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Mom and her boys

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Mom and her boys



Mom and her boys



Jackie Malone pulled into her driveway and pressed the button for the automatic garage door opener. After work she stopped by a local grocery store where she did some shopping for dinner which she would be making later that evening. Her three boys came running out of the side door to help her carry the groceries inside. She popped the trunk as her boys kissed her on the cheek one by one. Her husband John greeted her as well. She kissed him on the cheek and said with a smile. "What do I owe this nice welcome to?" John was smiling "How was work honey." Jackie took off her jacket and handed her purse to him. "It would have been great if it wasn't for this rain." The boys carried the shopping bags from the trunk into the house. Her youngest, thirteen year old Mikey ran by his mom obviously eager to get back to whatever it was he was doing earlier "Hey mom!"he yelled and ran past them. "Slow down, that computer isn't going anywhere!" She yelled after him. John grabbed Jackie's jacket and helped her inside. The other two boys got back to the couch and continued watching TV. Fourteen year old Alex called out to his mom. "Mom we're hungry can you make something good please." Jackie responded from the hallway. "At least let me use the bathroom first, Jesus!" She turned to John. "Didn't you make them anything?" John answered "We made some grilled cheese sandwiches but then we ran out of cheese!" He smiled. "Nice skirt." He noticed his wife was wearing a rather revealing outfit. Jackie's blouse and hair were a little wet so the first hing she did was go into the bathroom to dry herself off. She left the door open a little bit and took off her blouse. She was a very sexual woman. Although she always stayed loyal to her husband, she did enjoy men looking at her. That's why she would often go to work wearing short skirts and heels. Her fifteen year old son Mark knocked on the bathroom door. "Mom I have to go pee!" She responded "I'll be done in a minute honey." She finished drying her hair and walked out of the bathroom in her bra. Her kids saw her naked many times and she had no problem with them seeing her body as she thought nothing of it. "Hey sweetey, how was school today?" She stood in front of him not realizing how awkward the situation was for the boy. "It was ok mom." Jackie glanced around the hallway. "Did any of you kids see my cellphone, I couldn't find it this morning and I looked all over the place." Mark was getting uneasy. "Mom, I have to pee remember?" "I'm sorry honey, you go ahead." She continued into her room and changed into some dry clothes. She decided to try Alex's room. She looked under the bed, lifted the mattress and found nothing. She thought it might be in one of the kid's rooms because she just did some vacuuming the previous day. She looked in the sock drawer, threw out all the socks to find two pairs of her panties lying there. She tried to remember why she would put them there because it was obvious they were used panties and had a familiar odor to them. Then she opened another drawer only to find some dirty magazines, then it hit her. Her thirteen yearold son was probibly using her panties as stimulation during masterbating. She knew her sons were in that stage where their hormones were raging, but was still a little bit shocked. She was learning more and more about the male psyche. She wasn't very angry but wanted to confront him about it anyway. She decided tonight wasn't the right time because she was tired, so she buried the panties back under the pile of socks and left the room.

She went to the kitchen and cooked a fabulous meal. Family Dinner was a Malone family tradition. John was a very religious man who prefered to raise his kids in the Catholic fashion. They said their prayers and ate. After dinner everyone went their own way. Jackie and John went to sleep in the bedroom upstairs and the boys went to their own rooms. The house was rather big. John wasn't a wealthy man but he was well off. It had it's own guest house and a pool in the back with a pool house. In the basement there was a small gym and tanning bed, which Jackie used almost every week. The couple had a very active sex life up until a few years ago when John's sex drive had kind of disappeared. He tried to keep it under wraps but Jackie knew what the problem was. John's main excuse lately, was that he was tired. It would be just another night where she would fall asleep without getting the proper satisfaction. It was pouring rain outside as her eyelids got heavier. There was even some thunder, but it was muffled enough where she fell asleep easily.

About halfway into the night Jackie felt someone pulling on her shoulder. She woke up from a deep sleep and turned around to see her son Michael standing in front of the bed in his P.J's. "Mom I can't sleep theres to much thunder." Jackie knew he was afraid of thunder and felt so bad for him. She sat up and gave him a warm hug. "It's just thunder honey, it's perfectly natural. Common I'll go tuck you in." Michael was nervous that his brothers would make fun of him the next day so he made his mom promise not to tell them. They walked over to his room and he jumped into his still warm bed. Jackie sat next to him in her short night gown, her strong legs glistening in the moon light. She kissed him on the forehead. "Don't worry sweetey this stays between you and me." She noticed the poor guy was quivering. "Are you cold baby?" Michael just nodded. "No." She then realized how scared he was. "Mom can you sleep here tonight?" She nodded "Sure honey, don't be scared mommy's here". She laid down next to him as he turned around and laid his head next to her breasts. She remembered that she had no bra on as his face rested on her bosom. The thunder echoed trough the room and kept them both awake. Michael looked up at his mom and noticed she was looking down at him. "What's the matter honey, is there anything I can do?" The thunder kept getting worse and worse. Jackie knew that her boys liked to look at her breasts as she would catch them staring once in a when she'd be getting out of the shower. Her motherly instincts let her know that a mother's chest is where a boy feels most protected and relaxed, and on top of it all she knew that her thirteen yearold masterbated with her panties, which led her to believe that Michael wasn't much different. "Do you want to see mommy's breasts honey?" The words came out of her mouth like they were shot out of a cannon. She was willing to do anything so her baby would feel comfort and protection. Michael just nodded yes, and she pulled the night gown down off her shoulders and gently revealed her breasts. They were quite visible in the moon light which was every now and then being broken up by clouds. Michael looked back up at his mom and said "Mom can I ask you a question?" Jackie answered "Sure honey." Michael was hesitating. "Promise you won't get mad?" She was getting a little uneasy. "Ok I promise I won't get mad." A few moments later he finally blurted out: "Can I suck on them?" Now this was a whole new game in her book. She wasn't sure what to do. On one thought, she wanted for him to go to sleep and breastfeeding him was the perfect way to get there when he was a toddler, but he wasn't a baby anymore. She wondered what other effects this would have on Michael. "Aren't you a little too old for that sweetey?" Michael didn't answer, and she noticed he was now getting embaressed. She laid on her back and pulled her night gown down to her belly button without saying a word. Michael put his lips on her right nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Jackie's breasts were surprisingly firm for a 43 yearold mom of three. Michael's sucking got more and more intense as the thunder got louder. She figured he should be asleep any time now, but then she felt his tongue circling her nipple. He let the tit fall out as he went to her other breast. He kissed all over the breast and flickered his tongue over her nipple. Jackie found this to be quite unusual and noticed he wasn't anywhere near sleepy now, but he wasn't scared anymore either so she let it go on. She wondered where he had learned the tongue flicking and circling. Michael kept kissing her tit all over the place. Under it, over it he eve licked above the tits. He went on for about 10 minutes as Jackie grew more impatient. Michael's cock was now engorged. He had never been that hard. His excitement lead him to become braver, so he placed his left hand on his mom's tummy and slid it under the lace of her panties comming into contact with her bush. Jackie found this to be inapropriate so she gently removed his hand. He then put his hand on her right breast while he was licking her left and started feeling her up. Jackie decided to put a stop to this crazyness and said "Ok sweetey, that's enough for now." Something that started innocently, had suddenly turned sexual. "Ok honey, the thunder is gone now. Mommy has to go to sleep." Michael got off her breasts and laid back on his pillow. He watched his mom as she pulled the gown up, covering her breasts. "I'm sorry honey but I'm your mom and I can't let you do that. Besides, I have to get some sleep I have to work tomorrow!" Michael was a little bit embaressed "Ok mom I'm sorry." She smiled at him, turned around and went back to sleep.

