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Mom and the Boys Part 3

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When he pulled up I got into the car.   We kissed and he said how nice I looked.   We drove away into the countryside and drove slowly talking all the time. We drove to a small town where we had a meal and sat and talked some more.   It began to get late so we started back home.   By now it was cold and raining.   A steady rain that you just know isn’t going to stop till the following day. We pulled off to the side of the road and talking grew to kissing and kissing grew to fumbling.   I reached into his pants to get his dick out.   It was just like I remembered.   Big, fat and hard but nothing like Graham’s.   It was somewhere in between Graham’s and Matt’s but oh so wonderful just the same.   He reached under my dress and remarked I see you still wet your panties. His hands slipped them down and off as he bent over to lick my overly wet pussy.   God, he said, you still smell so sexy and you’re still so wet, (little did he know that Matt had given me a good fuck over the kitchen table a few minutes before I had left house to meet him).   We put the seats back but as he tried to get into me but he lost his hard on.   Try as I might I couldn’t get it to rise so we dressed and just talked, kissed and cuddled. After twenty minutes he wanted to try again.   I had put my wet panties in my purse after he removed them so it only took a moment to get his dick out and put the seat back.   I felt him on top of me then a nudge at my vaginal lips.   Then as though it had never been away, I felt an old friend part my lips and sink its full length into me.   It was wonderful.   We fucked how I remembered and dreamt about for years, rotating his hips so his dick was like a spoon stirring in a cup, and at the same time pulling nearly out then a hard thrust right into me.   I felt his cock swell and he worked it faster and faster, my own cum was starting to boil and the waves of pleasure began to build.   I screamed “ram me, ram me Trevor cum in me, fill me” and he did, meeting my own climax with hot spitting thrusts that seemed to go right up into my stomach.   There was no doubt the magic was still there and before we left I had accepted his offer of marriage and he mine of a home when his divorce became final in a few weeks.   He dropped me at my door and we arranged for him to come down the following afternoon.   We kissed good night and I waved him off as he left.   I entered the house Graham was watching TV “want a cup of tea mom” he asked “please” I said.   He brought it and we sat and talked.   Matt was staying with his friend for the night, the same boy who kept groping me, so we were alone.   He asked how my night was with pop pop.   I told Graham that I was going to marry pop pop Trevor and in a few weeks he was coming to live with us.   He was not happy about it and tried to make me change my mind.   I then made the mistake of opening my bag, there for Graham to see were my wet panties.   You’ve been fucking with him haven’t you he shouted.   No I said a little worried at this sign of anger in my normally gentle boy.   He pushed me backwards and I fell into the recliner.   He pulled up my dress roughly, grabbed my legs and spread them to reveal my naked still slimy hole.   Liar, he shouted, “why didn’t you come home I wanted to fuck you.   Look”, undoing his trousers he revealed his huge cock sticking out hard and proud.   I tried to twist away from him but he grabbed me and I ended up over the arm of the recliner. He pushed my face into the recliner and as I struggled I felt him force himself between my legs as they hung over the arm.   His knob roughly forced its way between my vaginal lips spreading and stretching them apart.   With one mighty thrust he was buried deep inside me deep in my womb.   With animal like thrusts he pounded through my cervix and with one last thrust he held me tight.   Then it was all over, hot cum pumped into me and spurted deep into my womb. I felt bloated with the amount of cum that was just forced inside me.   It felt like enough cum to get an army of women pregnant.   Wow pregnant, the thought never entered my mind until now and his cum felt like it was shot right into my tubes.   What’s worse is who would be the father.   In the past few weeks I’ve had so much cum inside me from my two boys that it would be hard to tell.   Silly me, this was the 5 th load today and now there are three of them to think about.   Oh well, it’s too late to worry about that now and besides I know I couldn’t stop now even if I tried.   We cleaned ourselves up and he cried and said how sorry he was and of course I forgave him, though I had enjoyed the roughness this time.   It was what he lacked in sex he was always too gentle, even as Matt was too hard and rough; together fucking me they were perfect.   A good mixture but I think they both could have done with a little of the others technique to make them really good on there own.   Not that they weren’t good but I’m sure any other woman reading this will know exactly what I mean.


