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Mom and her boys part 3

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Mom and her boys pt.3




Jackie felt like she could hold Mikey forever but she knew that it was getting pretty late and she still wanted to go check out some cribs. She backed off from Mikey and told him that if he wanted to go with her and grandma that he had to go upstairs and wash his penis. She stepped back and grabbed a couple of paper towels and briefly wiped Mikey's cum from around her crotch and her thighs. She slipped her panties off and walked upstairs topless to put some more clothes on, trying to cover her breasts. She thought how silly that was after what she let the boys do to her, but she still felt that it would be improper for her son's to just see her walking around topless and her instinct told her to keep covering her breasts.

She called her mother who agreed to come along and off they went to pick her up. As they walked around the store Jackie couldn't help but notice how well her mom's strong legs showed off. Her pussy was still throbbing because of Mikey's inability to finish her off and she found herself to be surprised that she was kind of checking out her own mom who wasn't dressed half bad. She noticed Hanna had some heels on and her breasts showed off quite nicely in that top. Jackie also noticed that Mikey had been looking at her butt as well as his grandmother's. She could see how blatently he eyed his grandma's breasts which still seemed to retain some kind of firmness to them. She smiled at the thought that the little rascal was still horny, but rules were rules and he had to wait until wednesday before she would let him fuck her again. She walked over to Mikey and whispered in his ear.

"Sweetey can you keep your eyes off your grandma for a second please? If you have to look, look at me I don't want you to wierd her out she's been understanding and supportive enough about my new relationship with you boys."

Mikey just nodded "Ok mom."

He smiled as he stared at her breasts.

"That's much better." Jackie smiled at him proudly. She was kind of getting a kick out of him looking at her. It made her feel important and loved. She couldn't remember the last time John looked at her like that. Come to think of it she has to pick him up tomorrow from the airport which means that the group session with the boys won't happen. She was kind of looking forward to it but there is no way she could have a foursome with her sons with their father in the house, maybe she could get away with having sex with one of them or even go from room to room...and then a bulb went off in her head.

"That's a great idea, I could just sneak from one room to the next" She thought to herself as she smiled devilishly.

They couldn't seem to find a crib to her liking even though Hanna had suggested a number of them that caught her eye but Jackie decided to call it a day so they finished up after buying a couple of more things.


The next day all the boys got up early with Jackie at 7 O'clock and accompanied her to the airport. Even though they had trepidation, they still missed their father and were more then willing to get up early. John planned his arrival early in the morning so they could make the 10 O'clock Sunday Sermon at thir local Methodist Church, but he never expected that his boys would be there.

They ran and hugged their father like nothing out of the ordinary happened while he was gone. Jackie was a little bit nervous and to her own surprise she shyly kissed her husband in front of her kids...never really thinking it would ever be that awkward.

Jackie noticed that the kiss had lost some of it's flame. Usually when she was younger and up until recently, Jackie would look forward to kissing John and even get wet just at the thought of kissing him, but this morning nothing like that happened. It just seemed like a regular kiss on the lips, somewhat of a change after smooching her sons' lips and getting a pussy tingle from every time she kissed each one of them. She was amazed how almost overnight she went from getting worked up from kissing her husband to getting all horny and tingly when kissing her children in a sexual way.

All four of them helped John with his bags and hurried home so John could take a quick shower and still make the Sermon.



They made it to Church just in time. As she held her husband's hand, all Jackie could think about was riding Mikey's young cock. She thought about letting Alex fuck her from behind and possibly having Mikey eat her out since she noticed that he had an absolutely magic tongue, and then it hit her. She remembered that she promised her mom she wouldn't have sex with the three of them on Church sundays, which was every other sunday for their family. She looked to her left where her mother and father stood and noticed her mom looking at her with that criticizing look on her face, which to Jackie looked all to familiar.

