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Mom gone wild

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My mom, Sarah and I have always been very close. She has always been my biggest fan. My dad, Tom never had a problem with our closeness except when he wanted her to come to bed with her, but even then she would come lay with me before I went to sleep. My sister, Tracy didn’t have a problem with it either, because my dad spoiled her well.


Tracy and I never found a good enough reason to move out on our own, because our parents allowed us plenty of freedom even when it came to dating. I never dated seriously, just a hand full of girls I partied with mainly for sex and formal events.


Just the four of us were closer than any family that I knew. My sister and I called them by their first names, mainly because they hated to be thought of as old. Sarah, was one of those women that everyone wanted to fuck, and young girls always seemed to develop crushes on Tom.


I had been keeping a secret, not just my crush on Sarah. I had been saving up money to buy a motorcycle; a cruiser. Tom use to have one when he first met Sarah, but sold it when Sarah got pregnant with Tracy. Sarah loved riding on motorcycles and told me many stories about the rides Tom took her on. Some of the rides that she told me about, I had to pry out the juicy details which embarrassed her at first, but eventually she gave up the cock hardening details. Like I said, we were always very close.


When I came home with the bike Sarah was ecstatic about it. Tom and Tracy was happy for me too, but Sarah was literally jumping up and down. I knew she would be happy, but she was really excited.


Sarah hopped on the back and we went cruising. We road about thirty miles south to the rural area, and she started giving me directions. We went off road to a wooded area where a small stream emptied into a secluded pond. It was very nice and quiet.


Sarah took off her socks and sneaker, and stood in the cool shallow water. “This is where I lost my virginity,” giggling and biting down on her bottom lip like a school girl.


There was something in the way that she looked at the water that told me that she wanted to jump in. “Go ahead. Take a dip,” I told her walking down to the water’s edge.


Sarah wiggled out of her skin tight jeans taking her panties off with them, and then she pulled off her tank-top and bra. She looked back at me giggling like a teenager and drove right in.


My jaw nearly hit the ground. Like I said, Sarah is one of those women that everyone wants to fuck. It seemed as if I had been trying to see her naked my entire life and the closest that I have gotten is seeing the print of her braless tits through her night gown. She looked like she tanned naked and her skin looked smooth as butter. Needless to say, my cock jumped to attention.


“It feels great! Come on in!” she called to me. She dove under water and her smooth ass rose out the water.


The water was crystal clear and I could see her swimming under it. I stripped out of my clothes and dove in after her. I had wanted a good look at her and there was no way that I was going to pass up this chance.


It turned out to be a game of chase. Sarah is a very good swimmer and had taught me to swim. I caught up with her and pushed her head under, and then she chased me doing the same thing. We splashed and swam from one end to the other under water, and raced. I took every opportunity to examine her entire body including her completely shaved pussy which made me even harder as if it was possible.


She must have seen the desperate horniness in my eyes because she started splashing me as I got closer to her. She took off under the water and I gave chase. I got my hand to her ass and she swam faster away. I kept reaching and grabbing at her as she laughed and splashed. I went under getting my head between her legs and my mouth on her pussy. She pushed against me, but not enough to really get away. In the spirit of fun, I released her coming up for air. She continued splashing me, so I swam away and she gave chase.


Sarah caught my by my cock. “I got you now,” she laughed holding me firmly. She went under and took my cock in her mouth.


I felt the head of my cock in her throat. She came up splashed me and swam away. I gave a hard chase then and tackled her as she reached the shallow end. She turned over backing out of the water as I climbed on top of her. She was laughing hysterically the whole time as I came up between her legs and covered one of her nipples with my mouth.


I felt like a horny animal. My cock slid right up into her wet cunt and she spread her legs wide kicking her feet up in the air. Her laughter turned to low moans as I grunted out my hard thrusts into her pussy. She brought her feet down and met my thrust with her own.


Sarah went from holding my head down on her nipples to digging her fingernails into my back. It was as animal as sex could get between two human beings. My thrust pushed her up onto the tall soft grass.