Jackie woke up at fifteen to seven and ran into the kitchen to make the boys some pancakes. She rushed in and out of the bathroom trying to fix her hair and make brekfast at the same time. John was already at the kitchen table reading the paper. "Wake the boys up honey I have to fix my hair, looks like it's going to be one of those bad hair days." John kind of grunted and set the paper down and went to every boy's room trying to wake them up. Mark was a morning person so he wasn't to much trouble, but the other two were trying to squeeze out another 10-15 minutes of sleep. John did his walkaround and went back to the kitchen and to his paper. Jackie knew how John was, and she knew that Michael and Alex managed to sleep trough their father's light knocking. She barged into Michael's room and said in an annoyed tone, "I won't be the one calling in the school if you're late again. And your father won't call either, now get up." Mike knew his mom wasn't kidding so he jumped right out of bed and ran off into the bathroom. Jackie then barged into Alex's room and saw another pair of her panties on the floor next to the bed. She picked up her panties and tried to wake him up. "Up you go lazy bones,and don't let your father see these." The second she said that Alex snapped out of his dreamy state and jumped out of bed. He couldn't believe he was so stupid to leave the panties lying around. Jackie kind of giggled and threw her panties down on his blanket and walked out of the room. The whole family met up in the kitchen and ate brekfast together. Shortly after, John, Alex and Mark were on their way out the door. Jackie kissed her husband and her oldest goodbye, and then stopped Alex before he stepped out the door. "Hold on sweetey I've got to talk to you." She noticed Mark was already waiting in the car. Jackie didn't want things to get wierd with Alex so she decided to stop the awkwardness before it got out of control. "I'm not mad at you Alex, you just have to be careful when you leave my panties laying around like that." Alex mumbled: "Ok mom." Jackie smiled "And don't let things get awkward between us now. If you want to ask me anything about any topic don't be shy. We'll talk after school honey." She kissed him on the cheek and waved goodbye. Alex was still too embaressed to look at his mom so he just waved at her. Jackie smiled and closed the door.

Michael was just starting on his eggs. Jackie finally finished her hair and went back to the kitchen. "How's brekfast sweetey?" Mikey didn't answer, and she noticed the awkwardness right away.. Jackie: "Don't worry sweetey, mommy's not mad at you because of last night. I'm just glad you could finally fall asleep." Michael was nodding "Mom It's not that." Jackie: "Then what's the problem?" Michael:"I feel sick mom I'm not sure what the problem is." Jackie:"No honey, you've had four sick days this month, you have to go to school today." Michael:"No mom I'm not sick like that,'s a little embaressing." Jackie scooted her chair closer to her son. "Okay what happened? You can tell mommy, don't be embaressed." Michael:"My testicles are swollen, and they hurt. And I didn't get much sleep because of it." Jackie thought to herself 'he couldn't possibly have blue balls because of last night.' and then she said "Ok honey, let mommy see." Michael scooted back on his chair as his mom pulled his boxers down. He forgot to mention that his erection hadn't gone away since their little episode last night. Jackie was taken a back when his 6 inch pecker popped out of the shorts and hit his stomach, leaving a trail of precum. She couldn't believe how excited she got him last night. "Honey you have to know....take care of that." Michael had no idea what his mom was talking about now. "What do you mean, take care of it?" Jackie:"Well honey, that's what guys do when their penis becomes hard like this. They jerk it untill it goes away." He looked at his mom even more confused. He was even more lost now. "Can you show me how mom?" She looked at the clock it was almost 8:15. The drive to school is at least 10 minutes so she had to work quick. The last thing she wanted for her son was to have blue balls all day at school so she took his cock in her hand and started jerking it. Michael leaned back on his chair and let out a loud "ohhhh". Jackie continued to jerk him off and said "This is what you do when this happens honey." She kept tugging on it quickening the pace, but there was no orgasm in sight. She looked at the clock it was now 8:20. She had been jerking him off for five minutes and the kid hadn't come yet. If he didn't come in the next five minutes she would have to go into the councelor's office to excuse his absence, which would cause her to be late to her real estate job, which was something that she couldn't let happen. The first thing that came to her mind was that he needed some kind of stimulation. She let go of his rock hard prick, stood up and pulled her business skirt up all the way to her waist. She sat back down on the chair and spread her legs so Michael could see the camel toe on her pink panties. She grabbed his young cock again, and started to jerk him. His mom's pubes were sticking out of the side of the panties, which drove him over the edge. Within five seconds Michael started to spew come all over the place. This was the best feeling he had ever felt in his whole life. His jizz shot up into the air and some of it hit the kitchen table, but most of it landed on his mom's left thigh and her skirt. He had no idea what the white liquid was, he knew it wasn't piss. Before Jackie could put her hand over the tip some more landed on her hair and the brekfast plate. She couldn't believe how much spunk came out of his cock. She stood up ran over to the sink and started rubbing the come out of her skirt before the stain sunk in. Mike could sence how annoyed his mom was "I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry about the mess." She then wiped the semen off her thighs and said "Go to the bathroom and get cleaned up, and please hurry or we're going to be late." Jackie noticed a wet spot on her panties and felt her now wet pussy with her fingers. She was losing it. The lack of sex was making her go nuts, and she had only herself to blame. She knew she had to make it interesting for John some how and decided to show herself off to him more often from that point on, hoping to get their sex life back on track.