The following day pop pop Trevor arrived and after a mad passionate half hour of sex we talked.   He wanted us to move away from this house I was in so we sold it and within days we had moved to a new and better area.   The new house was great and in a few weeks Trevor had moved most of his belongings in though still sleeping in his old house.   My mother had taken an apartment and moved out and the house was up for sale.   I was having a great time three cocks fucking me every day.     I was being fucked seven or eight times a day.   I lost count most of the time because I was in a permanent sexual high, but what was going to happen when the wedding came and pop pop Trevor moved in permanently as their father, I began to worry!


The matter resolved itself in an odd way.     I knew Trevor liked threesomes and his attitude was that sex belonged to the person and if two people wanted sex and were ok with it well why not.   The dick or the vagina was made to do that and provided cleanliness was observed it was in no way wrong to have as much as you needed.   One evening as we sat watching TV with the boys I saw pop pop Trevor keep looking at them where they sat then as I walked him too the car and we kissed he said “your Matt did nothing but play with his cock tonight” did he I replied, I’m sure he wants you he said, and then his next words really shook me. “I would love to watch him fuck you, or better still all of us fuck you”.   Oh I couldn’t, I said.   Well the wedding is only three days away let’s see when I’m here all the time.   OK I replied I’ll think about it.   Think about it, hell this was a dream come true.   And as he drove away I rushed inside and told the boys what had been said.   They were not enthusiastic at first but Matt soon came round.   Graham did too but only a little even though I explained I wasn’t going to risk any problems with pop pop Trevor.


On the eve of our wedding pop pop Trevor left early.   Matt and I had a quick fuck in the shower before going to bed.   Graham came to my bedroom naked as usual within minutes and climbed in beside me.   We fucked for hours as he tried to get me to call of the wedding.   I made it plain there was no way, so we fucked one more time and fell asleep together.   When the alarm went off Graham and Matt each fucked once more and that’s how I went to my wedding full of my sons hot cum deep in my womb.   After the wedding we went on a short honeymoon then back home to start our new life.   At first Trevor said no more about the boys and at this time my daughter Mary started coming around.   She won Trevor over by showing him how to remove a bra without taking of your clothes.   Of course she managed to show all of her bust in the process.   I didn’t mind too much because I was still sneaking in my regular sessions with my boys so fair is fair. We were going on a short weekend trip and Trevor asked her to join us.   The first evening they got in the shower together and there was a lot of feeling going on.   Then we went out to a sex show and ended the night in a gay bar where Trevor knew friends of the owner.   The second afternoon they showered together I watched as they kissed and played with each other, having a nice little orgasm all to myself. We went out, had a meal then walked around looking at the sights. We then decided to go to a sex club, however Mary said she was tired, so we took her back to the hotel first, the club was great and when we arrived back she was asleep. The next morning we rose and she stayed in bed.   We had breakfast then Trevor asked me to go shopping for half an hour while he tried to fuck her.   I readily agreed and off I went.


When I arrived back they both looked smug.   Mary was still in bed and Trevor told me he had fucked her.   When I sucked his cock later that wasn’t my taste on it so I knew it was true.   I learned little more except some weeks later Trevor told me she was most disappointing.   She just laid there like a log and her hole was too big. He was very disappointed, as he said, after my mother and me, both great at sex; he expected something special from the third generation, his granddaughter.  


After we arrived home Trevor brought up the idea of watching me have sex with the boys again.   I agreed and said I thought it was a good idea, but how were we to do it. Trevor suggested that we get some porn videos. He suggest an evening watching them with a few beers and snacks telling the boys that we thought they were grown up enough to join us if they wanted. When this was mentioned both boys agreed.    So the following Friday evening I put on stockings and suspenders.   A skirt split to the waist at both sides and a see through blouse. Trevor and I sat on the sofa and the boys in the armchairs in front and to our left. Trevor put out the main light and began the first show. All was quiet, a crunch of chips and a slurp of beer were the only sounds heard.   But after a while we mellowed and comments began to be passed back and forth.   Look at the tits on that one, look at the size of her fingernails; I wouldn’t like them near my cock.   Then as the pictures became more graphic hands moved to cocks.   Trevor asked the boys if they knew what hairy panties were.    No they replied, show them he said and I pulled up my skirt to let them see my panty less pussy.   They fell to the floor laughing; they found hairy panties to be a funny description of their mother’s neatly trimmed pussy.   