“Yes!” she screamed out at the top of her lungs.


I felt her body go into almost spasms and figured that she had reached her climax. I grunted pumping my cum into her as she squeezed me very tight. It felt like our orgasms had fused us together.


Sarah started laughing again as I rolled over next to her on the grass. My dick was still hard, but shrinking slowly.


“Thank you,” she said “It’s been some many years since I’ve swam here.” She looked down at my dick and started laughing again. “…and got screwed here.” She fell back on the grass laughing hard again. “I can still get pregnant. Wouldn’t that be something?” She thought and laughed again. “Tom was fixed after you were born, since even condoms couldn’t stop me from getting pregnant with you and Tracy.” She reached over and took hold of my cock. “It’s a bit thicker and longer than Tom’s. No wonder I came so hard.” She laughed and drifted back off in thought.


Nothing crossed my mind made me care about anything other than how glad I was that we fucked good and hard, and the feel of her stroking my dick. “I’ve wanted this like forever,” I confessed.


She chuckled. “Honey, that’s no secret,” she said. “You just got me at the right time. I knew what was going to happen as soon as I decided to bring you here. And it was great, by the way.”


“So, you brought me here to do this,” I chuckled.


“I guess I did,” she said. She sat up and looked me in the eyes stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. “I decided a while ago to let you have at it on the next opportunity. Of course, if anyone found out about it they would have me committed.”


“No body will ever find out about it,” I said firmly.


She leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I know you wouldn’t tell anyone sweetheart,” she said. “I’m sure that we will start screwing at home and any other place that we can find. It’s like that when you find good sex. We’ll just have to be careful when we are not completely safe and alone.”


Before I could give the danger another thought she had my cock in her hot mouth sucking it like she was in-love with it. She looked up at me and I saw the smile in her eyes taking my cock into her throat.


Sarah came up off my cock and laughed. “I bet you never thought that I could be such a slut, did you?” she said.


“I’ve wacked off plenty of times hearing you and Tom going at it,” I confessed.


“You naughty boy,” she laughed climbing up on my cock.


I immediately grabbed hold of her big boobs as she leaned forward with my cock in her hot pussy. She started slowly and then picked up a wild and intense rhythm grounding herself down on my hard cock. She cried out her moans with abandon. I was encouraged by her outburst and grunted loudly as I came with her.


“I got a feeling that I’m going to end up with your baby inside of me,” she laughed.


We laughed about it, but the idea excited me. We took another dip and dried off in the sun. I felt like I was living out my fantasy. I rolled over on my side staring at her with a big smile on my face, and in a blink I was on top of her pounding her pussy as hard as I could.


Riding back with her tits against my back and her hand squeezing my cock, I felt like the coolest dude on the planet.


Sarah said, “I love you.” She laughed massaging my hard cock.


When we got back Sarah told Tom and Tracy where we went and that we went skinny dipping. She expressed how good of a time that we had, but left out the part about us fucking like animals. Tom and Tracy both showed that they were happy that we had a good time.


Tracy and I sat in the living room watching TV and chatting while Sarah and Tom went to their bedroom. Sarah was loud enough, so that we knew that they were having sex.


Tracy commented on how happy Sarah was about the ride and then she punched my shoulder. I must have been beaming.


“Skinny dipping, huh?” Tracy said chuckling “I bet you enjoyed seeing her naked, did you?”


I looked at her unable to hide my smile. Tracy got up laughing as she headed off to her bedroom. I headed to my bedroom filled with visions of being with Sarah.


Tom passed me and patted me on the shoulder. “Good job,” he said chuckling.


I went on into my room and undress. My cock was throbbing as I laid in the dark thinking about how good it was to have my fantasy of my mom come true. I don’t even remember dozing off, but sometime during the night, I realized that I was not in bed alone. I opened my eyes assessing my surrounding and Sarah put her finger to my lips to hush me. Her hand moved to my cheek and she kissed me passionately. I felt her warm naked body and rolled on top of her.


