying a little more pressure. As I rubbed the back of my hand against her panty covered pussy, I heard a soft moan escape from her mouth, and her breathing was getting faster. I then got brave and moved my one hand to her panties as my other hand continued to massage her thigh. I very delicately ran my fingers over the lacy white panties, feeling the warmth and moistness of her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her panties, feeling her wet lips beneath the thin fabric. I heard another moan from her, and I felt her hips push back against my fingers. She was actually enjoying this. I couldn't believe it, I was rubbing my hot mothers pussy, while she laid with her legs spread. I had to look her over again, wearing her thigh high stockings and a short black skirt that was now pushed up revealing her white lace panties.

   While my one hand continued to massage her inner thigh, I pushed aside her panties revealing my mothers beautifully trimmed, wet pussy. In the dark I could barely make out the light patch of pubic hair above her pussy. I ran my finger slowly up the outside of her pussy, over her clit and then felt the softness of her pubes. This time my mother moaned loader, pushing her head back into the pillow. I moved one finger slowly up and down her wet slit, making sure to touch her clitoris. My mother's breath quickened and I heard "mmmmmm". I used my other hand to hold her panties aside, and slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. I rubbed it around the opening of her hole, making sure I was nice and lubricated. I then stuck my finger almost all the way inside her, which was quite easy because of how wet she was.

   "Oh god that feels good", my mother slurred with her eyes still shut. I then inserted two fingers into her, and slowly pushing them in and out. I could feel her hips rising to meet my fingers with each thrust. I knelt in between her legs and lowered my head down, enjoying the overpowering scent of her pussy. I kissed up her inner thigh, and then slowly started kissing her wet lips. I kissed up and down her slit, I grabbed her terrific ass and pulled her pussy closer to my face as I began to lick her. I hear more moans and sighs from her as her breathing got quicker. Her hips continued their bucking motion, pushing her moist clit closer to my tongue. I buried my tongue into her pussy, causing her to squeal as I relentlessly ate her out.
   I knew she was coming close to orgasm, so I knew this was my best chance.   I quickly removed my sweat pants and boxers and crawled over top of my mother. She opened her eyes and looked at me in horror.

   "Oh god baby, I'm so sorry. I was a little drunk and got confused and excited when I shouldn't have. I'm your mother, we can't do this"

   I said nothing to her and started kissing her neck and ears while I was rubbing my cock against her wet slit. I could feel her big tits against me, and my dick was already covered in her precum mixed with my own. I began to squeeze her tits as I ran my tongue in her ear. She began to try to push me off of her, but since she was smaller and slightly drunk she wasn't very effective. As she struggled with me I pulled up her shirt and was finally able to see her breasts in one of her sexy bras, they were as perfect as I had imagined. I rubbed her tits with one hand as I used the other hand and my body weight to hold her down.
   "No Mike, please don't do this. Your father will kill us, plus this is incest. Its so wrong, please I'm your mother." She helplessly pleaded. I then kissed her softly on the lips, she turned away so I kissed her harder this time. I tried sticking my tongue into her mouth but she kept her lips tightly closed as she whimpered. I then slowly stuck the head of my cock inside her, and begin gently rocking back and forth. The shallow thrust and the angle I was at made my head rub directly against her clit. I tried kissing her again, she kept her mouth closed but didn't turn her head this time. I increased my rhythm and kissed her again, this time she opened her mouth and our tongues met in a passionate kiss. We kissed deeply and for a long time as she wrapped her arms around me, I thrust further into her and could feel her moan into my mouth. We stopped kissing and I reached around and undid her bra and removed it, revealing her amazing tits. Her nipples were hard as a rock, and I began to lick and suck on them.

   "Oh honey, that feels so good. Suck mommy's tits like you used to. Oh fuck, suck on my nipples hard, mmmm" my mother moaned in ectasy. I kept licking and sucking her nipples, biting on them causing her to squeal loudly and then moan with pleasure. I kissed her again, her tongue going wild in my mouth while my hands roughly grabbed her breasts. I was now fucking my full 8" deep inside of my mothers wet pussy, as I thrusted in I could hear our skin slapping together. The smoothness of her panty hosed legs felt incredible against my naked skin. I felt my mothers pussy clench my cock, and she wrapped her smooth legs around my body pulling me closer to her. "I'm cummmming baby, oh fuck yeah, keep fucking your mommy. Oh god I'm cumming now!" My mother screamed as her whole body tightened and her pussy started convulsing on my rigid cock. I could feel wave after wave of orgasm hit her, her pussy was now drenched with her cum.
   Now I could feel my balls tightening, I grabbed my mothers tights tightly, tweaking her nipples and causing her to yell. I fucked her pussy with incredible speed, and she knew I was close to cumming. "Please baby, don't cum in me, I'm not on the pill and I can't get pregnant with your child" she pleaded with me. I ignored her request and kept fucking her, kissing her on the lips and playing with her nipples. I then came inside her, it must have been the biggest orgasm I ever had. I shot loads of cum inside my mother as she writhed under my cock. I kept fucking in and out of her while I was cuming. I finally finished filling my mother with my load and we laid there is silence for a few minutes. I then pulled my now soft cock out of her and lay down next to her. The sight of my mother laying there with her tits hanging out, legs spread and my cum leaking out of her pussy and running down her ass was incredible. My mother passed out in about 10 minutes without speaking a word to me or getting up to clean my jizz out of her. I noticed her nipples and breasts were red from where I was biting and grabbing at them. It turned me on to think of my mother sleeping with her pussy full of my cum, and with that wonderful thought I fell asleep.

