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Mom competes with Dad Part 3

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Mom competes with Dad Part 3

Please read parts 1 and 2 first to get into my story. Thanks to all who commented so far.

I smiled to myself in the dark. This has been so easy, almost too easy! Before dozing off, snugly against his body with his strong arm possessively around my waist, I made up my mind that I was going to replace Mom as the number one woman in Daddy’s life.  I had a quick mental reflection of some hardcore fuck clips that impressed me. “Daddy,” I whispered drowsily, “I want you to teach me all the ways you really want to fuck me. I want to please you more than anybody else, I want you to make me  your very best little fuck –buddy.”

I couldn’t wait to tell Carla.


Daddy’s cock really stretched me. I bled a lot less than I thought I would but my crotch hurt smartly for three days and I felt the effects for two days more. Hurting didn’t deter me from wanting more and wanting it soon. Daddy was very attentive and caring. He would get me aside at least twice a day to ask how I was feeling. He even got me pain killers which I didn’t bother to take because it wasn’t that bad.

By Tuesday, still feeling a faint dull ache deep inside my pussy, I already wanted sex again. I lay listening for the familiar sounds of Daddy making love with Mom every night since we had sex and could hardly bear the thought that he would be screwing her without wanting me as I wanted him. Being rejected after our one night together was my biggest fear. I wasn’t so much jealous of Mom as afraid of being rejected.

I did not hear them screw and by Wednesday night, lying awake and toying with my clit, I kind of recalled that Mom and Daddy didn’t screw a lot that I was aware of. They mostly screwed after Mom returned from a ‘hen night’ out with her friends. Because their bed’s headboard always banged against the wall at some stage during their screwing it was quite easy for me hear what they were up to when they were up to it.

Mom would always be a little drunk or at least tipsy and Daddy would sound grumpy and irritated before they went to bed. Sometimes they would sound as if they were having a bit of an argument, then after a few minutes of silence, Daddy would start screwing her. Often she would let out a moan when he put his cock into her puss. I made the connection that she moaned when he entered her because when both our windows were open, I could sometimes hear Daddy grunt something like “You want me to fuck you, don’t you, bitch.” or “You still want my cock, don’t you?” I could not for the life of me figure out how sex worked between them, or why he called her ‘bitch’. As their screwing suddenly affected me directly and I pondered their somewhat odd sex relationship I became ever more convinced that they hardly ever screwed any other nights except when they maybe had a small house party and Mom got tipsy.

Thursday morning during Maths my mind wandered and I was thinking about sex and Daddy fucking me and Mom and then I suddenly had this flash of revelation: Mom was gay! Had to be! It more than fitted, or so I thought and I didn’t follow anything more in class because I was too busy building my case about Mom.

Mom possibly being gay disturbed me quite a bit. I thought of all the times, up to this week even, when she would come into the bathroom while I was in the bath or in the shower. What would she be thinking while looking at my nude body? A gay woman looking at me would be the same as a man looking at me. Somehow that thought gave me a hot flush. If Mom was gay, it would be the same as if Daddy came into the bathroom… My nude body would be the same sort of temptation to her as it would be to a man, to Daddy. I wondered if seeing me nude made her horny in the way I knew it would do to Daddy. I decided not to rest until I knew for sure if my flash of insight was true…

Thursday evening I bathed early and dressed in a new nightie that I talked Mom into buying for me on Monday and with it I put on a wispy, lacey pink G-string. The nightie was sexy, made of much thinner and more transparent white cotton than my usual garb. Mom bought me a blue house coat to wear with it as, without a bra, my tits showed up like headlamps through the material.

I excused myself to my room to work on an assignment and waited for Mom’s turn to bath. As soon as I heard her bathwater running behind the closed door I slipped out of the house coat and walked straight to Daddy where he was reclining in his favorite easy chair in front of the TV. Omigosh! The way he stared at my headlamps made my nipples hard and my knees weak. Without asking for permission I sat down on his lap and snuggled up against him.

“Precious, your mother must never, ever catch us like this!” he admonished but put a strong arm around me at the same time.

“She won’t, Daddy. This is our little secret.” I wanted sex but mostly I wanted to know that he hadn’t rejected me after our one night together, so I asked unashamedly: “Do you like my new nightie? I thought you would love it.”