Jackie relaxed a little bit on the ride to school. She looked over at mike who sat quietly in his seat. She saw that he was a little bit embaressed. She also knew he had alot of questions about what had happened. "You ok there sweetey?" Mike glanced over at his mom, her skirt up to mid thigh. "I'm sorry about ruining your skirt." Jackie:"It's ok sweetey. Do you want to ask mommy anything?" Her pussy was still wet. She knew she had to get fucked that evening or she would go completely insane. Mike: "What was the white stuff that shot out of my penis." Jackie:"That's sperm. That's the stuff that makes babies. It goes inside a woman where it mixes with the woman's eggs and that's how a baby is born." Everything he knew about reproduction was wrong. He was being flooded with this new information and his curiosity grew by the second. "But how does the sperm get to the eggs?" Jackie:"Well a man inserts his penis in a woman's vagina".. pointing between her legs.. "and that's how the sperm enters the woman's body" She felt it was important for her kids to know about things before they became sexually active, she also couldn't deny the fact that this conversation was very interesting. Mikey:"What was all that hair in between your legs?" Jackie:"Those are my pubic hairs, you'll be getting them pretty soon." Mike:"I've never seen pubic hair mom." Jackie:"You will soon enough?" Mike:"How about you show me yours?" Jackie:"Well right now you have to go to school, and I hope to god you're not late. But maybe I'll show you after school, well see!" Mike smiled, kissed his mom on the cheek and on his way out said "I promise I'll be good, thanks mom!!" Jackie waved at him, shut the door and headed to work. She couldn't believe what she had just agreed to. She was planning on showing her husband her new bikini over the weekend and she also needed a shave so she figured that would be a good way for Mike to learn about the woman's vagina.