Jackie felt like she could interpert her mom's stare. She looked at the cross and put her hands together saying a quiet prayer hoping that God would forgive her, but she just had to go on with it since Mikey didn't get to finish her off last night and it made her go crazy with hornyness. For some reason her thoughts always went back to Mikey even though it was Mark's turn next. She found this to be very wierd since Mark had a considerably bigger cock then his younger brother and he had made her come more then Mikey, but what surprised her even more was that she wasn't thinking about Alex's cock which was without a doubt probably the thickest cock that was ever inside of her. There was a time when she was in her late teens that she had a boyfriend who's cock might have been a little bit longer then Alex's but the thickness was incomparable, and besides...Mark's cock was much longer that that guy's. She definitely enjoyed Mark's and Alex's cocks the most but for some reason she couldn't get little Mikey out of her mind.

She wasn't sure if it was the fact that she had him first or the fact that he was by far the most sensual and loving during sex. She then thought that it might be because of the fact that he was the father of the new life growing inside of her belly. Might it be because Mikey was also the cutest of the three? His facial features and hard young body reminded her of somebody out of a catalogue.

She suddenly started to feel rotten again. What kind of a mother is attracted to one of her sons over the others. She then realised how stupid that thought was to begin with. What kind of a mother has sex with her children in the first place?

Whenever she heard about incest prior to her new experience, it always seemed to be in rural areas amongst poor and uneducated people, she liked to refer to them as "white trash" after hearing of an uncle impregnating his niece or a father daughter incest rape case in which the daughter ended up pregnant unwillingly. She never in a million years thought that incest could feel so good. Was it the fact that it was forbidden and illegal or was it the fact that it was having a sexual experience with a person you love and care about most in your life? Either way, to her it was the most enjoyable experience of her lifetime, holding her babies closely as they invade her pussy and giving each other orgasmic pleasures. Was it really that bad? How could something that feels so wonderful, be so forbidden? She never thought in a million years that she would approve of incest if the attractions and sexual desires were mutual, much less that she would be sitting in a Church thinking about her youngest son's cock while his father sits next to them. That was what worried her most. The fact that since the first time she had sex with Mikey two months ago, she hadn't thought about doing it with John, not once. She looked to her right and smiled at her youngest son taking his hand into hers. Mikey smiled back at his mom and squeezed her hand lovingly.

Two hours later she thought she was going to collapse. As she made her way out of the church her nipples were erect, her knees were shaking and her panties was soaked. She barely managed to say good bye to her parents and some friends and pretty much dragged John and the kids into the car to hurry home.

Jackie didn't get the chance to sneak away from John long enough to have sex with any of the boys, plus she felt it was important to obey her mother's wishes and not commit incest right after Church.

The next day at work wasn't much different. Even though she had sex with John last night, she for some reason could not get off. Her mind was still drifting off and her thoughts of Mikey caused her to get light headed. She wondered what was happening to her. She could barely concentrate on her work and one of her Managers walked up to her asking if she was ok.

After about twenty minutes her manager convinced her to take a sick day, refresh and come back in the morning. Jackie didn't dare think of what might happen to her if her manager had the slightest idea about what was causing her incompetence that day.

As Jackie made her way out of the office building's garage, she started to become angry with herself yet again. Was Mikey that much more attractive then Alex or Mark? How could she let herself be so shallow? Did she subconsciously want to get pregnant with Mikey because of his good looks? Whenever she drove him to school she always noticed how much attention he got from young girls, and she was now beginning to see why. She almost started crying from being so guilt ridden that she had to do somehting to prove her feelings wrong. Today was Mark's turn but if she had to wait until three O'clock for him to get out of school, she would go insane, so she decided to pay him a little surprise visit.


She parked in the teachers only parking lot, not even noticing the "no parking" signs, and continued into the guidance office. The woman on duity told her which class her son was in and to sit down and wait for him to call Mark on the PA.

About 10 minutes later Mark walked into the office.

"Oh hey honey." Jackie hugged him closely. She wanted to kiss him on the lips and get right down to it but managed to control herself.

Mark shyly hugged her back.

"Hey mom...why aren't you at work."

Jackie almost started to speak but then realised that the Guidance office lady was still sanding next to them with her arms crossed suspiciously. She could feel the heat of her stare on her left shoulder.