“Gosh Angel. Please do not give your mother any ideas about us. I could rot in jail for doing this.”

“For doing what?” I asked innocently and shifted my bum on his lap so that it could press against his hardening erection.

He bent down and kissed my breast through the thin material, teasing my nipple with his tongue and making me squirm. “This!” Then he slid his hand up my thigh until his index finger pressed against my crotch. “And this!”

“Oh gosh, Daddy!”

“God Angel, you have no idea how much I need you again already.”

He probably had no idea how happy those words made me. It was music to my ears! Music, music! He wants me, he needs me! I chanced my luck: “Mom isn’t making you very happy, is she?”

“We should leave her out of this, Angel. Mom is a complicated person.”

I recalled a phrase I heard Daddy use when he was fucking Mom: ‘Whatever you get from your bitches..’ “She is gay, isn’t she?” I asked as innocently as I could and knew I hit pay dirt by the way he suddenly tensed.

He sighed. “It’s showing, isn’t it?” His hand was cupping and caressing my bare buttock.  “Mom is a very complicated person.” He repeated himself. “She is bisexual. Sometimes she leans far over to the gay side for a time and then she leans back over to the hetero side. I am the only person who really understands her and that’s why we’ve stayed together.”

“But you’re not a happy person, are you, Daddy? You used to laugh a lot. I can remember you laughing a lot when I was little. Nowadays you are very quiet and you frown a lot.”

His eyes were wet all of a sudden. “I didn’t think anybody noticed, my Precious.”

“I noticed.” I needed to stake my claim on his cock. “You need a lot more sex than Mom gives you, don’t you, Daddy? It’s not getting sex that makes you grumpy, isn’t it? I want to see you happy, and it will be our secret.”

We did not dare to have sex with Mom almost finished in the bathroom. We could hardly even fondle and pet a little. I held my mouth for a kiss and we kissed long and passionately. Then, on weak knees I dragged myself back to my room and flopped down on my bed and started to fantasize… I masturbated and had myself three good orgasms and then fell asleep.

I woke up sometime deep into the night and realized that Daddy was under the sheets with me, lying behind my back and stroking my hair. “Shhh!” he whispered. “It’s me. I could not sleep, Princess. I simply have to have sex, now! Sweetheart, Daddy is going to fuck you as gently as he can with his huge cock and you must be very quiet so that we don’t wake Mom up, are you game for it?”

I quickly rolled on my back, threw my arms around him and hugged him. “Yes Daddy. I will be very quiet for you.”

“I closed both our bedroom doors, so I don’t think our bit of noise will wake Mom, but we have to be very careful. You understand, don’t you?”

“We must close my window as well.”

“You do think about everything, clever girl. Tell you what, if we think we are too loud I will carry you to the pick-up in the garage and fuck you there on the back seat.” Daddy’s ‘pick-up’ is his four wheel drive twin cab Toyota.

After quietly closing my window he started kissing me. I let his tongue do the driving, teasing and tongue wrestling it with mine and sucking on it like sucking on a cock, which he seemed to like a lot. Then he undressed both of us and started kissing and sucking my breasts and nipples, licking and sucking, flicking and nibbling, making me whimper. He almost reluctantly let go of my breasts to lick a wet trail down to my pussy and started working it over with his broad flat tongue, periodically squeezing my breasts with his big hands and rolling my nipples as he did so. Gradually, only after I was gasping and whimpering with the delightful sensations his tongue was causing in my crotch, his tongue started poking into my slit, licking a hot, damp swathe from my asshole to my bush, then loitering to tease my clit, making me gasp and whimper much more sharply. When he sucked my clit between his lips my buttocks flew off the mattress and I had to push the corner of my pillow into my mouth to muffle my high pitched gasping. He parked his mouth over my clit and made me cum with my body arched and my buttocks high above the mattress, my crotch dancing an exquisite dance of lust and release against his mouth while my body shuddered and I chewed on my pillow to muffle my gasps of pleasure. “Daddy, please fuck me!” I begged. “Please! Please, please!”

