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Mom Screemin Aint Stoppin Us...

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          It was a hot summer day.  One of those days that you
feel like running around town without clothing on, and I had just
came home from my summer job.  As I entered the house, I called
to see if anyone was home (hoping I had the house to myself. 
There was no answer, so assuming nobody was home, I decided to
strip at the door, in the living room.  (As you can guess, I LIKE
being naked . . . runs in the family.)  I settled down to watch
TV, once I was comfortable.  Finding nothing on, I looked for a
videotape.  I guess that was the start of everything.

     You see, searching through the stack of old tapes piled in
the back of a drawer, looking for one I hadn't seen three times
already, I found this one tape, with a funny name on it.  While
it wasn't a commercial tape, it wasn't one of those we'd recorded
of any of the movies on TV either.  So into the VCR it went 
(hey, I was bored-desperate . . . even a cartoon I hadn't seem
before would have been welcome).  I started the tape running, and
settle down to watch.

     Surprised just doesn't begin to describe what I felt, when
on the screen appeared my big sister, Christina, and a strange,
sexy-looking guy.  My sister was laying back on the couch, (yes,
the very same couch I was sitting on while watching this porno-
show) and this guy I'd never seen before had his head between
Christina's legs and was licking her very juicy pussy.  At least
I assume it was juicy.  The jerk was slobbering as he licked, as
if it was some kind of delicious fruit that you couldn't buy in a
store (well, in a way, I guess it was).  As I watched this scene,
I unconsciously started to touch my semi-hard cock.  While it's
not porno-star quality, being just average at about 6-inches,
I've never had or heard any complaints.  Almost automatically I
stroked it to full hardness as I started wondering just how sweet
my big sister's pussy DID taste.

     I was just getting into the "lap job" this guy was giving,
when he stopped; then started to move up Christina's body,
licking as he went.  He stopped at her tits; and licked first one
of her swollen nipples, and then the other.  I stroked harder;
wondering if he was really going to fuck my sister, or just make
out with her?  Surely Christina wouldn't let him really . . . . I
almost came in my hand at the very idea.

     I'll say this for the guy; he had technique.  As he moved up
to kiss my sister, he positioned his cock in her pussy hole at
the same time; never giving her the opportunity to object. 
Almost unbelievingly I watched him, as he slowly pushed his cock
into my sister's pussy.  The further he pushed it in, the more
Christina started moaning and humping back to meet each of his
strokes.  I couldn't believe my own sister would do such a thing;
let alone have it being taped.  For a second I wondered just who
the cameraman was; until I realized that the camera-angle hadn't
changed since the start of the tape.  Both lovers were being
careful to stay in the field-of-view of a fixed camera.  (At
least my sister had THAT much sense.)

     I wondered if the guy (whoever he was) was going to actually
cum inside my sister.  Normally I would have been worried for
her, but by this time I was too caught up in the scene to care. 
If Christina "got in trouble" from this scene, then that was HER
problem.  While I wasn't quite unfeeling enough to actually HOPE
my sister "caught" from unprotected sex, I WAS hoping I got to
see it if she did!  I watched almost breathlessly; fighting to
hold back MY orgasm as they started to move faster, and
Christina's moans started getting louder.

     As I watched what they were doing, I was stroking my cock
almost in time; hoping to come when they did.  I know it's hard
to believe that I could be that lucky; but at the point of their
climax, I came at the same time.  I must have made quite a porno-
show myself; as I came all over my hand and belly; getting my
hand and body all sticky with white streams of sticky goo.

     It was then, just as I was finishing with white glop coating
my hand and running in two obscene splats across my belly, that I
became aware of being watched myself.  You see, after I was done,
I looked up and saw Christina looking at me in disbelief.  She
started to yell at me for watching HER video and masturbating at
the same time.

     It was her attitude that made me look at my sister and say, 
"I'll tell Mom about the video."

     That stopped my sister dead.  She stopped yelling and looked
at me angrily; then her face suddenly took on a pleading look, as
she started to say, "Don't tell, I'll do anything, but don't
tell."  I guess she knew as well as I did what our parents would
say if they knew she had been fooling around.  As for what would
happen if they knew she was dumb enough to make a video of
it . . . . <shudder>.

     Well, I'm sorry to say I took advantage of her offer.  Being
a horny teenager myself, I just couldn't resist the temptation. 
While I didn't REALLY plan on telling on her, (especially if I
could ever see her in other videos like that one) I did wonder
just how much "anything" was.  Not really believing she would go
for it, I said, "I won't tell, if you let me put my cock inside
you . . . like he did . . . so I can feel how it's like to have
sex."  Yeah right . . . as if my sister was going to let her own
brother stick his cock inside her.  Only I had hopes, because
that was what she had been letting the guy in the video do.

     I almost couldn't believe my luck, as she hesitantly
replied, "OK, I'll let you put it in a little while."  It was
only a slight disappointment when she added, "You'd better put a
condom on first though; because I don't want to make a baby with
my own brother."  Well, THAT would have been too much to expect;
even though I hadn't noticed anything covering the prick of the
guy in the video.  Still, I figured my sister knew the times when
she was safe; which gave me hopes for the future.