Jackie looked at her as she held Mark's hands.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Connel can I borrow him for a few minutes?" The older lady just nodded yes and watched them leave the office.

She took Mark's hand and started walking down the hall.

"I'm sorry sweetey, but I felt so bad that I didn't get to you and Alex yesterday, I know I promised you guys a group session on Sundays, but your father, you know how he is anything can wake him up...where's the gym?"

Mark just followed her all confused and told her how to get there. He had an Idea of what she wanted to do but he couldn't decide if he was nervous about it or excited.

Nobody was at the gym except the janitor because it was the last period of the day. Jackie's high heels click clacked trough the gigantic room and echoed down all the halls that were connected to it as she dragged her high school freshman son into the boy's locker room and shushed him. She stayed very aware and checked all the rows of lockers for anybody that might be hiding in the locker room skipping class, because she used to pull that stunt during her years in high school. They walked all the way into the back left corner by the lockers.

Jackie kneeled in front of her son and started unbuttoning his pants, her whispers echoed back from the big shower room.

"You ok with this honey?"

She knew he was ok because the rock hard cock that popped up almost slammed her in the chin, but she still felt some form of conversation was necessary.

"Sure mom but how come you couldn't wait until I got home?"

Jackie blushed as she took hold of his rock hard prick and just before she put it in her mouth she looked up at him.

"Well I don't know honey I just felt bad that you had to wait for so long, you know Alex got his turn first, and then Mikey got his on saturday".

"So I just thought you'd love mommy to surprise you I remember how much you liked surprises when you were little.

Mark just smiled back at his mom and watched her open her mouth and engulf his thick babymaker in her wet mouth. Jackie started to bob her head back and forth as she forced Mark against the lockers, accidentaly hiting his head pretty hard on them which caused a very loud "Boom".

Jackie mumbled "I'm sorry" with his dick still in her mouth. Her sucking started to get louder and louder so Mark shushed her.

"Shh mom not so loud I think the janitor could hear us."

Jackie just continued her pace but was more careful with the suckling sounds. She deepthroated him all the way down and suckled his cockhead with her lips, her tongue flicking over his pee hole. Her knees were starting to hurt and the floor was pretty cold. She could also hear the Janitor's mop cleaning the floor and she started to worry about a possible camera in the locker room. Her eyes, which were now teary from choking on her son's cock, they started to roam the celing and the corners of the locker room checking for a camera. Her thoughts were everywhere and anywhere, except on Mark's cock.

All of a suddne this whole thing started to feel really wrong. Not in the sence that he was her son wrong but she felt like since the only person in her thoughts was her son Mike and in some wierd and sick way she felt like she was cheating on him. 'I must be going completely insane I am not cheating on Michael' she told herself as she took Mark's cock out of her mouth.

She told him to sit on the bench and to just relax. She blamed the cold floor on her lack of concentration.

"You wanna see mommy's boobs?" She said with a smile as she started to unbutton her blouse. Mark just smiled as his rock hard babymaker pulsated in the rather chilly locker room air.

Jackie finished taking her bra off, making sure that her long hair wasn't covering her breasts as she threw it back over her shoulder. She quickly got back down to business taking his cock in her mouth again but this time she used her hand on him along with her mouth, so she was jacking him off along with blowing him. She used her right hand to cradle his balls and started to play around with them.

Jackie noticed out of the corner of her left eye that Mark was starting to breathe fast because his belly was going up and down at a faster pace. Her thoughts started to go elsewhere again, but she violently picked up the intensity and assaulted his cock even harder now, making all kinds of noises. She slurped his cock in and out as her hand made its way up and down the length of his shaft pulling the skin back. She started to doubt her own motherhood again. What kind of a mom gives her 15 yearold son a blowjob in his school's boys locker room, while at any second a teacher can walk in on them and report her to the authorities, even worse another kid could catch them traumatizing them.

She continued her thoughts but still not stopping the blowjob. She started to doubt her own logic because these thoughts never happened when she was with Mikey and Alex who were 13 and 14. How could she regret exposing her 15 yearold to sexuality when her 13 yearold impregnated her and he's all she can think about. She can't even contenrate at work, 'Is it possible that I'm having a crush on my 13 yearold son Michael'? She asked herself.