He expertly rolled on a condom. Kneeling between my legs he lowered his cock to my pussy and rubbed its big, blunt head into my slit, quickly finding his mark. He pushed and to my disgust it hurt a little again, although not nearly as bad as the first time, and only when he entered me. Holding my trembling body down he hilted me and immediately started fucking me with a slow, leisurely rhythm, kissing my mouth shut to muffle me. “Oh my god, your pussy is so wet and tight! I never want to take my cock out of you.”

Omigosh, it felt good! His powerful body tamed mine, pinning my gyrating, bucking, shuddering body down underneath him while fucking me with a steady rhythm. His rhythm was too slow to make me cum, although it felt as if I was permanently trapped on the edge of cumming. I exerted myself, working as hard as I could with my partly pinned body to get myself over the edge, but falling short every time. I couldn’t take it anymore, “Dad! Fuck me harder! Fuck me faster! Make me cum! Please make me cum!” I gasped.

“I’m almost there too, Darling. I’m going to race you now, my little Sweetheart.” He increased his tempo and was thrusting harder at the same time. “Run with me, my little pony! Come on, we’re going to gallop now!”I would have cried out but his mouth was over mine again and he thrust his tongue deep against the roof of my mouth. I found that by sucking on it my urge to cry out was suppressed and so I was merely making “Nnggg! Nnggg!” sounds as my orgasm closed in on me. Suddenly it felt as if he was smothering me. My eyes went wild and my body shook uncontrollably as my orgasm crashed through my body like a breaker that once crashed over me at the beach, shaking my body like a rag, pinning me down helplessly by the sheer weight of the rushing water, almost squeezing the life out of me. I tried to scream but my mouth was securely shut. I tried to kick out but my limbs ended up thrashing helplessly. “Oh god, Daddy!” I cried into his mouth “Oh god, Daddy! Aaanngghhhh! Aaanngghhh!”

Vaguely through the tremors I felt his cock jerk inside me. His body tensed and his back arched and he groaned into my mouth as his big blunt head stretched my cervix, straining to open up my womb. “I’ve come. Darling, Sweetheart I’ve come. Oh my god, that was great. That was good! Sooo gooood! ”

Omigod! Omigod! His cock was causing the most exquisite and sensual pain to flood my senses! His cock was jerking, jerking, jerking and I started cumming all over again, squirming and thrashing but so firmly pinned down that there was no escape from the pressure against my cervix. Omigod! If it wasn’t that after his orgasm he suddenly softened a bit and the pressure was relieved, I think I would have either come yet again or passed out! So, this is how fucking could be! Why on earth doesn’t Mom want it every night? I hurt for another two days again because of the stretching of my cervix!

I resisted the urge to put my nightie on again after we finished fucking. I just sensed that Daddy needed my nudeness against his naked body. We kissed and cuddled some more and although we probably could both go another round Friday was school for me and work for him. He crept back to his own bed and I fell asleep, still naked.

Mom woke me up with a cup of coffee like she does every morning. She saw the disheveled sheets, my crumpled nightie and my naked body and I suspect she looked keenly for signs of semen on my bush and thighs, but because of the condom there was none. “Honey, what happened here last night?” she inquired in a soft, inquisitive tone of voice.

I realized what it looked like and quickly answered: “Omigosh, Mom! I err.. Uhmm.. Mom. I masturbated and then I must have fallen asleep.” Mom was looking at me. My gay mom was looking at me and I was nude and telling her that I masturbated. The only saving grace about telling her I masturbated was that it cleared Daddy.

She sat down next to me on the bed. “Hon, are you sexually active yet? I don’t want to pry, but if you are we should talk about it, mom to daughter. There are safety precautions you must know about.”

“Many of the girls in my grade are starting to have sex, Mom. I’m not into anything yet, but it may happen sometime.”

“Hon, Dad is helping Roger to install new outboards on his ski-boat tonight. Why don’t the two of us go out to Mike’s for a burger and have ourselves a long relaxed chat?”

“Gosh Mom, do you mean it?” She surprised me. I never seriously thought of discussing personal stuff with her before. Maybe it was because she was always busy. Maybe the rift between her and Daddy and her involvement with another woman or women cooled her towards me. I was inquisitive, however. Very inquisitive, and so I said: “Yes! That would be great. A no holds barred, serious Mom to girl talk? There is so much I want to know!” 

“It’s a date then. A no holds barred, Mom to girl talk over hamburger at Mike’s.”