Jackie got home pretty late. It was around six O'clock and everyone was at home already. As soon as she put a foot in the door Mike greeted her. She already knew what it was about. He whispered in her ear. "Mom when do I get to see your vagina." Jackie whispered back :"I'm gonna change upstairs in the bathroom so why don't you meet me there in about five minutes." Mike let go of her and ran up the stairs. Jackie giggled at how happy he was. She went into the living room and said hi to everyone. John greeted her with a kiss and hug. "You boys eat anything?" John:"Yeah we ordered a pizza, the guy should be here any minute now." Alex and Mark sat on the couch as usual, not saying a word. Jackie made her way into the closet. "How was school boys?" Alex responded "It was good mom, how was work?" Jackie:"Pretty good." She took her boots off and went into the kitchen. John was there grabbing some stuff out of the fridge. He noticed a white stain on her skirt "You spill something on yourself?" Jackie looked at her skirt and started mumbling "Uhh yeah, at work of the new intern's is a clutz she spilled some half and half on me this morning." She grabbed a can of pop and said "I'm gonna go upstaris and change honey." John just nodded and went back into the living room. Jackie walked up the stairs and into her room. She grabbed a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and went into the bathroom. Mike was already sitting on the toilet waiting for her. She locked the door behind her and set her clothes on the mirror. She walked over to Mike and said with a seirous face "You can't tell anyone about this ok sweetey? Cause if you do that's where it ends. I won't teach you nothing else." Mike just nodded and looked over her body eagerly. Jackie unbuttoned her blouse and threw it over the sink. Then she continued unbuttoning her skirt. "I'm going to shave my vagina so I can wear this bikini tomorrow, so while I'm doing that you can look and ask anything you want, ok?" Mike:"Ok mom." She slipped her skirt off and was now only in bra and panties. It was a while since the last time she shaved her bush, and it was getting pretty hairy down there. She also noticed that stripping in front of her son had gotten her wet again. She couldn't believe it, but it was to late to stop now. She saw the happy look on his face, and the last thing she wanted to do was to disappoint him. She noticed he was looking at her breasts alot too. Jackie slipped her panties off and threw them next to the other clothes. "Get up mike I have to stand over the toilet." Mike got up not taking his eyes off his mom's bush. She then splashed some water on her bush and sprayed shaving cream all over her mound. She put her left leg up on top of the toilet and handed a mirror to Mike. "Hold that right there for me honey, and don't let it move." Mike kneeled down below her, where he had a perfect view of her labias, which were still covered with alot of hair. Jackie got the razor out of a drawer next to the toilet and started shaving away. Her firm belly and strong thigh's made Mike's young cock grow again. It took Jackie about five minutes to finish shaving the bottom of her pussy. Most of the hair had fallen into the toilet but some missed and hit the floor. Jackie took the mirror away from Mike and spread her lips. She was satisfied with the shave so she walked over to the sink "Honey pick up some of those pubes and throw them into the toilet for me will you?" Little mike was more then happy to. Jackie washed her pussy with some warm water and then walked back over to Mike. Still naked from the waist down, and only wearing a bra, She looked at Mike who was now staring at her bare pussy. "You like to look at mommy's pussy baby?" He just nodded. "Do you want to ask me anything?" Mike:"Is that where the penis goes in?" Jackie put the toilet lid over it and sat her firm ass on it. She spread her legs a little bit and leaned back against the wall. She spread her pussy lips so Mike could get a good look. "That's where the penis goes in, then the white stuff shoots out of it and nine month's later a baby comes out." Mike's jaw was dropped. "So is that where I came from mom?" Jackie smiled, nodding. Mike leaned in closer to take a good look. "Mom can I touch it?" Jackie nodded yes. Mike brushed his thumb over her lips. A shiver ran trough her body. He spread the lips with one hand and inserted his middle finger with his other hand. He noticed the inside of her pussy was wet. "Wow mom It's so wet and warm". Jackie felt a little wierd but knew how much he wanted to play with her so she decided to put up with it. Mike started to finger fuck her and she leaned back all the way to the wall. He looked at her face and got a response in the form of a warm motherly smile. He noticed that the quicker his fingering got, the wetter the pussy became. Mike's cock was as hard as a baseball bat. It was practically bursting out of his pants. He wanted to kiss his moms pussy but was afraid she would get wierded out by it. He quickened his fingering and grew braver and braver. He finally decided to go for it. "Mom can I lick it?" Jackie put her fingers trough her hair and said in a mock child like voice "But honey, what would you learn from doing that?" Mike:"I dunno I just have a strong urge to do that." Jackie thought that if she let him see her pussy and finger it this wouldn't be that much more inappropriate so she nodded giving him the green light and he planted his lips on her slit. He knew what to do too, he inserted his tongue in her depths and sucked on her pussy. This was way beyond sex ed. Her twelve yearold son was eating her out on the toilet and she couldn't put a stop to it. Mike took his lips off, spread her upper pussy and went for the clitoris. He flickered his tongue over it and then sucked it. He then started to finger fuck the bottom of her pussy while he assaulted the clitoris. Her juices were dripping down his chin. He ate her out like it was the last piece of food on earth. Jackie's breathing got heavier. She neared an orgasm and she could feel it. Mike stopped eating her out and pulled his finger out of her cunt. She opened her eyes and looked at him. HIs cock was out of his pants and throbbing. He wasn't long, but his girth was pretty impressive. She recognized that look on his face. She knew what he wanted, and all she wanted was to make her boy happy. Jackie:"Do you want to do it with mommy?" Mike just nodded with a smile on his face. "Ok honey go run into Your father's room and look into the bedside table. The third drawer down there are some plastic packets, those are condoms go get those quick, hurry." Mike ran out of the bathroom, his cock swinging in the air. He opened the drawer, grabbed one of the condoms and ran back. Then he heard his dad's voice from down stairs. "The pizza is here, Jackie get Mike we got some chicken wings for him." Mike kicked the bathroom door open and before he closed it his mom yelled back "Okay honey, we'll be down in a second." Jackie got up and closed the door. She made sure it was locked. Her pussy juices were flowing down her thighs. She opened the condom pack and pulled out the smallest she could find.. She slipped it on Mike's cock and noticed it was way to big. She stood there for a second scratching her head. "We'll it's a little bit to big for you but we'll try it anyway." Mike:"Whatever you say mom." Jackie sat back down on the toilet spread her legs a little bit farther then before. Mike positioned himself inbetween his mom's sexy legs and pushed his cock inside of her. Jackie was in a very