It couldn't be the fact that she was more attracted to Michael, because she was pretty worked up right now over Mark. She felt over her pussy and inserted a finger realizing that her pussy was sopping wet. She had to try and have an orgasm because if she didn't it would mean that she had gone crazy and that she had entered a whole new level of forbidden, which is the possibility of developing a crush for Michael.

She took her mouth off Mark's cock just before he had finished and scooted up to meet his lips. She made out with him while rubbing the tip of his wet saliva covered cock over her mature breasts leaving a trail of wetness on her aroused nipples.

"Do you wanna lick mommy's pussy or do you want to fuck me?"

Mark barely managed to answer inbetween their french kissing.

"I wanna fuck you mom."

Jackie was kind of hoping he would choose to lick her first because she felt that would give her more stimulation and therefore make it easier for her to come, but she complied with his wishes and sat down on the bench.

It was a really cold bench and she almost yelped as her firm ass made contact with the chilled steel. She put her hand over her mouth.

"Oh my god honey that's really cold, please hurry up."

Mikey just nodded and positioned himself between her legs.

Her pussy was soaking wet so he entered his mom with ease and started fucking her right away.

Jackie leaned back a little but since the bench was so narrow she could only keep one of her legs up on it, resting the other one on the ground. Mark tried to keep his penis inside of her as he positioned himself over her putting his right hand on the bench for leverage which brought him close enough to her face. They frenched passionately as Jackie hoped it would help with her orgasm. She just was not feeling it. She tried to squeeze Mark's cock with her pussy to try to get as much pleasure but it just didn't feel that special even though his thick cock stretched her walls giving her decent pleasure.

The seat was starting to really hurt her ass and the cold wasn't helping either. She tried to adjust carefully, not to throw off Mark's rythm but her right leg was starting to fall asleep which now put her in a position where it was damn near impossible for her to come. She decided to put a stop to it.

"Mark honey, pull out it's almost three O clock we should probably try and finish this." Mark always listened to his mom and pulled out without objection.

Jackie got back on her knees and in front of Mark, she grabbed his cock and jacked him off quickly into her mouth almost swallowing all of his come. She felt bad for the janitor and didn't want to leave a mess behind.

They walked over to the sinks, washed up and straightened out their clothes and headed home. She walked by the janitor in horror praying that he would never find out what a mother and son just did in his locker room.


The next day Jackie got up way early to see John off just before the taxi came to take him to the airport. They made some small talk waiting for the coffee to be done. As John went trough his paper he tried to figure out how Jackie got pregnant. He wasn't sure if it was appropriate to bring it up to her. It just didn't make sence to him because they had a hard time at first with Mark and then Alex was even more complicated because Jackie for some reason did not get pregnant even though John kept finishing all the way inside of her belly. He tried to think if he did the same in the recent months but they really didn't have that much sex which was another thing that worried him. How in the heck did she get pregnant with me wearing condoms and being quite careful. He decided not to think too hard about it and was happy either way that he was going to have one more child. He walked up to Jackie and hugged her closely from behind. Jackie almost choked on her coffee because he hadn't hugged her that lovingly in a long time. She had to admit to herself it still felt good. She reached over her right shoulder and gripped John's hand strongly as he whispered in her ear.

"I'm so happy about the baby honey. I can't even describe how ecstatic I am and I know we have been distant recently but It's mostly my fault honey. This new job in Seattle has been noting but stress. I hope you understand."

Jackie turned her head to her right and whispered "I understand honey, and I love you" and planted a wet kiss on his lips. They made out as John felt over her belly which was starting to show signs of growth every day but it was hard to notice.

"Turn around honey." John set her cup on the kitchen table and kneeled in front of her pulling her tank top up to expose her belly. He kissed the navel and planted his right ear over it as if to hear for some signs of life. He reached around and hugged his wife closely. Jackie had him completely convinced it was his baby. There was no other reason for him to think otherwise. She put her hands trough his lush hair and said.