___________ ________________

We ordered cheeseburgers with chips and Coke and Mom ordered Old Brown Sherry. She poured a third of her sherry over the ice in her Coke glass when nobody was looking and pushed it across the table to me. “When I was your age my parents allowed us to use wine with meals. You’re too young to drink alcohol in public but that looks just like Coke. Nobody will know and Dad won’t mind if he finds out.”

I ate hamburger and sipped slightly diluted Old Brown Sherry and in between we talked. I feigned innocence and asked a lot of questions that I had carefully prepared in my mind during the day, mostly about boys and what they want from girls and how to handle sex when it happens. Mom was majoring on the emotional spin-offs of a sex relationship and later, probably because I must have sounded as if I was way too interested in sex, on contraceptives. I was definitely going to be put on Dianne, to prevent acne.

She had a second Sherry and I got my share again. I drank mine a little too fast and because I am not used to alcohol, it was going to my head.

Suddenly a woman greeted Mom from behind me. I looked around and there was this stunning brunette straight from the glamour pages of some fashion magazine. Gosh, she oozed beauty and sexiness from every pore. Her breasts had to have been created by surgery like Mom’s but her legs had to be natural. It is clear to me that Mother Nature has her favorites among us. Her sharp, pretty face looked familiar but I couldn’t immediately place her. “Hi Love!” Mom greeted her and introduced us: “Hon, this is Trish. Trish, meet Angelique.”

 “Hi!” I greeted her, shamelessly looking at her curvaceous figure in her clinging black mini-skirt, her endless legs in black stockings and her gravity-defying breasts cradled in lacy bra cups visible underneath her thin, white blouse. “Call me Angie.” I quickly added. I thought that every man in the Restaurant must be ogling her right now. Trish! I have heard her name before in conversations. Daddy mentioned ‘Trish’ in the same sentence as ‘your little bitch’! Good god! Was Mom involved with her? She couldn’t be older than 28, but she could be as young as 24 or 25, as her age was hard to guess. Mom was thirty five. No wonder Daddy was so fucking upset! He would have given his front teeth to be in her place! I remembered where I had seen her face. She picked Mom up some ‘hen nights’. She never came to the house but always waited in the car. 

She asked if she could join us and when Mom invited her, she sat down next to me and quite close so that her knee bumped against mine under the table. “Sorry about that!” she quickly apologized and before I could say a word she gave my knee a friendly squeeze under the table.

“Oh. It’s okay!” I sort of mumbled and put my hand on hers just because it felt like the right thing to do when she didn’t remove it. Immediately she squeezed my knee again, a hand’s breadth higher up on my thigh. I squeezed her hand nervously, wanting to pinch her but not quite knowing how to handle this situation. We never covered this in our Mom to daughter conversation earlier.

She was looking straight at Mom. “God Lilly, you have a stunning daughter. I never thought she would mature so fast. They do grow up fast when they start to develop, don’t they?” With that she was stroking my thigh under the table, from my knee to the hem of my short skirt, with my hand still on top of hers, almost creating the impression that I was steering her. I was stunned by her boldness, her sexiness and the way she made it feel as if it was simply the most natural thing to do. I had a totally unplanned reaction between my legs. I could feel myself getting hot and wet. My face was getting a hot flush and it was not from being embarrassed.

“You are just saying that!” I parried when Mom just grinned. I was blushing but simply loved to hear say it. The goddess thinks I’m stunning. Carla will turn every shade of green.

“I never lie about my likes and dislikes, Liz. You are a hot little number.” She looked at Mom. “Does she have a boyfriend yet?” The full length of her hand was slipping up my inner thigh under my skirt and I had stayed calm and expressionless with the greatest difficulty.

“No.” Mom and I said it together. “I don’t have a boyfriend yet.” I tried to make it sound non-committal and not like an invitation. At the same time I swung my knees apart, tortuously slowly, but steadily and deliberately, to give her hand the access she demanded by nudging me assertively.

Still looking directly at Mom she said: “I think you should bring her to one of our parties, dear. I would love to introduce her to our little circle of friends. It’s a shame to hide such a beautiful girl away.” She turned her eyes on me: “You would like to come, wouldn’t you? There will be quite a few girls your age as well, so you won’t feel out at all.” She dropped her voice to a conspiratory whisper: “Steph is always scouting for potential models at our parties. Ever thought of walking the plank?”