Sarah bit down on her bottom lip holding back her moans as I drove my cock into her. It was a slow quiet, but very intense fuck. Our bodies strained together as I flooded her cunt with another load of my cum.


I woke the next morning alone. I hit the shower and headed down stairs and found Tracy making herself breakfast.


“Tom and Sarah went to the store, you want some of this?” she said standing at the stove. She had on just a white tank-top and thin white panties which did little to hide her pussy from my staring eyes. For a second, I thought she was asking if I wanted her. Her eyes dropped to my crotch and laughed. “I’m talking about the eggs stupid,” she said as if reading my mind.


I realized that my hard cock was pushing out the front of my shorts. I laughed feeling a little embarrassed. “Sure,” I said laughing and sitting down at the table hiding disposition.


“Sarah said that y’all were going on another ride today, so me and Tom are going up to the falls when they get back,” Tracy said.


“Cool,” I said. My cock started throbbing again thinking of taking Sarah back to the spot. I didn’t realize that I was staring at Tracy, but saw how she had the same figure as Sarah.


“Ok horny boy,” Tracy joked “You’re getting my wet staring at me like that.”


I tried to defend myself, but it only made her tease me more. Tracy was a lot like Sarah and said just about anything that came to her mind.


“I bet you would fuck me if I let you, wouldn’t you?” she taunted me.


“No,” I lied. “You are my sister.” I wouldn’t say that Tracy is beautiful, but she is very sexy pretty much like Sarah.


“You lie,” she laughed. “Your cock is so hard that you can’t see straight. It must have driven you crazy to see Sarah naked. Tom got it out of her that your cock was hard.”


“No it wasn’t,” I lied.


Tracy laughed. “We all know that you got the hots for her Jeff,” she chuckled “You don’t have to be embarrassed.”


I couldn’t believe how transparent I was.


“Tom told Sarah that she should give you some,” Tracy laughed.


“You’re crazy. She’s our mother,” I said trying to defend myself.


“Like that matters,” Tracy said. “I bet you would fuck her in a heart beat just like you would any other girl.”


I was about to try and pretend like a was getting angry when she lifted her shirt up over her tits. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head. They were almost exactly like Sarah’s, but only a little smaller. I stared, hesitated and then jumped up from the table.


“You’re crazy,” I said heading to my bedroom.


Tracy laughed giggling her tits following behind. “You know you want them,” she taunted me.


“Leave me alone,” I said jumping on my bed covering my face with a pillow.


Tracy laughed jumping on top of me. She took her top all the way off and jerked the pillow away from my face. She was right on my hard-on.


“Stop Tracy,” I said “Tom and Sarah will think that we’re doing something.”


“It’ll be a while before they get back,” she said reaching down getting my cock out.


I stared at her.


“Don’t worry. They won’t find out,” she said. She uncovered the crotch of her panties and guided the head of my hard cock into her wet whole. “Damn you’re so big.”


My heart was pounding a mile per minute. Her pussy felt so hot. She worked herself down on it and began moving slowly.


“You can stop pretending,” she said “Tom even said that he can see that you want to fuck me and Sarah. They probably wouldn’t say anything if they did catch us.”


“What makes you say that?” I asked.


“Because Tom said that he don’t blame you and that he thought about fucking me,” she said.


“What!” I replied.


Tracy chuckled. “It could happen, you know?” she said. “I almost did him like this, and just like you, I bet he wouldn’t try to stop me.” She leaned over presenting her tits to me.


I was too horny to pretend to resist any more. I got right into it and Tracy started moaning as we fucked hard. I got her doggie-style and then on her back with her legs on my shoulders. It was scary how she felt as good as Sarah. When I came, I drove my cock as deep as it would go and Sarah’s voice came my head, “I can still get pregnant….wouldn’t that be something.” I strained with the thought of fertilizing a potential egg in Tracy.


Tracy laid next to me and laughed. “I’m not even on birth control,” she chuckled.


“Shit, we can’t let anyone know we did this,” I said.


“I know that stupid,” Tracy chuckled.


“I mean, Tom or Sarah either,” I said seriously.