"Honey your cab is here." The taxi had just pulled into the driveway.


About a half hour later the cab arrived and Jackie kissed her husband goodbye, and for the first time ever she felt wave of happiness wash over her because he was leaving, and she never thought she would actually look forward to some time alone with her usually rascally kids.

Even though her actions proved otherwise, Jackie was still not completely out of touch with reality. She still felt guilt and regret but less and less of it every day. She started to think that maybe his lack of love expression towards her was partly to blame for her new sexual endaevours. She was surprised at how little effect John's display of affection just had on her. She knew she still loved him deeply but there was a huge distance in between them that only her sons could now fill. Whenever she started to feel guilty or doubt her decision to continue having sex with her children, she found a way to justify it. Was it really all that bad? What John doesn't know won't hurt him and besides maybe she isn't the only older woman having attractions to young boys. She had recently seen numerious stories on the news about 30 some yearold Junior High teachers having affairs with young boys that were old enough to be their sons. It's only natural for a woman to have sexual needs and desires and her kids were pretty good at sex which she credited to their father. They probably picked up his genes because up until she had sex with Mikey, her husband had been the best lay she ever had even though Alex fucked her pretty good and Mark was also exceptional but there was just something about Michael that struck a chord with her.

There must have been a reason she acted so liberal that night two months ago when Mikey came into her room after being scared of loud thunder. There must have been a previous subconscious mutual attraction between the two of them for her to offer him her breasts so easily. There must have been some kind of force inside of her just to give in when he pressured her to show him her pussy, and why did she ask him if he wanted to have sex with her if there wasn't some sort of connection? Why didn't she go to Mark first or Alex, after all she knew they looked at her with lust from a very young age. These were all good questions and not all of them needed answers but in some way that helped her justify, what most of the civilized world would consider to be vile and irresponsible actions. It helped her deal with this new burden but the pleasure was just too good for her to abandon it all.

She noticed that after this little hugging episode with John, she felt particularly guilty because it made her realize how much she still loved him but once Mikey walked into the kitchen in his boxer shorts and no shirt on she got butterflies. She put her cup down and looked up at the clock, it was time for her to start getting them ready for school and make them some brekfast.

"Hey mom, is dad gone?" Mikey said as he shut the kitchen door.

"Yes sweetey your father just left about a half hour ago."

He walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek causing her to blush. She wondered what the hell was happening to her. She got up and asked him if he wanted anything to eat. Her knees were shaking and her voice quivered. She felt like a young school girl around a cute boy she had a crush on.

Jackie decided to flirt with him before the other boys got up because they didn't want them to get jelous.

She noticed he had a little bit of a morning wood "So I see you're up and ready to go." She looked at his crotch with a smirk.

Mikey smiled at her "It's easy to be ready to go when you have such a beautiful mom." His eyes went up and down her body almost as if they were undressing her.

Jackie giggled while she took a sip from her cup. She set it down and walked over to Michael bending down and closing in on his face because he was sitting down.

"So what does mommy's favorite man want to eat this morning?" she said in a very suggestive tone, her wet lips about an inch away from his.

Mikey probably didn't pick up on that one so he just blurted out childlishly. "Mom do you still have some of that pumpkin pie from last night?"

Jackie scoffed "Honey you can't eat pumpkin pie for brekfast, I'm gonna make you boys some steak and eggs, go get your brothers and hurry up we've only gor a half hour to eat."

She realised that even though mature for his age there was still alot of maturing for the young boy to go trough, but she still kind of dug it in a wierd sexy way. She wanted to put on a sexy show for him while cooking brekfast but his brothers would be comming down shortly so she didn't want to get into that whole thing right then and there. Oh how she wished she could have some time alone with Mikey, she couldn't wait until tomorrow because that was Mikey's day. Mark had his turn with her on Mondays, Alex on tuesdays, which was today, and Mikey on wednesdays and so on. Jackie felt bad that they had to skip their foursome group session on sunday and she hoped to make up for it because she really wanted two cocks inbetween her legs and for some reason she really wanted to choke on a third one during it.