“Mom?” I croaked with a dry throat and immediately swallowed the last of my sherry in one gulp.

“We’ll talk about it.” Suddenly Mom looked at the salt shaker on our table and decided that its holes were blocked. “Excuse me while I just switch this shaker with one from another table.” She said and without any further ado left us alone for about one minute.

Trish looked at me while deftly extracting a ball point pen from her purse with her hand that was above the table. “I’m going to give you my cell phone number,” She said quietly. “where your mom cannot see it.” She transferred the pen to her hand on my leg and proceeded to write on the inside of my trembling thigh, starting right against the elastic of my panty, writing unsighted, slowly and deliberately on my thigh, putting her mark on me so to speak. “Phone me!” Every number she wrote sent an electric jolt directly to my clit, which passed it on to my nipples. Mom was back before she was finished but that did not deter her in the least. By the time she was finished my clit was as hard as a pebble and my nipples were burning holes into my bra.

How long were we sitting next to each other? Four minutes? Five? And within that time she had worked her hand up my thigh, got me to open my legs shamelessly and wrote her telephone number next to the elastic of my panty. It had to be some kind of record, I thought blushing. I considered pushing her hand away, closing my legs, or moving away from her but it was too late to resist now. Resisting now would be a hollow gesture and would only cause Trish to laugh at me.  Whatever I did, I didn’t want this goddess to laugh at me.

Is a gay predisposition deposited into our makeup through our genes or something? I do not regard myself as being Gay! I was still determined to have as much sex with Daddy as I could fit into my program, but Trish had just rolled me over! I have never regarded myself as being meek and submissive. Oh god, what happened to me? How far would I have let her go if Mom wasn’t sitting across us? Didn’t Mom notice anything? Nothing at all? She finally let go of my thigh and I was as disappointed as I was relieved. The rest of the time at Mike’s was a blur as my mind reeled and raced, wondering what this woman wanted to do to me, or want me to do to her. I wanted to run from her, but I even as I thought of running I wanted her to catch me. Oh my god! Oh my god!

Daddy wasn’t home yet, and I couldn’t wait to get into the shower. I needed Daddy to fuck me. Please Daddy, come home, see Mom off in bed and come to me. Somehow I hoped Daddy would fuck Trish’s recollections from my mind. Even while yearning for Daddy to fuck my brains out I was equally determined to transfer her number on to my phone before washing her ink off the inside of my thigh where she branded me. I was amazed at how clear the numbers were! I had hardly finished transferring the numbers to my phone when Mom walked in on me. I desperately tried to hide the markings on my thigh but Mom had spotted it already. “Fuck, Trish! You are such a cheating, low-down bitch!” she exclaimed in disgust.

I expected Mom to blow her top at me but instead she put her arms around me and hugged my nude body tightly against her. “Did she do it while she sat next to you?” she asked in a quiet, reassuring tone of voice, sounding somehow resigned to the feat that was done.

I had no option but to tell the truth. “Yes, when you changed the salt shakers.”

“So she had her hand under your skirt before that?”

I blushed crimson and my voice trembled: “She just did it. I couldn’t stop her without making a scene.”

“Hon, you had to open your legs pretty wide for her to write her phone number between them..”

“Oh god Mom…You have no idea how she just made me…” I felt like crying.

“Hon, I had my first gay encounter when I was hardly older than you are. I’m not mad at you dear, I am just very displeased with Trish. She went too far! She was cheating me with my own daughter.”

“Mom, I didn’t do anything. She just came on to me… I, I put my hand on hers… I wanted to stop her!”

“She is like that, Hon. And she is very, very irresistible when she is like that. I bet you found that you couldn’t resist her.”

“No Mom, I couldn’t.”

“She got you to open your legs really wide, didn’t she, my Baby.” There was an accusation in her voice now. I started to protest but she hushed me: “Shh! Shh! Mom isn’t too mad at you, we never got around to the alternative possibilities that are available during our discussion. This might just mean that you have a bisexual disposition like me. Dad tells me that you know I am bisexual.”

“Does it mean I am gay?”