Trevor began to play with me, took off my skirt and blouse.   The video was mostly ignored now as the boys watched.   I said “hey if I’ve got to be naked then so do have you.    Come on get them off and I proceeded to undo Trevor’s pants.    I can do that he said you better give the boys a hand.   So I went over to the boys, Graham had his jeans off already and I leaned over Matt and undid his belt and pulled his off too.    His cock sprang up erect and hard, he wasn’t wearing underwear.   I took it in my hand and began to masturbate him.   Trevor called “non of that tonight, only one place to masturbate and that’s in your hole, right boys”.   Mmm yeah they mumbled as Trevor pulled me to the sofa laid me down and slid his cock into me.    After a few moments he withdrew and said “that’s enough for now whose next”?     Graham was on his feet and I heard the hiss of an indrawn breath as Trevor saw for the first time my eldest son’s big cock.    He came over and lay on top of me.    His cock slid in with that farting sound that seemed to accompany its entry and exit to my body.   I rose to meet him and after a few moments felt the telltale swelling as he prepared to cum.   Trevor must have noticed too.    His eyes were glued to the sight of my pussy lips stretched around Graham’s cock.    Ok out Graham he said, your turn Matt. Graham reluctantly pulled himself from me only to be replaced instantly by Matt, who began to pound my hole in his usual manner.   Ok me again said Trevor, as Matt started to speed up his strokes.   Matt pulled from me to be replaced by Trevor’s cock, and by then I was on my third orgasm.    The first having occurred when I saw those three hard cocks just for me.   I think the sight of Graham’s cock filling me had taken Trevor over the top, as he lost control and blew his cum inside me.   Sorry guys he said it’s up to you two now.     Matt said I’ll go next pulling me to the edge of the sofa where he went to his knees.    He rammed his cock into me with a ferocious thrust that made me cry out.   He ground his 7” rod into me I think it would have really hurt had I not already been full of Trevor’s cum.   Trevor and Graham were on either side of him watching as he rode me to our climax.    Oh mom I’m cumming he called and I felt his hot cum join Trevor’s and mine in my vagina.   He slid out to be replaced by an eager Graham whose entry into me was accompanied by the usual sound.    He began to work himself in me very gently, Trevor and Matt were at my breasts and Trevor swears that as Graham’s cock went into me my tummy swelled up. They began sucking my nipples and teasing me.   My head fell back and I just gave myself up to the wonderful feelings running through my body. Graham’s long slow deep strokes were building a huge climax inside me.   I could feel my belly twisting and boiling.   Once his huge cock pierced through the opening of my cervix the pleasure waves started. Deep inside my tummy down to my pussy, becoming more and more intense as my nipples hardened and tingled adding even more pleasure.   The huge cock inside me felt bigger than ever with all the cum juices in there. He had to be forcing their sperm deep in my womb.   I felt the first pulse of cum run up Graham’s cock and deep inside my womb and I screamed with the enormous wave of pleasure that rippled into my pussy. As he shot his enormous load, the waves continued and I felt I was going to faint as my hole opened in pleasure to receive him.   I even felt my butt hole open.     I vaguely heard Graham’s moans of “OH MOM” then as I slowly returned through a wonderful haze of pleasure I felt his huge cock still buried inside my womb.   We remained like that for what seemed to be an eternity until I felt his wonderful cock slid out of my passage without a sound.   From that moment on I knew that I was going to be pregnant.   There’s no way in hell that any fertile woman could take that much cum inside her without getting pregnant.  


Trevor and Matt made coffee while Graham and I relaxed.   Well, said Trevor, I don’t think I have to ask if you all enjoyed that as much as I did.

We all agreed it was a great evening and we must do it again. The sooner the better we all said.   Completely drained they carried me to bed.   After my wonderful boys said goodnight Trevor got between my legs and sucked the accumulated cum from my hole.   The next morning my three men rearranged the bedroom so all the beds could be put together.   It was apparent that we would all be sleeping together from now on.   I was the happiest woman alive knowing that I would always have my three wonderful men keeping me full with their hot cum.   And do it again we did.   Most of the time it was all three of them and sometimes just two as Graham or Matt would be away. Of course there were also the times when Trevor was out and Matt and Graham would call from our bedroom, “Mom would you please come upstairs”.   This was a regular summons.   A summons I was always glad to obey.   The eight or nine times a day was pretty standard during the week but the weekends where a whole new story.   Let’s just say that my legs weren’t closed for too long and I never wore any clothes unless we left the house.     


  But again that fly was in the ointment.

