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Mom and Me

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it was finally time for school to get out for the weekend. we had just left the pep ralley, and seeing all of those hot, senior and junior cheerleaders shake their asses in their incredibly short mini skirts made me want to get home immediatley and head up to the bathroom. i looked for my mom when i got out of school and didn't see her. finally, looking at the farthest spot, i noticed my mom fixing her makeup. my hard on instantly grew. this is very personal, but for the last year or two, i have not been able to deny the thought in my head that i had an amazingly sexy mom. she is 5'7, huge tits, an ass thats the same as the tits, huge, and the most amazing thighs i have ever set my eyes upon in my entire life. my dad was one lucky guy, although his well paying job made him be out of town most of the time. as i approached the car i guessed what she would be wearing. hopefully a mini skirt and a tank top i kept thinking.

when i got in the tahoe , my eyes instantly dropped to her gorgeous legs....she was wearing tiny little purple shorts, and a orange tank top. she didnt have to match, she was amazing looking.

"honey, today is your sisters turn to sit up front, go back."

i couldn't muster a reply, so i just headed to the back seat, as we waited for my 4th grade sister to cross the lawn of the high school from the elementary school. this story has nothing to do with my sister, becuase in no way is she hott, although one day i suspect she will be.

i got in the back seat, and i locked the doors when i got in. mom didnt know this, since she was too focused on changing the radio. i did it on purpose so she'd have to bend aside when my sister got here since she didnt go get the autolocks fixed today. when my sis started knocking, my mom sure enough, bent across, and gave me a look at a sexy pink thong, barely any material, one i had used to put on my nose and dick for many lovely orgasms thinking about mom

when we finally got home, i told mom i was gonna hop in the shower, and my sister's friend came to pick her up. so i went into the shower to make sure i was looking fresh for tonight's football game i was going to watch, and varsity football means the cheerleaders will be there, so you know....

around 4:45, i still hadnt even started to jack off yet, i was buliding a huge orgasm. then mom walked into the bathroom.

"jerry, baby, they canceled the game for tonight its been postponed until tomorrow night, since the storm is so bad, and your not allowed to leave, it woudlnt be safe in the snow like that"

"but mom, then what can i do all night"

"we'll have a sleepover together honey, aww wouldnt that be sweet? we can watch some movies, talk all night long hahaha" she laughed.

"ok mom", i said from behind the curtain. the news had ruined my mood, and i decided to just get out and take a nap. By the time it was around 9pm, i woke up.

"hey sleepy head, time for our sleepover eh?"

"sure mom"

after watching a couple movies it was already 1 am, so i began to head for bed.

"hold it right there young man", mom said, " we still havent played the chicken game"

i laughed, "the chicken game?"

"yes, you have to answer questions correctly no MATTER WHAT" she sternly replied.

"ok mom, let's play then."

"i'll ask first", she said, " honey, when you jack off, who do you think of?"

i was stunned. "uhh------"honey just answer, its ok"

some force took over me, "you! mom all i think about is either you or the cheerleaders, and i cant help it becuase you and them have such great legs and it makes me wanna cum when i see them!"

she laughed. "aww. well, honey, if you like my legs so much, why didnt you just ask if you could touch them. or why DONT you ask?"

I didnt even ask. i reached over and felt up my own mother's legs. they felt wonderful, and i now had the biggest boner of my life.

"mom your so hot, please let me have sex with you"

"honey, ive wanted to do the same to you all afternoon" she replied, "but ill be right back"

she left, and returned about 5 minutes later in the skankiest, yet hottest, sexiest looking cheerleaders uniform i'd ever seen.

my mouth dropped. she put her finger up to her mouth and then walked up to me, and told me to remove her thong. i did as i was ordered. it was the same pink one, i sniffed it and then tossed it aside. mom then unbuckled my belt, unzipped me and took my jeans and boxers off. i took my shirt off and got under the blankets of her huge bed. she followed me in, OH MY GOODNESS THINGS COULDNT GET BETTER, she was gonna fuck me with the uniform still on!....she let her tits escape from it, and i sucked on them for about 3 minutes. i then flipped her over for some 69. it was my first sexual expierence with anyone else in my life, and i almost came when her lips touched my dick. i held tough though, and sucked my moms shaven pussy with everything i had. it finally started feeling so good to her, that she moaned and stopped sucking me....i could tell she was close...


lets just say mom didnt get once drop on anything but my mouth. i swollowed all of it, and enjoyed every bit.

she then began to stroke my shaft, before telling me i'd had enough hand job and head. she took her uniform off, put the covers on her shoulders, she was gonna fuck me while she was on top. i guess she wanted domininant power, but i didnt really give a shit at this point.

when i entered mom id never felt something so tight. i moaned. oh my god mom! she then put my hands on those amazing thighs and bounced up and down, huge ass hitting my balls as her huge tits hit my chest. it didnt take me long. 4 minutes later,


"baby fuck me, oh my god im cumming too!"

she came and less than 5 seconds later i emptied the biggest load i ever have even dreamt upon into my moms hot, wet, pussy. it felt so amazing. she looked so great, she said we need to clean this mess up, and said she'd tell dad if i didnt lick it all up off of her. she got like 2 more orgasms out of the process, but despite it being my own cum i didnt really care too much. i tasted good, and she tasted better, and hearing her scream was sooo hott. plus, i got to lick my own cum off her legs as well, talk about taboo. thats when my sister walked in. her friends mom took her home at this late hour becuase they were going to a hotel since the storm had ruined there houses power. my sister screamed, but my mom went and whispered her something.

"jerry, we've decided that we wont tell dad whats happened if you can help your baby sister with a fantasy of hers." next thing i knew this was all planned, as 2 huge black men walked in, moms old body gaurds!! the old security from our house. so i had to lube my ass up and let them enter me from behind as mom n sis fingered themselves watching, and both the black men came in my ass, it felt soo great and warm, although i pretended i hated it. then i realized how GREAT my little sister looked in a mini skirt and thong. the 2 black guys pulled her skirt up and took her thong off. they then both jacked off and shot huge wads inside her ass hole. i was hoping it was lube for maybe me, but instead my mom grabbed my fee. they grabbed my arms.

the biggest one spoke, " eat her ass out, clean al the cum, or we'll beat you up"

i cant believe one minute my mom gave me the best present ever, the next she set me up for rape. i begged and pleades, but they forced me, and secretly i loved every minute of it. i ate my sisters ass so well, and then her pussy, ans she had her first ever orgasm into my mouth. i used to think she was ugly, how bad was I wrong!, after the men left, (i already gave them head twice each), my mom told me, SLUT go to bed and follow your sisters ever command after u give me some anal. i did, mom felt sooo tight, but then again i hadnt felt my 10 year old supermodel sis yet., my sis and i then headed for a long, wild, fun night in her room

after i came, i headed to bed with jen, and hoped she would dominate me the correct way,

part 2????????

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