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Mom get force entry

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Mom and I lived togeather from the time she got a divorced from Dad until I left home for the service at 18.

As far back as I can remember she was never shy and walked around the house topless. Her tits were beautiful to a 13 year old boy who was just starting to get a hard-on.

I was suppose to stay with a friend,but came home to see a car it our drive. I crept into the house and heard screams and moans coming from Mom's room. I peeked in to see her getting fucked hard by a big man. I didn't know what to do until I heard her say fuck me deeper I'm going to cum.

I went to my room quite shaken. I had never thought about someone fucking my mother or that she would like it.

For the next few days she seemed it a real good mood. I could only think that fucking agreed with her.

 My friend gave me a porno dvd to watch he said it would show everything a woman likes.

The first night my mom went out I put it in to watch.WOW!!!WOW!!! I had trouble taking my eyes off the screen. I was so engrossed in the movie I didn't hear my mom come it the back door.

She screamed at me" what are you watching,get to your room."I ran as fast as I could and slamed the door. I sat there knowing I was it deep trouble.

My hard-on had died and I had to piss real bad.I creaped out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom. When I came out I saw mom watching the flick.

My hard-on started to come back.I sat beside her on the couch. She had on just her robe and I could see her tits real clear and her nipples were hard.

The man it the film was eating the woman's pussy.Mom's robe fell open and for the first time I saw her hairy cunt. It looked wet and glissoned in the light. She could not take her eyes off the screen. She was now putting her fingers in her clit and rubbing.

The man in the movie stood up and put his cock to the woman's mouth as she woman opened her mouth so did my mom. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst. Mom was not paying any attention to me so I took out my cock and started to rub it.

In the next few minutes I was not myself but the man it the movie.I stood and put my cock in mom's face.

"Put that thing away,whats the matter with you are you crazy,i'm your mother "she said. I was not listening to her and push it into her check.

She moved back and slid down falling back on the couch. As she did her legs came apart and her pussy opened.I dropped to my knees and put my face in it just as the man in the movie did.

I started lapping her hairy slit with my tongue.She tried to push me off,but I was not done with her yet. If she didn't want to suck my cock it was alright,but I was going to eat that pussy of hers. My tongue slid into her fuck hole and I think she liked it because I heard her moan.

Now my prick isn't the biggest in the world,but it gives me pleasure and knew I wanted to fuck my mom's cunt with it.

When I stopped eating her cunt and crawled up on her to fuck her,she began to protest and hit me. I told her" it was ok when I was eating you ,but now I want to fuck you. You object, well to bad."

My hard cock slid into her wet hole with no trouble.She screamed" you can't want to fuck your oun mother." " Mom, your cunt feels so good to my cock you are my first piece of ass"I replyed. She went on " you know you are raping me and you can go to jail."" Mom I didn't take your clothes off or force you.Admit it you loved me eating your hot cunt.Did you cum in my face?"I kept talking and as I did I noticed I was not in a hurry to cum.

I spoke very quitely to her saying" your ass is responding to this fucking.Did you know that?" Contuining I said" I have been watching you walking around with your tits out for years and the other night I came home early and saw you fucking like crazy. I knew I just had to fuck you and I was right you cunt is great.Now I am going to cum in your cunt and then watch as it runs out of your pussy."

" If you want a real good fuck,relax I let me do the work" she said. As soon as I relaxed she pushed me off and ran it the bedroom and closed the door,but I got there before she could lock it.

This time I was mad." I am going to fuck you so make it easy on yourself " I yelled. " If you do you will have to rape me" she cried. I jumped on her and knocked her to the floor. Forcing her legs open I pushed my cock back inside her crack. She was to wet to stop me and it slid in all the way.

I started fucking her as fast as my ass would pump. She just lay there shouting cuss words at me.I told her "Cuss all you want I am going to cum it side your cunt and you can't stop me, so get ready to be fucked." My prick started growing and mom knew I was about to cum and I guess she felt sorry for me because she started moving her ass to help.

"Â Oh Mom, Here I cum in your cunt, It's great" I heard myself say. She replyied" go ahead Son cum all you want I will move my ass to help you." She did and I did and it was my first real fuck.

 Oh, by the way she did let me watch to cum run out of her cunt.



I agree with popfoul's observations, but there is one thing I find humerous about the criticizing of the literary work at hand. Punctuation, grammer, and spelling errors are all present in the critical statement itself. I'm just saying. I say it wasn't quite as bad as popfoul would have believed, but I do think you need to work at the craft more. I liked the story, but I definitely wanted more from it than what I received. It threatened to be a good read, keep at it and you'll get there.

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