unfomcortable position so she pulled her legs up into the air and held them back with her hands. Her bra was still on. Mike:"Can you take your bra off mom?" She leaned forward, Mike's cock still inside of her, and unclasped her bra letting it fall on the floor. Her beautiful breasts bounced as she leaned back against the wall. Mike started to fuck her slowly, because the loose condom was getting in the way. Jackie:"Go a little faster honey". Mike started to fuck her a bit faster but the condom started to slip off. "I can't the condom is gonna fall off." The cold toilet seat below her didn't feel very comfortable so she wanted to hurry up, besides they had to go downstairs before someone came up looking for them. "Just pull the condom back and hold it back with your hands." Mike pulled the condom back and started fucking her again. They got into it and Jackie started breathing hard again. She was trying not to moan. Mike began to grunt and fucked his mom harder and harder. The sound of their bodies slapping against each other was getting a little bit to loud, so Mike slowed down again. The loose condom was bothering him. "Mom this condom is really making it hard for me." Jackie pushed him back a little, his cock falling out of her. She pulled the condom off and threw it into the sink, and then looked at her son with a serious face. "Remember how you shot the sperm this morning?" He nodded. "Now this time before you start shooting it, you have to pull out. Remember what I told you about babies? Well if you don't pull out, you'll get me pregnant and then we'll be in some serious trouble." Mike just nodded and said "I got it mom, I'll pull out don't worry." Jackie leaned back again and Mike got on top of her. He went bareback into his mom, the tip of his cock wet from a mixture of his precome and her juices. He started to fuck her again. He picked up his pace and looked all over his mom's body. Her strong legs were high up in the air now, and her beautiful perk breasts bounced. He grabbed one of them and squeezed the life out of it. His mom's jaw was dropped and her mouth looked inviting. He scooted up a little bit and planted his lips on hers. Jackie was taken by surprise but responded quickly. Mike frenched his mom as his cock invaded her wet canal. The kiss pushed Jackie over the edge as she started cumming. She broke their kiss and quietly whispered "Oh my god!!" as she rested her forehead against her son's. Her pussy exploded in an orgasm, flooding Mike's cock with her juices. She could feel the juices oozing down the length of her butt hole. Jackie knew she had another orgasm in her so she whispered breathlessly:"Don't stop now." Mike kept pumping and pumping, but he knew he couldn't go on forever. The similar feeling he had this morning was now on the horizon. His orgasm was seconds away. He pulled his cock out of his mom's wetness and busted all over her tummy and tits. A flood of semen splashed all over her firm stomach and pussy. The cum shower never seemed to end. One of the waves hit her tits and her chin. She thought he came alot this morning, but that was nothing compared to this. All the men she's ever been with never came nearly as much. The cum on her pussy freaked her out a little bit so she jumped up and ran over to the sink and washed it off with water. Mike had collapsed to the floor from ecstacy. She turned around and saw him on the floor. "Oh my god are you okay sweetey?" Mike snapped out of it quickly, he didn't want to scare his mom. "Yeah I'm fine mom, that was the best, thank you so much." Jackie helped him up and hugged him with relief, his still rock hard cock poking her stomach. "God Mikey you scared me for a minute there." Naked mother and son sat on the floor hugging. Mike:"Mom, what was the water that came out of you?" Jackie:"That was my cum, just like a man shoots cum so does a woman." Mike slipped his hands inbetween her thighs and copped another feel of her wet slit. Jackie pulled his wrist away and said "That's enough Mike, now go downstairs and eat while I take a shower, I'm a mess." Mike looked her over, his cum all over her body. "Sorry about that mom." Jackie:"It's ok, it happens." Mike got up, put his clothes on and ran downstairs. Jackie jumped into the shower, her knees still shaking. She was so horny that she almost came for the second time. Lot's of thoughts ran trough her head as she washed her hair. Mike did pull out in time but it was a close call. She feared pregnancy but even worse she didn't want anybody finding out, especially her husband. She knew that older men lose their sex drive, but she was subconsciously still angry at John. Jackie stepped out of the shower, dried herself off and looked herself in the mirror. She never in her life thought she would let something as forbidden as incest happen in her home but least of all, she never thought she would enjoy it so much either. Half ashamed she went straight to bed hoping to avoid a conversation with John after what she just did with her youngest boy. Jackie knew she got fucked good because she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The next day it was Saturday. The boys were at home and John was already up getting ready for a day at the golf course. Jackie woke up to sounds of water splashing in the pool. She yawned, streched, and glanced over her right shoulder to see John findling with the golf clubs. "Oh great you're awake, where's my nine iron honey?" He asked his wife. Jackie responded "How could I be asleep with all the noise going on, I don't know, did you check in the basement?" John raced downstairs to look for the rest of his golf clubs. Jackie got up, walked over to the window and saw her boys jumping in and out of the pool. She yelled after John: "Honey, are you gonna be at the golf course all day?" John mumbled something but she couldn't hear him at all. She saw Mikey lying by the pool and the reality of what they did last night suddenly hit her. She wanted to believe it was a dream but her still wet slit snapped her back to reality. A wave of guilt just washed over her as she looked at her sweet youngest boy lying there. He was still a child. How could she let herself get carried away like that. She started to fear that the poor kid could be in shock, after all he's only twelve and most kids don't lose their virginity that early and least of all, most kids don't lose their virginity to their mother. Jackie knew she had to talk to him. She could only hope the little rascal could keep a secret because the three brothers were quite close. