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Mom and the Boys

justjim on Incest Stories

A story of incest and very true.


In 1988 I was a married woman living with my husband Graham and our three children.   There was Mary 17, Graham Jr. 14 and Matt 11.


Graham Sr. and I had not been getting on well for years in fact some 15 years before I had had an affair with my stepfather who was only 8 years older than I, because I was so fed up with being beaten, all our money spent on booze and worst of all hardly any sex.   However since then things had got no better and I was now getting strange remarks and funny looks and some of my friends were avoiding me.   As the saying goes the wife is always the last to know, so imagine my surprise when the police arrived at our home and took Graham Sr. away and told me he was being arrested for incest with Mary, our 17 year old daughter, a long running thing that had apparently been going on for some 8 or 9 years.   I was stunned and the two boys and I had to move into a safe house until he was convicted and sent to prison.   Well this I hope gives the background as I progress into my story.   (Just one thing, Mary was there to greet her dad when he was released and stayed with him, then got a place on her own, married, and now has a child, she and I have reconciled, but to this day she still visits her dad and I’m convinced still takes care of him.   Hell it’s probably his kid!!!)


Well there we were very little money and two growing healthy boys to clothe, the days were awfull and the nights worse, if it hadn’t been for the TV I would have cracked up.   I was missing sex and seemed to have permanent wet sticky knickers; masturbation only seemed to make it worse.   Things were indeed looking bleak.   UNTIL ONE NIGHT.

I was home with Matt, my 11 year old son, and we were watching TV his brother was out at a friend’s house.   I had my feet up on the sofa and Matt was in an easy chair opposite me.    The light was dimmed and as I watched the screen, I caught a movement in the chair out of the corner of my eye, then again, I watched more carefully and saw Matt rubbing himself every so often, the TV was forgotten as I watched, however the dim light made it hard to see properly. I felt a hot flush come over me and felt heat and wetness between my legs.   What was I thinking, this was my son.   I got up quickly and asked him if he wanted a drink, he said yes, so I turned up the light and went for a couple of cokes.   As it turned out it was the worst thing I could have done, for when I came back and handed him his coke, I could see a swelling in his pants.   I had resumed my place quickly on the sofa and as I did my skirt rode up and I left it mid thigh as I stretched out and tried to concentrate on the TV.


It was that movement again that caught my eye, his hand to his crotch two or three slow rubs then back on his knee again.   I could not get the thought of his stiff cock out of my mind and gave all my attention to watching him. I saw him glance at me and have an even longer rub and sink down a little in the chair. I realised then what he was doing, my legs were pointing almost directly at him and he was trying to look up my skirt. A hot wave of excitement went over me and I raised my knees up so my skirt slipped to my waist. He gave another rub and then as I allowed my knees to fall apart, he sat up and the rubbing became non stop as he saw the top of my legs and the triangle of my panties.   I was so hot and wet and felt so sexy knowing my little baby was looking at his mommy’s pussy.   I said to him, “HAVE YOU GOT AN ITCH OR IS IT A HARD ON!”   Both, he replied.   Why don’t you come and sit by me then, I asked. Ok, he said and when he stood up I could see his hardness. Where does it itch, I asked as he sat beside me, there and he pointed at his groin. I think you had better take your trousers off and let me see, said I. He undid them and pushed them down, then kicked them off. His underwear was bulging and as I reached over and freed his cock, long shudders went through me as I came in my panties. He noticed and asked are you ok mom, oh never better I answered.   He was a little shy, his cock went soft as I took it in my hands, but a couple of rubs and it rose again, it was so hard.   I began to caress it lightly rubbing and watching it jerk and throb.   First little pearls, turning into strings of sticky lubricant, dribbled from the eye of his red knob.     I couldn’t help it I just had to gently lick them away. Oh mom he breathed that feels good.    I felt his hand touching me through my panties.   And his comment was “Mom you’re all wet” “better take them off then”; I said and raised my butt.   He got to his feet and pulled my panties off me in one pull, at the same time he pulled off his t/shirt and stood naked in front of me. I eyed his red thrusting cock and his immature body and felt the lust building inside me again.   He grabbed my legs, lifted and spread them, and I saw him looking at my shiny slimy hole and pulled my legs even higher and wider. He bent over and I felt him touching me, a finger slipped inside me and I gave a grunt of pleasure.   Do you like it I asked?   Oh mom it’s awesome, it’s better than all the pictures I’ve seen.   I was excited realising I was his first real pussy. He slumped down beside me keeping his finger inside me.   I took hold of his hand and began to work the finger in and out, in seconds he got the idea and was thrilling me with his touch.   I grabbed his bright red cock with the pulsing purple veins in it and bent my head, and put it into my mouth. Rolling it with my tongue and giving it gentle nibbles and sucks. His hand began to work faster and the first finger was now joined by a second which rammed in and out of me. Suddenly I was pushed back flat on the sofa, mom, mom he cried, let me fuck you, I want to fuck you.    He threw himself on me like an animal attacking its prey.   And just as eager I guided his hard young cock to the entrance of my pussy and with one hard ramming thrust he buried his hard seven inches inside me. He began to fuck me, not gently, but with hard fast long thrusts that made me clench my butt to raise my pussy to meet him. Faster he thrust and I felt my stomach twitching as my first climax exploded around his cock.

Mom, mom he cried I‘m fucking you I’m going to cum in my moms pussy, then I felt his red hot spurts of cum filling me as my second climax flooded my senses.     It was wonderful.   I was in a daze and we lay there together enjoying the after sex tremors until his cock softened and slid from me spilling our cum and staining the sofa. It was a wonderful feeling and one that the memory of can still make me wet my panties.   I licked his cock trying to make it hard again but it was no use because he had already masturbated twice that afternoon.   I made him promise not to masturbate again but instead let me know when he felt horny.   He did and we fucked everywhere and anywhere but more of that later.

End part one.


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