“Not necessarily. Only if you are really permanently pissed off by boys. You are still a little too young to know your real sexual preferences yet. A bi personality  just means that you may enjoy making love to a woman as much as to a man. It does complicate your life in the process, though.”

“Gosh Mom, I’m really very confused by what happened.”

“Tell me truthfully, did you enjoy it? Did it excite you to open your legs for her?”

I could almost imagine hearing  her add: ‘little slut’. “Oh god, Mom! Must I answer that?”

“Did she get to finger your pussy?” again I imagined the ‘little slut’ and with that question she slid the palm of her hand over my bush and started to slowly rub my pussy, making my heart bounce and my breath hasten.

“No! She stopped short.” I whispered. “But I wouldn’t have been able to stop her if she did. Does that make me a slut?”

“No. You’re just normal. But I’m going to scrub her umber off your thigh. Get under the shower, Hon.”

“I’ll do it, Mom.”

“I have a personal stake here, girl. I am going to take her mark off you personally. Trish has burnt herself into your memory and I’m going to make her memory fade a bit.” Even as she spoke she started undressing. “Come, Hon! Get into the shower with me.”

I did as commanded. The unashamed way I stared at her nude body reminded me that I still had quite a bit of alcohol in my blood. Under the shower she started to soap the inside of my thigh and rub the ink off using her bare hands. As she washed and rubbed some part of her hand always seemed to be in contact with my pussy. I was mostly passive during the process, watching her scrubbing me. Gosh, she has great breasts. She bragged that her plastic surgeon guaranteed that they would never sag again. Right now her areolas had shrunk away because her nipples were fully erect, jutting out horizontally the size of the last joint of my index finger. Gosh, I thought, she could poke your eyes out with those! Her bush was trimmed Brazilian style, leaving only a vertical strip of short coarse hair above her slit which seemed to be swollen and blushing. I could see her clit. Mine is quite visible when erect but in comparison hers is huge! It protrudes past her pussy lips and a small pink nub thrusts itself clear of its delicate, fleshy sheath, like a tiny little cock.

“Open your legs for my hand!” she commanded, and as I hesitated, she slapped the insides of my thighs lightly but firmly: “She didn’t have to ask, did she?” as she washed and rubbed I had to hold on to her shoulders to keep my balance.

“Mom!” I complained about the jibe and placed my feet as wide apart as I thought she wanted me to. Staring at her sexy body, noticing her state of arousal and feeling her hand brushing against my pussy incessantly and more and more intentionally, was arousing me. Holding on to her nude body was fuelling my arousal even more.  A jumble of thoughts raced through my mind: I was nude with Trish’s girl friend, Mom was a little jealous of me, Mom thought I had a sexy body, Mom was clearly in a state of arousal, I was getting aroused by all of this, I was still a little tipsy to boot... Daddy!

She decided that she was finished and kneeled in front of me for a last, close inspection of the inside of my thigh. Why did she have to kneel? The very act of kneeling, cupping my buttocks with her hands and staring at my pussy mere centimeters in front of her face was more than I could ignore in my own excited state. She licked her lips. On seeing her tongue snaking out my buttocks pinched involuntarily and pushed my crotch towards her snaking tongue. She didn’t draw it back into her mouth again but stuck it out long and hard and pulled my crotch to it. When it sank into my slit I grabbed her hair and pulled her closer.

“Oh god! Oh god!”

“I don’t want Trish to be the first woman to take you, and she will be gunning for you, I know her.” She said hoarsely and then licked me more insistently. “She will totally pervert you if you don’t have some experience before she gets to you. And she was right, you have become a very sexy, beautiful young woman, Liz.” She pulled me down and kissed my breast, sucking my nipple into her mouth and giving it the faintest nip with her teeth, giving me gooseflesh and making me groan deliciously.

Suddenly her fingers were in my slit, toying deliciously with my clit. I knew this was wrong, very wrong, but I wasn’t going to stop her. Having already fucked Daddy this was suddenly a lot easier. I closed my eyes and thought of Trish, whose number I now had on my phone and who was apparently going to come after me and pervert me and I whimpered when Mom bit my other tit.

“Your room.” She ordered. “Dry yourself a bit. I do not want to kneel on the hard floor when I eat your pussy.”


Should I continue telling?

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