Mary called one evening while we were in bed.   Trevor and Matt had already filled me and Graham was deep inside my womb pushing their cum deeper with his long slow thrusts.   He didn’t mind going last and neither did I because if any one was going to get me pregnant it would be because of him or would even be him.   I’m not really sure when or how it happened but his beautiful cock had grown and believe me size is important.   It was just over 11 inches and felt even more wonderful than a few weeks ago.   I actually preferred him going last because I was drained after our 30 to 40 minute fucks.   If you counted the whole time he remained inside me it was more like an hour. Yes ladies he was a machine and an excellent at that.


  Matt answered the phone and was talking to Mary.     I didn’t hear too much of their conversation but when he handed the phone to Trevor I knew something was wrong but I was too far gone to care.   All I remember was whispering “I want your baby” in Graham’s ear before my son gave me the greatest fucking I have ever had.   After I came back to earth from another glorious fuck with Graham and I was relaxed Trevor told me that Mary’s husband had left her and took her child, something about her being an unfit mother.   He told me that he offered to have her come back home and live with us.   I’m sure that’s not all he said because I know he still wanted her pussy, but in any case she agreed.   I didn’t care that he still wanted her.   I knew from the 1 st time he fucked her that he would always want more even if she was a log.   Besides I still had my boy’s.   Since tomorrow was going to be a new chapter in our lives as a family we decided to get some sleep but I knew Graham had other ideas for him and me.   I felt him snuggle up behind me and whisper in my ear “mom, I want you to have my baby”.   I was so happy to hear the words come out of his mouth that I turned around to kiss him.   Soon I was on top of him sliding his big hard cock back inside me.   We kissed and held each other tight moving around to change positions.   We finally settled down with him behind me as I curled up into him.   He shot 2 more loads of his hot baby making cum deep inside me and all I could think about was that I was wrong about the last one being the greatest fuck because this one had that beat by a mile and if this was any indication of how things would be I knew they would only keep getting better and better.


Mary arrived the next morning after my 3 men gave me my morning dose of hot cum before leaving for school and work.   I was so accustomed to being nude that I startled her when I opened the door.   She brought her things in while I made coffee.   We chatted at the kitchen table and then I told her what to expect while living with us.   She was somewhat surprised but then said that she figured things would be different around here.   After talking for a few minutes she told me that she knew about Trevor because grandma told her.   Leave it to grandma I said and we both laughed.   Yes, I had an affair with him but it was only because your grandma wouldn’t fuck him like I did.   At that time I needed something more and your pop pop gave me what I needed.   She said I know what you mean because I loved it when he fucked me.   I told her what he said about her being a log and she just laughed.   She said I was having a tough time back then but I’m sure he’ll change his mind this time.   We sipped our coffee and talked some more before she hit me with a bomb.   She said she also knew about her brothers.   At first I was shocked because I thought no one knew.   Actually, I said, I was just going to mention that but since you know already I guess there’s no need to go any further unless you have any questions.   Only one she said, are you on the pill?   NO I said, and that was the end of the discussion.   Now that the ground rules are understood let’s go put your things away.   Ground rules, what ground rules she asked?   Well, another question I see.   I’ll explain this as simply as I can.   We have 3 wonderful men in this house who need to be kept satisfied.   I think I have done a good job of handling their needs so far but it’s become apparent that 1 of them needs something extra and I guess that’s where you come in.   It’s fine with me that he wants you and I’m more than happy to share him with you and your brothers too.   I waited a moment for a look or a reply but she didn’t move a muscle.   Good, I said, oh there is 1 more thing.   Are you on the pill?   No she said then I hugged her.   She knew I wanted to get pregnant and now I knew she wanted the same thing I did.   Great I said, now let’s go upstairs, get you undressed and put your things away.   Around here we don’t wear any clothes unless we leave the house.   I rubbed my hand on her tummy and mine and said, we’re one big happy family again and hopefully we’ll get bigger.   We both laughed and started upstairs.   She got undressed as I put some of her things away then she asked where she would be sleeping since this room was filled with dressers.   I stopped putting her things away a led her down the hall to THE BEDROOM.   The look on her face was priceless.   You she said, and then I said yes this is where we sleep and so will you.   Since you know about us there will be no more secrets is that understood.   All she could mutter was oh my god.   She kept saying it then she finally said YES it’s ok.   Good then why don’t you lie down and relax for a while your pop pop will be home for lunch soon and I’m sure he’ll want to see you.   She smiled and said ok mom.   I finished putting her things away and did some cleaning up until Trevor came home.   I went upstairs to wake her about 10 minutes before he came so she could meet him at the door.   She grabbed a robe but before she could put it on I stopped her, remember what I said, we don’t wear any clothes unless we go outside.   Again she smiled and said ok mom as we went downstairs to greet him.   Trevor’s car pulled in the driveway and I watched her as she waited for him to get in front of the door.   She opened the door just as he was about to stick in his key.   Once he saw her I thought he was going to fall over so I yelled to Mary to grab him and pull him inside.   After she closed the door she gave him a big hug and long sexy kiss.   At that moment I knew she really wanted him.   Hell I stole him from my mom so why shouldn’t she steal him from her mom.   I wasn’t worried though because I still had 2 handsome men to keep me more than filled with a scrumptious supply of hot cum and they’d be home in a couple hours to take care of their mommy.   Well while these two got acquainted I decided to go to the drug store.   I felt it was time for me to pick up a few pregnancy test kits because I was a few days late but I’ve been there before but you never know.  