“I’m not going to tell them. This is just between you and me,” she said getting up. “By the way, it felt really good Jeff.”


“So did you,” I replied smiling.


Tracy smiled back and left me alone in my room. This started to feel real crazy to me. First I fucked my mom and then my older sister. My dick started getting hard again thinking of fucking Sarah again.


When Tom and Sarah got back, Tom and Tracy started packing up the car. It looked like they were going on an over night trip. Sarah helped them get their things together while I got my bike cleaned up in the garage.


Sarah and I hugged Tom and Tracy good bye and wished them a good time. Sarah had on the pink tight knit shorts that showed off her nice ass and made a perfect camel toe in the front. My cock was threatening to burst out of my jeans.


“Shut the garage and come up stairs,” Sarah said when Tom and Tracy headed down the road.


As usual, I did what Sarah told me without question. I rushed up to her bedroom and found her turning down her bed.


“Tom and Tracy won’t be back until tomorrow, so I figured that we could spend the time alone in here,” she said. She put her hands to my face and kissed me gently at first, and then more passionately moving her hands down to open my pants. She knelt down pulling my jeans around my ankles and took my cock in her hot mouth.


My eyes rolled back in my head completely lost in the blowjob. She looked up at me and I could see her smile. Her smile always makes my heart beat faster. She took my cock into her throat and I thought I was going to loose my load on the spot, but it held back allowing me to continue enjoying the blowjob.


Sarah got up and started to undress. I tossed my clothes off and dove between her smooth thighs. I licked, sucked, and pulled at her pussy tongue fucking her cunt and her asshole. She really loved it when I pushed my tongue up her brownie. I got turned around and she rolled on top of me taking my cock. I struggled to concentrate on her cunt as she sucked my so well.


“I want you to cum in me as much as you can,” she said rolling on her back.


We fucked all day and into the night resting a bit to order pizza, but Sarah stayed on her back. I don’t know how many times I came in her, but she sucked my cock in between those times to get me hard again which didn’t take much.


Sarah and I continued fucking up until Tom and Tracy pulled into the drive the next afternoon. Tracy flirted with me a bit when Sarah and Tom wasn’t looking, but she was tried and crashed before Tom and Sarah. I was pretty worn out myself and went to bed soon after Tom and Sarah.


All I could think about is fucking Sarah’s wet pussy. Before sunrise, Sarah slipped in bed with me and we fucked quietly and long enough for me to give her two loads of cum. She laid with me until the alarm clock sounded in her bedroom. I went back to sleep.


Tracy was still asleep when I got up. Tom and Sarah had gone off to work. Knowing that she was still in her bed made me think of the fuck session we had. My hard-on led me up to her bedroom and she woke as I opened the door.


“Come get in bed,” Tracy said rolling on her back and removing her sleeping shirt and panties.


There was no hesitation on my part. I dropped my shorts before I got to her bed and toss off my t-shirt.


“Fuck me good Jeff and cum in me,” she whispered in my ear.


I pounded her good and hard grunting loudly with her moans of pleasure. We stayed in bed screwing until afternoon, before we got up to do our chores. Tracy’s department was the laundry and kitchen while I cleaned the bathrooms and straightened the living room.


“Hey horny boy,” Tracy called to me after we had finished the chores. “Come get you some more of this.”


I dropped what I was doing and chased after her to her bedroom. We fucked up until the time for Tracy to get diner ready. I helped her cook for the first time and got a good blowjob out of the deal.


When Tom and Sarah got home we all eat together and everything seemed normal except that Tom instigated jokes about me staring at Sarah. This lead to Sarah joking about the looks he gives Tracy which then went around into a circle, but I only laughed and kept from stroking my cock at the diner table.


As soon as I got under the covers, Sarah came and joined me. I didn’t give a thought as to if Tom or Tracy might be still awake. We started fucking immediately and she stayed until the alarm clock sounded in her bedroom the next morning.