   The next morning I woke up and my mother was already dressed. She had the look on her face that she wanted to talk to me about something.

   "Goodmorning Mike, before I go I just wanted to talk to you about last night. What we did was horrible and an accident, I should have never let myself get so carried away. We need to keep this between us as a one time mistake, because your father would kill both of us. I don't blame you at all and I'm not mad, but nothing like that will ever happen again." my mother said, her eyes filling with tears.

   "Ok mom, I'm sorry, I guess I just got a little carried away too."

   "Well I won't be home till dinner, so if you want we could go get something to eat together."

   "Sounds great mom, see you later" I said to my mother as she walked out the door. I felt bad for upsetting my mother, but I knew she enjoyed it just as much as I had. I spent the day laying around watching tv, but not really paying attention to it. I was mostly thinking about my mother and how I wanted to do the same things to her again. I slept on and off, showered, ate some room service and just thought.

   I decided around 5:30 to take a shower, while I was showering I heard a knock on the bathroom door.

   "Mike, it's me. I have to go pee, stay in the shower so I can come in and use the bathroom."

   "Ok, Its open mom, I'm in the shower."

   "Stay in the shower, no funny business today. I just can't hold it any longer" my mother said as she entered the bathroom. It was just my luck that there was a mirror directly accross from the toliet, in which I would be able to get a perfect view of my mother. I pretened to keep showering, and made small talk about her day. I saw in the mirror my mother enter the bathroom and lift the toliet lid. She was wearing a white mini-skirt, white blazer, and a navy blue tube top that showed off great cleavage. My mother replied to my questions and again reminded me to keep my eyes averted while she was in there.

   In the mirror I saw her take off her white high heels and then strip off her white panty hose. She then lifted her skirt and dropped her little black thong panties to the floor and sat on the toliet. I could hear the piss hit the toliet as I watched my mother urinate. I had a perfect view of her pussy and the stream of piss from it. My mother was too preoccupied with holding up her skirt to notice me. Once she was finished she wiped, pulled her panties up and flushed the toliet. I then saw her walk over to the sink. I was so turned on by watching her pee for some reason.

   As she was washing her hands I got out of the shower, leaving it on. She didn't notice me coming up behind her because of the noise of running water in the room. I grabbed her around the waist and started to squeeze her tits.

   "Please Mike, We can't do this again. This is wrong, its incest. I'm your mother and we aren't going to do this." my mother begged. I held her hands down on the counter of the bathroom sink, and then I slid her panties down her.

   "Noo, I'm going to tell your father. He is going to kill you when he finds out." my mother was screaming at me. I started to play with her pussy while she was still facing away from me. I rubbed her clit and got her wet, despite her protests. I pushed my cock into her pussy, fucking her from behind. I didn't do it gently this time either, I fucked her hard.

   "Please Mike, you have to stop this. This is wrong." My mother cried with tears running down hear cheeks. I kept fucking in and out of her and got a nice rhythm going on. I reached under her shirt and grabbed her tits roughly, making her squirm in my grasp. I undid her bra as she kept yelling for me to stop. I took off the bra and began squeezing her nipples tightly, causing her to yell out in pain. I kept my cock burried inside her, fucking in and out roughly causing her to wince.
   My mothers pussy got wetter and wetter the harder I fucked her from behind. I played with her tits as the swang freely in front of her. Her protests became weaker and I felt her body relax a little bit and start uncontrollably pushing back against my large cock. My mother then begin to moan in pleasure as she was overcome by her first orgasm. I could feel her pussy tighten against my hard cock, and felt the cum squirt out of her.

   I turned my mother around and kissed her, our tongues meeting once again in a lustful kiss. I then sat down on the counter and pulled her head towards my cock. She complained a little bit, so I tweaked her nipple till she lowered her head. I could see the dried tears on her face which was flushed from orgasm. She reluctantly kissed my cock on the tip, and then begin to lick her own cum off of it. Soon my mother began licking up and down my hard prick, getting every last drop of her own cum off of it. She then took my shaft deep into her mouth and began sucking expertly. I kept kneading her breasts and playing with her nipples as she fucked my cock with her mouth. I could hear my mother moaning as she sucked my 8" cock in and out of her mouth. She then licked my balls and took each one into her mouth, gently massaging it. I felt her tongue slide down to my asshole and dart around the outside of it. My mother then licked my taint, occasionaly licking my asshole or balls. She then went back to work on my shaft, furiously sucking it into her mouth. I had about all I could take. "I'm cumming mom!" I yelled at her.

   "Oh honey, I want your cum inside my mouth. I'm gonna swallow it all for you baby." My mother said, the sentence garbled by my cock being in her mouth. I then shot my load into my mother's mouth, and watched and she slurped it all down. I came so much she choked on it a little and some ran down her chin onto her tits. After I had finished cumming she opened her mouth to she me all of my cum in her mouth and kept kissing my cock while swallowing my wad. She then licked the cum off her tits.

   "We can't tell anyone about this Mike."


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