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Mom Caught Us

Jim Moore on Incest Stories

There we were laying completely naked on our backs my hald hard cock laying on my belly with cum dripping out of it and Clair with her legs still spread and cum leaking from her little pussy when the light came on and there stood our Mom with her hands on her hips.


With that Clair pulled the cover up and covered us both up and started to cry. "We are doing the same thing that you and Uncle Bob was doing not 10 minutes ago in your bed."

"What are you talking about me and Bod"

"Don't try and deny it Clair and I both saw him between your legs fucking like there was no tomorrow."

Mom turned and ran down the hall to her room and shut the door. I put my arm aroung Clair and told her not to worry that Mom wasn't going to  do anything because if she did Dad would find out that she was fucking her brother. Go to sleep and get some rest you have to go to school tomorrow. I picked up my shorts and went to my room and got in bed. I lay thinking about what I had seen and done that night before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning I was woke up by my Mom tapping me on the head. I open my eyes and Mom was setting on my bed and I noticed that she was only wearing her nity which I could see through. She has nice tits with dark brown nipples that were sticking out about 1/2". She said that she wasn't angry with Clair and I for what we did, and that Bob and her had started having sex when they were about the same age. She said I know how good it feels and that is why we can't stop doing it every chance we get. Her face was a little red as she talked and she put her hand on my leg. I could feel my cock starting to get hard just listening to her talk.

She said I know that you are a man and need sex but please wait until she could get Clair on the pill before we tried it again.

"I noticed that you have grown into a full man by the size of your dick, it is even bigger than your Dad".

"What are you trying to say Mom?"

"Well if you need relief I think I know someone who would be willing to help you out."

"And who might that be?" With that she pulled her nity up over her head and exposed a wonderful let of tits and a pussy that was covered with dark brown hair. She said "Me". She pulled the cover back and there I was with my cock sticking straight up in the air. She reached out and put her hand around it and started to stroke it up and down. "Son you have a wonderful tool to make women happy, and I'll bet you know how to use it." She leaned over and put one of tits at my mouth so I opened my mouth and took it in. She pushed it down on my face and let out a moan.

I pushed her away and said "Mom should we be doing this?"

"Why not she said, you have fucked your sister and I have fucked my brother so why shouldn't you fuck your mother?" "Besides you have a hard cock and I have a wet pussy just waiting for it".

I pulled her over on the bed and started kissing her shoving my tongue in her mouth and she accepted it willingly. I sucked one tit whild rubbing the nipple of the other one between my finger and thumb. I started kissing her down her belly until I hit the hairy patch on her pubic area. She spread her legs wide and I lowered my head and kissed her wet pussy. I put my tongue in her crack and she put her hands on the back of my head and plushed my face into her cunt saying "Yes Yes Yes eat Mommie's pussy suck it make me cum on your face". I found her clit and rolled it with my tongue and she threw her head back and grabbed the sheet on both sides of her. "Oh Oh Oh fuck baby your making your mother cum" I kept sucking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy until I flet her body shake and she almost screamed out. "Oh my wonderful son I'm cummmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg Oh don't stop suck my pussy, eat it , lick it ohhhhhhhh".

She relaxed on the bed and I lay down beside her still with a huge hard on. She got up and put her lips on the head of my dick and licked it lightly. Licking the pre cum from the tip. I pushed my cock up and said "Suck that cock suck your son's lovely cock you know you want it in your mouth and feel it throb as you suck it"

She opened her mouth and took about half of my cock in her mouth and started bobing her head up and down if a fucking motion. "Oh Mom that feels soooo goood but I have another place I want to put my cum" I pulled her head off and pushed her over on her back. She knew what I wanted and spread her legs waiting for me to drive my cock into her cunt. She grabbed my cock and pulled it down to the entrance of her pussy and said, "Fuck me Fuck my pussy drive that wondereful peace of meat as deep as you can in me". "I'll bet you fucked Clair good last night so fuck me the way you did her fuck me my baby".

I shoved my cock about half way in her wet cunt and she screamed, "Yes Yes Yes that's it fuck my pussy". I pulled out a little then drove the whold thing in her until my nuts slapped her on her ass. "You like my cock don't you Mom, you like your son's cock buired in your cunt?" "Oh hell yes I like it I want it I have to have it, just fuck me with it".

I stared out taking long slow strokes and damn it felt good, not as good as Clair but very good. I picked up the pace and started driving my cock home hard and fast. "That's it baby fuck that pussy hard, fuck it like I know you know how, make your mother cum Ohhhhhh fuck me fuck me harder." I was driving my cock in like a jack hammer and my nuts were slapping her ass with each stroke. I could feel my nuts getting tight and knew I was about to blow my load in her. "I'm abou to cum will you cum with me?" "Cum in me fill me with your hot love juice pump it in me now" I made a couple of lunges and shoved my cock as deep as I could and let our a loud grunt as I unloaded my balls deep in my mothers pussy. She said, "Oh baby i'm cumming I feel your cum it's hot and I love it FUCK I'M CUMMMMMMiiiiinnnngggggg."

I fell down on her out of breath and could still feel my cock pulsing in her cunt. "Oh my sweet son that was wonderful, I think I can take care of you until Clair is ready" I rolled off with my cock still dripping cum. I looked up and there in the door was Clair my little sister. She was just smilling and said, "You like his cock too don't your Mom?" Mom jerked the cover up over her naked body but I pulled it off again and Clair said, "Mom you have cum leaking out of your pussy" and laughed.


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