Alex and Mark barged into the kitchen all dressed up and ready to go. They threw their bookbags on the floor violently which angered Jackie.

She yelled at them as she brought over their brekfast. "I told you boys not to throw your bags on the wooden floor like that, that's a brand new floor...keep your things on the carpet." She bent down to pick up their bags and in the process her short shorts rid up her thighs exposing her pink panties which was just enough to get the boys going. They looked at each other with a devilish smile and nodded to one another.

Alex started to talk. "Hey mom? How about a quick group session to make up for sunday?"

Jackie's tummy had butterflies to the sound of that, but she didn't want the boys to be late for school...worst of all she didn't want to be late for work. But what if it happened quickly? Would it be that bad if they all were late a few minutes. She shocked herself that she would even debate this right now.

Jackie turned around and walked over to Alex and kissed him on the lips "We can't now baby you boys will be late for school and I already took a day off yesterday." She stepped in it again.

Mikey and Alex were all over her. "Why'd you take a day off, did you go back home to be with dad?"

Mark opened his big mouth "No, mom came to school blew me in the locker room and then we did it right after." He finished with a big proud smile.

Mikey said "Wow that's cool man mom fucked you in the school?"

Alex had other quesitons. "Why couldn't you just wait until you got home why did you risk it at school mom?"

Jackie was getting fed up with their bickering but She also didn't want to create jelousy and a rift between the brothers

"First of all everyone needs to watch their language at the brekfast table. Second, I felt bad that Mark had to wait so long. I didn't want him to think that I was showing preference to you or Mikey so I decided it would be fair to do it with Mark as soon as possible." She couldn't believe how well she lied.

Alex still wasn't convinced. He started to think that she enjoyed Mark's cock much better then his. He wanted to make sure that she knew he was better then his older brother, he never for a second thought that Jackie actually preferred Mikey's cock over his and Mark's.

So he decided to keep pushin "So a great way to make it right for me and Mikey now is to let us all do you right now, I promise it won't take long...right Mikey?"

Mikey nodded "Yeah mom common pleeeeeeaase." He said with that mock sad face which he knew was often effective with his mom when he wanted her to buy him something at the store.

Jackie smiled at Michael and a mixture of her love for him as a son and her new developed boy toy crush, they just were to much for her to deal with. She agreed but ordered the boys to finish eating their food first.

She moved her tank straps off her shoulder and revealed her braless full breasts. She combed her hair back over her shoulders making sure the boys could see the boobies they loved so much as infants.

She kneeled in front of Alex and told him to slip his pants down, and then said for the other two to do the same.

"Now everyone must finish their brekfast while I'm sucking your cocks." She wasted no more time and flicked her tongue over Alex's cockhead while pulling Mark's lengthy snake out of his pants with her right hand. She gulped Alex's cock all the way down and started to jack Mark off. Her slurping intensified as she noticed Mikey pull his six incher out and start jacking off. Out of the corner of her eye she kept looking at Mikey but kept bobbing her head up and down on Alex. She then switched and started to blow Mark while jacking Alex's wet cock. The boys started to eat faster and faster because they were in a reace becaues they all wanted her pussy first.

Mikey threw his fork down on the plate.

"I'm done mom" he said with a mouthfull of food.

Alex and Mark were done a couple of seconds later so Jackie stopped blowing them. She got up and slipped her shorts down her lengthy legs. She felt it was appropriate to fuck Alex first because she really badly wanted Michael's cock in her mouth because she wanted close eye contact with him. She could remember that last time they had a threesome her closeness to Michael was definitely existent but not like this. In some wierd way she felt wrong about fucking his brothers in front of him but it was to late to stop now. The next best thing right now was to blow Michael and to switch between his beautiful young cock and his inviting sexy mouth.

She soon finished slipping her panties all the way off and now she was naked from waist down and from just under her breasts and up, so the only covered part of her body was her belly. She wondered why she didn't take her top completely off. Maybe she felt that the baby growing inside of her deserved at least a little bit respect.