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and walked downstairs to the kitchen. John was finishing packing the trunk and Jackie came outside in her bath robe and a cup of coffee. She was watching John running trough the kitchen looking for a bite to eat before he took off. "Can't you even have some coffee?"Jackie asked him. John just nodded "I'm sorry sweetey I'm already late Tom and Nick are already over there." Jackie:"You gonna be over there all day again?" John:"I don't know sweetey I should be back by six." He kissed her good bye, took a slurp of her coffee got in the car and hit the road. She couldn't believe he was more into golfing with his friends then having sex with her. She got back inside put the cup in the sink, slipped her bikini on and headed for the pool. She walked out back in her robe and lied next to Mikey who was lying by the pool while the other two were splashing each other. It was only eleven in the morning and the sun was already strong. This was no time to have a talk with Mikey so She decided to skip the tanning bed for a day and get a nice natural tan. She slipped her robe off to reveal her sexy figure . Alex stopped splashing Mark and looked at his mom. He didn't want to make it obvious but he couldn't stop staring either. His young cock started to get hard. Jackie knew they all glanced at her body from time to time, but this time their looks were flagrant. She could feel Alex's eyes on her breasts and ass. She turned around and saw Mark was looking at her tits. They would usually just look away and play it off like they never even looked, but this time they kept eyeing her over. She lied back on the bench and kicked her slippers off. Jackie turned to Mike and said:"You told them didn't you?" I'm sorry mom, but they threatened to tell dad about all the porno I downloaded on the computer." Alex and Mark jumped out of the pool and walked over to them. "He's right mom, we pretty much pried it out of him." Alex was trying to keep his mom calm. Jackie surprisingly wasn't upset, she was more uncomfortable and felt awkward. Mark sat next to her bench and looked her right in the eye. "We're sorry mom, please don't get mad." Jackie ran her fingers trough her hair while sighing. Her tummy and firm breasts looked as good as ever, in the hot morning sun. "So how much did he tell you............don't repeat it please." She cut Alex off just before he started the sentence. "Yes me and Mikey, we had sex in the bathroom, but that's why I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to tell him how wrong it was, we just got carried away and I want you kids to understand that." Alex:"But mom, that's not fair how come he gets to fuck you and me and Mark don't even get to see your breasts." Jackie:"First of all watch your language and second, I told you what happened, we got carried away." Mark, the oldest, wanted to chime in. "Mom, Alex is right you should at least show us your breasts and vagina." Jackie knew they were right. First she traumatized her youngest by fucking him, and now her wreckless behavior sparked jelous feelings between the boys. That was the one thing she would not let happen. She thought about it for a while and came up with a decision. "Ok I'll take off my top, and let you guys put some sunscreen on me, but keep your little peckers in your shorts, okay?" Mark:"What about your bottoms?" Jackie sighed "Those stay on!" She looked at Mikey as she was untying her top. "See what you did, couldn't keep your little yap shut could ya?" Mikey was about to ask if he could join in but Jackie stopped him before he even got up. "No no, you got yours last night, you just sit there and watch." Mikey did as he was told. Jackie untied her top and let it fall to the ground. The chilly morning air made her nipples harden. The three boys focused all their attention on their mom's perky mature breasts. She lied back down on her back and handed the sunscreen to Alex. He applied some on his hands and spread it all over her breasts. Mark then put some on his hands and started to massage her long shapely legs, his cock ready to burst out of his swimming trunks. Jackie cooed as her two sons felt her body. Alex's hands fondled her breasts as Mark got higher and higher up her thighs. Mikey sat there with his jaw dropped. Jackie looked over at him and noticed a huge tent sticking out of his shorts. She couldn't believe the same cock made her come last night. She felt Mark's hands on her inner thighs spreading her legs a little. Mark took this as a green light and went even higher. Jackie then warned him "Mark don't go any higher." Alex bent his head down and took one of her nipples in the mouth. She put one hand on the back of his head petting him in a loving motherly way. Mark crawled up to her and took the other nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it. Jackie couldn't believe she was getting wetter and wetter. Alex took his lips off her breast and looked her right in the eye, like he had something else on his mind. Jackie looked back at him kind of confused. "What is it baby?" She could tell he was nervous, Alex was always a shy boy. She noticed he had his look fixated on her mouth. "It's ok sweetey you can kiss me." As soon as she finished the sentence Alex's lips were on hers. She responded with her tongue and they started a passionate french kiss. Jackie hummed as her tongue clicked against her son's. Mark stopped sucking on her tit and looked at her. As she kissed Alex, she could see from the corner of her eye, that Mark wanted it too. She broke the kiss with Alex and planted her lips on Mark's. She noticed Mark was a little bit more experienced. His lips and tongue were more in sync with her's. She was surprised at how good a kisser he was. Alex got back to her breasts and flickered his tongue over her nipple. He eased his hands down her tummy and under her bottoms. He didn't dare go lower so he stopped at her pubic hair and played with it. Mark remembered something she said earlier that flew over his head and suddenly broke their kiss, almost gasping for air: "Mom, you said you got carried away last night....does that mean you were turned on?" Jackie smiled uncomfortably and said "Well your little brother has a magic tongue." Alex stopped sucking her breasts and looked at his mom in shock. "MOM!!! He licked you down there?" Mark added "He didn't tell us that!!" Jackie looked over at Mikey "You didn't tell them about that???" Mikey just nodded no. "Wow that's just great." Her big mouth was going to cost her yet again. Alex:"Mom you have to let us fuck you now, this isn't fair." Mark agreed "Yeah common mom that'll make it even, I sware it'll be just this one time and we won't tell anyone I promise....right Alex?" The other one just nodded. Jackie was cornered. She had to give in. "Okay, my goodness you guys are insane. Do you know how wrong this is?" They knew they had her. The two boys were so happy they hugged their topless mom at the same time. "Oh mom thank you so much you are the best, you don't even have to get us any Christmas presents this year." Jackie:"Well at least I get something out of it." Mark stepped back and slipped his shorts off, his huge cock sprang out. Jackie:"Wait hold on, put your shorts back on. Before we do this there have to be some rules. First of all I'll only let you do me with a condom, that's non negotiable. Second, this stays between the three of us. And third, from now on whatever I say goes, whether it's taking out the garbage, doing your homework or washing my car. Got it?" Both boys nodded with smiles on their faces. "Yes mom yes, where are the condoms." Jackie sat back up and said "There aren't any, your father doesn't keep any in the drawer like he used to, so we'll have to go down to the grocery store and buy some. I have to get stuff for brekfast anyway, do you guys wanna come with me?" All three boys nodded yes and ran upstairs to get ready. Jackie got up put her bikini back on and followed them. She put on a summer dress that came down to her mid thigh. She applied some makeup on her face, fixed her hair a bit and went down to the garage, where the boys were already waiting for her in the mini van. Mark sat in the passenger's seat, Mikey was right behind him and Alex sat behind the driver's seat. Jackie got into the van and sat on a pair of shinguards. "You guys have to clean out this soccer stuff, it's ridiculous.... the other day I found Alex's cleets from three years ago, down behind the seats." Alex:"Sorry mom First thing I'll do tomorrow is clean up the van I promise!" Jackie mumbled "You better." She backed out of the driveway and took off.