It became a routine. I fucked Tracy during the day and Sarah slept with me at night. I was in heaven. I found that Tracy like riding on the back of the bike as much as Sarah. On the weekends Sarah and I went to the pond to play and fuck. It was her spot, so I never took Tracy there on rides.


Several months later, Tom and Sarah gathered us together for some big news. Tom looked like a fat cat with a bird in his mouth. Sarah and Tracy were smiling brightly too, and I was beginning to feel like the only one that didn’t know what was going on.


“I am very happy to say that y’all are going to have a little brother or sister…Sarah is pregnant,” Tom said cheerfully.


I could have been knocked over with a feather. He had to know that she wasn’t pregnant by him. Sarah winked her eye at me.


“And more good news,” Tom said taking Tracy’s hand pulling her up off the couch and hugging her. “I’m going to be a grand father. Congratulations honey.”


I felt dizzy. Tracy winked her eye at me.


“Tracy assures me that the father of her baby will cause no problems, so this is a very happy day for me,” Tom said. “I still don’t want the youngsters to make me feel old. I want them to call me Tom.”


Sarah got up and kissed Tom and he filled his hand full of her soft butt-cheek.


“Well Jeff, you won’t be the baby in the house any more. How do you feel about that?” Tom asked me.


“Uh, I’m nineteen years old,” I said.


“You’re going to have to share Sarah with the little one,” he said.


“You’ll have to share Tracy with her baby too,” Sarah said sitting down beside me and putting her arm around my shoulder hugging me tight.


“True,” Tom chuckled.


I was completely baffled. For sure my dad realized that he couldn’t be the father of my mom’s baby. The way Tracy looked at me told me that I was the father of her baby as well.


We celebrated the pregnancies which did give me any time alone with Sarah or Tracy. I felt desperate to talk to both of them alone, but the time didn’t come. That night I went to bed before anyone else. I hoped that Sarah would come to my bed like she had routinely done and figured that I would get my chance to talk to Tracy in the morning.


It was a couple of hours before my mom came and got in bed with me, but she hushed me when I tried to speak.


“Everything is ok,” she whispered softly. “There is nothing to worry about. As far as anyone is concerned, I am carrying Tom’s baby, so let’s not speak of it all.” She indicated to me that she only wanted me to nod which I did.


Sarah got on top of me and we fucked hard but quietly, and we held each other tight as we feel asleep.


I over slept and Sarah was gone when I got up. I understood that she wanted me to act like she was carrying Tom’s child and that would be best for all of us. I checked Tracy’s bedroom and then I heard her down stairs. I got a quick shower before going down to talk to her.


“You were sleeping like a rock this morning,” Tracy said when I came down. “I tried to wake you, but you wouldn’t budge. “I made you breakfast.”


“About the baby,” I started.


Tracy stopped me with her hand. “Jeff, we can’t let anyone know that you are really the father, so I am carrying your niece or nephew….understand,” she said. “It’s funny that me and mom are pregnant at the same time….so much for vasectomies, huh?”


“Yeah,” I said looking down at my plate feeling uncomfortable by Tracy’s stare.


“You…you got mom pregnant, didn’t you?” she said gleaming.


“What are you talking about?” I said.


Tracy started laughing. “I get it,” she said “You’re not saying. That’s ok. I bet you that I can get mom to tell me.”


“Tracy don’t,” I begged her. “Please don’t.”


“So, dad….hmmmm, dad knows,” Tracy said. “He has to know. Sarah don’t go anywhere unless its with him or you….and after all these years he hadn’t gotten her pregnant? Tom is not that stupid. He knows that he isn’t the father.” She laughed.


“Tracy just drop it, ok…please,” I begged.


“Well stud, looks like you’ve been having yourself a great time screwing me and mom,” she joked. “What if I told you that Tom has been sneaking out of mom’s bed every night and sleeping with me?”


I stared at Tracy. She winked at me and it made sense. That’s how Sarah was able to sleep with me every night. That also meant that mom knew that Tom was sleeping with Tracy. “Shit!” I chuckled.


Tracy laughed. “I wonder if they knew that you and I have been screwing?” she asked.