By the time I got back they were going at it on the kitchen table.   Mary was right she has changed since her log days.   They were like two animals in heat.   He was pounding the shit out of her pussy and she was screaming, give me more, I want more, I want your baby inside me.   Oh, that’s not going to be a problem I said to myself, he’ll fuck you and make sure he’s got you nice and pregnant.   Oh yes my little girl and don’t be surprised if he keeps you that way.   My mind wandered back to when we had our affair and how many times a day I’d let him cum inside me.   He was a real stud with a hard cock that never seemed to die.   Anyway, I know he was inside me more than my mother and it was a good thing that I was on the pill or I’d surely have a ton of kids by now.   Now here in front of me was my little girl and her pop pop following in her mother’s foot steps.   MMMMMM, back to the scene in front of me and just in time too because Mary was screaming so loud that I knew he was shooting his hot cum inside her belly.   I wasn’t gone all that long so I figured that was his first load and even if I was wrong Mary would tell me all about it later.   I went upstairs to put the test kits in the medicine closet, shed my clothes and went back to the kitchen.   Mary had made him a sandwich and while he was eating she was eating too but not a sandwich if you know what I mean.   She was kneeling in front of him with her mouth sliding up and down on his cock.   My little girl was acting just like a whore and just as well because she was going to be one as long as she stayed here.   I walked over and gave Trevor a kiss while saying welcome home dear.   Mary had stopped sucking his cock and was looking at me but I told her to keep taking care of her pop pop.   She went right back to work just as I expected.   I stood by the sink watching them.   Trevor looked at his watch then finished his sandwich and gulped his coffee.   He pulled Mary up from the floor and gave her a long passionate kiss then her turned her and bent her over the table so he could fuck her again.   I watched my new husband fuck my daughter again over the kitchen table.   It was exciting me so much I had to go over and give my husband and daughter a kiss.   I kissed Trevor first then my little girl.   Our first mother daughter kiss was intense with our tongues moving in each others mouths and after our kiss I told her, welcome home but all she did was moan something about it’s good to be home.   I knew what she meant as I looked at the clock to see when my men would be home from school.   I left them in the kitchen to finish then walked upstairs to take a shower so I could be nice and fresh for my men.  


Well as the story goes our lives couldn’t get any better than they are right now.   My daughter and I have made sure that our men are well taken care of and in turn they have done an excellent job of keeping us full of hot cum.   Matt and pop pop are keeping Mary very busy which doesn’t bother me in the least because I’m now 9 weeks past my last period and I’m sure the Graham is the one responsible for it.   We have become somewhat exclusive although I still have an occasional fuck with Matt and Trevor but Graham is now my first and last every day.   The bond between us was set that night we both said we wanted to have a baby together.   I wanted to use one of the tests but at this point I don’t think it’s necessary besides I’d rather have him see my belly grow and let him see for himself that we succeeded.   I’m not sure how everything will turn out in the future for everyone but Graham knows that I will give birth to as many children he wants me to have.   We know that a loving family is the best life anyone can experience and we plan to keep it that way.


Thanks for reading my story and I will try to keep you up to date with any developments as they arise.   Just one more thing before I go, I know our lifestyle is not condoned by society and that’s a real shame because I believe that if more families were one tenth as close together as we are society wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is.   THAT’S MY OPINION!!!!

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