"Now Mommy didn't shower last night I was going to jump into the shower right after your boys brekfast but I hope you don't mind if mommy stinks a little." None of the boys seemed to care, it's not like she smelled like sweat.

Her pussy did give off an odor and the pubes she let grow out recently didn't help it at all. She was getting pretty hairy down there, after all it was over two months since that first time with Michael when she let him watch as she shaved her privates.

She positioned herself over Alex and threw one leg over so that her pussy hung right over his rock hard cock which was now red after her blowjob. She slowly impaled herself on his babymaker and stood back up just before Alex managed to put a breast in his mouth.

Meanwhile Mikey positioned a chair behind Alex because he knew he needed something to stand on in order for his cock to be on the same height level as his cock.

Jackie saw what he was doing "Be careful with that chair honey" her voice quivered as Alex's thick rod stretched her pussy walls.

Mark got up and positioned himself behind her. Jackie leaned forward a little bit, her breasts surrounding Alex's head. The young boy was in heaven as his cock pulsated inside of his mom.

Mark pushed his purple cockhead against her asshole popping it inside and started to proceed to push it in slowly. This was a first for Jackie because the last time it was Mikey's much smaller cock that was in her rectum.

"Easy honey push it in slowly I must get used to it, I've never had such a big cock inside of my ass before." This gave Mark some confidence pills and he reached around to grab her right breast, but still managed to push his cock deeper at a slow pace.

Mikey already had his cock out in front of his mom's face, but all she managed to do was hold it with her right hand because of the pain Mark was giving her ass.

"Ohhhhhh careful honey" She groaned as his cock met the bottom of her hole.

Alex was a team player and just stayed still waiting for Jackie to adjust properly. He just knawed on her left titty and flickered her nipple which was considerably larger then the last time he saw it.

"Ok Alex let Mark give me a couple of thrusts before you start fucking me...ok sweetey?" Alex just nodded with a smile.

Mark started to pull out his cock almost to the point where his head popped out of her ass but then he pushed it back inside, but this time it was much rougher.

The pain was something that Jackie was starting to get used to and even enjoy.

Alex waited for the green light and Jackie nodded to him. They started to fuck her as jackie backed her ass up and down on Alex's cock...Mark following her lead and intensifying his thrusts. Jackie was in ecstacy. She was beginning to get used to it so she could now start to blow Mikey. She took his cockhead inher mouth and teased him with her lips and tongue not going past the helmet. She flickered his tip and twirled her tongue around the head while humming to the rythm of her midsection being torn apart. As they started to intensify their intrusion Jackie started to get more and more vocal, at some point she had to take out Michael's cock out of her mouth just to catch her breath. She pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. She then noticed that Alex wanted a kiss too and she kind of looked at Michael to see how he would respond to it, but he didn't show much of an objection so she planted her wet lips over Alex who was gripping her ass firmly with both of his hands. She felt it was time to give Mark's mouth some attention as well so she stopped putting pressure on Alex's cock and reached over her right shoulder slanting her head sideways. Mark saw what she was doing so he met her wet lips and they engaged into a very passionate and violent french kiss, their noses making loud breathing sounds. Mikey's hands were all over her breasts and Alex now placed his hands on the sides of her upper hips and close to her belly.

Alex wanted to prove to his mom that he was better then the other boys but he was in no position to fuck her as violently as he did that one time when Mikey's cum lubed up his cock and pushed his fertile seed causing this pregnancy. He did feel his mom's pussy muscles milking his cock and it was just to much for him. He started to fill up her depths with warm goo. Jackie's cooed as she felt Alex's warm liquid fill her up.

Mark intensified his assault on his ass, as Alex's now flaccid cock started to slip out of Jackie. She also sped up her bobbing on Mikey and could tell that he was now very close to comming because his hand was on the back of her head and his eyes were almost rolling back.

She hummed "mmmMMMmmmMMMMmmmm" in up and down tones not slowing down as Mikey's semen filled up her mouth. She was very careful to swallow all of it because she didn't want any to leak onto Alex. The last gulp was the biggest and some of it leaked down her chin. She quickly stopped it from leaking all the way down with her hand and wiped her chin and then sucked her hands clean swallowing every last bit.