In the car the boys were starting to get touchy-feely again. Mark had his hands on her thigh and Alex was feeling her breasts from behind her seat. "Easy boys I'm trying to get us over there in one piece." The two boys were to horny to listen. Alex fondled her breasts and pulled on her nipples trough her thin bikini top and dress. Jackie couldn't deny the fact that she was enjoying it. Mark's hands were getting frisky around her panty line but this time she didn't object. She was going to let them have sex with her anyway so what was the point. She scooted down a little and parted her legs to give him easier access. He slipped his hands under her bikini bottom and found her wet snatch. He slipped a finger inside her and started a slow fucking motion while Alex's fondling intensified. He noticed that his mom didn't object to his brother's hand being inside her panties so he thought it was the right time to ask "Mom will you let me lick your pussy?" Jackie answered with a different tone in her voice "I don't know honey, maybe." She pulled into the parking lot and parked far away from the other cars. The boys managed to get their hands off her. She turned the key off and turned around. "Ok guys, now I have to know what size condoms to get you all. Now pull your shorts down....yeah you too Mikey" She added with a smile. They all pulled their pricks out for their mom to see. Jackie:"Ok put them away."

They walked into the grocery store and went into the frozen meats section. Alex stayed with his mom while Mikey and Mark went to the magazine section. Alex's hard cock never lost steam as he kept checking his mom out. He put a hand on her ass and squeezed, Jackie yelped, and put a hand over her mouth. She looked down the isle and noticed a man heard her squeal. She getting very impatient with Alexes behavior. She turned toward him and whispered angrily. "Are you crazy?? We're in a grocery store for God's sake. Can't you wait until we get home." Alex:"But mom you said you'd let me eat you out." Jackie:"Where are you gonna do that, we'll be home in fifteen minutes just cool your jets. Alex:"But Mom I can't do it in front of the other two. What if I suck at it, then Mark will make fun of me later." Jackie sighed with anxiety and wondered where they could do it. She knew there was a bathroom next to the pharmacy, so she just decided to get it over with. She pushed the cart around the corner and found Mikey and Mark. "You guys watch this cart me and Alex will be right back. "Where you guys going?" Mark asked. "Well be right back just stay right there and don't let Mikey wander off." Jackie took Alex's hand and dragged him to the pharmacy desk. "Excuse me M'am can we get the bathroom key?" The pharmacist lady responded "Sure no problem, I'll just walk you over there and unlock it for you." She came around the counter with keys in her hands and they followed her down a long hallway. She turned around looked at Alex and spoke with a giggle "Your mommy doesn't still wipe your butt does she?" He just smiled nervously. Jackie saw he was embaressed so she jumped in to bail him out "No he's too old for that, but he isn't old enough to know to pee before we leave the house." The pharmacist lady smiled "Oh god please I know how it is, I got a kid the same age as him." She unlocked the bathroom and held the door for them. She noticed Jackie's bikini under her dress and looked Jackie right in the eye: "Don't worry Mom, nobody will bother you guys." And then winked. Jackie smiled half embaressed and locked the bathroom behind her. The two moms spoke to each other in silence but with alot of understanding. "Ok now make this quick we don't have all day." She put her hands under her dress and slipped her bottoms off. Alex's cock was rock hard. She put her right foot on the toilet seat and pulled her dress up over her pelvis revealing her pussy. The young boy was in awe. This is the prettiest thing he had ever seen in his life. His hands and jaw were shaking with nervousness. He looked up at his mom and smiled:"Wow mom it looks so neat." Jackie ran her fingers trough his hair and spoke calmly. "Well honey do you wanna lick it or not?" He wasted no time. Alex plantind his lips over her mound. His tongue invaded her canal as he sucked her clitoris. He put a finger inside and started fucking her with it. Jackie subconsciously put a hand on her left breast and massaged it while her right hand was on Alex's head. He licked her cunt like a dog. Her breathing quickened as the juices from her pussy started to run down her son's face. Alex looked right at his mom while he ate her out. Jackie was shocked at how good he was at it. She knew he had never done it before, but didn't know how he managed to get so good at it. Alex stopped licking her and looked back up at her face. "Mom can you take your top off so I can see your boobs?" She slid them without saying a word. He reached up and grabbed her left tit as he planted his lips and tongue back on her beaver. He sucked her clit more intensley and sped up his fingering. Jackie put her hand over Alex's which was groping her breast. She could feel an orgasm building but the little bit of morality left in her brain was telling her it would be wrong to come on his face. Jackie was a squirter and she didn't want to freak the poor kid out, but it was too late. The orgasm came sooner as Alex's tongue twirled around her clit and her juices exploded onto his face. They ran down her thighs and asshole, bathing them both in wetness. The orgasm was still quivering trough her body, but she managed to blurt out some words "Oh god I'm sorry honey, I just couldn't hold it back." Alex took one last suck of her puss and looked up at his mom, juices running down his chin and neck. "Mom, can you return the favor?" She nodded "Sure sweetey, I'm so sorry for cumming on you, pull your shorts down and sit on the toilet." She suddenly heard the pharmacist lady knocking on the door. She whispered something but Jackie didn't hear it at first. She told Alex to sit still. "I'm sorry what was that?" She whispered back. "I have a customer that needs to use the bathroom, are you guys going to be done soon?" Jackie responded. "Give us about forty five seconds." She took her son's cock in her hand and licked along the length of it. She shoved it into her mouth and started bobbing her head, his cockhead reaching all the way down to the back of her throat. The sucking sounds were getting louder and louder. She gagged every other time she went down on it. The pharmacist lady could hear the violent sucking and gagging trough the door so she whispered again. "Shhh not so loud." Jackie took the cock out of her mouth and whispered back. "Ok, I'll be done in a minute." before she put the cock back in her mouth she heard some more whispers. "Can I watch?" Jackie couldn't believe her ears. Did she just hear the pharmacist requesting to watch her give a blowjob to her own son? She looked at Alex and combed her hair back over her ear. "Did she just say what I think she said?" Alex nodded. Her high heels and white skirt didn't go unnoticed by him. Jackie whispered loudly. "Hold on one second." She looked back at her son and whispered silently "Do you want her to watch?" He just nodded like he didn't care, but Jackie thought it would be quite exciting. She unlocked the door and the pharmacist lady poked her head in. She smiled at the both of them and said "Go on, don't let me stop you." Jackie smiled back at her and got back to the cock. She shoved it in her mouth again and started bobbing, trying to do it as quietly as she possibly could. The pharmacist lady walked inside and locked the door behind her. She kneeled next to them and combed Jackie's hair so she could see her face. Alex was starting to moan so she put a finger over his lips. "Shhhh sweetey, mommy'll get you to come pretty soon." Alex just nodded as sweat started to pour down from his forehead. Meanwhile Jackie never skipped a beat. Every time she went up on the cock she circled the head with her tongue, and back down to the back of her throat. She glanced up at his face and saw he was close to comming. "Mom I'm gonna come." Alex screamed loudly. The pharmacist lady planted her lips on his to help quiet him down but the boy responded with his tongue. The thirteen yearold boy started to french the mature 50 something lady while his 42 yearold mom sucked his cock. He hummed into the kiss as his cock started spewing cum into his mom's mouth. The pharmacist lady broke their kiss and turned to Jackie "Please don't let it get on the floor." Jackie just hummed and nodded as a surge of her boy's seed filled up her mouth. She managed to swallow all of it. Jackie licked Alex's cock clean and started to put herself together. Alex got up and pulled his shorts up. Jackie's pussy juice was still running down her thighs, and there was some more cum on her chin. Her knees were shaking as she pulled her bottoms back up. The pharmacist lady thanked them for letting her watch and opened the door running into Mark and Mikey. They were outside of the door listening the entire time. Jackie:"What are you two doing over here, I told you to stay by the shopping cart." Both boys had tents in their shorts. Mark:"I'm sorry mom, but you guys have been gone a while, so we got worried." Jackie didn't get mad, she just patted Mikey on the head and said "These are my other two sons, Mikey and Mark, oh and by the way I'm Jackie and that's my son Alex." The mature lady smiled "We'll it's nice meeting you all my name is Sabrina, but we have to get back out to the store there are some people waiting to use the bathroom." She turned to walk away but Jackie patted her on the shoulder. "Excuse me Ma'm, do you guys have condoms up there at the pharmacy I'm a little bit embaressed to buy condoms at the register." Sabrina:"Oh sure sweetey how many do you need?" Jackie said half embaressed "Well we need 2 condoms one extra large and one magnum." Sabrina smiled at Jackie and looked at the boys with another wicked smile. "No problem I'll grab those for you." Jackie took took the condoms, grabbed some more groceries and checked out.