     Still not believing that she would really go through with
it, I went to my room and got a condom from the supply that Dad
made sure each of us kids had.  (No, our parents were NOT
encouraging us to have sex.  In fact, we knew that we would be in
trouble if we did . . . Only they had both long ago made it clear
to us that any trouble we might get into by having sex, would be
quadrupled if they ever found out it was unprotected.)

     Well, I'm not completely dumb.  I never touched the ones Dad
gave me.  I bought a box of my own from a store out of town "just
to be safe."  Dad was never going to find out by checking to see
if I had "used" any of the supply he gave me.  This was the very
first time I had a chance to use one, so I used Dad's; planning
on replacing it out of my "private stock" afterwards, as they
were hidden away.  (That way Dad wouldn't get suspicious about me
having my own supply, either.)  Does all this sound paranoid?  
Well, it was.  When you're a teenager, you HAVE to be paranoid
about sex, when it comes to your parents . . . As Christina well

     She helped me put it on.  You have no idea how much is
implied by that simple sentence.  While I wasn't really hard when
Christina started, I was achingly horny and almost ready to
squirt when she got it on.  Even wearing a condom my own sister
put on my prick, I STILL could hardly believe my big sister would
"go through with it."  Only Christina did.

     She took her own clothes off and laid down on the sofa. 
Then she told me to get between her legs, where I buried my face
in the place the guy on the video had found so delicious, and
licked her pussy for a few minutes until my chin was really
getting wet from her pussy juices.  Then (trying to act like what
I though a stud would do) I started to lick up her body in the
same manner as I saw in the video.  I licked her nipples first;
then I moved up and placed my cock at the mouth of her pussy.  I
couldn't believe my sister was letting me do this, but I couldn't
stop, either.  I pushed my cock into her pussy slowly; savoring
the feel of each delicious inch of sibling pussy sliding over the
condom, and squeezing my prick.  I couldn't wait to feel my
sister's pussy clamping down over the fractional-inch left
uncovered by the rubber baby-barrier.

     Christina left out a moan; showing that this probably felt
as good to her, as it did to me.  I hoped so, as I was in Heaven. 
I pushed in a little further; as my sister's pussy muscles
massaged my cock.  Then I paused for a moment, because I felt
like I was about to cum.  The feeling subsided after a short
wait, and I started to push in again.  This time I pushed in
until my balls made contact with her pussy-lips; then I started
to move in and out like I was masturbating.

     I stroked about three strokes into my sister's pussy, before
I knew it was getting too close, from the friction of her pussy
muscles against my cock.  I told her, "I'm about to cum."  I
didn't WANT to yet, but couldn't help myself.  My sister is just
too darned sexy.

     She told me, "don't cum yet; but keep fucking me."  I tried
to hold off, but I couldn't.  The friction was too great and I
pushed into her as far as I could.  I felt like my balls were
being sucked out through the tube on my prick, as I started
squirting my sperm into the condom deep in my sister's womb. 
Shortly after my first squirt, she started to orgasm herself, and
stiffened under me.  We remained coupled for the completion of
our orgasms; while I drained each sticky drop of sperm I had in
me into my own sister's body.  The condom, while a nuisance
didn't bother me as much as I had thought it would.

     Afterwards, we separated and decided to get cleaned up by
showering together.  Then, after we finished with our shower, we
managed to be dressed in time for our parents to arrive home
(thank Goodness).

     That night, after our parents were asleep, Christina came to
my room.   My sister lifted the sheet that was covering my naked
body; and slipped in next to me.  It was then I realized that she
was equally naked.  She kissed me, which started my cock to rise
in anticipation of fucking her again.  She reached down between
my legs and started to play with my cock and balls.  I reached
down and started to rub my sister's pussy on her clit.

     I rubbed it for a few minutes; then I stuck my finger into
her pussy hole.  God did that feel good clamping and squeezing on
my finger.  I almost came from imagining it was my prick inside
her.  She started to moan and then asked me to fuck her.  I
couldn't believe my luck, but that didn't stop me from doing it. 
I told Christina to get on her hands and knees, while I got up
behind her and stuck my cock into her pussy hole.  I stroked in
and out until we both orgasmed.  This was far better than the
first time, as this time her bare quivering pussy was stroking
the outside of my bare quivering prick.  It's funny, but even the
incredibly erotic sensation of feeling my own sister's tight
little slit sliding on and off my bare prick didn't remind me
that there was an important difference between that afternoon,
and then.  Feeling my thick hot cum rippling through the end of
my penis, before being forcefully ejaculated into my sister's
sucking young womb was too erotic to even LET me think the
dangers of what we were doing.

     It was almost an hour later, when we were fucking the second
time that night, that my bedroom door opened and our parents
caught us mid-orgasm.  I was just in the middle of ejaculating my
sperm in Christina's spasming vagina, while she rutted back at me
like a bitch in heat.  There was no way I could stop spasming my
big sister's vagina full of thick white cum; even though my
mother's scream of "What are you DOING?" was loud enough to shake
windows.  I couldn't stop.  Only when every last sticky drop of
incestuous seed had rippled through my prick, while Christina
held me in a bear-hug against my mother's attempts to separate
us, was I able to pull out; leaving my big sister with a crotch
all wet and matted with her brother's sperm, while an obscene
white drool slowly oozed out of her well-fucked vagina.  Such
ranting and raving from two parents you never DID hear.

PART 2 is on it's way.. Let me know if you like this one!


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