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    We had made one another cum and were both completely spent. We snuggled up to one another and both drifted off to sleep. I awoke at about 3:00 in the morning and had to pee. I took care of business and crawled back into bed next to Nick. He barely stirred as I did so. There was very little light in the room but as y eyes adjusted I could clearly see Nick and I lay there watching him sleep.


    I desired another look at his cock and I gently pulled down the sheet so as not to wake him. His naked body looked so beautiful and I was so proud of him. As I stared at his beautiful cock it twitched and began to grow hard. I wondered if he was having a dream about me. His hard cock was too much for me to resist so trying not to wake him I reached out and took a hold of it.


    I caressed it very gently and explored it. I felt the head, then the shaft, I touched the soft spot where the two meet, I felt the veins, that pulsed, and I caressed his balls. He hadn’t woken so I took my time and enjoyed how it felt.


    I was overcome by the desire to suck that beautiful cock. I wanted to taste the flesh, feel it pulse in my mouth, and to feel it cumming down my throat. I moved into position very slowly and without a sound. He was still sound asleep and I’m not sure why but I didn’t want to wake him.


    Finally my mouth was just inches from his cock. I moved closer and stuck out my tongue gently licking the head. Oh it tasted so good. I trailed my tongue very slowly all the way down the shaft. I then gave each ball a big kiss before slowly ascending back up the shaft with my tongue. I then opened my mouth and sucked my son’s big beautiful hard cock right in.


    Slowly at first I would take as much as I could and then withdraw. I had soon quickened my pace and was giving Nick a first class blowjob. Every so often I withdraw just leaving the last inch or so of cock in my mouth and I’d swirl my tongue all around it. I paid very special attention to that spot right below the tip. I’ve been told that guys go wild over that.


    Then I would go back to sucking and pumping his cock. I loved the taste and wished I could just suck it forever. I wondered if he was dreaming about getting a blowjob from me and I started to wish he’d wake up and find me sucking his cock. I sucked that fat hard cock for probably ten minutes or so and then I could tell he was about to cum.


     I finally felt his hot cum erupt into my willing mouth. Oh the taste was delicious and I savored it. I tried to swallow all of it but some oozed out the side of my mouth. Of course I licked that up as I wasn’t going to let a drop get away from me. After I licked him clean I curled up next to him and dozed off into a dream filled sleep.


    The following morning I arose and went to the kitchen for my coffee. As I sat there sipping it Nick eventually woke up and joined me. Kissing me gently on the lips he told me “I had a great time last night, but I had the wildest dream.” I smiled knowing that I had caused that dream. All I told him was that sometimes dreams come true.


    He was gone most of the day and I prepared for his return home. I set up his video camera near the pool and placed his still camera next to it. I even placed extra batteries nearby just in case. I brought a vibrator, some lube, and a butt plug out with me as well.


    When Nick came home I called for him to join me out at the pool. He found me sitting on the edge of the pool in the nude soaking my legs. He approached me and gave me a big kiss. We exchanged quick pleasantries and I told him I wanted him to film me again. Asking me what I had in mind I told him I’d like him to take pictures while the video camera runs on auto.


    I sat on a chaise lounge and began to play with my tits. As I warmed myself up I started talking to him. “Momma loved playing with your cock last night. It felt so good and hard in my hand. I love how it felt and I loved making you come.” I got my nipples nice and hard and then slid a hand between my legs. “My pussy feels so hot and wet, but not as wet as it was when you licked it last night. Did you like licking Momma hot pussy you dirty boy? Did it taste as good as you thought it would?”


    He set the camera down long enough to take off his clothes. His cock was already as hard as a rock. “Hell yeah Mom, you taste as sweet as honey. I’ll eat you any time you let me.” I think he knew I was going to let him.


    I spread my legs wide and started rubbing my slit. “Momma’s pussy is wide open for her baby. Momma wants to get it nice and wet for you. I love how hard your cock gets when you look at my pussy.” I shoved a finger deep inside of me. “Would you like Momma to shove a vibrator in her pussy? Do you like watching me do that?”


    I didn’t need him to answer; the way he was jacking off with one hand and taking pictures with the other answered for him. I pulled the vibrator out from under the cushion where it had lain hidden. I began to inch it inside myself saying. “Oh that feels so fucking good. Watching you stroke that cock while I shove this into my pussy turns me on so much!


    I must have pumped that vibe into myself for a good ten minutes until I felt myself about to orgasm. “Momma’s going to cum for you Nick! Watch me cum for you!” my body trembled and shook, I my hips bucked wildly, and my juices gushed forth. “Oh fuck Nick you make Momma come so hard!”


    As my climax subsided and I was calm once again nick said “Would you like me to lick your pussy again Mom?”


    “Not yet nick, Momma has some special she wants to show you now.” I reached for my butt plug and lube. “I want you to watch me slide this in my ass. Momma likes it when her ass is full. With that I slowly inserted the plug. “Doesn’t momma look just like a fucking slut shoving this in her ass? Oh Christ that feels so good.” I was getting hotter and hotter by the second.


    “Nick I want to suck your cock. Will you let Momma suck your cock? I didn’t have to ask him twice. He quickly brought his cock to my willing lips and offered it. “Momma loves your cock and she’s going to make you feel so fucking good.” I said as I opened to accept it. As I began sucking he reached for my vibrator and fucked me with it.


    I nearly flipped out when I felt him grab the butt plug and slowly pull it out. Then his finger began to probe my special hole. “Oh yes nick, finger fuck Momma’s asshole. Oh yes that feels fucking good. Do you feel how tight my ass is honey? Do you want to fuck your Mother’s tight fucking ass?”


    He didn’t wait to answer me. He turned me over and probed my tight little hole with his cock. I felt him enter me slowly and I pushed back. “Oh for Christ’s sake Nick! You have your big fucking cock in my ass!” once he had fully entered me he let me adjust to the fullness and slowly started to pump his cock in and out of my ass.


    “Oh God Mom your ass is so tight.” He exclaimed as he built up a rhythm. He fucked me and I fucked him back. “Mom I can’t believe you let me fuck your ass, I’ve always wanted this ass so bad!”


   “Shut up and fuck me!” I screamed. I knew I was going to cum again any moment. “Fuck me, fuck me harder! Slap my fucking ass and fuck me!’ I could hear his balls slapping my ass and I felt fuller than I had ever been. Reaching between my legs and finding my clit I was sent into orbit from my climax.


    Once I came back to reality I frantically told him. “I want your cum! I want it in my mouth and I want it now!” he fed me his cock and I began sucking out my treat. It wasn’t long before he gushed into my mouth. Spurt after hot delicious spurt of my son’s cock satisfied my taste buds. I squeezed every last drop of this forbidden fruit and drank it all. 


    As we lunged by the pool for awhile collecting ourselves the phone rang. It was my husband letting me know he’d be gone at least another week. I couldn’t have been happier.


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