On the drive home Mark and Mikey were curious about what Alex was doing with their mom in the bathroom for so long. Jackie explained it and noticed that Mark had kind of a depressed look on his face. She didn't want to let him feel left out so she took his hand. "Sweetey, don't be upset just because those two little hecklers cant wait. Alex just wouldn't shut up back there at the store in front of anyone, so I had to let him eat me out in the bathroom, but I'll let you have sex with me first how's that?" Mark got his smile back and just nodded. "Thanks mom." And kissed his mom on the cheek. Jackie:"Let's just hope your father isn't home yet."

They pulled into the driveway and grabbed all the groceries out of the trunk. The boys even helped put them away in the kitchen, which was a first. Jackie's pussy was still wet and she knew she could have at least one more orgasm, so she left some groceries in the trunk and decided to finish those later. She handed the magnum condom to Mark and the extra large to Alex. Jackie looked at Alex and Mark:"You two meet me downstairs in the basement, and you watch the driveway for your dad and the second you see him pulling up come downstairs and let us know. Mikey just nodded with a disappointed look on his face and ran upstairs to do what he was told. The other two ran into the basement and Jackie went up to her bedroom to get out of the cum stained dress. She slipped the bikini off, took a shower, put on the bathrobe and headed for the basement. The two boys were sitting on a small couch. Jackie walked down the steps barefoot and wearing nothing under the bath robe. Mark:"Mom can I make a request?" Jackie:"Sure what is it sweetey?" Mark:"Can you put those heels on?" He pointed to a pair of stiletto heels right next to the staircase. Jackie just nodded, grabbed them and sat inbetween her two sons. She slipped the heels on and leaned back. "Ok now take your shorts off and let me see your condom's. Mark slipped his shorts off and his enormous cock jumped out like jack in the box. It looked even bigger up close. Jackie noticed it was way bigger then John's and her doubts about the magnum condom she got, were now gone. She slipped the condom on both boys and told Alex to get up. She stood up, let her bathrobe fall to the ground and laid back on the couch. Alex kneeled next to her and pointed his cock to her face. She took it in her left hand and scooted back some more spreading her legs. Mark got under her and rubbed his huge cockhead along her slit. Even after three kids and years of getting stuffed like a turkey by numerous men, Jackie was still worried about his size. "Go in really slow honey." She still held Alex's cock while she watched Mark enter her. "Ohhhh god." She could feel his girth stretching her inner walls. His cockhead finally reached the bottom of her canal. She took Alex's cock in her mouth slowly as Mark started to fuck her in a mellow rythm. Alex grabbed the back of her head and forced her on his steel rod. He looked over at his brother who was speeding up the intrusion. Mark started to fuck her harder and harder to the point where Jackie was hurting, but it was a good pain. She moaned into Alex's cock as Mark filled her up from below. The slapping and suckling noises echoed troughout the house. Mikey could clearly hear it and was getting more and more turned on. His father was nowhere in sight so he decided to go downstairs and catch some of the action. The sight of his two older brothers devouoring his mom drove him over the edge. He wanted to get in there desperately. Jackie started to moan louder and louder as she choked on Alex's rod. Mark:"Oh god mom it's so tight. Are you ok?" Jackie just hummed "Mmmm-hmmm." She could feel anorher orgasm buildining and saw Mikey sitting on the stiars. For some reason that pushed the limit and her pussy exploded in yet another orgasm. Mikey was trying to get his mom's attention but she couldn't hear him from all the fucking sounds. "Momm!!!" Jackie just groaned as the earthquaking orgasm still went trough her "Ohh god baby it's so big!!" She finally heard Mikey's high pitched yelling and took Alex's cock out of her mouth but kept jacking him off. She was getting pumped from below by a 9 inch cock and looked at Mikey. "What.....are you....doing should be upstairs..... watching..... the...... driveway." Her voice getting broken up. Mark never stopped banging her while Alex kept grunting. "But mom this isn't fair I wanna fuck you too!!!" Jackie's head was flooded with a mixture of feelings. She was in ecstacy from the two cocks around her but she also felt bady for the little guy. The last thing she thought about was her husband barging in on them. She wanted to keep them all happy but first she had to come again. "Hold...on....sweetey....I'm about to....come again!!!" Mikey ran over to his mom and grabbed her right hand and placed his other hand on her clitoris. He wanted her to come quicker so he could get in on the action so he rubbed her clitoris quickly. This was way to much for Jackie and she came again. Her squeals echoed trough the house and then she felt more warmth inside her canal. Mark was cumming into his condom and filling it up quick. She noticed he was grunting fast as he fell on top of her and yelled "Ahhh I'm comming mom!!!!!" Jackie got spooked, she didn't want any cum to spill out of the condom "Pull it out honey quick!!" Mark pulled out and took off his condom which was full of his semen. During the entire time she was still jackin Alex off and he too exploded in an orgasm filling up his condom. Jackie noticed all the condom's were ruined now. Alex took his overflowing condom off and threw it into the garbage pale next to them. She thought to herself 'God I'm so stupid why did I only get two condoms.' The hornyness just never seemed to leave her body. "We're out of condoms now." Jackie said. The three boys still wanted to fuck her but Jackie was hesitant. Alex:"But mom I never got to fuck you!!" Mikey started complaining too "What about me mom I wanna go in there too!" Jackie:"All right Jesus everyone needs to calm Mark what do you think??" Mark was still lying on top of her his face on her tits. He was too exhausted to speak but she did value his opinion. "Mark honey are you ok??" He just nodded "I'm fine mom, I don't know's up to you but they're gonna be pretty pissed if you don't do something." Jackie couldn't even get up from all the orgasms. She decided for the sake of satisfying the other two she needed to do something. She knew Mikey's cock was small enough to probibly fit up her butt and Alex's would fit just fine in her pussy but most of all she wanted Mark's cock in her mouth. She stood up and told Alex to lie down on the couch. "Ok, now Mark you stand there I'll blow you while Alex fucks my pussy and Mikey fucks me up the ass." They all got up without a comment and positioned themselves. Mikey took his shorts off and Alex lied down on his back on the couch. Jackie impaled herself on Alex's rod and turned her head back to Mikey. "Now go in easy honey." He pressed his cockhead on her asshole and it popped in. The rest of his small pecker went in easily as Jackie cooed. She took Mark's cock in her hand and said "Ok now is everyone happy??" Mark smiled at his mom and said "Perfect plan mom!!" Alex and Mikey started pumping her from below as Mark stuffed his rod down his mom's throat. Every hole in her body was being filled by incesteous cock. She couldn't believe how wet this had got her. Alex's pumping intensified on her clitoris as Mikey's asshole invasion put more pressure on her pussy. She gagged on Mark's cock as another orgasm was approaching but she couldn't quite get there. Mikey's and Alex's cocks were fucking her in sync, so there was not enough room for either to give her the right pleasure. She was bobbing on Mark's nine incher and all this made her feel uncomfortable so she took his cock out of her mouth. "Everyone stop...hold on Mikey!!" The boys stopped fucking her. "Now Alex, you have to wait when Mikey is pushing, and Mikey you pull out and wait for Alex to go in...see what I'm saying?" Alex understood what she was saying but he saw a confused look on Mikey's face. "Mike she wants us not to go in at the same time, you push in and when you're pulling out I go in, and vice versa." He finally understood "Ahhh I gotcha, ok Mom we're ready!!" They started to fuck her one at a time. Jackie got back to Mark's cock and started gently blowing him again. Mark put a hand on the back of her head as she hummed. Within a few minutes she exploded yet with another orgasm, her body shaking and weakening, she fell on top of Alex as Mark's cock slipped out of her, and then she planted her lips on him and french kissed the boy while still jerking Mark off. This gave Mike easier access to her asshole and he started pumping away harder and harder filling her ass up completely. Jackie enjoyed his young pecker in her anus so she reached back and spread her cheeks with both hands. All of a sudden she could feel a warm liquid filling up the inside of her asshole, and some even getting out to drip down to her pussy oiling up Alex's cock which lubed up their friction even more. Although her body was very weakened as was her brain, she was still conscious enough to know that this might get her pregnant, but she felt another orgasm closing in and couldn't stop now. It felt as thought this next orgasm might be the best of them all so she just squealed as Mikey's cock slipped out and now Alex could freely assault her from below. He grabbed her around the waist locking his hands behind her back and started to pump away. His fucking was so quick and hard that Jackie's voice was changing tones as she moaned. Mark and Mikey just sat back and watched in awe, impressed at how much stamina their brother still had. Jackie closed her eyes as the orgasm made her shake. She yelled "Oh god I'm comming again!!!" and fell on top of Alex. Their bodies still slapping against each other as her pussy exploded in wetness flooding their stomachs and pelvises. Alex yelled "Mom I'm about to come." She was to weak to get off his cock so Mark and Mikey grabbed her and pulled her off the young cock full of seed. They all fell on the side as Alex exploded like a geyser. Jackie yelled "Not on the carpet." And put a hand on his cock keeping it from spilling any farther. When he was finished he got up and his cloudy brain finally got clearer. He realized that his father was soon to be home so he said "Dad's gonna be home any minute we gotta hurry." Jackie just lied there her body to weak to move. The boys grabbed her and carried her upstairs. They put some clothes on her and laid her down in the bedroom covering her with a blanket. Each boy kissed her on the cheek and thanked her. Jackie just managed to smile at her three kids and drifted off to sleep.







This is the best story ever!! Beat it all the way through, after I finished it I went to ky favorite part had the biggest orgasm ever! Covered my chest and once I stood up I almost went down I was so dizzy. Then my ears started to ring so loud things started to echo! They are still ringing and it's been 15 minutes. I recked my right arm at the shoulder and my leg that was proped up is almost locked in place. I love this story great job to whom ever wrote this!!

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