I thought. “I don’t see how, they are gone when we do it,” I said.


“Yeah, but they didn’t even ask who the father of my baby was,” she said. “I just told them that the father won’t be a problem, and Tom didn’t ask if he was the father.”


It all started to make sense to me. I did feel a bit betrayed by mom though. She could have told me that Tom knew that we were screwing. “Maybe they just didn’t want us to know that we were doing it with them?” I said.


“That could be true,” Tracy said “…and all the while they knew about us. Oh, they are so clever.”


“Why spoil it,” I said.


“No, not spoil it, but we can stop hiding,” Tracy said. “If they already know, then why should we break our necks to keep them from catching us.”


It made since to me. We went on with our chores and then went to her bedroom. We started kissing, licking, and sucking, and then we got all into it. We fucked harder than we had ever before. We saw that it was about time for Tom and Sarah to get home, but we continued leaving her bedroom door open insuring that they would see us.


Tracy was on top riding my cock when we heard them come in. We put on more of a dramatic show, moaning and grunting loudly. I could see both of them standing in the doorway, but I didn’t look at them. I guessed that Tracy knew they were there too, because she cried out, “Wooo your cock feels so good!” That pushed me over the top and I started shooting my cum in her. “Fill me with your cum…I’m cuming too!” Tracy cried out. We heard them going down the stairs before we looked. We muffled our laughter and headed for the shower.


I licked and sucked Tracy to another orgasm in the shower and she promptly returned the favor. It was Tracy’s idea for us to pretend like nothing had been going on. We dressed and went down stairs together.


“When did y’all get here?” Tracy said. “I guess we lost track of time.”


I went to Sarah giving her a kiss on the cheek and let my hand slide down to her ass giving it a big squeeze. I knew that both Tom and Tracy saw me, but I acted like they hadn’t. “How was work?” I asked.


“Too long,” Tom said setting the table.


“Let me do that,” Tracy said to Tom moving in front of him. She reached behind her giving his cock a squeeze but let her hand linger as she moved away so that everyone could see, but pretended as if she had gone undetected.


Tom and Sarah were nearly speechless watching the both of us. I could tell Tracy was doing something with her legs, and then I saw Tom jump and figured out that she had her foot to his crotch. I couldn’t just let that go without doing something myself. I reached under the table and lifted Sarah’s skirt up over her knees and began creeping my hand up between her thighs while pretending to hold a normal conversation with Tracy.


“Ok, ok!” Sarah said popping my hand.


Tom exhaled.


“I can’t believe y’all had us sneaking around when y’all knew everything that was going on,” Tracy said.


“Yeah,” I agreed looking at Sarah. “Did y’all really think we would figure it out?”


“We just didn’t know how y’all would react,” Tom said.


“That don’t make any since,” I said “I am sleeping with Sarah and you with Tracy, and me and Tracy sleeping together. What do you mean….how we would react?”


“How you would react to Tom sleeping with Tracy,” Sarah said. “I guess it is kind of silly now, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.”


“Can we please stop with the secrets now?” Tracy said. “You got fixed a long time ago, so there is no way that you could be the father of Sarah’s baby or mine. That means that Jeff is the father of both of our babies, because I only been sleeping with you and him.”


“But that can’t leave this house,” Sarah said.


“But y’all should have said something to us before we figured it out,” I said. “I felt betrayed hiding us from Tom when he already knew about it.”


“I’m sorry sweetheart,” Sarah said putting her hand on mind.


“So what do we do know?” Tom asked.


“We can always swap,” Tracy said “We sleep together at night a week and then Jeff and I sleep together a week and we can swap on weekends.”


It sounded good to me, and it seemed to be a good idea to Tom and Sarah also.


“By the way Jeff,” Tom said patting me on the shoulder. “I’m proud that you knocked both of them up at the same time.”


I was finally able to express how happy I was to get Sarah pregnant and equally as thrilled to have gotten Tracy pregnant too.


“Now you can go get fixed because I’m not having any more babies after this one,” Tracy joked.


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