Meanwhile Mark was still busy on her ass. He could now get a little bit of a better reach around. Alex sneaked out from underneath Jackie and Mikey laid back on his chair exhausted from his earth shattering orgasm and they just watched on as their older brother fucked her in the ass. Their bodies slapping at a quick pace and very loudly too. "Slap Slap Slap SLAP SLAP SLAP"

Jackie reached inbetween her legs and started to finger her clitoris hoping to orgasm before he was finished. She was way turned on because of Mikey and Alex just sitting there watching. She looked Mikey straight in the eyes as she bit her lower lip and intensified her fingering. She made sure that Alex, who sat to her right, that he could see her face so she threw her hair over to her left side and back behind her left shoulder. The only time she looked over at Alex was just to make sure he didn't start to become suspicious. Her asshole was turning all red and her buttcheeks had trails of multiple gripping fingers on them. Mark was very close right now because he started groaning. Jackie looked at Michael once again who licked his lips which was just what she needed to put her over the top. Her pussy exploded in a very violent orgasm. A mixture of Her cum and Alex's white sperm started to spew out spilling all over her hand and chair and carpet. The orgasm was so intense and out of nowhere she yelled

"Michael I love you baby."

In the moment of ultimate ecstacy her subconscious had taken over and she had lost of all control. She noticed that it might have been a mistake so she scrambled to fix it.

"Alex.... I love you.... to honey...Mark you.... too." Her voice breaking up inbetween Mark's slams on her ass.

A few seconds later she could feel a gooey liquid fill up her asshole as Mark let out a loud "UGhhhhhh!!!"

Jackie sat down on the Chair panting as she tried to collect herself. The chair was wet from different bodily fluids and her ass almost slid down the smooth wooden chair. She knew she made a mistake by yelling out to Michael alone but it wasn't anything that Mark or Alex had picked up on.

She collected herself and said "Come to mommy all of you."

They all kneeled next to her and she threw her hands around all three of them hugging them lovingly. She kissed each one on his forehead and ran her fingers trough their hair.

"How could I let myself get so out of control?" She was angry with herself for letting her true feelings about Michael slip out. She kissed Alex and Mark on the forehead more then Michael because of the regret she felt. She loved them two so much but it wasn't the same kind of love that she felt toward Michael.

She looked at the clock and saw that they were over a half hour late so she hurried to put herself together and get them to school as soon as possible.

The only thing on Alex's mind was his private session with mom

"Hey mom do we still do it later by ourselves?"

Jackie smiled nodding yes

"Sure baby come here." She kissed him passionately on the lips and they made out for about 10 seconds with the other two watching. She couldn't really figure out why she did it for that long. Was she trying to make Mikey feel jelous? She looked to her right at Mikey who seemed as though he wanted one last french kiss. Jackie just closed in on his lips and smooched them for half a second leaving him with nothing more then that. She loved teasing him for some reason.

Jackie also noticed that all the boys had regained their hardons so she knew she had to start movin because they would never make it out of there if she didn't. She told the boys to get ready and meet her in the car.

Later on that day she had sex with Alex after he finished his homework and right before dinner but she did not get to orgasm again. It made her think that it was because Michael wasn't in the room.


She continued her sexual episodes troughout her first trimester. Toward the end of the third month she had stopped getting morning sickness and her belly was getting bigger and bigger. She tried to keep in touch with John every day often while being eaten out by one of the boys. It became an everyday thing to her and didn't bother her much, she managed to stay on topic with John and even control her breathing. As time went on her feelings for Michael only got stronger. Alex and Mark had girls they were seeing but they wouldn't let Jackie into that world. They still fucked her back home and Jackie could tell there was definite competition between the two to give their mom most pleasure, but what disappointed her most was that Mikey still made love with her gently. She really wanted it rough from him at least once but he never seemed to deliver. She even at one point during sex yelled to him "harder fuck me harder baby" but it was nowhere near the intensity that Mark and Alex were capable of, but that didn't stop Jackie from lusting for him more and more every day.



To be continued

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